EnzyBurn Reviews – Supplement Ingredients (Side Effects vs Benefits)

EnzyBurn is a daily probiotic supplement that is meant to help consumers to improve weight loss by clearing toxic bacteria from their gut. The gut is a crucial part of the body, keeping the immune system strong and supporting the healthy absorption of all of the nutrients that users consume.

What is EnzyBurn?

When the body reaches age 40, it does not process nutrients the same way that it used to. Between the changes in hormones and more, the body still demands the same appetite without burning through the calories that it consumes. Most programs are only meant to help men and women under age 40, not considering the changes that occur. Luckily, there are still programs like EnzyBurn that can help individuals who want to get back in shape quickly.

EnzyBurn is based on a solution to help consumers produce an enzyme with the right foods in their diet but condensed into a supplement. By taking this formula, consumers can potentially lose up to 12 pounds of fat from their body “almost overnight.” Individuals who have engaged with this remedy already have managed to lose over 35 pounds as they’ve taken it, but they also have improved their overall health. Ultimately, users have experienced an improvement in weight loss, but they are also:

  • Improve the absorption of nutrients.
  • Support healthy digestion.
  • Improve the way the digestive system processes glucose and lactose.
  • Clear up problems in the complexion.
  • Improve their natural energy without caffeine.
  • Enhance a positive mood.
  • Increase focus and mental acuity.

Even though it is completely natural for the metabolism to slowly decline, that doesn’t mean that the over 40 crowd should resign themselves to a life of love handles and arm fat. Maintaining too many weights on the body puts extra strain on the heart, preventing it from beating properly. Without a healthy heart, blood flow is nearly impossible to maintain, which means that the brain is not getting enough support either. As many body positivity programs as there are in the market today, there are certain changes that consumers may need to make to keep themselves healthy into their golden years.

Taking EnzyBurn is just one step that can be used to help. Anyone who has an extra 5 seconds to spare in their day has enough time to commit to this regimen without making other changes. With all of the health benefits that this program provides, it is easy to see how thousands of people have already made a change for their health.

How Does EnzyBurn Promote Weight Loss?

Apparently, the reason that this formula is so effective is because of an enzyme that is found in a Grecian island’s natural foods. The enzyme makes it possible to trigger weight loss rapidly. Based on the research of Christina Chrysohoou – a cardiologist at the University of Athens – the Mediterranean diet has already helped many consumers to improve their lifestyles. However, the island seemingly is about to produce an enzyme that naturally supports the metabolism of people at any age.

The foods grown in this area are completely grown within their natural soil, which is much higher in the enzyme than foods grown in Western countries. Furthermore, the people in these areas often consume foods but the average American simply does not have access to or prefer to eat. The easiest solution would be to start eating these foods, but the cardiologist states that the only way to get them is to make a trip to the island in Greece, which is not an option for everybody.

Luckily, that does not mean that consumers are out of luck. The body can produce this enzyme naturally, using the formula found exclusively in EnzyBurn. This formula consists of:

  • Makzyme-Pro
  • Bromelain
  • Papain
  • Fungal Lipase
  • Fungal Lactase
  • Alpha Galactosidase

Read on below to learn about the role that each of these ingredients play in supporting the user’s health.



Makzyme-Pro is the first of the ingredients on this list. It is a proprietary blend that includes many different enzymes that will be pivotal to the success of this program. The blend includes:

  • Fungal protease, which helps the body to break down protein as it is consumed.
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus, which breaks down the sugar that the user consumes to prevent the accumulation of store fat.
  • Lactobacillus casei, which breaks down starches that users consume for sustainable energy.
  • Lactobacillus Plantarum, which helps the body to absorb almost any nutrients while reducing the appetite.

These four components are crucial to the thinning process that is brought on by the enzymes that the creators focus so much attention on. The purpose of this blend is to ensure that all of the food is broken down properly to reduce the stress on the digestive system. With so many probiotics, the balance of healthy bacteria is easy to achieve, which is another important aspect of digestive health.

If the body is still filled with all of the damaging toxins that poor eating habits and lifestyle choices have left behind, it won’t accept any new healthy eating habits that the user integrates anyway. Clearing a path for healthier food is absolutely crucial to a faster metabolism.

The EnzyBurn formula prioritizes probiotics as an essential part of healthy digestion and healthy metabolic processes.


The main reason that so many people are familiar with bromelain is due to the way that it reduces pain and swelling, which makes it incredibly helpful to individuals who frequently engage in physical activity. Bromelain is a natural enzyme that exists in pineapples (among other produce), and it can especially help the swelling within the nose and sinuses.

