Best Teeth Whitening Kits – Which Top-Rated Products Work?

Who isn’t a fan of a pearly white smile? A perfectly white smile reflects how much you care about oral hygiene. However, there are a lot of factors that can falter your smile by staining your teeth. One of them is having food and drinks that have pigments that can accumulate on the enamel and make a thin coating of the residue that will make your teeth yellowish over time.

Gone are the times when you had to live with a yellowish smile. With technology that has fast-tracked everything, there are multiple teeth whitening kits and products that can solve issues of yellow stains.

Since there are so many products to choose from, it is nearly impossible and, at the same time, unfeasible for a single person to try them all and find which works the best. To help you with this, we have reviewed and listed the best teeth whitening kits for 2022, from which you can select the best fit to fulfill your needs.

The best whitening kits we have reviewed for you can eliminate the need to spend huge sums on dentist appointments just for discoloration.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits and Products of 2022

  • Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System
  • SNOW Teeth
  • Cleaner Smile
  • Smile Brilliant
  • AuraGlow
  • GLO Science
  • Crest White Smile
  • Smile Sciences
  • DiamondSmile
  • Ghost White
  • LivFresh
  • U-Blanc Max
  • Zimba
  • V-iWhite Pro
  • V-iWhite Brush
  • Idol White
  • Dentitox Pro
  • Steel Bite Pro
  • ReNew Dental Support
  • G-Force
  • DentiVive
  • Denti-Strength
  • Gum & Teeth Fortifier

Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System


The Primal Life Organic Teeth Whitening System is a complete organic kit with an LED cordless mouthpiece and ten pods of Real White Gel. Instead of using peroxide and other chemicals such as bleach, the gel for teeth whitening contains hydroxyapatite, organic matter like olive oil, Phthalimidoperoxycaproic acid (PAP), and earth clays to get rid of stains. It also contains essential oils that help whiten the teeth and leave you with a fresh breath.

In addition, the red and blue light therapy makes your gums healthy and turns your smile into white pearls. Give this kit only 16 minutes of your day and get instant results with regular use. We love the transparency of every ingredient with its purpose that makes customers feel they know what they are getting into.

SNOW Teeth


It is a complete at-home kit that involves a four-step process to achieve the desired amount of whitening and pearly finish. Start brushing your teeth; apply the serum from the wand to each tooth as if you are painting a wall; leave no space uncoated. Then, adjust the mouthpiece and turn on the blue LED light for approximately 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much brightening you need. Finally, rinse your mouth, and you are done for the day.

The SNOW Teeth kit was formulated under the supervision of a renowned cosmetic dentist, Dr.Brian Harris. Each kit can work more than 75 times, with three wands of simple whitening and one with extra whitening serum. Every treatment costs less than $2, unlike spending dollars on every dentist appointment.

Cleaner Smile


The Cleaner Smile LED whitening kit is another all-in-one product for daily use. Compared to the other kits above, one of the pros of this kit is its price, which is lighter on the pocket but gives instant results with the regular use of 21 days.

The kit comprises a mouthpiece, USB connector, and three whitening gel pens with a serum containing 35% carbamide peroxide, giving you instant whitening in 15 minutes. There is a shade card and an instruction manual to keep track of your progress. The tray is designed to fit all teeth, so if you have braces or crowns and fillings, it will work regardless.

Smile Brilliant


If you are into customized kits, then this is your product. The Smile Brilliant company has all custom-made whitening kits for their clients. When you order your equipment, they send you a package with an impression tray and mold material to take an impression of your teeth; then you send it back to them, making the same fit mouthpiece. Each kit includes a mouthpiece and teeth whitening serum with 22% carbamide peroxide.

If you have sensitive teeth, a different kit includes desensitizing gels. The best part is all shipping is free across the States.



AuraGlow is your go-to brand which only caters to oral care. The company has multiple products related to whitening teeth and repairing enamel and a complete LED whitening kit that is the best seller. The package includes the LED mouthpiece and a professional whitening gel which ensures that the enamel remains intact.

