Early Stage Playbook Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project Review (Matt Milner)

Matt Milner and his team at The Early-Stage Playbook have launched a new marketing campaign featuring The Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project.

Matt claims investors could turn a small $1,000 investment into a $24,970 windfall using a “secret code.” These pre-IPO “cheat codes” allow investors to buy companies before they go public.

Can you really get rich quickly with The Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project? Should you subscribe to The Early-Stage Playbook today? Why should you listen to Matt Milner’s investment recommendations? Keep reading to discover the answer to all of these questions.

What is The Early-Stage Playbook?

The Early-Stage Playbook is an online investor education program created by venture capitalist Matt Milner.

The program is published through Crowdability. Anyone can sign up today through Crowdability.com. The program is priced from $39 to $79.

In exchange for $39 to $79, you get complete access to the Early-Stage Playbook’s education program and its bundle of 12 videos. Each video explains a different aspect of investing in pre-IPO startups, including how pre-IPO investing works, how investors could earn huge returns, and how to screen for the best opportunities.

As part of a 2021 promotional campaign, Matt is bundling several bonus reports with all new subscriptions to The Early-Stage Playbook. New subscribers get access to an online course, for example, and multiple investment recommendation reports. The 12-video course explains everything you need to know about startup investing, including how you can invest in winning companies before their IPO.

What is The Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project?

As part of a 2021 promotion, Matt and his team have launched a marketing campaign discussing pre-IPO investing. By using secret “pre-IPO cheat codes,” you can purportedly invest in companies before they go public.


In a video and text presentation online, Matt explains everything you need to know about how these pre-IPO cheat codes work – and how much money investors could make.

According to Matt, secret codes like 0001139685 could turn a $5,000 investment into more than $124,000. By investing in the right companies today before they go public, investors could earn significant returns on investment.

Here’s how the official website explains it:

…by using this special “cheat code” and getting into this company at the ground floor…You’ll have the potential to earn profits of 2,497% (or more) from this single investment. To put that in perspective, it would be like turning a relatively small $1,000 investment into $24,970…Or a $10,000 investment into nearly a quarter of a million dollars!

After dazzling you with claims of making huge returns from small investments, the sales page discusses pre-IPO cheat codes and how they work.

During the video and text presentation, Matt Milner sits down for an interview with Christina Lawson. Throughout the interview, Matt explains how pre-IPO cheat codes work – and how much money investors could make by investing in the right companies today.


How Do Pre-IPO Cheat Codes Work?

According to Matt, pre-IPO cheat codes allow you to invest in companies before they go public. Instead of waiting for the next Amazon, Apple, or Twitter to publicly launch on the stock market, you can buy shares of that company today. Normally, those shares are only available to private investors. With the pre-IPO cheat code system, Matt claims ordinary investors can get a stake in hot companies today.

Here’s how Matt explains the pre-IPO cheat code system and its potential for investors:

“It’s this little-known fact: Baked into the “DNA” of each of these breakthrough tech startups is what I call a “Pre-IPO cheat code…” And these “cheat codes” could get you into the startup while it’s still private — in the words, you could invest in it before its IPO.”

Each pre-IPO cheat code is exactly 10 digits long. These codes aren’t stock market ticker symbols, and they’re not codes for corporate bonds, options, warrants, or other common investment vehicles. Instead, the code references specific companies before they go public.

Before Twitter went public, its pre-IPO cheat code was 0001418091. Matt claims investors who used this cheat code to buy shares of Twitter before its IPO would have earned 27x returns on investment:

“Twitter’s “cheat code” was 0001418091. And if you’d known about this code, you could have “cheated” to discover Twitter’s plans to go public…And if you’d gotten your money in just BEFORE its stock went public…Your return then would have exploded to 2,692% — that’s nearly 27x your money!”

In fact, Matt claims that returns of 78% aren’t that impressive when compared to the returns you can get through the pre-IPO cheat code system. While most investors are happy with returns of 78%, Matt claims investors can find even bigger returns through his pre-IPO cheat code system.

Every Company in America Has a Pre-IPO Cheat Code Baked Into Its DNA

The pre-IPO cheat code isn’t anything weird: it’s part of each corporation’s data. Matt describes the code as part of each corporation’s DNA. Every company that goes public has this 10-digit cheat code.

Twitter’s cheat code, as revealed in corporate registration data, was 0001418091. Investors who knew that cheat code before Twitter went public could have earned massive returns on investment.