One of the most interesting benefits of using bromelain in the diet each day is the way that it can prevent certain health issues, including osteoarthritis and cancer. Sometimes, it is even used as a topical treatment for individuals who need to heal burns and other abrasions on their skin. This use makes bromelain a helpful component in skincare and first aid.


Papain may not be as well-known as bromelain is, but it is still incredibly helpful for individuals who experience similar symptoms. Frequently used in folk medicine, it helps to treat pain and swelling, though it also brings down inflammation throughout the body. The digestive system can also greatly benefit from papain, as the enzyme can help the user deal with infections and reduce the risk of diarrhea. In some cases, it can help with allergic reactions, though researchers are currently looking for ways that it can be used to treat cancer and similar conditions.

Sometimes, papain can be used as a way to heal from a variety of wounds, including insect bites, parasitic worms, or a sore throat. While some evidence suggests that it has an anti-tumor effect, additional research is still needed.

Fungal Lipase

Fungal lipase is rather easy for researchers to extract, which is part of the reason they are more likely to be included in this type of supplement than other strains of bacteria. The main role of this type of bacteria is to act as an adjuvant, helping the ingredient to react positively to other allergens. It is a common ingredient in industrial microbiology, though the exact strain would provide users with much more information about what it can do.

Fungal Lactase

Fungal lactase is somewhat different than fungal lipase. Lactase is naturally an enzyme, helping to break down the sugar that exists in milk and milk products called lactose. When the body is unable to create enough lactase on its own, it can lead to lactose intolerance, but supplementing with lactase can help with this problem.

Based on recent studies, the use of fungal lactase is incredibly helpful to individuals who often experienced digestive problems like flatulence and bloating. It can also reduce abdominal distention and cramping.

Alpha Galactosidase

Alpha Galactosidase, like fungal lactase, helps consumers to properly digest dairy products. Most consumers are probably already familiar with the benefits that it offers, considering that it often is marketed as its own product called Beano. The purpose of this enzyme is to reduce gas and bloating that specifically occurs when consumers eat cruciferous vegetables (like broccoli or cabbage) or beans.

It also reduces stomach pain as it supports the digestion of complex sugars and fat.

Buying the EnzyBurn Formula

Right now, there is special pricing available for several packages, allowing users to get a discounted rate on their weight loss. The three packages available include:

1 EnzyBurn bottle for $49

3 EnzyBurn bottles for $39 each

6 EnzyBurn bottles for $34 each

Each bottle provides the user with enough of the formula to last through an entire month, so users only need to choose how long they want to keep up with the program.

If the user finds that they are unable to lose weight while taking EnzyBurn, they can request a refund with the 365-day money-back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions About EnzyBurn

Why can’t consumers just diet to lose weight?

According to the creators of EnzyBurn, the only way to actually make diving work for the user is if they start with going after the health of the gut. Even with all of the healthy foods that an individual can imagine, the ability to absorb those nutrients will be the catalyst for weight loss. Clearing up the gut first makes any diet more successful, but forgoing the care have the gut will render any diet useless.

Where can consumers purchase EnzyBurn?

Even though this product is incredibly helpful, the only place to get an authentic bottle of the supplement is the official website. Consumers must shop online, and supplies are not guaranteed if the website is pulled offline.

Do users have to eat a healthy diet to get the effects of EnzyBurn?

nothing on the website indicates that consumers will need to change the way that they eat to get the benefits of this formula. However, considering the improvement in the gut, consumers may prefer to change their regular eating habits out of a necessity to improve long-term results.

How long will users need to continue taking EnzyBurn to be successful?

Even though every person is different, the creators claimed that using this formula for at least 30 days will give a substantial improvement in their weight loss.

How should EnzyBurn be used?

Two capsules will be needed daily. One capsule can be taken with breakfast, while the other one can be taken with dinner. No capsule is needed at lunchtime, and the creators recommend a glass of water to promote improved digestion. Some people may prefer to eat a meal with the supplement as well.


EnzyBurn provides consumers with an opportunity to improve their health as they lose weight. Rather than simply targeting the metabolism directly, this formula goes after one of the problems that may exist in the body that prevents it from losing weight with many other methods as well. The formula is easy to take each day, and it is filled with natural enzymes that the body already needs to consume for better digestion. Apart from the obvious benefits of weight loss and soothing the stomach, consumers that take this remedy often feel more energized and experience a better mood daily. Users only need to commit to this regimen for 30 days to make a difference in their bodies.

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