Blood Sugar Support Plus Review – Effective Ingredients?

Blood Sugar Support+ is a supplement that promises to help your pancreas become healthier by addressing sugar imbalance’s root causes. You only need to use 2 capsules a day of it before the first meal of the day to restore your blood sugar levels. It’s that easy. There is 300mg of the grass-fed beef pancreas in every capsule of this product. There are 4 nutritional areas when it comes to how this supplement works. These areas are as well covered by ingredients, which happen to be: Each and every one of these ingredients can help you have a healthier pancreas.


Lipase breaks down fat and ensures you’re not getting fatter from having sugar stores in your body for later use.


Protease is responsible with breaking down protein, ensuring you have the proper energy to go on with your day easily.


This compound breaks protein down and makes sure that whatever happens in your stomach does not upset it.


Amylase activates the process of lowering blood sugar levels in your blood. As a matter of fact, those who have low Amylase levels in saliva, Amylase being an enzyme, usually experience poor insulin responses and increased blood sugar levels. The human body is getting the enzymes needed to control blood sugar levels. This is not something that has been discovered in the lab. It’s the human body’s science and the actual enzyme. What you should know is that beef enzymes resemble human enzymes. 80% of the human DNA consists of cow or so-called beef material. The enzymes present in both beef and human go right at your pancreas, nourishing it. Consuming Blood Sugar Support means you don’t need to eat organic meat. Just take 2 capsules of this supplement before meals to restore your pancreas. This is because grass-fed beef helps your pancreas remain healthy.


What Are the Other Ingredients Present in Blood Sugar Support?

Here are Blood Sugar Support’s other ingredients:


An anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herb regulating the ways in which the body consumes and uses sugar, Berberine controls blood sugar issues in the most effective manner. According to research, Berberine drops A1C by 21%, also helping to fast glucose by 34% very fast. This is similar to the results shown by metformin.

Vitamin K2

Reducing the risk of having problems with blood sugar by 7% when using just 70 grams of it. There are 90 micrograms to make sure you get each and every benefit of this vitamin.

Vitamin D3

This vitamin is known to bring down blood sugar by fasting, at 12 points lower. It also boosts the weight loss process and supports your health.


According to research, 48% of all people suffering from type 2 diabetes are experiencing low blood sugar and magnesium levels. Using Magnesium supplements reduces your blood sugar levels and, therefore, your risk of developing diabetes. This impairs your insulin’s capacity to control blood sugar levels.

Gymnema Sylvestre

This plant offers multiple health benefits. It reduces the cravings for sugar by much. It blocks the sugar receptors in the digestive tract and makes it more difficult for you to absorb it. If you want sometimes to eat sweets, then consume Gymnema.


For those struggling with type 2 diabetes, you need to know that you only need to consume a gram a day of this ingredient, and this amount is in only 1 capsule. Cinnamon has the same effects as insulin and lowers blood sugar levels. It works wonders for pre-diabetics.

Banaba Extract

Banaba works a lot like Cinnamon when it comes to regulating blood sugar. It has been shown to lower the levels of sugar by 20% to 30% when taken regularly.

Blood Sugar Support Ingredients Features

All the ingredients in Blood Sugar Support are:

Obtained from pristine plants and animals grown on pastures at Utah ranches, this product is 100% American. Utah is recognized for its cleanliness when it comes to farming and raising animals.


The animals from which the enzymes in this product are obtained from organic farms, so from animals that aren’t fed any commercial food.

GMO and Pesticide, and Hormone-Free

This subtitle says it all. There’s nothing toxic in Blood Sugar Support.

Non-Defatted and Freeze-Dried

This explains how the nutrients are retained. This means there’s no heat involved in making it, so the vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and other co-factors don’t touch it.


This means integrity is kept from the beginning to the end.

Free from Allergens

There is no nuts, soy, dairy, or allergens present in this product.

Blood Sugar Support FAQ

The most important questions about Blood Sugar Support, with their answers:

What is this supplement?

A capsule of Blood Sugar Support contains vitamin D3, Magnesium, vitamin K3 and D3, beef pancreas, Selenium Chromium, Gymnema, Banaba, Cinnamon, Magnesium. Some of these ingredients are known to lower blood glucose levels and not cause any side effects.

Why Beef Pancreas?

The pancreas controls the insulin and blood sugar levels. Enzymes, minerals, and hormones in beef can do repair and nourish your pancreas. Most insulin sold on the market is actually sourced from animals, so the natural healing process is natural.

Have Doctors Creates this Formula?

According to the Blood Sugar Support official website, this supplement has been created in collaboration with Vincent Carter and Dr. Ralph La Guardia, a medical researcher and an MD. Healthy Living joined them as well. These people have shown how blood sugar medications negatively impact patients.

Why Isn’t this Supplement Available in Stores?

Getting supplements into stores is a lengthy and expensive process. By getting them from their official website, you save money and time. And this is exactly what Blood Sugar Support is offering.

Is there any caffeine, sugar, or allergens in Blood Sugar Support?

Blood Sugar Support doesn’t contain any chemicals, sugars, or artificial ingredients. As mentioned above, there is no dairy, gluten, or caffeine in this product. There are also no GMOs, preservatives, nor nuts.

Does Blood Sugar Support Really Work?

The answer to this question is yes. There are studies showing that this supplement works to lower blood sugar levels. Besides, according to the Blood Sugar Support official website, it seems that 88% of the people who have tried it are very happy with the way the formula has worked for them.

Does Blood Sugar Support have any side effects?

The Blood Sugar Support official website says this supplement is 100% FREE from any side effects. This is because it contains only 100% natural ingredients that are known to reduce blood sugar levels and support the digestive system.

Is Blood Sugar Support right for me?

It doesn’t matter how old you are. If you’re suffering from diabetes, then ask for your doctor’s advice on whether or not you can take this supplement. It is a good idea to do this before using any kind of health supplement. Not that Blood Sugar Support is going to cause any side effects, but if you’re having serious health issues, it’s best that you talk with your doctor first.

Blood Sugar Support Prices

Here are the current prices for Blood Sugar Support, the prices advertised on the product’s official website:

  • 1 bottle costs $59
  • 3-bottle pack at $118
  • 6-bottle pack at $177

Payments can be made via credit and debit card only. A Lifetime Guarantee covers the product. This means that if you want to return the product and get the money you have spent on it back, you need to contact the manufacturer at the following mailing address:

1990 Depew Street #140690 Edgewater, CO 80214


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