G7FX Reviews – Real Professional Trading Education or Cheap Course?

G7FX Reviews – Real Professional Trading Education or Cheap Course?

G7FX is a trader education program sold online through G7FX.com.

By following the G7FX modules, you can go from a beginner trader to an expert. The course consists of 50+ hours of video content along with bonus materials.

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Should you buy G7FX? What’s included with G7FX? Find out everything you need to know about G7FX and what you’ll learn today in our review.

What is G7FX?

G7FX is an online trading course that claims to give anyone a professional trading education.

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The course was created by Nirav, also known as NV. Nirav is an institutional forex and futures trader with 16+ years of industry experience. He also advised central banks, hedge funds, and other major financial institutions.

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Today, Nirav wants to share his experience with students through G7FX:

“I setup G7FX so I could change that. My ultimate vision was to bring the exact same training program offered by the very best institutions in the world, directly to you.”

Nirav doesn’t dazzle students with claims of easy money, record profits, or million-dollar overnight returns; instead, he claims you can gradually become a better trader over time by focusing on the fundamentals.

The G7FX modules are marketed towards beginner and intermediate traders who want to get better. If you like trading and want to learn more, or if you want help achieving your financial freedom, then G7FX may be the right trader education course for you.

How Does G7FX Work?

Over his career, Nirav received top-end training from two of the world’s largest institutional firms. He also has a proven track record of successful trading. He posts images proving his gains, and he’s served as an advisor for hedge funds and banks.

Now, Nirav wants to share his experience and training to students through G7FX.

The course consists of two core components, including:

  1. Foundation Course (5 Modules)
  2. Pro Course (3 Stages)

The courses are normally sold separately. As part of a 2021 promotion, however, Nirav has bundled the courses together. You pay $1,300 to access all of the content in both courses.

What Will You Learn with G7FX?

G7FX can take you from a beginner or intermediate trader to a professional trader. You learn the tactics, strategies, and systems that professional traders use to maximize profit.

You start with the Foundation Course. You learn the basics of professional trading, including how professional traders operate, what they do during an average day, and how they analyze assets.

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Foundation Course

Some of the topics covered during the Foundation Course include:

  • An introduction to professional trading and how it works
  • Futures trading versus standard forex trading
  • An introduction to time and sales, including raw data analysis for T&S
  • Why prices move, including live examples
  • Exercise, DOM trading examples, graphs, chartbooks, and more
  • The G7FX Foundation DOM
  • Nirav claims the DOM alone is worth over $1,000.
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Pro Course

Some of the topics covered during the Pro Course include:

  • Introduction to the Pro Course and how professional traders operate
  • Access to the G7FX Pro Footprint
  • Market analysis, including how to analyze supply-side dominance, probability, imbalance, and more
  • G7FX CD order flow table
  • An introduction to cumulative delta and footprint basics, including understanding time and non-time-based charts, delta strats, and more
  • Introduction to VWAP, including static versus dynamic value, entry and exit, value mitigation, and more

What Makes G7FX Different?

With plenty of free and paid trader education courses online, is key to highlight What makes G7FX different from its competitors

Nirav claims traditional retail investor education gets it wrong. They teach traders how to buy and sell, then jump straight into chart analysis.

Nirav claims traditional trader education is “not the path to success in this game.”

Instead, Nirav emphasizes creating a detailed business plan and timetable. Students explore different institutions to ensure they align themselves with the optimal type of training. Nirav also focuses on the order of the training to raise the chances of success.

Finally, Nirav strips the chart apart and looks at raw data driving markets. Instead of just throwing charts at you and expecting you to analyze everything, Nirav breaks down charts and teaches traders how to analyze the raw data:

“We then move on to stripping the chart apart entirely and looking at the raw data that drives markets! In fact, in the entire Foundation Course, we barely open a chart and focus entirely on supply and demand, real buying and selling.”

Nirav also has a custom build DOM, which means you don’t have to spend over $1,000 on your own professional DOM. In one module, Nirav explains exactly how to set up and use this DOM for maximum returns.

“The aim is not to be able to trade off a DOM, when we start the Pro Course we move away from it. The aim is to give you a solid background in what drives every single tool in the marketplace before we start to use them on charts.”

Nirav also markets his trader education program to people with ordinary backgrounds. Many of the students are those who are interested in forex trading at home and want to get better. If you’re an ordinary person who is interested in trading foreign currencies, then G7FX may be the right choice for you.

How Much Experience Do You Need for G7FX?

You can complete G7FX with very little trading experience. Most students are a beginner or intermediate traders who understand the fundamentals of trading – but want to learn more.

