Years Ago

20 years ago

A consortium of five oil and gas companies agreed to pay Cook Inletkeeper $27,500 in copyright fees and to buy 100 copies of the Keeper’s CD atlas, “Cook Inlet GIS (Geographic Information System) Atlas,” following an out-of-court settlement. The Homer based environmental group said the companies had made copies of the atlas in violation of Cook Inletkeeper’s copyright. The CD atlas compiles pollution and natural resource information of the Cook Inlet watershed.

“We’re happy to have settled things amicably,” said then Cook Inletkeeper Director Bob Shavelson.

— From the issue of Aug. 12, 1999

30 years ago

A Swiss tourist engaged in a car chase and made a citizen’s arrest on a woman the tourist said stole money from her purse in the McDonald’s restroom. The tourist had left her purse in the restroom and when she returned found the woman holding it. The tourist took her purse back, but then discovered it missing $90. The thief refused to return the money and took off in her car. The tourist chased her and flagged down an Alaska State Trooper. Troopers and Homer Police caught up with the thief. They asked the tourist to say “you’re under arrest” because for certain crimes cops can’t make arrests unless they witness the crime. The thief admitted stealing the money and later pleaded guilty to theft. She was sentenced to a day in jail and to pay a $50 fine.

— From the issue of Aug. 17, 1989

50 years ago

Progress on the Homer Spit Road erosion control project moved slowly. The tender David Foss hauled riprap rock from the Sadie Cove quarry to the Homer harbor and then trucks dumped it alongside the Spit Road. The road bed also was raised 7 feet. Material from an extension of the harbor was used to build up the road.

— From the issue of Aug. 14, 1969