Best Portable AC – Top Personal Space Coolers

Summer is just around the corner, and a great portable air cooler unit can make it ideal. Thanks to these devices, sweating while sitting at home will become a thing of the past, as you get cold, fresh, and super relaxing air.

The best part is that you don’t even have to spend a fortune on an AC system nor have to install heavy window-based air conditioning. The revolutionary portable AC units are more affordable than the traditional air conditioners, and at the same time, they are more practical.

Whether you’re searching for a cooler breeze in your home and healthier sleep, or dream of a comfier home office, you can find great low-cost portable Air Conditioning units online.

The Top-Rated Personal Air Cooler Units in 2022

Our high-skilled professionals researched and tested several popular portable ACs worldwide to isolate the best options. Some of those units met our team’s expectations for quality and price, while others didn’t pass the test.

After several hours of comprehensive research and long discussion among the team members, here’s the list of the best portable air conditioning units we have created for you:

  • EvaPolar
  • Cool Feel Max
  • Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier
  • HydroBoost
  • New Air
  • ChillWell
  • ZeroBreeze
  • IceHouse
  • IcyBreeze
  • CoolX
  • Sion Cooler
  • IceBox Cordless
  • NexFan Evo UV
  • CoolEdge
  • Aero Cool
  • CoolMe Pro
  • Arctic Box
  • Air Cooler Pro
  • Sylvane
  • RW Flame
  • UV Cooler
  • Williston Force


The revolutionary EvaPolar has a great selection of portable AC that can meet your unique requirements. Whether you search for a mild breeze or maximum cooling, EvaPolar is here for you. This brand offers famous variants such as the evaSMART, evaCHILL, and evaLIGHT. Plus, each of them comes with several levels of air cooling power.

The highly-renowned EvaPolar AC has an exciting design, is simple to use, has an LED backlight and mobile application support, and features voice control. That means that the EvaPolar units can reduce the high temperatures in your home better than any other air cooler option on this list.

Each EvaPolar portable air cooling device is energy-efficient, quiet, and Freon-free. Aside from its low price, customers also adore the slim and futuristic-looking unit design.

CoolFeel Max

CoolFeel Max portable air cooler uses smart air cooling tools to keep your space comfortable with the ideal temperature. It is lightweight, so you can easily carry it around your home or outside. This brand is built to be convenient for every situation – you can even hang it around your neck and take it with you while you go for a walk or run on the sunny summer days.

This air cooler works with a battery which you can recharge using a micro USB connection. Besides its high efficiency,

Sleep Connection Cool Mist Humidifier (SCCMH)

Unlike other air coolers on this list, like the RW Flame AC, SCCMH is a small portable air conditioner. This is not just the most miniature portable AC on our list, but one of the cheaper ones. The size makes this AC transport-friendly as it can fit even in your vehicle’s cup holder.

People who spend time in a dry and super-hot climate know that even a tiny spray of cold water may significantly reduce the temperatures. This is what SCCMH is here for, as it can lower the air temperature very fast, helping you to enjoy cool air throughout the long summer days.

To top it all off, SCCMH offers a one-month moneyback guarantee for all its items. With a superior design and affordable price, it’s no wonder that the SCCMH has become a number one choice for cars, dorms, offices, and homes.


HydroBoost is a great portable AC with three modes – you can use it as a humidifier, fan, or cooler. This air cooler will not only ease your everyday life but also help you lower your electricity bill because it doesn’t use much power (only 8W), and you don’t need to add Freon.

You only need to add ice or water to the HydroBoost and plug it in. Then you can relax, enjoying cold refreshing temperatures in your office or home for up to 4 hours.

The HydroBoost AC offers brilliant performance throughout the year as it works flawlessly in all weather conditions. This device is ideal for making your hot summer days quite pleasant.

New Air

New Air has various portable air coolers that differ in their power levels. It doesn’t matter if you are searching for a device to cool just one room or your entire home, New Air AC unit can easily match your needs.