There is a 10-shade difference with the regular use of 30 minutes, and you see a lighter version of your teeth in a week. There is also a free shipping service for orders within the US.

GLO Science


GLO Science takes pride in not only serving as a dental aesthetic and oral care company and using products that ensure the planet’s sustainability. The latest all-in-one whitening kit has illuminating heat technology, providing 12 times lighter results after 15 applications.

The kit consists of a mouthpiece and five mint flavor whitening gel vials: gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan-free, and contain no harsh chemicals. In addition, a USB charger and vegan lip care are included in the package. The packaging is made from the compost of sugar cane that can degrade quickly.

Crest White Smile


The Crest is one of the most popular oral hygiene brands. It provides all the latest teeth whitening products such as strips, LED whitening kits, different grades of whitening gels, etc. The brand is best known for its 3D strips and product variety. The active ingredient in its products is peroxide droplets.

Smile Sciences


Smile Sciences is another brand for manufacturing a complete lineup of oral hygiene. The company has only FDA-approved, vegan, and cruelty-free products. Most of its products contain charcoal as a face ingredient for most products, such as charcoal powders, charcoal whitening strips, and toothbrushes.

It has other individual products such as whitening pens and mouth rinses. Furthermore, there are all-in-one whitening kits that contain LED light, a whitening pen, a whitening gel syringe, and trays for the gel.



The DiamondSmile all-in-one kit works magic in just 20 minutes. You will not get a cheap whitening kit like this with blue LED instead of UV light. The UV lights are extremely harmful; a little human contact can burn your skin because it can penetrate any surface.

The DiamondSmile kit comes with all the equipment mentioned in the above-teeth whitening kits. A shade difference will be visible in about two weeks.

Ghost White


According to the creators, the At-Home Teeth Whitening Kit works incredibly to give you results in less than 10 minutes. The kit contains an LED light mouthpiece and serum wands made up of cutting-edge technology to make dental hygiene accessible to all. The gel pens are serums that are all free of harmful chemicals. The progress for the shades can be checked with the 3-dimensional shade card.



The most recommended teeth whitening toothpaste by LivFresh can whiten your teeth. The brand promises the elimination of tartar and plaque. LivFresh claims to use enamel-safe, vegan, and gluten-free ingredients without using abrasives or detergents. The brand has launched gel-like toothpaste, which is their best seller. The gel comes in three flavors to leave you with a fresh breath.

U-Blanc Max


U-Blanc Max is an electric toothbrush assembled with cutting-edge technology that can give you the finish of professional cleaning by removing stains. The bristles can effectively clean each spot on your teeth.



With effective grip technology and mint flavor, Zimba whitening strips can whiten your teeth without making a dent in your pocket. The different ranges of products such as strips, pens, and powders can protect your enamel while working to remove dentin. Zimba has also stepped into LED therapy.

V-iWhite Pro


The V-iWhite Pro is a hybrid of a LED mouthpiece and a toothbrush. The all-in-one device has a long battery standing time. The brush works simultaneously with the activated gel making almost 5000 vibrations to give you a complete oral routine check within 5 minutes.

V-iWhite Brush


If you are not into doing the long route with mouthpieces and sticky gels, then the V-iWhite Brush is your friend. They can be taken anywhere and are a quick fix to coffee stains, remnants of a cigarette, or wine. The V-iWhite Brush and Pro can be combined for better whitening results.

Idol White


Idol White is a gel pen that claims to have natural and enamel-safe ingredients. It can be applied to the teeth after brushing and drying them. Let it stay for 15 minutes, then rinse it off to get a whiter shade than before.

The Best Supplements for Whitening Your Teeth

You might have used different supplements to help you keep your nutritional levels in check or work on weight loss or gain. Similarly, some excellent supplements can boost oral health and clean the stains off your teeth. Here is a list of the best supplements you can regularly take to support oral health.

Dentitox Pro


Dentitox Pro has the nutritional value to rejuvenate gums and decrease inflammation with ingredients such as elderberry and licorice. It may not directly whiten the teeth but can trigger the proper systems to start the natural process.

