Hidden Alpha Review (Joel Litman Altimetry) Real Trading Service?

Hidden Alpha is a trading service with a subscription available for members that want the inside look at the changing stocks within the pandemic. The subscription comes with multiple bonus reports for the chance to make more revenue to pad anyone’s financial portfolio.

What is Hidden Alpha?

Most portfolios’ financial future has been shaken to its core with the pandemic as it has lasted through the whole of 2020. However, the world is making progress towards a future that doesn’t include constantly wearing face masks and staying home forever. The economy will likely see a major upswing when all of the typical business resumes, but consumers need to make wise choices about their investments now to reap the benefits of this return.

Just as consumers protect themselves from the novel coronavirus, they must also protect their financial stability. Joel Litman, who is known for his work as a stock analyst and business professor, aims to bring a solution to the public with Hidden Alpha, his subscription-based trading service. Throughout the program, he focuses on showing users stock options that will set them up for major profits as the economy built itself back up.

The trading service specifically highlights a system called L.O.C.K., which is a program that he uses to predict the winning stocks that will catapult his own profits. By exposing this technique to his clients, they can share in the wealth. As more and more people work from home, Joel explains that this trend is likely to keep going to support companies worldwide as essential services for the working class. However, the economy is set to make a big splash in both short-term and long-term investments.

To ensure that no one gets left behind in this major opportunity for the industry, Joel has curated a trading service that will give consumers consistent recommendations on the stocks that they need to invest in just before their value skyrockets.

About Joel Litman

Referred to sometimes as the Stock Cop, Joel has had much success in his economic predictions. He predicted the crash of the stock market in March of last year as coronavirus cases began to soar, and he even predicted the rise of companies like Square and RingCentral.

His recommendations are consistently taken seriously for his track record of success. In fact, approximately 80% of the world’s money managers with impressive profits use Joel’s resources to guide them in their own portfolios.

How to Access Hidden Alpha

To get access to Hidden Alpha, the total cost is $49.00 per year. The cost is not always the slow since users often have to pay 75% more. With the payment, users will get access to 12 issues per year, distributed one for each month. They will receive recommendations for the stocks that users need to be holding to make the biggest profits.

When the program renews, consumers will not still have access to this massive discount. The renewal will charge the user $199 plus tax. If the user wants to cancel the subscription at any time, they can reach the customer service team by calling 1-800-701-9346 or by sending an email to info@altimetry.com. Users that want to avoid being charged for the next year will need to call at least one day before the charge is set to occur, though users will be reminded when the date is coming up.

Bonus Reports Included with the Purchase

The bonus reports are included with the purchase, and no subscription payment is required to view them. The reports include:

  • The Giants of Online Shopping
  • The 3 Pillars of the Internet
  • The 14 Fad Stocks to Sell Before You Get the Vaccine
  • 3 High-Flying Home Entertainment Stocks to Buy Now
  • How to Be a Stock Cop: The Secrets of the L.O.C.K. System

In The Giants of Online Shopping, users will learn about a payment processing company that deals with over $2 billion in transactions daily. This company is rather popular since about eight out of every 10 online shoppers use them without even realizing it. They will also learn about the importance of cloud computation in companies that contribute approximately $60 million a month to them.

In The 3 Pillars of the Internet, users will learn about three different companies that are responsible for the next decade’s worth of infrastructure that will hold the entire Internet together. Joel believes these pillars could be the rulers of technology through the next decade.

In The 14 Fad Stocks to Sell Before You Get the Vaccine, Joel explains that many stocks are currently thriving with the remote work that consumers do at home. However, when consumers go back into the world, they will not have the same advantage. The creator will share the stocks that need to be included in a portfolio for now but will need to be sold quickly to avoid losses later on.

In 3 High-Flying Home Entertainment Stocks to Buy Now, Joel explains the evolution that the movie industry has gone through during the pandemic and the impact that streaming services now have. He will reveal the companies that are profiting the most in both video streaming and gaming to gain profit.

In How to Be a Stock Cop: The Secrets of the L.O.C.K. System Joel plays upon the moniker that he has been given as he promises to explain the way his algorithm works. This bonus guide will go over each step to equip users to find their own hidden gems in the stock market.

Users will be able to access all of these reports and Joel’s stock recommendations as soon as the payment goes through.

Bottom Line

Hidden Alpha and all of the bonus content that is included with the order all focus on ensuring that consumers will come out of this pandemic with greater financial security than when they entered it. Joel explains multiple parts of the economy, discussing how each one has currently impacted the world and how they will still be around after. With such a low cost right now, users can take advantage of all the profits promised to them before their renewal date.