Featuring a cooling capacity of between 6,000 and 12,000 (in BTU) and exhaust hoses to vent the hot air out, it is undeniable that New Air will reduce the temperature within a few seconds. Unlike small portable air coolers on this list, this brand can help you cool off your home and forget the warm temperature outside.


ChillWell air cooler provides cool, clean, and humid room air within just a few minutes. It has a great design and is lightweight, making this unit perfect for offices and houses.

Compared to some other evaporative air coolers, the ChillWell air cooler is simple to maintain and can be easily installed and used. The modern ChillWell AC has numerous settings to help you control the temperature and the cooling speed you prefer.

You can change the settings and go for a mild breeze or an Arctic-level chill. What’s more, this portable AC won’t harm your respiratory system, as the producer of ChillWell claims that it may help your sinuses issues and protect the user’s skin from drying.

ChillWell AC is convenient and compact and matches all types of room décor. It doesn’t use much power, so it cuts down the electricity bills. This AC unit has a unique design and runs without annoying noise, making it ideal for bedrooms or offices that accept zero disturbance.

Zero Breeze

The Zero Breeze brand is a more expensive air cooler version on the market today. It is a top-quality AC system that you can use outdoors. Its price shouldn’t worry you as you can use Zero Breeze to cool any space you prefer. You can use it when camping, sleeping in your van, or hiking on a mountain.

Zero Breeze works on high BTU (23,000), so it is the best-powered battery air conditioner on the list. Customers also have an option to purchase a particular charging station to power their Zero Breeze air cooling unit.

Those who prefer cool air everywhere they go, even if it comes with a pricey tag, can get the Zero Breeze portable air conditioner and enjoy chilly summery days.


IceHouse is a modern portable cooler and humidifier created to offer instant relief during the scorching summer days. Rechargeable, lightweight, compact, and cordless, IceHouse is an excellent heat control device.

This AC is favored for its super-fast cooling feature. It uses water to chill the air removing all the harmful elements.

The producers of the modern IceHouse are proud to offer a unit that is two times faster in cooling than its rivals. IceHouse is a budget-friendly air cooler. And when you see that it is noisy-free, IceHouse becomes the ideal choice for everyone.


IcyBreeze AC is an intriguing portable air cooler as it attracts everyone’s attention with its unique design. This model of an air cooler is environmentally friendly as it doesn’t use Freon and other chemicals.

It uses water or ice to blow out icy air and has three fan speed settings: high, medium, and low. IcyBreeze’s battery life varies, mainly depending on your chosen setting. If you go with the low setting, the battery will last up to 6 hours, but if you select the high option, the device will only work up to 3 hours.

The manufacturers of IcyBreeze created a powerful air cooler, which can be seen from the 6 hours of the cooling process on each charge, unlike the other small-sized cooling units that go up to 2-3 hours.

IcyBreeze is one of the best AC options for big and tiny spaces, including camps and tents. The IcyBreeze AC has a lifespan guarantee, which means that in case there is a problem with the device, the producer will fix it.


CoolX name is another superior AC that doesn’t make any noticeable noise and has adjustable slats. This brand of portable AC offers essential chilling power. You might not notice the AC working, but you will enjoy a cold air fan blowing to heat away.

The producer offers a one-month satisfaction guarantee for all customers who don’t find the CoolX AC suitable for them. This model is the perfect option for people who face humid climates and don’t need extra humidity. Those who stay in such environments need a high-powered cooling fan, just like CoolX, to enjoy the hot days.

Sion Cooler

Sion Cooler can save time, money, and energy thanks to its simple and fast setup, fast cooling, and three fan speeds. Available for $90 per unit, Sion Cooler offers essential air cooling without making annoying noise.

This AC unit has adjustable slats that let you direct the cold air it blows wherever you want. Moreover, it has a handle that allows you to easily carry it from room to room. So, if you are searching for a high-quality air cooler with multiple fan speeds, you can purchase Sion Cooler as it can transform your space into a relaxing place with an ideal temperature.

