Boston Blackout 2023 – Porter Stansberry New Investment Opportunity (Porter & Co)

In a statement posted online, Porter Stansberry, the founder and chairman of Porter & Co., revealed details concerning a possible calamity that might potentially affect all Americans. He asserts that New England will feel it worse, and how it may occur to them as soon as this winter. Energy prices are allegedly to blame for the current crisis, and Boston in particular will be affected because of their dependency on Russian natural gas. In introducing the industry, the expert revealed Novatek as Russia’s largest natural gas producer.

With an aim to bring an enormous project named Yamal to life, the Russian behemoth planned to open this facility above the Arctic circle, transporting liquified oil manufactured under difficult weather conditions to global markets. Nevertheless, the U.S. government made the first-ever boatload purchase when this project was formally inaugurated in 2018. In fact, senior Massachusetts senator Ed Markey of the United States and his colleagues made sure that there are no natural gas pipelines in New England. Why? So that the U.S. can provide oil to New England using the Russian oil that they’ve purchased. The current dilemma is the reduction in supply from Russia, which will result in a frigid winter for New England.

According to Porter, the following events will likely unravel:

  • Europe may run out of gas in months, which is a cause for concern because this energy source is in great demand for powering electrical grids and heating houses
  • Europe’s GDP might shrink by double-digits
  • Low oil supply means rising prices
  • Destabilizing rates of inflation across Europe
  • Severe energy shortages, which will likely happen in Boston too
  • America will need to produce 50% more natural gas than they normally would to survive

How can America get out of its energy supply crisis without burying New England under a bridge? It turns out that a select few energy companies currently possess all the necessary resources to boost natural gas distribution and production. The expert believes that investors might make a fortune if they prepare themselves for what is to come. Porter specifically recommends that investors look into three investments because he sees promise in them. But one needs to subscribe to Porter & Co.’s financial research advisory in order to access the data he has. Without any further delay, here’s everything there is to know about The Big Secret On Wall Street.

What is The Big Secret on Wall Street?

The Big Secret on Wall Street is Porter & Co.’s primary financial advisory service, led by Porter and two other energy analysts on his team. This team, in particular, has committed its efforts to ensuring that users have access to top-notch investing research that enables them to increase their wealth. The Big Secret on Wall Street isn’t for anyone looking to just cover their bills. This service aims to assist each person in realizing their potential for achieving financial independence more quickly than they might have anticipated. It is critical that we walk everyone through the benefits of being a member in order for them to comprehend the types of topics that will be addressed by this service.

What will a membership to The Big Secret on Wall Street unlock?

By onboarding The Big Secret on Wall Street, members will discover three special reports and their privileges respectively. We are precisely referring to:

Special Report #1. The Gods of Gas

The first special report will help members become familiar with a small, independent oil and gas company whose operations are purportedly based on the largest natural gas reserve in the entire world. This Pittsburgh-based company, which was founded by three brothers ten years ago, may soon emerge as the country’s first significant energy corporation. Porter is optimistic about this company because it is sitting on a resource that is so large and is increasing output, giving it a potential to become a major player in the industry.

Special Report #2. The Gulf Coast LNG Play

The second special report focuses on a new LNG facility being constructed along the Gulf Coast. While buying Exxon Mobil stocks may enable investors to make some gains, it is believed to be insignificant compared to the alternative company that offers so much more potential. A small venture is constructing the LNG facility. Porter’s selling pitch is the company’s business model, which was created specifically to service foreign markets, with a $12 billion dollar piece of energy infrastructure at their disposal. Porter is also certain that an established firm may acquire them because of the company’s durable competitive edge.

Special Report #3. The Permian Royalty Firm

Inside the third special report, Porter pours everything there is to know about the Permian Basin in West Texas. Two million barrels per day, or about 25% of all U.S. production, is reported to have been produced by the Permian by 2014. The investment at hand is actually a major Permian Basin royalty holder, which is regarded as a secure option to invest in oil and gas firms. The expert claims that during the previous five years, the royalty holder’s free cash flow margin has averaged 77% and has been constantly increasing, outpacing the overall energy sector. In fact, the COVID-19 effect on 2020 assisted this company in achieving even greater success.

Besides the above three reports covering energy companies, Porter and his team will make the following available to all members:

  • 24 biweekly issues of the Next LNG Giant Special Report, which analyzes an underappreciated opportunity or trend and is complemented by extensive research
  • Access to the Big Secret Library, an archive including a selection of Porter’s previous, present, and ongoing work
  • Access to the Big Secret Portfolio, which includes the most recent stock recommendations
  • Access to Exclusive Investment Guides, comprising of Porter’s noteworthy strategies
  • Private invitation to Porter’s estate in Maryland to discuss investments with like-minded individuals
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

How much does it cost to become a member of The Big Secret on Wall Street?

A year’s membership to The Big Secret on Wall Street normally costs $1,425, but for a limited time, people can access the same service for $1,000. It’s also worth mentioning the 30-day money-back guarantee, which allows members to trial the service and obtain a refund within the first 30 days of purchase should they have a change of heart or prefer a different investment strategy altogether. For any clarifications, domestic investors are encouraged to call (888) 610 8895, whereas international investors will have a better chance by reaching out to 1 (443) 815 4447.

About Porter Stansberry

The identities of the two analysts who have experience in the energy sector have not yet been made public, but based on existing bios, we anticipate that one of them is Ross Hendricks. In his capacity as a Research Analyst, Ross Hendricks reportedly brings more than 10 years of experience in the energy industry. He actually collaborated with Porter at Stansberry Research for the “Commodities Supercycle” service. Speaking about Porter, he has extensive knowledge in the financial industry. A sample of his many achievements are listed below:

  • Former Founder of MarketWise, a publicly traded financial publishing platform
  • Founder of Porter & Co. in April 2022
  • 25-plus year career as a Financial Analyst and Publisher
  • Founder of OneBlade, a men’s luxury shaving brand
  • Founder of a fishing program called “Two Suns”

Final Thoughts

Porter & Co. is a new research firm serving investors worldwide. Their main research service, The Big Secret on Wall Street, will analyze the markets for investment opportunities and trends with Porter, potentially Ross, and other analysts. What distinguishes this firm from others is the team at hand. Each member previously worked with Porter at Stansberry Research, which means they all have a distinct approach to investing and the essential knowledge to lead novice and advanced investors in the proper direction.

Energy and oil are two words that come to mind when discussing investment opportunities, especially since the start of the Russia-Ukraine war. It is obvious that the United States has been dependent on Russia for oil for a while, and the fact that this supply is no longer available to them merely means they must restructure domestic production. Members will learn more about the three tiny American companies that are currently in control and how to invest in them thanks to the aforementioned special reports and incentives.

Without a doubt, there are risks associated with any investments, therefore before taking any serious actions, people should think carefully about their existing financial positions. Once everyone has an idea of their risk-taking capacities, they are strongly encouraged to sit through Porter’s presentation by clicking here! >>>. This will reveal information on the demand for energy and oil not only in the United States but also in New England and perhaps other regions of Europe.