Young Homer artists place in Ice Classic poster contest

Two Homer artists, twin sisters Marissa and Chelsea Lind, both 16, are the second-place winners of the 2014 Nenana Ice Classic poster contest, winning a cash prize. The sisters worked together on the poster and it will be used as an image for the Ice Classic pins. The sisters are part of a multi-generational family of artists. Their grandfather, Peter Lind Sr., helped revive the art form of the Alutiiq hunting visor, and their grandmother, Darlene Lind, makes bronze sculptures of Alutiiq figures. Their father, Peter Lind Jr., creates historic replicas of Alutiiq hunting tools and makes spirit masks while their mother does bead work and jewelry. Their older brother Travis Lind is a filmmaker. The girls also wrote and illustrated a self-published fantasy novel, “Sankritt’s Doing.”