IceBox Cordless

IceBox Cordless offers cord-free chilling power while humidifying and purifying the air. It has an adjustable speed and breeze direction and features a large water tank. This unit also has a USB power source and a rechargeable battery built into the item.

Like most evaporative coolers, the prominent IceBox Cordless spays moisture in the hot air to lower the temperatures avoiding the dryness that conventional AC systems create.

IceBox has bonus features that aren’t typical for the other competing devices, such as air purification and mood lights. If you want to enjoy cool and refreshing air but want a stylish portable air conditioner, IceBox Cordless is the best choice for you.

NexFan Evo UV Cooler

The popular NexFan Evo Cooler uses UV (ultraviolet) light to purify and keep your room smelling garden-fresh and fragrant. Lots of hospitals use the UV light technique to maintain their equipment clean. Thanks to the NexFan Evo, customers can benefit from its technology to clean surfaces around the device.

Sometimes rooms may have an unpleasant smell because the previous owner was a passionate smoker or the owner used to have a pet dog or cat, and it can become more noticeable during the summer. No matter the reason, the NexFan Evo will assist you in keeping your hotel room, office, or homeroom clean and sanitized.

Each NexFan Evo device is compact, portable, and lightweight. The best part is that as soon as you charge the NexFan Evo, it will cool the room’s temperature for up to 12 hours. This AC device uses ice and water to produce cool airflow, which works similarly to each evaporative cooler listed here.


CoolEdge cooler is a one-of-a-kind portable AC because it has an original colorful look and phone support. The latter feature allows you to watch a movie on your phone while sitting and relaxing under this portable air condition unit. The AC fan blows refreshing air directly toward you so you can enjoy your show with a cooling effect.

Another thing that sets this brand apart from the other portable air cooler units on this list is that it doesn’t have evaporating technology or built-in air cooling systems. CoolEdge only blows cool air via a tiny fan, and the chilly breeze comes thanks to the air’s speed. This lowers its intensity, meaning it isn’t as strong as other ACs units. However, it still offers effective cooling during the hot summer season.

Aero Cool

Aero Cool is an excellent portable air conditioner that belongs to the group of ACs that use evaporation to reduce the temperature in your home. It works pretty simply – the air enters the back part of the unit, moisturizes in the middle, which lowers the temperatures instantly, and exists from the other side. You can enjoy clean, refreshing, and cool air everywhere.

Generally, Aero Cool is best for small and middle-size areas, including home gyms, offices, hotels, and dorm rooms. If you need a cooling item with an easy-to-transport design, check the Aero Cool air conditioner, as it can be the ideal option.

CoolMe Pro

CoolMe Pro purifies, humidifies, and cools air simultaneously, just like most other portable air coolers, but its charms hide in the fast work, super-low noise, and lightweight design. It can be used with three different speeds and is great for places with young children and pets as it doesn’t use Freon or other toxic chemicals.

The brand, created by a Latvian company called Riga, is designed to provide cool summer temperatures for a very reasonable price. CoolMe Pro doesn’t use much power, so you will even save up with the electricity bills.

This AC unit can be a fantastic option for you if you are a fan of night lights as this is one of the few air coolers on the market with an attractive colorful night-time theme to go along with its excellent chilling power.

Arctic Box

Arctic Box’s name hides a modern portable AC unit that reduces air temperatures and prevents pale skin, heavy sweating, faintness, weakness, dizziness, and struggling to remain work-focused. It uses evaporative cooling and fights off hot waves while keeping the air humid enough to avoid skin drying and sinus problems.

Like its rivals, the modern Arctic Box takes the dry air from the room into one of its sides and blows a cool and refreshing breeze from the front. Using this portable air cooler, you can wake up, start your days feeling refreshed, and forget the suffocating dryness resulting from high summertime degrees.

Arctic Box AC is simple to use and very easy to install. All you need to do is fill the container with ice or water, connect it, and turn it on. Take it with you anywhere you go or anywhere you want to lower the temperature and enjoy a swift change to cool air.

