Elon Musk’s Next Big Bet Review: What is Lou Basenese’s Trend Trader?

Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team have launched a new marketing campaign featuring Elon Musk’s next big bet.

By subscribing to Trend Trader today, readers can learn more about the reference to Elon Musk’s next big bet, which plans to capitalize on a huge investment opportunity before it takes off.

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As part of a new promotion, Lou Basenese and the Trend Trader team bundle several bonus reports with new subscriptions. Those bonus reports cover a new investment opportunity from Elon Musk.

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What is Elon Musk’s Next Big Bet?

Trend Trader’s latest presentation features Elon Musk’s time and resources investment trajectory as well as his “next big bet.” Investors who follow Trend Trader’s investment advice today request access to this opportunity will have a chance to get the latest insights about this cutting edge industry that can speed society forward.

“First he bet it all on PayPal and made millions. Then he bit it all on Tesla, and made billions…Now he’s going “all in” again – and this time he’s ready to dominate a $1.32 trillion market…I’m projecting huge profits for early investors who get in before March 1, 2021.”

As Lou explains, investors who bought $1,000 of Tesla when the company went public in 2010 would have $79,450 today. If you bought $15,000 at Tesla’s IPO, you would have around $1.2 million in your bank.

PayPal’s early investors have witnessed similar gains.

Now, Lou sees Elon Musk turned his attention to a new opportunity: a new version of the internet that will deliver huge returns to investors.


About Elon Musk’s New Internet

Elon Musk is preparing to launch a new space-based internet system. That space-based internet will disrupt the multi-billion dollar telecommunication space, quickly making aging telecom giants obsolete.

Here’s how Lou explains it:

“…the breakthrough Elon’s working on now could…Beam you perfect internet wherever you are… at speeds 12x faster than you’re getting now…And to be clear, this isn’t just the next “ace” up any internet’s company’s marketing sleeve…This is Elon’s full paradigm shift…And it’s set to rip the floor out from the “old” internet…”

It’s no secret that Elon Musk is launching a new version of the internet. It’s called Starlink. The program is currently in beta, and SpaceX is regularly launching Starlink satellites around the world.

If successful, Starlink will deliver high-speed internet to remote areas of the world – from Amazonian jungles to research bases in Antarctica. It will connect the world like never before, delivering unprecedented speeds to even the most remote rural areas.


The problem is that SpaceX is not public, and you can’t really “invest” in Starlink today. So how does Lou Basenese see an opportunity for investors?

That’s why March 1, 2021 is important.


Why March 1 is Important for Starlink and Investors

Elon Musk plans to activate his new Starlink internet system on March 1. Lou Basenese describes this date as a day that will “change the world forever” because it will instantly make most telecommunication companies obsolete:

“When Elon flips the switch and turns on his new “Super Internet” on March 1st, this new tech breakthrough will change the world FOREVER…His “Super-Net” will instantly render every cable, TV, internet & phone service OBSOLETE…Furthermore, just like all big tech revolutions, Elon’s latest project could instantly transfer billions of dollars of profits from old, inefficient industries…Right into the pockets of the shareholders of Elon’s “Super-Net.”

Lou Basenese claims investors could easily double their gains by investing in Starlink today. In fact, he claims investors can earn 47x returns on investment, according to his projections.

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How Much Money Can You Make with Elon Musk’s New Starlink Internet?

Lou Basenese expects investors to earn a minimum of 95% returns by following his Starlink-related investment idea today. He claims to be projecting gains as high as 4,743%, which means even a small investment today could turn into a huge windfall in the future.


By investing in Lou’s opportunity before March 1, you position yourself for maximum gains:

“When you move FAST on what you’re about to read in this letter, I’m projecting profits of 95%… 948%… even 4,743% or more. But to make the biggest potential profits, you’ll want to position yourself BEFORE March 1st, 2021…”

Lou Basenese is projecting huge returns because he sees Elon Musk disrupting an old, inefficient industry once again. As a disclaimer, these are projected figures that Lou has gather, taking in consideration Elon’s past successes. He’s done it before using a simple, three-step process:

Step 1) Elon Musk identifies an old and inefficient industry.

