100th Anniversary Collectible Morgan Silver Coin Review (1776 Society) King of America’s Coins?

The 100th Anniversary Collectible US Morgan Coin is a commemorative coin that is reminiscent of the Morgan Dollar. This historical mint is a symbol of westward expansion and the developing industrial world.

What is the Morgan Coin?

George T. Morgan was a Mint Chief Engraver, and his work surpassed his own life, leaving a legacy of many popular coins minted from his designs. One of the notable designs that he created was the Morgan Dollar, which was minted from 1878 to 1904. The silver dollar was used as a representation of the development that America was doing in the journey west and in the innovations of the industrial world.

Though there’s no indication that the Morgan Coin will go back into circulation, Proud Patriots didn’t want to just let it get lost to history. That’s why they have decided to celebrate the 100th anniversary with their collectible US Morgan Coin.

On this coin, customers will notice Liberty, who has a crown, a cap, and flora along her head. Around her side profile of her face, users will notice 13 stars along the bottom of the coin and the words E Pluribus Unum across the stop. On the other side of the coin, consumers will see an eagle with its wings outstretched, holding arrows and an olive branch. A wreath stretches under the eagle from underneath one wing to the other. Around the edge, the coin is inscribed with United States Of America, Centennial, and In God We Trust.

Purchasing the Morgan Coin

While there are plenty of websites that sell collectible and commemorative coins, consumers have to go to the official website to get the Morgan Coin. Since they are so popular, consumers will have their choice of a few different packages. Those packages include:

  • 1 Morgan Coin for $14.95
  • 2 Morgan Coins for $12.95 each
  • 5 Morgan Coins for $9.95 each
  • 10 Morgan Coins for $9.95 each

With every purchase, users get a 14-day trial to the 1776 society at no additional cost. Users will only have to pay a fee for shipping if they choose to expedite the processing of their order, which costs $2.97.

Additional Offers

Along with the ability to purchase the 100th Anniversary Morgan Coin, consumers will have a few other opportunities to purchase these products when they go through the website. Some other products include the:

  • Melania Trump Coin, which is a commemorative token with the likeness of the former First Lady.
  • Smith & Wesson Knife, which is a tactical knife with a 3.1-inch blade.
  • Trump $100 Gold Bar, which is a collectible bar that is embossed with the former president’s face and a feather quill.

These products are all available for purchase separately from the same creators.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Morgan Coin

What is the 1776 Society?

The 1776 Society is a private community online that is meant to incorporate and join true Patriots of the cause. Users who enroll in this community will have members-only discounts and a free monthly gift. Users can engage with other Patriots in the community. Consumers will have free access to the 1776 Society by making a purchase of any of the Morgan Coin packages.

How long is the free trial for the 1776 Society?

The free trial only lasts 14 days. Once the trial is over, the user will automatically be billed $19.99 each month to continue access.

Is there a required amount of time that users have to keep their 1776 Society membership to keep the discount on the Morgan Coin?

No. Users can cancel their membership at any time by reaching out to the customer support team. There is no penalty, and they will not lose their discount.

How long does shipping take?

Processing each order takes approximately 1-2 weeks. The shipping time averages 3-7 days once it goes out.

Where can the Morgan Coin be shipped?

Proud Patriots delivers to the United States, Canada, and Mexico. The company is based in the United States.

Is there a return policy?

Yes. If the 100th Anniversary Morgan Coin isn’t what the user hoped for, the creators offer a 30-day window to return the product and get a refund.

The customer service team can be reached by calling 321-888-3957 or emailing support@proudpatriots.com.


The Morgan Coin offers a replica of the original Morgan Dollar, which was in circulation for decades through the start of the 1900s. This collectible piece isn’t meant to hold a store of value, but it is a great addition to any true Patriot’s American memorabilia. By ordering, customers instantly become a member of the 1776 Society with a 2-week trial.



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