Drachen Reviews – Ingredients Really Work or Scam?

Drachen is an oral spray that men can use daily to improve their erections and sexual health. The formula uses scientifically proven ingredients, though continued use for at least three months is recommended for a lasting change.

What is Drachen?

Sexual satisfaction is crucial for any good relationship. Keeping the body healthy provides the necessary nourishment to this part of the body, but most people don’t know what nutritional needs their sexual side needs. Unfortunately, millions of men are not giving themselves adequate support to get the erections and orgasms they ought to have. Using Drachen can change things exponentially.

With Drachen, men can regain the confidence and stamina they used to have in their younger years. The creators advertise this remedy as the “first male growth activator,” helping the user to experience a bigger and better erection than they ever have before now. With a blend of helpful extracts, men can improve their stamina in the bedroom and stop worrying about premature ejaculation. Instead, these muscles get better blood circulation, and oxygenation than any other product on the market offers, ensuring that users can get aroused quickly and stay that way.

The creators boast that this remedy is far more effective than the other supplements on the market today because it deals with inflammation. Inflammation is seemingly the main reason for the lack of development, and the all-natural remedy helps with the muscle growth that is otherwise inhibited. Plus, instead of choking down a giant tablet, this supplement is available as a simple spray that goes onto the tip of the tongue.

What Ingredients Are Found in Drachen?

A supplement is only as good as its ingredients, and the creators were conscientious to exclusively include ingredients that could help with muscle development, inflammation, and more. This formula aims to create a natural but bold improvement in the user’s sex life, which is why it is rich with amino acids and adaptogens.

The ingredients used in this formula include:

  • Moomiyo
  • GABA
  • L-dopa
  • L-glutamine
  • L-arginine
  • L-tyrosine

Please read below to learn how consumers react when using these ingredients in their daily routine.


Moomiyo is sourced from northern Siberia, providing the user with a known adaptogen that withstands the harshest of winter weather where it is grown. Adaptogens help the body and mind relax, ensuring that the user can clear their head to stay focused during intercourse.

This remedy also promotes testosterone production in the body while offering natural anabolic support. In many cases, moomiyo is a natural and safe solution for inflammation throughout the body.


GABA may be interesting to see in this formula because it is a neurotransmitter used to promote better sleep. However, sleep is crucial to the health and healing of muscles, allowing their growth to continue while the user is resting. Ensuring that the body has GABA plays a pivotal role in developing the sexual organs.


Like the other three ingredients on this list, L-dopa is an amino acid. The purpose of this particular amino acid is to trigger the production of dopamine, releasing the hormones that directly influence penile growth. It helps users to increase their size and improve their erections without stress.


L-glutamine is primarily used to support digestion and the reproductive system. It supports the growth of current and new tissue, and it prevents inflammation by reducing the level of toxins in the body.


L-arginine is necessary for the creation of protein. It supports the circulatory system, improving blood flow that goes to the reproductive organs. This circulation carries essential nutrients to the erection to enhance strength and longevity.


L-tyrosine has anti-depressive and anxiolytic benefits. Though most people see inflammation as a physical issue, it can be a psychological trigger. Using L-tyrosine makes it easier to deal with oxidative stress as users sleep better each night, inherently improving muscle development.

Purchasing Drachen

With all of these benefits, it’s easy to see why over 100,000 men have already seen a significant change in their sex life. To be a part of this trend, choose one of the packages on the website to submit an order.

  • One bottle for $69
  • Two bottles for $118 ($59 each)
  • Four bottles for $196 ($49 each)

Though users have to pay for shipping when they order just one bottle, they can save on these costs by choosing the two-bottle or four-bottle packages.

If the user simply doesn’t have the reaction that they’d expected, the creators offer a 60-day money-back guarantee. Users will receive their refunds within 48 hours of reporting their dissatisfaction, even if they only send back empty bottles.

Frequently Asked Questions About Drachen

Is Drachen safe for everyone?

So far, thousands have happy customers have walked away without any side effects. The only reaction that users should have is increasing their confidence levels.

What kind of reaction should users expect to experience with Drachen?

Initially, the user will start improving their overall wellness and energy. They’ll start sleeping better and having the mental acuity they experienced when they were younger. Then, their erections will become more firm, last longer, and may even increase in length.

By the third stage, users should be taking this formula for about three months regularly, improving the odds of permanently enhancing their bodies.

How long do users have to keep up with the Drachen remedy to see results?

Every man is different. While most people take only a week to start seeing changes, some men have to take the remedy for longer to see a difference. However, increased stamina and growth are both indications that the formula is working as it is meant to. Take the formula for at least three months to reach the maximum results.

What if the formula doesn’t work for the user?

The creators offer a refund to anyone who doesn’t experience the website advertises results. However, they are confident in the product’s effectiveness due to the 112,700 men who have had success.

How much Drachen should be taken in each serving?

Users should spray their tongues with the formula three times a day to get results. The liquid form absorbs quickly into the body to get to work right away.

Where can Drachen be purchased?

The Drachen formula is not yet available for purchase in stores. Instead, the website is the only place users can place an order. Luckily, there is a discount for new purchases right now.

Customer service can address any other questions or concerns via email at support@getdrachen.com.


Drachen provides men with the ability to please their partners with a firmer erection that lasts far longer than they are used to. The formula doesn’t offer the typical ingredients that users see in male enhancement supplements, but they provide nutrients that eliminate inhibiting inflammation. The formula is easy to take each day, though users may not see results for a week or more when they first begin the regimen.


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