HB5 by Hormonal Harmony [Review] Is It Legit?

HB-5 is a weight loss remedy that helps consumers to lose weight effectively by balancing out the hormones that are currently off. These hormones impact the user’s appetite, stress levels, and more.

What is HB-5?

The Hormonal Harmony HB5 supplement is an advanced hormone balance support formula that comes together in a unique, never been done before formula.

Everyone has reasons that their weight loss efforts simply do not work out. For most people, the reason for their issues has everything to do with their willpower. The dedication to a proper eating regimen is hard to maintain, especially when it is drastically different from what the individual usually has. However, if the individual does everything correctly, why isn’t their program working?

Ultimately, the true reason that the diet may be ineffective has nothing to do with the diet or even how well the user follows it. Instead, the creators behind HB-5 claim that the reason for all of these concerns is due to the disruption in the user’s hormones, causing the body to be unable to get the relief necessary to shed the pounds. With HB-5, consumers will find that losing weight becomes a lot easier.

The entire formula is based on a collection of ingredients that are meant to correct the production of cortisol, leptin, estrogen, insulin, and the T3/T4 hormones of the thyroid gland. The remedy only requires a few seconds to make a difference in the way that the user reacts to their eating habits. Though the creators of the supplement don’t recommend any specific diet, the changes to the hormones along will correct any of the issues that have been keeping the user from shedding fat.

What’s In It?

The key to this formula is the array of ingredients that help users to improve the way that their hormones impact weight loss. The ingredients include:

  • Kelp
  • Magnesium
  • Zinc
  • Selenium
  • Copper
  • Manganese
  • Vitamin B12
  • Bladderwrack
  • Rhodiola rosea
  • Red ginseng
  • DIM
  • Cinnamon
  • African mango

Read on below to learn more about these ingredients and how they help with hormone regulation.


Kelp has an incredible number of antioxidants, helping the body to fight free radicals. It protects the user from developing cancer in many cases while it improves the cardiovascular system. It has an incredible effect on weight loss, and it is linked to the regulation of the thyroid. However, further research would be best.


Magnesium is crucial to multiple processes in the body, though some scientific evidence shows that it regulates high blood pressure and manages insulin levels for individuals with weight issues. It can reduce bloating and water retention, which is part of the reason that consumers use it to relieve menstrual symptoms.


Zinc directly impacts the hormones of the thyroid gland. When used in a restrictive diet, consumers find that it reduces inflammation and insulin resistance. It also reduces the appetite, which means that users aren’t at as high of a risk of over-consuming calories. Creating a caloric deficit is necessary to achieve any kind of weight loss.


Selenium is crucial for healthy thyroid function. This mineral is crucial for the health of the body, but most consumers don’t get the right amount from their diet. It can reduce the risk of thyroid dysfunction by 50%.


Copper helps consumers to improve management of stored fat. It helps to use fat as energy. When the body has to use this stored fat, it reduces the user’s weight easily without any other changes being made.

Other benefits of copper include the maintenance of healthy bones and blood vessels. It also promotes better immune function and helps the body to form red blood cells.


Manganese is essential to the formation of connective tissue. It helps with the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates, making it essential to weight loss. It also regulates blood sugar and helps the body to properly absorb calcium. Users need manganese for proper brain function and nerve health.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 can’t be found in the body, so users must supplement it through the foods they eat or supplements. It is found in many bodily functions because it is a necessary component of DNA. With enough vitamin B12, consumers reduce their risk of a blood condition called megaloblastic anemia.


Bladderwrack is an antioxidant, and it promotes collagen synthesis, which is necessary to keep the skin healthy and supple. It provides users with a dietary fiber that helps with diarrhea, maintaining the regularity of bowel movements. It is safe to consume every day, though taking bladderwrack independently should be carefully monitored as it can supply too much iodine to the user.

Rhodiola Rosea

Rhodiola rosea is used by consumers to ease stress and deal with fatigue. In many people, it is a solution for the symptoms associated with depression. It is used in many formulas for the way that it increases energy and stamina, as well as mental capacity. Users that take this formula can also reduce anxiety.

Red Ginseng

Red ginseng is used to improve insulin production. Insulin is crucial for the management of high blood sugar, maintaining healthy levels without the risk of weight gain. Red ginseng is an antioxidant, and it reduces inflammation throughout the digestive system. Some studies indicate that this ingredient is used to reduce the risk of cancer, improve brain function, and support the immune system.


DIM directly affects the user’s estrogen levels. It can slow down the progress of certain types of cancer and it reduces the toxins that metabolism naturally causes. For women, DIM can help with the conversion that estrogen goes through with the metabolism as they age. It is important to repair and growth of bodily tissues.


Cinnamon is often associated with medicinal benefits because it has an incredible amount of antioxidants. It reduces inflammation, and it reduces the user’s risk of heart disease. For many people, it promotes greater sensitivity to the natural insulin in the body.

African Mango

African mango is often used in weight loss formulas for the way that it reduces belly fat. Though there is a lot of research needed to determine how effective it could realistically be. It promotes lower blood cholesterol levels, and it keeps blood sugar levels under control.

Purchasing HB-5

Rather than going to a grocery store or a pharmacy, consumers can buy the HB-5 formula from the official website. There are a few packages offered, including:

  • One bottle for $49
  • Three bottles for $117
  • Six bottles for $174

Free shipping is available for the three-bottle and six-bottle packages, though users will have to cover a $6.95 fee for the purchase of a single bottle.

All orders come with a 180-day money-back guarantee. If the user finds that this remedy doesn’t help them with their hormonal balance, they can request a full refund with no questions asked.

Frequently Asked Questions About HB-5

What are the hormonal blocks that keep users from losing weight?

The blockage involves the thyroid hormones, cortisol, estrogen, insulin, and leptin. The only way to truly lose weight is to target all of these hormones simultaneously. If the user doesn’t target it properly, they may continue to have difficulty while working out and dieting.

How does the use of HB-5 help users to overcome their hormonal blocks?

This formula specifically uses natural ingredients that specifically target the hormonal blocks. It is comprised of kelp, magnesium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, vitamin B12, bladderwrack, Rhodiola rosea, red ginseng, DIM, cinnamon, and African mango. With the newfound balance for hormones, users can lose weight quickly with a heightened metabolism and less fat storage.

How long will users be able to purchase HB-5?

Right now, the future is uncertain. The website can only guarantee inventory for the length of time that their official website is available.

How does the HB-5 money-back guarantee work?

The creators offer a money-back guarantee that lasts for 180 days. Users can return the product at any time within that timeframe to get a full refund.

To learn more, reach out to the customer service team via email at support@hormonalharmony.co.


HB-5 provides users with a way to improve their health by regulating the hormones in their body that play a role in weight loss. The formula doesn’t directly include any of the hormones, but all of the natural ingredients influence the production within the body. Regulating hormones like leptin and insulin ensure that users have the best chance of establishing the right metabolic speed for weight loss. The formula doesn’t require a diet but improving hormone production will help any diet to become much more effective.

To buy HB5 supplement, visit the official Hormonal Harmony website for the best prices online.


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