Air Cooler Pro

Air Cooler Pro is a superior portable cooling unit as it has the power to lower the electricity bills during the summer days while maintaining your room comfortable and relaxingly cold. You can use the device as fast as you get it because it only needs you to plug it in, and you’re good to go.

It works with a combination of ice and water, so like other similar ACs on our list, it sucks the hot air on the one side, cools it, and blows cold air on the other side, adding extra humidity to the flow and reducing the temperatures.

If you need an effective cooling device that won’t raise your electricity bill through the roof, then the Air Cooler Pro is the best choice for your home or office.


Sylvane is a popular name in the air conditioning market. The company produces a vast selection of portable air coolers, usually with a power range between 5,000 and 15,000 BTU, but sometimes even more.

This brand fits any room regardless of its size. It is powerful enough to lower the temperature even in large rooms and halls. Even though it is more expensive than its competitors on our list, it is worth every cent you spend on it.

Sylvane is also a high-end portable option for commercial and industrial settings. Some of its models feature 18,000 and 120,000 BTU intensities and can weigh up to 10 tons. If you are looking for such a powerful portable air cooler, Sylvane can get the job done.

RW Flame

RW Flame has a selection of trendy air coolers. This brand has a huge water tank, several fan speeds, and modes on each model. It will bring refreshing days during the summer and won’t dry the air in the room. However, since RW Flame doesn’t work on chemicals like Freon, you must fill the ice boxes first, and then you can use the “Cool” mode.

The Antarctic Star Electric is one of their best portable air conditioners, and it comes with three speeds and up to 12 hours of runtime. RW Flame provides excellent air conditioning with massive power, which can also control the temperature in larger spaces.

If you need a great effective AC or one that can even do the job of an essential portable air conditioner, RW Flame is here to help. You can look around the vast array of modern ACs that meet everyone’s most delicate expectations and choose your summertime cooling device.

UV Cooler

UV Cooler AC is a fantastic portable air cooler with many benefits. It lowers the temperatures while simultaneously cleaning and refreshing the air you breathe in your room or office. Thanks to the revolutionary UV light, this air cooler decontaminates bacteria circling in the air inside your space, providing you with pure and cool air.

Every UV Cooler AC has slats, a special cable, and a few fan speeds. Available for about $80 per device, this air cooler provides the cold air temperatures you wish. If you are looking for a primary cooling system for your area that will destroy the germs, check out UV Cooler and get ready for a breezy summer.

Williston Force

Williston Force is another budget-friendly portable cooling system on our list. This model combines tiny electronics technology to provide a comfortable temperature anywhere you need. Available for only $70, its design allows it to produce cool air without using much electricity.

Operating like most fan-based air coolers, Williston Force AC is a perfect match for customers who live in humid environments and don’t want extra humidity in their rooms. This brand is suitable mainly for living rooms and bedrooms, so if you feel these places are too stuffy from the hot air, think about purchasing Williston Force.

This brand comes with a one-month moneyback guarantee, so you don’t need to worry about things going wrong with this top-quality portable air cooling system.

Ranking Measurements For The Top-Rated Personal Air Cooler Units

All companies that produce portable AC claim that their ACs provide freezing temperatures, great design, easy cooling system, and fast setup. Unfortunately, not all cooling units give these claimed benefits or work as marketed.

Our team worked hard to separate the finest from the worst air conditioners available today, and we used the ranking features given below:

Cool Air Distribution

We all purchase portable AC units to lower the high summer temperature. So, we checked the ability of each AC unit to dispense cool air, and we noticed that while some handy AC units manage to distribute mildly cool air, others give an absolute icy breeze.

Transferability and Size

We went through different portable AC devices and added AC units that are light and easy to take with you or easy to transfer from one room to the other. Several producers have invested more in the portability and size of their manufactured units, with practical handles and other gadgets.

