Years Ago

20 years ago in the Homer News

Wildland firefighters kept a 75-acre fire from destroying homes and cabins in the Hutler Road and Mansfield Road area near Mile 11 East End Road. Residents had to evacuate quickly, including Homer Police Chief Mark Robl, who hooked up his boat, grabbed his dog and got away. Robl also helped a neighbor without a car evacuate with her newborn baby and 3-year-old child.

— From the issue of June 10, 1999

30 years ago in the Homer News

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game closed a salmon fishery in Kamishak Bay under its zero-tolerance for oil policy. Sheen, oiled kelp and about a cubic foot of brown, oily tar were seen near the mouth of Chenik Creek, several miles north of where about a dozen seiners fished at McNeil Cove. The policy adopted after the Exxon Valdez oil spill required ADF&G to shut down any fishery where oil is found. Chenik Creek accounts for nearly half the lower Cook Inlet sockeye salmon catch, a predicted 425,000 fish.

— From the issue of June 15, 1989

50 years ago in the Homer News

The June 10, 1969, issue is missing from the Homer News archives.