Years ago in Homer

20 years ago in the Homer News:


The Department of Labor put out a call seeking workers for about 500 open positions to process salmon in locations throughout the state. The Homer News reported statistics from the labor department showed the unemployment rate in the Lower 48 is the lowest it had been in six years, meaning fewer worker wandering up to Alaska looking for jobs in the summer. Additionally, in response to an intiative from Gov. Tony Knowles, Alaska’s seafood processors had been trying to employ more Alaskan in the industry, which usually employed transient workers for the continetial United States.


– From the issue of July 25, 1996

30 years ago in the Homer News:


A picketing war ensued at Ocean Drive restaurant The Coachman’s after a bourough employee became frustrated with owner Willy Nye asking patrons to sign a petition to support the borough salary cap intiative. Bob Pollard, operator of the solid waste baler at the borough landfill outside Homer, started picketing the restaurant with a sign reading “Borough Employee Says Unfair!” taped to the end of a shovel. The intiative Nye was collecting signatures for might result in cuts to Pollard’s salary. “I’ve been a customer at his restaurant,” Pollard said. “I saw him going to tables to get signatures. I got mad.”


– From the issue of July 24, 1986

50 years ago in the Homer News:


Mrs. Lilly Walli sold the Homer Cash Store to Mr. and Mrs. Dick Inglima of Seldovia. Walli, had been living in the Homer area for the last 52 years. She and her family homestead in the Anchor Point area and then built the Homer Cash Store in 1936. She told the Homer News she intended to rest and participate in some of the recreastion she could not while operating the store. The Inglimas were also well-known in the Homer area and operated a grocery store in Seldovia prior to purchasing the Homer Cash Store.


– From the issue of July 28, 1966