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Curcumitol-Q Review (Advanced BioNutritionals) Does It Work?

Nearly everyone has experienced pain in their body or joint pain at some point. This condition is the result of inflammation that damages the body’s internal system leading to pain. With such symptoms, the quality of life decreases, and it’s only logical that everyone looks for the best way to combat these health problems.

Many people have discovered that turmeric can relieve chronic pain and joint inflammatory issues and that turmeric provides and delivers significant health benefits. As documented by various studies, it can alleviate arthritis in older adults and digestive issues in equal measure. Even athletes can use turmeric to ease muscle soreness after workouts.

Turmeric works because it contains a key ingredient known as curcumin, one of the known natural ways to combat body inflammation. However, this ingredient is not available in adequate amounts in many supplements and foods that contain it. This makes taking just curcumin for pain and inflammation less effective.

Fortunately, there’s a new solution that delivers more curcumin than ever. Known as Curcumitol-Q, this product claims to be “59 times stronger than regular curcumin.”

What is Curcumitol-Q?

Curcumitol-Q is a curcumin supplement invented by a former athlete to alleviate pain and inflammation. Developed by the Advanced Bionutritionals Company, it uses a highly bioavailable form of the curcumin compound, which allows it to last through the digestive system during processing.

Franko Caaleri is the brain behind the Curcumitol-Q supplement. He claims to have previously used large amounts of the active compound curcumin to fight pain and inflammation. However, at one point, he claims he was unable to access the compound any longer, so he looked elsewhere for a solution.

Unlike the regular curcumin compound, Curcumitol-Q contains a high quantity of curcumin III, a pain-relieving compound. As stated on the official website, most pain-relieving supplements on the market contain nearly one percent curcumin III. On the contrary, Curcumitol-Q has up to 30 percent of curcumin III. Cavaleri is a former bodybuilder who spent the rest of his life studying and researching natural medicine.

How Does Curcumitol-Q Work?

When inflammation occurs on the body cells, pain is inevitable. It causes joints to ache and crack with every step that one makes. Curcumitol-Q allows users to fight pain so they can feel it fade and go away. According to some sources, Curcumitol-Q is the only form of curcumin extract that delivers two types of anti-inflammatory proteins—curcumin I and curcumin II.

Most of the curcumin available on the planet has been known to combat inflammatory proteins such as NF-kB and C—reactive protein (CRP) and other enzymes such as LOX and COX. However, curcumin III is known for its ability to neutralize a completely different inflammatory protein, MSK1.

This protein is mainly responsible for triggering pain in the body. The curcumin III compound in Curcumitol-Q suppresses the effects of this protein and other protein strains that cause inflammation. In every capsule of Curcumitol-Q, users can get the proper amounts of curcumin I, II, and III.

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Benefits of Curcumitol-Q

According to the official website, Curcumitol-Q delivers the perfect solution to pain and inflammation in an entirely new way. The manufacturer urges everyone to try out this option at some point. Here are the benefits of Curcumitol-Q:

Heart protection: Curcumin helps support healthy cholesterol levels and therefore improves heart health as well.

Improved memory: According to some sources, curcumin helps support the brain’s nerve network, which is essential for maintaining a sharp memory. This also means users would be able to learn new things quickly and even delay age-related brain fog.

Cartilage strength: The cartilage keeps the joints from rubbing together. As one gets older, the cartilage between the joints gets weaker, eventually causing joint pain and other health issues like rheumatism or arthritis. With the correct dose of curcumin, users can protect their cartilage cells known as chondrocytes and reduce the inflammation and damage in the area. This eventually improves flexibility.

Better digestion: It requires healthy digestion and a healthy gut for the body to stay in good shape and fit. Curcumin delivers a more beneficial inflammatory response in the stomach. This leads to healthy digestion and hopefully a slimmer, healthier physique.

Improved mood: Including curcumin in one’s daily routine could help elevate mood by dashing off mood swings. This is because curcumin supports better levels of BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor).

Pain relief: Curcumitol-Q mainly works to relieve pain. According to the manufacturers, the supplement works faster and effectively, with its ingredients targeting knee pain, stomach pain, joint pain, and more.

Curcumitol-Q Drawbacks

  • The supplement is only available for purchase through the official website
  • Individual results can vary

Curcumitol-Q ingredients

Like any other formula, Curcumitol-Q contains ingredients that work together to help achieve improved overall health goals. Here are the main ingredients in this formula:

  • Curcumin BioBDMC
  • Curcumin I, II, and III
  • Quercetin

These ingredients are all-natural, obtained from natural sources. However, there could be a slim chance that some users could be allergic to these ingredients. To be on the safe side, users should consult a healthcare provider and get approval before using the supplement.

Similarly, the supplement is not recommended for pregnant women and nursing mothers, including people with underlying medical conditions. Most importantly, Curcumitol-Q is only a nutritional supplement and is not meant to replace any medical prescription.

How to Buy Curcumitol-Q

Curcumitol-Q is currently available for purchase online through the official website for Advanced Bionutritionals Curcumitol-Q. Unfortunately, this supplement is not available in any other channels or retail outlets. Any product sold outside the website with the same name could easily be a scam.

Currently, the company offers different pricing options as follows:

Most importantly, the company offers a 90-day moneyback guarantee on all orders regardless of the size. Users who may find the product not working can always contact the company and ask for a refund, which the company claims to remit without question.

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Curcumitol-Q Final Word

As mentioned on the official website, the Curcumitol-Q formula works effectively without any side effects so far. According to the manufacturer, those who have used it have left only positive feedback. This is mainly because it uses natural ingredients.

However, there is no way to confirm whether the reports and testimonials on the website are genuine. For anyone considering a pain-relieving solution, whether chronic or not, Curcumitol-Q could be one of the options. The manufacturers claim it’s an entirely new technological discovery and the only dietary supplement that contains the new BDMC30 concentrated Curcumin III with quercetin to combat pain and inflammation fast and effectively.

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