Until recently, it was illegal for 99% of investors to buy shares of public companies. Investors were forbidden from investing in a company before it went public. This type of investing was exclusively reserved for the rich and well-connected individuals (i.e. accredited investors). They used these inside connections to continue to grow their wealth.

In recent years, however, things have changed. Due to new laws, it’s easier for ordinary investors to participate in pre-IPO funding rounds.

How Much Money Can You Make with Pre-IPO Cheat Codes?

The Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project video and sales page is filled with claims of investors earning huge returns by investing in unicorns before they went public.

A ‘unicorn’ is a term used in the venture capital industry to describe a privately held startup company with a valuation of over $1 billion. Billion-dollar startups used to be insanely rare – that’s why they were called unicorns. Today, there are 591 unicorns. As Matt explains, all you need to do is find just one of these unicorns to earn a huge return.


Investors who bought shares of Facebook, Twitter, and other tech unicorns early would have earned huge returns on investment. Here are some of the claims made on the Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project website:

Investors who bought into Facebook pre-IPO could have turned every $1,000 they invested into $2 million

Other secret code investments could have turned $1,000 investments into $24,970, or $5,000 investments into $124,000

Investors who used Twitter’s pre-IPO cheat code would have earned 2,692% returns by investing before the stock went public

Investors who used Shopify’s pre-IPO cheat code (0001594805) would have earned 30 times more money than Shopify’s IPO investors, generating returns of 16,848% by taking advantage of the pre-IPO code; the earliest pre-IPO investors in Shopify could have turned just $100 into $4 million, according to Matt

Matt claims he recently recommended a private company called Cruise Automation to subscribers of Early-Stage Playbook; the company builds software for self-driving cars; just six months after Matt told investors about the opportunity, General Motors bought the startup for $1 billion, earning returns of 1,011% for early investors

One investor named David C. bought pre-IPO shares of Facebook using the company’s pre-IPO cheat code (0001326801); when Facebook went public, that investor (who was an ordinary guy and not a professional investor), earned $200 million

Another investor, Jamie, used the pre-IPO cheat code of 0001646269 to invest in a startup company; that startup company is called BrewDog, one of the world’s best-known publicly-owned breweries, and it earned Jamie returns of 2,700%, or nearly 30x his money

The website is filled with testimonials from Matt’s subscribers, many of whom claim to have made a fortune by following Matt’s investment advice. One woman claims she made 300% returns on Elio Motors using the pre-IPO cheat code system.


How Matt’s Early-Stage Playbook Works

If someone could spot the next Twitter, Amazon, Apple, or Facebook, then they could quickly become the world’s richest person. Of course, most startups fail, and most startup investors lose money.


What’s Matt’s secret to picking the best pre-IPO stocks? How does Matt claim to spot the next tech unicorns?

Matt describes his investment system in three words, including Allocate, Screen, and Evaluate. It’s part of his Early-Stage Playbook method.

Here’s how it works:

A: Allocate

The first step in Matt’s Early-Stage Playbook investing strategy is to allocate the right amount of your total portfolio into early-stage investments. You can discover exactly how much capital to put into each detail. Matt claims to have a special system that will dramatically reduce your risk while dramatically increasing your potential returns during this allocation phase.

S: Screen

In the second step, Matt screens investments to weed out risky options. Startup investing is risky, and screening can reduce the risk. Matt uses a special system to identify the companies with the highest risk of failing, making it easy to focus on the final step.

E: Evaluate

The third and final step is where you dive further into each company you plan on buying. You’ll look for indicators, including indicators that have previously proven whether companies succeed or fail. Matt claims to have spent years poring over historical data to verify these indicators work. Based on these indicators, you can ultimately decide whether or not to invest in a company.

What Will You Learn in the Early-Stage Playbook Video Course?

  • By subscribing to the Early-Stage Playbook today, you get access to an online training program explaining how Matt’s Early-Stage Playbook system works.
  • Subscribers also receive specific early-stage investment recommendations from Matt and his team. After completing the course, you’ll know how these cheat codes work – and how to get started.
  • Matt discusses the pros and cons of each opportunity, giving investors ideas about where to put their money.
  • The course covers the following topics and more:
  • An easy-to-understand video course explaining exactly how this pre-IPO market works
  • How the pre-IPO cheat codes work
  • How Matt screens for only the best deals, removing high-risk opportunities while identifying opportunities with the highest potential
  • A little-known tax loophole that could help double your returns
  • How to create a 501(c) fund to maximize returns
  • How to “nearly triple your money on every pre-IPO deal”

Overall, Matt claims to give investors everything they need to become successful startup investors. You can learn how pre-IPO investing works, how to pick the best startups, and how to maximize returns on investment by identifying and screening for unicorns.