Heat Quality in BTUs

Each brand of portable AC comes with different BTUs. The higher the BTU level is, the more extensive the portable cooler’s cooling range. We chose different types of portable ACs to suit everyone – some may prefer a 6,000 BTU portable cooler, while others want those with a 16,000 BTU portable cooler.

Quality of the Unit

You can find companies that produce portable ACs using cheap plastic that can fall apart quickly. Fortunately, some make portable ACs from top-quality materials that can survive hits and heavy falls. In this list, we added products from manufacturers that aren’t afraid to invest in the best quality materials.

Sound Adjustment

The noise that portable AC produces plays a key role as many customers like running their air coolers in the office or sleeping. We selected portable ACs that are quiet and very efficient simultaneously.

Usability and Convenience

Many portable AC units require continuous charging and regular battery replacement. Other AC works without any problems or additional maintenance, allowing the owner to enjoy the benefits of the portable AC device as often as they wish without trouble.

Power Usage

Most people who purchase portable ACs want to avoid the sky-high cost of their HVAC systems. They want to enjoy the cool temperature at home or in their offices, but there is no point in owning a portable air cooler if the electricity bills are still high. Since we have discovered many companies that invested more in their mobile AC unit’s energy efficiency, we included those in our list.

Needed Time to Cool the Area

Everyone is curious to learn how fast the portable air cooler can start dispensing the air in the room. We have checked the time they need and found out that some portable AC need 20 minutes, but others have the power to start working as soon you turn them on. We pick those that start working within a few seconds because you need cool air as quickly as possible on hot days.

Quality and Cost

You don’t have to spend a fortune on a great portable AC unit because many manufacturers sell devices for affordable prices. We paid particular attention to the value and the cost of the items in our rankings.

Managing the Temperature

Most portable AC devices dispense air only at the same warm temperature, but others come with different modes where you can choose mildly cool or Arctic chill mode. We prefer AC units that work and offer the best temperature control for the hot summer days.

Filters and Hygiene

Many portable ACs use UV, carbon, and other similar features to purify the air. This feature is essential, especially if you live in a place with high air pollution.

Adjustable Speed and Cooling Effect on the Fans

Some prefer high cooling power, but others like a soft, tender breeze. Luckily, the best portable ACs provide both options, allowing you to choose the intensity and speed levels you like.

Guarantee Timeframe

The best portable ACs are backed with a moneyback guarantee or warranty. You can ask for a complete refund if the device breaks or doesn’t meet your standards. We always prefer items from manufacturers who stand behind their products.

Battery Life and Charging Capacity

Many portable ACs are chargeable, but some units can last for 1 hour only, while others can last up to 12 hours once you charge them. We chose portable AC units with long battery life and charge fast for our list above.

Outside Design

Today, everyone prefers having devices that look stylish, so naturally, you’d like a portable AC with an original appearance and design. We enriched our ranking list with portable ACs with a good appearance and unique build as people usually place them on their desks or near their sofas.

Top 10 Benefits of a Portable Air Cooler & Why You Should Purchase One

Portable AC technology has developed a lot in recent years, so let’s go through the best reasons you need to get a mobile AC system as soon as possible:

Purifies the Air

The air is more polluted during summer and may be rich in toxic particles. Depending on where you stay or live, you may breathe air that hides city smog, forest fire, or other contaminators. Since the best portable AC systems use UV filters or carbon filters that can purify the air, you can get one to clean and cool the air simultaneously.

Easy to Install

If you pay rent for your apartment and aren’t allowed to install an expensive home HVAC system, or you simply aren’t a huge fan of installing cooling systems that use a lot of power, you can get a portable AC for your home. There’s no need to install anything, making it extra easy when you want to go elsewhere.

Provides a Little Humidity

Portable ACs work by adding humidity to the cool air. Unlike stationary AC systems that can cause scratchy throats and other problems due to the dryness of the air, the modern portable AC systems remove all these problems and leave them in the past.

Handy and Portable

Portable ACs are designed to be moved and transported easily. You can carry them from one place to another instead of buying different air coolers for each of your rooms.

