Years Ago

20 years ago

Delegates at a joint meeting of the Alaska Municipal League and the Alaska Conference of Mayors voted to support a “yes” vote in a Sept. 14 special state election on the use of the Permanent Fund earnings to help balance future state budgets. The ballot measure was only an advisory vote.

— From the issue of Sept. 2, 1999

30 years ago

Yukon Island resident Findlay Abbott filed a $4,995 claim against Exxon for expenses related to Exxon Valdez oil spill clean-up work on the beach of the 45 acres of his family’s homestead.

“I’m not trying to make any big rip-off,” Abbott said. “I just feel outraged they wouldn’t pay me this little bit.”

— From the issue of Sept. 7, 1989

50 years ago

With rain and cooler weather easing the fire danger, the director of the Alaska Division of Lands of the Department of Natural Resources rescinded two restrictive public orders. Prohibited since Aug. 9, open burning was allowed. Prohibited since Aug. 7, entry onto state lands in Game Management Unit 15 for hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, logging, and construction also was allowed.

— From the issue of Sept. 4, 1969