Emily Lark Erase My Back Pain Reviews – Is Back to Life System Legit?

Joint and back pain affects most American adults. However, some experts claim that indigenous cultures had negligible reports of back pain problems. Therefore, the industrial revolution and technological advancements are the primary causes of severe back issues’ rising number of people. A sedentary lifestyle and poor posture habits cause the spine and other joints to deform. With time, the deformities cause unbearable pain. The good news is that the human body can self-heal, albeit gradually.

Emily Lark is a certified coach and the creator of Back to Life Erase My Back Pain Systems. She states that she had a crippled back some years back and lost her fortunes while investing in costly treatments that offered temporary relief. However, when she was almost scheduled for surgery, she discovered simple movements that can optimally align the hips, spine, and joints, hence completely erasing back pain. What is this program? Can it completely fight advanced back pain?

What is the Back to Life Program?

As per the creator, the Back to Life Systems program can restore your back and joint health safely without any complications. Emily Lark claims that more than 150000 people globally have successfully gotten rid of their back pain and discomfort. The Back to Life system is a guide that aids you in getting rid of sciatica and back pain permanently and at the comfort of your home. Equally, it does not involve the use of expensive gym equipment. Instead, some of the tools you can improvise at home. In addition, the maker asserts that the program is inexpensive and does not require users to make significant changes to their daily routines.

The Back to Life System by Emily Lark is ideal for people of all ages who want to erase their back pain. The maker provides users with numerous levels and modifications that make it easy to customize the workouts. Therefore, it is perfect for folks with limited movement. The simple movements and stretches strengthen the spine and fight sciatica from the root. Unlike most back exercises that involve crunches, the Back to Life calisthenics helps you strengthen your core, ensuring you relieve pressure on the lower back muscles. Additionally, the Back to Life Program conveniently fits your daily life since it is not time-consuming. Emily Lark claims that most exercises can be done in less than 10 minutes.

How Does Back to Life System Work?

Emily Larks claims that multiple studies indicate that some exercises can relieve the lower back pain and discomforts naturally. Most people with back issues overlook the primary cause of the discomfort and depend on OTC analgesics. However, these only offer reprieve and can lead to addiction with long-term use. The Back to Life System is a series of workouts that fights against pain naturally. The simple movements stimulate the back to self-heal. Emily Lark’s instructional videos and pdf guides are easy to follow.

Since bad postures cause lower back issues, the Erase my Back Pain stretches and movements seek to correct these issues. The 10-minute activities are soothing and support better blood flow to the back. In addition, Emily Lark claims that performing the exercises reduces pressure to the back hence completely alleviating pain and discomfort. Equally, strengthening the core improves your mobility and flexibility.

What does it involve?

All Back to Life movements are systematic and aims at rejuvenating your entire system. They include:

Daily 10-Minute Workout

These workouts should be part of your daily schedule. You do not require any special equipment to perform the 10-minute workouts. These movements are done in a sitting position, making it easy for people with limited mobility and flexibility.

Core Exercises

Emily Lark explains that strengthening the core ensures you improve the function of the back muscles. Equally, the core routines can tighten the belly and improve blood circulation to the back.

Targeted Exercises

Sciatica pain can limit your movement and reduce your quality of life. Usually, most people suffering from sciatica experience pain from the hip joints to the legs. The specific Back to Life exercises improves joint health by stimulating better blood flow and increasing joint lubrication.

Pain Relieving Movements

Emily Lark claims that back issues emanate from stressful lifestyles that lead to pain around the neck, hips, shoulders, and finally, back. Therefore, movements that improve the neck, shoulders, and hip joints can erase lower and upper back pain.

Stretching Exercises

The yoga stretches can relieve stress and tension on the back muscles, eradicating the pain. The science-proven stretches relax back muscles and tissues and improve blood circulation. In addition, these movements reduce lactic acid buildup. Similarly, they improve oxygenation and nutrient intake for overall wellbeing.

What is inside the Back to Life System Kit?

3-Part Video Instructional Guide

The purpose of the Back to Life Erase My Back Pain Complete Healthy Back System Program videos is to ensure you improve your posture and correct your back alignment. Better poses and alignments successfully get rid of the discomfort and pain.

3-Types Dietary Changes

There are specific foods that fight lactic acid buildup in your system. Emily Lark provides you with a list of food items that enhance back health by fighting against inflammations. Equally, she provides you with a list of foods that cause poor health.

Sleep Posture Modification

Faulty sleeping postures can cause poor back health. The corrective Back to Life Program provides sleeping positions that can align the spine and back hence boosting recovery.

Goal Post Mode Stretching

These stretching exercises alleviate stress and tension on the neck and shoulder muscles.

Posture Correction Movements

A proper standing position enhances fluidity and mobility. In addition, it reduces the chances of developing aches, chronic falls, and stumbles.

What you get after purchasing Back to Life Guide

Back to Life Manual – a colored guide provides stretches that can correct back issues. You can download the manual and read it at your pace and time.

Healthy Back Checklist contains several dietary options for fighting inflammations and reducing weight, leading to better back health. Equally, it includes multiple tricks and styles you can use to augment your overall health.

Back to Life Pricing

The Back to Life Program is only available on the official website. You can opt for either the physical or the digital copies of the manual. The marketer currently offers discounts and other bonuses when you purchase the program from its official website. In addition, the maker offers a 60-day money-back guarantee as a mark of quality.


The Back to Life Program can help you fight chronic back issues. Emily Lark explains that simple stretches and movements improve your posture and align your joints and spine for better functioning. In addition, users acquire new diet and lifestyle tricks that can rejuvenate their general wellbeing.

However, it is worth noting that Emily Lark’s program is not a one-size-fits-all system. It requires complete dedication and discipline to reap maximum benefits from the program. Similarly, you must be ready to make some dietary and lifestyle modifications for this program to be effective. Still, if you are looking for a back pain remedy that does not involve oral medication, surgery, or injections, the Back to Life Program is worth a try.


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