Easy to Carry and Simple to Use

Even though air conditioners are designed to move and carry, some are heavy. Choose portable ACs that don’t weigh too much and are easy to use, especially if you plan on moving them around.

Adaptable to Any Place

You can take your portable AC anywhere. You’re all set to charge the mobile unit using a standard electrical outlet. Depending on the model, you might be able to charge the AC via your laptop through a special cable. Most AC units usually last for up to 12 hours, so you have a chance to enjoy extended, comfortable temperatures in your tent or caravan.

Functions Without a Sound

Portable ACs are extremely quiet devices. So, you can program it to work while you are doing home chores, watching a movie, listening to music, working, reading a book for your kid, or even while you are sleeping.

Multiple Units Can Give Better Efficiency at a Lower Price

You can find portable AC units at affordable prices that range between $79 and $120 per device. However, the cost of each AC unit can drop to $50 or $60 per one if you buy multiple air coolers in one go. Knowing this, many customers order several units to reduce the temperature in all rooms or buy one air cooler for every family member simultaneously.

Lower Electricity Bills

The summer season brings exceptionally high temperatures, and you may get high electricity bills while trying to lower the temperature in your home. Portable AC units are specially designed to help you avoid sky-high monthly bills and help you save some extra money during the summer months. All portable ACs on our list are energy-efficient, so choosing a cooling system within your budget is all you have to do.

Can Reach Arctic Temperatures by Putting Ice Cubes

To maximize the cooling effect of your portable AC, you can put ice in its ice box. Many air cooling systems’ water tanks allow you to add ice cubes to reduce temperatures and produce Arctic air flows inside your room or your entire home.

Where Can You Use Your Portable AC Unit?

You may use your portable air cooler anywhere you want to refresh, purify, or cool down the air in the room. There are different sizes of mobile AC units, so you can choose the one that fits your area requirements.

Customers typically put their portable coolers in their:

  • Bedrooms
  • Offices
  • Dorm rooms
  • Large and small homes
  • Apartments and condos
  • Tents, caravans, and other outdoor areas

Most portable ACs listed above don’t use a cord and power socket, so you only need to charge the device before taking it with you, especially when you wish to stay cool while camping somewhere. Sometimes, these devices have a unique tool to recharge them if necessary.

How Do Typical Portable ACs Work?

Portable ACs use various techniques to keep your air cool. Some use fans to reduce the room temperatures, but others use a combination of an ice box and a water tank. More sophisticated AC units also use exhaust hoses and compressors to pump cold air.

Below we give you the portable AC types and the way they work:

Compressor-Based and Exhaust Fan Air Coolers

Higher-end air coolers listed above operate using exhaust fans and compressors to reduce temperatures in your rooms. Although they are more expensive than their rivals, they are convenient for huge spaces. These ACs use an exhaust vent to pump the hot air out of your home, reducing the inside air temperature.

Fan-Based ACs

You can find air coolers that don’t use water to work because these portable units use fans to maintain a comfortable, relaxing temperature. People who stay in a tropical place such as in southeastern or eastern United States throughout the summer are aware that adding extra humidity won’t help, so they usually choose these portable AC units.

Evaporative Coolers

Several portable AC units on our list use evaporation to reduce air temperatures. The evaporation itself is nothing more than a chemical reaction that needs heat. These mobile AC units use a water tank with ice cubes or a water curtain and ice to get the most out of the evaporation process. The best part is that these portable ACs use less power than the standard ones and don’t pump the monthly electricity bills.

The Working Process Behind the Evaporative ACs

Evaporative ACs use an evaporation process to reduce the air temperatures in your home while adding extra moisture.