Step 2) He sets a vision to kill that old industry through radical innovation, leading to controversy and naysayers.

Step 3) He activates the new technology, proving naysayers wrong, launching an innovative product that people line up to purchase.

We saw Elon Musk target the banking industry with PayPal. We saw him target the car industry with Tesla. Now, he’s targeting the telecommunications industry with SpaceX and Starlink.

If successful, Elon Musk’s Starlink could deliver high-speed internet to remote rural areas of the world at 98% lower costs than what you’re currently paying for the internet. That’s why Lou expects it to change the world.

How to Invest in Elon Musk and Starlink Today

It’s projected to be true that Elon Musk’s Starlink could change the world in the near future, disrupting the telecommunication space just like Tesla and PayPal disrupted their respective industries.

However, SpaceX is not a public company. SpaceX is privately owned. Ordinary investors cannot buy shares.

So how does Lou Basenese expect investors to earn returns of 95% to 4,743% or higher?

Instead of directly investing in Starlink and SpaceX, you invest in companies that supply Starlink and SpaceX.

Lou claims to have identified a small telecommunication company that builds terminals that connect to Starlink. That company is priced at $5. The company’s technology allows SpaceX and Starlink to operate effectively.

Lou suggests buying this $5 per share company today for the possibility to earn huge returns on investment before March 1, 2021. He describes the company as “solid and trustworthy,” and he’s clearly optimistic about the future of the company after SpaceX and Starlink roll out.

In fact, Lou believes Elon Musk might just buy this company. He has the money to buy the company, and the company has crucial technology for SpaceX and Starlink.

“This gives Elon everything he wants…A working technology…Where he can buy out the whole company for cheap…Sleek, sexy designs he can put not only into your home…But build-into EVERY plane…EVERY train…EVERY cruise ship…EVERY Tesla car, and beyond…Setting up his Starlink service to take over the entire internet!”

In any case, Lou claims the time to act is now. People are already buzzing about this company, and the window to invest with huge gains is shrinking.

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By investing in Trend Trader today, you get access to a bonus report describing this investment opportunity and how it works.

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Report #1: The Secret $5 Company Behind Elon’s Race to Own the Internet: This report highlights a small telecommunication company that owns a receiver. SpaceX and Starlink need this receiver. Lou Basenese believes the company’s shares will rise up to 4,700% in the near future as Starlink rolls out. This report discusses the investment opportunity.

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Report #2: The One Space Move to Own Everything: Space is the next frontier, and companies are increasingly capitalizing on space-based technology. This report explains how you can get a piece of 31 of the hottest space technology companies vying for a piece of the $3 trillion space economy. This report highlights companies making critical components like ground equipment, rocket and satellite parts, space-based imagery, intelligence services, and other products and services needed to dominate space.

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Report #3: How to Claim Elon’s Starlink Internet for Free: This report explains how to sign up for Starlink’s beta program in 60 seconds or less, potentially giving you early access to Starlink for free when it rolls out. You’re not guaranteed to be accepted into the beta, but you’ll receive free Starlink internet if accepted.

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Bonus Report #1: Trend of the Decade: Ride the 5G Profit Wave: Lou Basenese still sees huge potential in 5G technology investing. This bonus report highlights the best 5G technology companies for maximum returns today.

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Bonus Report #2: Two Ways to Profit from the Boom Times in Gene Therapy: Lou also sees huge potential in the gene therapy space. This report highlights two potential investment opportunities in the gene-editing industry, helping you get a slice of a multi-billion dollar industry as it continues to explode.

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Final Word

Elon Musk is launching a revolutionary new satellite-based internet system called Starlink. According to Lou Basenese, investors who buy a Starlink-related company today could earn returns of 95% to 4,700% if they take action within the next few weeks.

You can learn more about this investment opportunity and how it works by subscribing to Trend Trader today. All new subscribers receive a free report discussing Elon Musk’s big bet, how it works, and how you could earn huge profits.

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