Here’s how Nirav answers that question:

“Virtually every customer I have has come from a retail background or had very little trading experience and had never even heard of any of the institutional approaches I teach.”

Most students have some experience with retail trading and now want to discover the professional side of trading. They want to learn the tools, techniques, and strategies professional traders use to maximize returns.

How Long Does G7FX Take to Complete?

Nirav has designed G7FX as a multi-month trader education program.

He claims it should take you approximately 3 months to complete the Foundation Course, depending on your schedule. This is similar to the first three months of a professional trader’s career at a professional trading firm.

After three months, you’re ready for more advanced volume analysis with the Pro Course.

Nirav has designed the Pro Course to be completed in approximately 3 months.

All course completion times depend on your schedule. You can work on the courses any day of the week and at any time – from anywhere in the world.

Everyone is different, but Nirav recommends spending about 1 to 2 hours per day on his education program. If you do this, then you should complete all G7FX materials in about six months.

What’s Included with G7FX?

Your G7FX purchase includes two courses, including the Foundation Course and the Pro Course.

Students also get access to various tools, downloads, PDFs, and other digital items.

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You also get access to the member’s only blog and support system. You can reach out to the G7FX team at any time for any question – no matter how small the question may be.

Here’s what you get with each course.

Foundation Course

The G7FX Foundation Course consists of 13+ hours of video content across five modules. You also get access to all future updates to the course and a free custom DOM, among other bonuses.

Module 1: Your Career Path and Business Plan (6 Training Videos)

Module 2: Raw Data for Time and Sales (4 Training Videos)

Module 3: Why Does Price Move (3 Training Videos)

Module 4: Foundation Course Summary (7 Training Videos)

Module 5: Sierra Chart Foundation Course Chartbook and Instructions (3 Training Videos)

Pro Course

G7FX’s Pro Course consists of 40+ hours of video content across three stages. The material is designed to expand your trading skills, make you an even better trader, and teach you the secrets experts are using to maximize returns.

The Pro Course content includes:

Introduction to the Pro Course (2 Training Videos)

Stage 1: Context (AMT) (7 Training Videos)

Stage 2: Hypothesis Building (VWAP & Profile) (6 Training Videos)

Stage 3: Orderflow (Footprint & CD) (9 Training Videos)

Tools and Downloads (4 Files)

You also get access to all future Pro Course updates, a free custom footprint, and other bonus materials.

G7FX Pricing

G7FX is priced at $1,299.

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You get access to both the Pro Course and the Foundation Course with your purchase. Normally, you would pay $1,699 for each course separately.

G7FX Refund Policy

All purchases come with a 30 day refund policy but only if you have not watched past the first module.

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If you have watched past the first module and are unhappy with the information provided, then you cannot receive a refund. G7FX has designed this refund policy to protect their digital content.

To initiate the refund process, email nv@g7fx.com

About Nirav (NV)

G7FX is marketed online by a man named Nirav, also known as NV.

You can view Nirav’s LinkedIn page here. He’s listed as the Head of Proprietary Trading at G7FX.

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Prior to launching his G7FX online trader training program, Nirav worked for Barclays Investment Bank. Nirav worked in the Senior Trading & Strategy department of Barclays from 2003 to 2009.

Nirav has his CFA Level 1, 2, and 3, and he passed all three levels on his first attempts. He has a Bachelor’s Degree from Cass Business School.

Nirav describes himself on the G7FX.com page as “an institutional forex and futures trader with over 16 years experience,” claiming he’s an “ex advisor to central banks and hedge funds.” It’s hard to verify any of this information, and it’s not shared on his LinkedIn page.

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It’s unclear which central banks or hedge funds Nirav advised. However, it appears he worked with central banks and hedge funds while working with Barclays.

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Nirav claims he has zero relationships with any brokers. He trades the S&P 500, crude oil, and the GBP.

You can contact Nirav and the G7FX team through the following:

Email: nv@g7fx.com

Final Word

G7FX is a trader training program priced around $1,300. The course is designed to be completed in 6 months. You follow the program, discover actionable trading tips, and learn the strategies professional traders use to maximize profits and returns.

Overall, G7FX seems to teach traders valuable advice they can implement today. It teaches retail investors how to set up a professional trading environment, analyze markets, and focus on a handful of markets for maximum profit.

The trading program also comes with a refund policy. If you are unsatisfied with the program after the first module, then you can request a complete refund.

To learn more about G7FX and how the trading program works, visit online today at G7FX.com.

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