This is how a tremendous evaporative air cooler operates:

  • 1st step: Plug in the air conditioner or charge its battery and then turn it on.
  • 2nd step: Your portable AC pulls the hot and dry air through one of its sides using the fans.
  • 3rd step: The hot air comes across a water tank or a water curtain found inside the device. It goes through the moisture provided by this layer and sucks the humidity from its surface, thus producing evaporation. Heat lowers while moisture goes into the air.
  • 4th step: Air comes out of the other side as refreshing, clean, and cool air. This air will be transported throughout your home, depending on the device’s strength and speed power.

As you may notice, each portable AC uses a different technique and works differently, even though some may have a similar cooling process to ensure ideal temperatures around you.

Portable ACs FAQs

We receive tons of questions about portable ACs and how they work to reduce the temperatures. Here are the answers by our experts to some of the most frequently asked questions for portable ACs:

Q: How does a portable AC work?

A: Many smaller portable ACs use evaporation to cool down the heat, add moisture and reduce the air temperatures.

Q: Is it safe to use ACs at home?

A: Naturally, ACs must meet some safety standards before being placed on the market. This means that portable air coolers are safe, and you can always have them working. They use simple technology to inhale warm air and blow out cold air in your room, maintaining cool temperatures during summer.

Q: Should I place my portable AC close to a window?

A: No, you don’t need window access. However, some portable ACs may need a power socket near them so you can plug them in and get chilly, fresh air.

Q: What is the best size of portable AC for my home?

A: Usually, a 7,500 BTU portable AC is suitable for a 200 square area, a large bedroom, or sizable office space. So, if you want to cool a 500-square room, you can get a 14,000 BTU AC unit. But if you’re going to lower the temperature in a smaller space, choose a lower BTU AC unit, like 4,000 BTU or less.

Q: Do portable air coolers release harmful carbon monoxide?

A: No, portable air coolers don’t release carbon monoxide on their own. The only case in which portable coolers might release carbon monoxide is when the air hose stands next to a carbon monoxide source such as a portable generator or grill.

Q: Which portable AC is considered the best one?

A: There are many great portable air conditioners. Some of them are HydroBoost, IceHouse, and ChillWell, among the others.

Q: Is it true that portable ACs use a lot of electricity?

A: No. Portable ACs are energy-friendly and use less power than traditional air conditioners.

Q: Is it possible for my portable AC to leak water?

A: If you use your modern portable AC properly, it won’t leak water. But if it falls, water may come out of the water tank.

Q: Are portable air coolers noisy?

A: The best portable air coolers are efficient and don’t make any noise.

Q: Should I install anything before I can use my portable air cooler?

A: No, you don’t need any installation to use a mobile AC. Plug in the device, add ice or water, and you can turn it on.

Q: What is the average price for portable air coolers?

A: The average price for air coolers ranges between $70 and $150, even though you can find less expensive ones and some that go over $150.

Q: Do all portable air coolers indeed keep you cool?

A: Portable air coolers use technology proven to keep your place cool, especially during the summer when it’s scorching hot.

Q: What does SEER mean?

A: SEER reveals how energy efficient your AC is. Air coolers with higher SEER ratings are more energy-efficient ones.

Q: Can I reduce the temperature in my room without using an air cooler?

A: You can use portable AC to lower the temperature in your home instead of a traditional home air cooling system.

Q: Where can I purchase a portable AC?

A: You may purchase a portable air cooler from retail outlets, official websites, and online stores. If you want to avoid standard retail costs and distributers fees, you can use online platforms.

Q: Should I vent my air cooler?

A: Most portable air coolers need venting, even though many works without it. Many of the most affordable variants ($60 to $120) mentioned here don’t require venting.

The Top-Rated Personal Air Cooler Units in 2022 Final Word

Today it’s easy for us to get a fresh and cool room during the scorching summer days. Modern technology made even the best portable air coolers cheap and straightforward.

If you wish to stay cool and refreshed for less than $100, you can buy one of the portable air coolers from our AC list. Most of the best-ranked air coolers available online offer Arctic temperatures for affordable prices, which are significantly lower than the ones traditional AC systems have.

Check the top portable AC units above, where you can find more information about mobile air coolers and select the best variant for your requirements.


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