Steel Bite Pro


The name of the supplement is true to its nature. Steel Bite Pro works against the plaque and tartar to strengthen and support the teeth and gums.

ReNew Dental Support


ReNew Dental Support is a capsule supplement that is sourced from Africa. It contains necessary natural ingredients that keep your gums healthy and decrease tooth sensitivity.



The organic and metal fusion in the form of a capsule can decrease inflammation and infection in the gums. The supplement G-Force contains herbs and metals like zinc, which can relieve gums’ pain.



Michael Clark has created a unique, organic blend of tea extracts with antioxidants, berberine, and ingredients such as milk thistle and resveratrol to target bleeding gums and tooth decay problems.



Organic materials like turmeric, seeds of celery, and different flower extracts are infused together in the form of Denti-Strength. Regular intake can make you resistant to oral health issues.

Gum & Teeth Fortifier


Gum & Teeth Fortifier is a supplement that acts as an energy booster, enhances immunity, and protects our teeth and bone structure by providing support from natural ingredients.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Teeth Whitening Kit or Product

Since there are so many options to consider, you need to know the correct technique to find out which is the best teeth whitening kit or product for you and how it will benefit your oral health. Here is a checklist you can tick before investing your money to ensure it is spent rightly:

  • Are the ingredients effective enough for your teeth? Is the whitening serum composed of organic materials or inorganic stuff?
  • Do the ingredients have scientific evidence of whitening the teeth?
  • Does the product show full transparency about its ingredients and results?
  • Does the kit affect your enamel?
  • Does the company offer customization tray options such as impressions?
  • Is the product FDA or dentist-approved?
  • Is the application of the product easy?
  • Is the price justified for the whitening kit or any of the products?
  • How many clinical trials does the company run on each product before launch?
  • What is the company’s refund policy, and do they offer a moneyback guarantee?

The Mechanism Behind Teeth Whitening Kits

LED Whitening Kits

The light therapy uses a mouthpiece to give a specific wavelength of light, activating the peroxide gel on the teeth to whiten them. The gel usually contains other ingredients like activated charcoal, or sometimes gel is based on organic materials that work as an alternative to peroxide. Blue LED light is mainly used, but some kits also have red LEDs to protect gums, such as the whitening kit byPrimal Life Organics.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

A typical teeth whitening toothpaste comprises carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide, which act as bleaching agents to remove stains on your teeth. Another category of toothpaste tries to break the stain molecules via mild abrasives, just like a scrub for teeth.

Teeth Whitening Strips

The teeth whitening strips contain similar chemical ingredients to the toothpaste. However, the strips stick to the teeth and, using a slow-release mechanism, infuse them into the surface of the enamel.

There are several other professional treatments such as laser, bleaching, and scaling to clean the layers of plaque and dentin used by dentists. However, some treatments are abrasive and can cause sensitivity.

How To Whiten Your Teeth At Home?

Some home remedies will help keep your teeth stain-free or gradually lessen their shade if you are not keen on using any of the above mentioned products. Here are ten tips to lighten your teeth shade naturally:

Quit Smoking

The elements like nicotine and tar stain your teeth quickly and build up a residue on the surface of the enamel.

Don’t Drink Coffee or Tea Excessively

You might have seen that if coffee is spilled somewhere, the stain takes time to remove, or sometimes it doesn’t go away if it’s too late. Similarly, when we drink tea or coffee, the ingredients containing dyes stick to our teeth, and gradually the stains appear. If you cannot avoid it, we suggest brushing your teeth after a cup.

Cut Down On Sugary Sodas

Not only are they highly unhealthy with insane amounts of sugar, but they contain acids and dyes which stain the teeth and sometimes break the layer of enamel, revealing yellow dentin.

Use A Straw

If you cannot cut down on these hot and cold beverages, use a straw to protect your teeth from getting in touch with the liquid.

