Bug Bulbs Review (Boundery) Portable Mosquito Zapping Bug Light?

Bug Bulbs is a device that zaps insects around the home without exposing consumers to chemicals—the device functions as a zapper for bugs and a lantern for nights.

What is Bug Bulbs?

There is one way to ruin any outdoor plan, and it isn’t the weather – it’s bugs. When it is humid or dry, being bitten by mosquitos and other pests make something enjoyable into an afternoon of scratching and itching. While some people pack products like bug repellent or even candles, they aren’t eliminating the bugs in the space. At most, consumers move the insects to another person.

Ideally, the bugs would be gone entirely, and that’s why the Bug Bulbs are so helpful. These devices act as both a lantern and a bug zapper, eliminating the bugs from the atmosphere. Instead of plugging into a wall for continued performance or lighting a wick, Bug Bulbs are available as part of a rechargeable unit that only needs a full battery to work up to 16 hours of zapping.

This device offers excellent UV lights that help users to attract mosquitos in the space. The UV lights target the bugs in a 360-degree radius, erasing mosquitos from up to a 16×16-foot area.

In addition to being a mosquito killer, this device offers a multipurpose light that can be placed anywhere. Depending on users’ needs, it can be used as a reading light, lantern, or flashlight. They can choose from three brightness settings, giving the users up to 20 hours of light before they need to recharge the device.

This device is incredibly compact, helping consumers to bring it wherever they go. Since it is lightweight and has an attached hook, users can put it up when they set up camp or prepare for outdoor activity. The device is easy to maintain, only requiring minimal cleaning. The device is made with high-quality materials, ensuring that it will last through different types of weather. Plus, it is the perfect size to bring along while camping, hiking, athletic events, patios, and more.

Setting Bug Bulbs Up

Users will need to fully charge the Bug Bulbs with the included USB cord before turning it on for the first time. Once charged, this device can be turned on. Users must press the Zapper button to choose the Zapper mode, activating the device’s mosquito defenses.

If the user wants to use Bug Bulbs as a lantern, consumers can press the power button to go through each brightness level.

Buying Bug Bulbs

The only way consumers can purchase Bug Bulbs is by visiting the official website. The website has a few packages, but all come with extreme discounts from the typical retail value of $61.52. This promotion helps consumers to get a 50% discount, but the deal will not last forever.

The packages include:

  • One Bug Bulb for $39.99
  • Two Bug Bulbs for $79.99
  • Three Bug Bulbs for $89.99
  • Four Bug Bulbs for $119.99

Users will find the shipping cost and tax when they fill out their location information. The products are shipped quickly, so users won’t have to wait long. Plus, these packages come with a 30-day money-back guarantee for a full refund if the user is dissatisfied. For more information, contact customer service via:

  • Email: support@shopbugbulb.com
  • Phone: 855-219-4892

Frequently Asked Questions About Bug Bulbs

Q: How long will one Bug Bulb last?

A: Since these bulbs are rechargeable, users can get 16 hours of zapping power and up to 20 hours of light with each charge.

Q: Is Bug Bulb waterproof?

A: Yes. This light comes with an IPX6 waterproof rating, meaning anyone can deal with the conditions it might be exposed to.

Q: How do consumers recharge the Bug Bulbs?

A: The device needs access to a USB port since the Bug Bulbs come with a wall charger adapter.

Q: Can users keep the light and zapper on simultaneously?

A: Yes. They can be used separately or together.

Q: Is the Bug Bulb safe for both children and pets?

A: Absolutely. This device is safe for consumers because it doesn’t include any coils, chemicals, or other types of lanterns.

Bug Bulbs Summary

Bug Bulbs provides consumers with a way to eradicate the mosquitos that could wreck their summer plans. The user can use it indoors or outdoors, giving up to 256 square feet of coverage. The device is easy to set up, though it will need to be fully charged before it can be used. With the lightweight and compact design, consumers can enjoy the coverage anywhere.

Plus, if the user doesn’t get the support that they hope for from this device, they have up to 30 days to make a return for a full refund.


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