Matt claims to personally own stakes in 57 different startups. He doesn’t just tell others to invest in startups: he invests in startups himself.

Matt covers specific aspects of pre-IPO investing, including how to set up a 506(c) fund. During the video course, he explains how to set up a 506(c) fund to decrease your risk and increase your returns. He also explains other strategies for reducing risk, increasing returns, and maximizing the value of every pre-IPO investment opportunity.

What’s Included with Early-Stage Playbook?

By buying Matt Milner’s Early-Stage Playbook program, you get a bundle of bonus reports, education courses, and more.


Here’s what you get with each new subscription to Early-Stage Playbook:

The Early-Stage Playbook Education Program

Matt has created 12 video courses explaining everything you need to know about startup investing. These courses explain Matt’s pre-IPO cheat code system and how it works, including how ordinary investors can get started.

Report #1: The 60-Minute Angel Investor

This checklist can help you screen, evaluate, and invest in startups with the highest potential. Matt claims you can follow this system with less than an hour per week. In this report, Matt explains how his A.S.E. process works, helping investors allocate, screen, and evaluate companies before they invest.

Report #2: Double-Digit Returns in Private Income

This report explains how private market investments can offer yields as high as 17%. Matt claims he earns around $10,000 per month by investing in private bonds, giving him higher returns than treasury bonds. There’s a private market for almost every asset class in the world, including bonds, and the returns from private companies can often outperform the returns from public stocks. They have higher yields. Matt explains how this asset class works in this report.

Report #3: Dozens of Pre-IPO Investments – With Just One Click

This report explains how to instantly claim a stake in dozens of later-stage private companies nearing their initial public offering (IPO) date. The private market is about more than just investing in early-stage startups. You can also invest in other types of private businesses, including late-stage private companies. Some of these companies might have hundreds or even thousands of employees. Others are generating tens of millions of dollars in revenue. You can still invest in these companies before they go public – and this report explains how.

Reports #4 and #5

These two reports are case studies where Matt and his business partner walk you through two real, early-stage investment opportunities. They explain the step-by-step processes for investing in these companies, allowing you to see the Early-Stage Playbook system in action.

Early-Stage Playbook Pricing

Early-Stage Playbook is priced at $39 to $79, depending on the package you select.


Here’s how pricing breaks down:

Platinum Package: $79

  • Instant access to the Early Stage Playbook online course
  • Bonus reports #1, #2, #3, #4, and #5

Gold Package: $79

  • Instant access to the Early Stage Playbook online course
  • Bonus reports #1 and #2

Silver Package: $39

  • Instant access to the Early Stage Playbook online course

As far as we can tell, these are one-time payments that give you lifetime access to the program. The checkout page does not mention a subscription fee, ongoing costs, or other expenses. You pay a one-time fee to get access to the Early-Stage Playbook course.

Early-Stage Playbook Refund Policy

Early-Stage Playbook is backed by a 30-day refund policy. Contact the company within 30 days to obtain a complete refund.

About Crowdability

Early-Stage Playbook and the Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project are published online by Crowdability, a New York-based company.

Crowdability is a platform dedicated to teaching investors about The JOBS Act, a historic piece of legislation that opens up a new asset class to individual investors: private equity. Investors need protection from high-risk, low-reward opportunities, and Crowdability aims to provide that protection.

Crowdability offers online coursework like The Early-Stage Playbook, data and screening software like CrowdabilityIQ, and other products and services.

You can contact Crowdability via the following:

  • Email: support@crowdability.com
  • Phone: 1-844-562-7228
  • Mailing Address: 295 Madison Avenue, 12th Floor, New York, NY 10017

Early-Stage Playbook Final Word

Crowdability has launched a new marketing campaign for The Early-Stage Playbook featuring its Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project. Matt Milner discusses how ordinary investors can use pre-IPO ‘cheat codes’ to buy stakes in companies before they go public.

Thanks to The JOBS Act, ordinary investors can buy private equity in companies. It’s no longer reserved exclusively for private investors or accredited investors.

To learn more about Crowdability, the Early-Stage Playbook, and how the Pre-IPO Cheat Code Project works, visit the official website today.

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