Avoid Sugar

Are you overeating candy? As kids, we were told to hold off the consumption of sugary content because the sugar triggers the bacteria in our mouths. It not only degrades the sugar but also attacks the enamel and damages it.

Create An Oral Routine

Maintaining a routine of brushing your teeth and flossing twice a day or thrice a day can keep your mouth and teeth healthy. It will also protect you from many diseases. Start using teeth whitening toothpaste that contains peroxides or baking soda, which can help improve the shade of your teeth to the brighter and whiter side. However, be careful when using peroxide products or never apply it alone; when applied in high quantities, it can damage your teeth.

Schedule Dentist Appointments

Most of the teeth-related issues aggravate because you put off visiting the dentist regularly. A proper check-up is due every two months. Professional treatments such as cleaning, scaling, or polishing are standard procedures that are affordable, and you can have them at least 3 to 4 times a year. If you have sensitivity, do tell your dentist before having any of the procedures so that they can take preventive measures.

Teeth Whitening Products that are: Hit Or Miss!

Here are some random commonly used products that are effective or ineffective in providing a pearly white smile:

Baking Soda

It’s a hit. The compound, sodium bicarbonate, has the properties to remove stains; it is used in many cosmetics, soaps, and detergents. So, if you can get toothpaste with baking soda or mix some with your simple one, you can eliminate the discoloration.

Teeth Whitening Toothpaste

They can be a hit or a miss, depending on the product, sometimes, it claims to have whitening compounds in it, but they are not in the adequate quantity to work on the teeth. So, it is a hit-or-miss trial.

Teeth Whitening Strips

A layer of whitening material is in the strips, which are pressed onto the teeth, so the ingredients like peroxides and baking soda slowly interact with the enamel.

Whitening Trays

Silicone trays filled with whitening gels are attached to a mouthpiece that you can put in your mouth for some time and rinse off. It is a hit with most of the customers.

Laser Whitening and Bleaching

A gel is applied to your teeth, and the laser activates its ingredients to clean off the dentin. It works just like a LED teeth whitening kit. However, a bleaching session only includes sitting with a layer of whitening gel on your teeth for an hour. Although they are effective, they are both pretty expensive procedures.

Charcoal Toothpaste

Charcoal is a very slow reactive, so it doesn’t show any difference even after using it for some time. However, it may cause damage to the gums by sticking in the gum pockets before it shows any progress with teeth whitening. So, it’s a miss.

Oil Pulling Technique

It’s a miss from our side. The natural technique has no evidence of enhancing oral hygiene or whitening teeth. However, it can cause some severe damage to the lungs and stomach.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple Cider Vinegar is an acid that will erode your enamel, so do not apply it to your teeth. It may be helpful in weight loss or skin care but has disastrous side effects on teeth.

Scientific Reasoning Behind Teeth Whitening Kits

Based on the research conducted by the American Dental Association, all treatments, regardless of the place, are successful to some extent. Ingredients such as baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, and carbamide peroxide effectively remove dentin from the enamel. Using whitening toothpaste with baking soda lessens the negative impact of any whitening or bleaching material in the paste.

Studies in the last decade on the impact of LED on teeth whitening concluded affirmative of the fact that LED fastens the process of whitening. The Colgate company ran trials to confirm that halogen lights and lasers are the best and safe teeth whitening procedures.

The Downside of Teeth Whitening Kits

There are only two extreme side effects that can be found in the people who get teeth whitening treatments:

Developing Sensitivity

Patients with sensitive teeth or weak bones can develop temporary sensitivity. However, you feel normal after two to three days.


The inflammation of gums is only found in patients with years of untreated plaque, which causes gums to bleed after any procedure.

The Best Teeth Whitening Kits and Products of 2022 Final Take

Keeping your oral hygiene in check might have been a difficult and unaffordable task in the past, with all of the abrasive procedures and hundreds of dollars spent on a single appointment. However, keeping your teeth pearly white is much easier with discovering the latest treatments, best teeth whitening kits, and other products like toothpaste, strips, and mouthpieces.



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