Innovation Accelerator Playbook Review: Bill O’Reilly Alex Green

The Innovation Accelerator Playbook is one part of an entire collection of investment tips that users get with a subscription to Oxford Communiqué. The subscription includes updates on the best stock opportunities of the industry.

What is the Innovation Accelerator Playbook?

The market could soon see an exponential rise in the value of many stocks, and consumers need to know what they need to do to be involved with this massive opportunity. However, to fully understand how the market is involving, one tip is not enough. That’s why Alexander Green has curated a collection of support in his new Innovator Accelerator Playbook.

By making a purchase today, consumers will receive multiple stock picks and best-selling hardcover books to improve the wealth of anyone who participates. The four stocks that he recommends are set to improve over the next two years with such profit that the last 20 years will seem like a blip on the radar. The books, however, include:

The mRNA Leader Locking Up Multiple $200 Million Deals

HOM-21200223-The Innovation Accelerator Playbook

The 10G Front-Runner Changing How Business Is Done

The Future of Food: The Vertical Farm Supplier Feeding the World

The Robotics Company Partnered With Google and Amazon

HOM-21200223-The Innovation Accelerator Playbook

In the mRNA report, consumers will learn about the medical industry and a leader currently focusing on cures for diseases related to the liver and kidneys. With three drugs in clinical trials, the company also has over 20 other products in the works. 250 patents protect the work they have done, and they’ve received investments from major players in the market with at least $200 million per investment. These investments could pay out billions in the future, and this book will describe how to get involved to take part in these profits.

In the 10G report, readers will get an inside look at the Internet as they learn about broadband speed and online security. Though many people have heard about 5G, a company is looking to make 10G into a possibility for most homes in the United States. The process won’t include any construction that could damage the environment since it uses the current coaxial cables buried in the ground. This opportunity is so secure that it is already received a $378 million investment from Warren Buffett through his fund. Users will learn the ticker of this company so that they can invest before it becomes huge.

The food report will explain the way that the industry is using a special type of LED lighting. The technology allows farmers to improve their crops with a fraction of the water that they use now. In fact, with the promise of yielding up to 350 times what they already produce, the method requires no soil, making it usable almost anywhere. The company that is using this technology has already seen over 100% growth in its sales each year, and its acquisitions have increased revenue by approximately $70 million.

Within the robotics report, users will take a deeper look at the smart technology being integrated into many homes. Though this concept was previously no more than a joke at the beginning of the millennium in many made-for-TV movies, it is now becoming so broadly used that the company developing it has a partnership in place with Google to ensure that the smart technology is compatible with their Google Assistant program. It has already collaborated with Amazon and the Alexa technology as well.

Though the new books are a major part of this program, users will also learn what Alex has done to develop his own nest egg, comparing it to how others can do the same. A video series called Three Steps to Help Turbocharge Your Portfolio breaks everything down into three different parts in clear HD video to purchase a stock into one of the easiest things that anyone can do.

Registering for Access to the Innovation Accelerator Playbook

With all of these benefits, consumers may want to know what they have to do to get involved at this point. Once they input their email address on the official website, they will have the opportunity to sign up for a trial of Alexander Green’s subscription service called The Oxford Communiqué. Signing up for the subscription is the only way users will have the opportunity to access the playbook and all of the different stock recommendations it provides.

Alex has already made a significant name for himself in the financial industry, identifying major winners through the last few decades like Netflix, Apple, and Amazon. Each of these stocks grew by at least 1000%, and he wants to make it possible for anyone to increase their income, reduce the taxes they pay, reduce their risk, and embrace the financially secure yet free future ahead of them. With the subscription service, users will receive an update each month with new investment opportunities, tips on the companies to watch, and explicit instructions on the best times to buy at the rates they should look for.

Along with the monthly content, users will access a model portfolio to see how the market behaves. The subscription also comes with a portfolio update that shows changes in the market and the latest earning announcements.

Users have several subscription options to choose from, depending on what would serve their needs the best. They can choose from:

  • Premium Subscription, $99 (usually $249)
  • Includes a digital and physical copy of the Oxford Communiqué
  • Includes access to The Innovation Gatekeeper and The Top Cyber-Protector in a $124 Billion Market as special gifts.

Deluxe Subscription, $129

  • Includes a digital and physical copy of The Oxford Communiqué
  • It does not include premium bonus reports.
  • Standard Subscription, $49 ($79 annually after the first year
  • Includes a digital copy of The Oxford Communiqué
  • It does not include premium bonus reports.

Users will be charged the annual fee after the first year. Any cancellation must be made within 365 days to claim a refund.

HOM-21200223-The Innovation Accelerator Playbook

About the Special Gifts

The main special gifts included in every purchase are Killing Crazy Horse by Bill O’Reilly and The Gone Fishin’ Portfolio by Alexander Green (With a Foreword by Bill O’Reilly). However, there are exclusive premium reports that only subscribers to the highest level can access.

In “The Innovation Gatekeeper,” Alex focuses on a data analytics company trying to reduce how much time customers have to wait for drugs and other therapies to be available after the initial idea. The report is worth about $4,000 to the people who have purchased it separately, and it is available to VIP subscribers at no cost.

In the cyber-protector report, users will learn what they need to do to invest in cybersecurity companies and what companies are doing the most to protect their customers. This report is valued at $299.

Learning More About the Oxford Communiqué

To learn more information about this offer and the included content contact the company Mon through Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET at:

  • (866-415-8492 or 443-353-4234).
  • Address: Attn: Member Services, 105 W. Monument St., Baltimore, MD 21201, USA
  • Website: https://oxfordclub.com/contact-us/

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