Near Future Report (Jeff Brown America’s Last Digital Leap) The Great Reset and Controlled Demolition of America Review

Jeff Brown and his team at The Near Future Report have published a warning about the upcoming “Great Reset” and the “controlled demolition of America.”

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Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about The Near Future Report, Jeff Brown, and the controlled demolition of America.


What is The Near Future Report?

The Near Future Report is an investment newsletter published by email through Brownstone Research. The newsletter is led by editor Jeff Brown, an angel investor, and former Silicon Valley tech company executive.

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As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Jeff Brown has released a video and sales page titled “The Controlled Demolition of America.” Jeff claims that global elites are planning a “Great Reset” for America’s economy now that President Joe Biden is in power:

“Fellow American, I’ve never issued a warning like this before…I’m typically an optimistic, easy-going guy….There is a dangerous idea being pushed by members of several world organizations…Something being referred to as the “Great Reset”…You may have heard of it..”

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you can discover how to protect your portfolio from this upcoming crisis.

What is The Controlled Demolition of America?

Jeff Brown believes global elites are preparing to destroy America now that President Joe Biden is in power.

According to Jeff, the United States Federal Reserve has teamed up with elites worldwide to plot the destruction of America.

Jeff describes the campaign as a “sinister plan” by the World Economic Forum, the International Monetary Fund, and 80% of global banks. Worse, he claims this plan is rolling out “at breakneck speed.”

The plan involves a “great reset” of the world economy. Jeff claims global elites are using environmentalism as a cover-up for this great reset. Their secret plan is to steal all your money while permanently destroying America:

“Currently, there is much speculation. Many believe a “reset” is inevitable due to the trillions of dollars of new money recently printed by world governments…Some say it’s a cover-up for a new “green” agenda by world elites…”

Throughout the informative video presentation, Jeff aims to lead you into taking action immediately. If you don’t take action immediately, your assets may be in jeopardy soon.

Here’s how Jeff explains the secret plot to steal your money:

“While still others go so far as to say — one day soon — we will wake up and find all our financial records wiped clean…The money in your bank…Your retirement savings tucked away in an IRA or 401(k). Gone. Vanished. Reset. As we all start from zero again — a consequence of a financial system that’s finally broken down.”

Jeff claims central banks are planning to release digital currencies, for example, that will disrupt the global economy.

Jeff also claims that global elites are planning to replace the US Dollar as the world’s reserve currency, a decision that could have enormous consequences for American wealth and influence. China will become the world’s largest economy in the next few years, and it may not make sense to use the American Dollar as the world’s reserve currency anymore.

These changes are natural consequences of a shifting economy.

A century ago, we all used the British Pound as the world’s reserve currency because the United Kingdom was the hegemonic superpower. Now, we may be shifting from the US to Chinese influence as America’s economic dominance ends. The world economy changes all the time, but Jeff insists these are signs of a sinister plot to steal your money:

“Don’t Let Them Take What’s Yours…The financial elites are plotting a “Great Reset” to destroy your wealth, privacy, and the American way of life. Everything you’ve worked hard for could be gone in an instant. Don’t let them take it without a fight!”

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you get a toolkit of reports you can use to protect your money from the Great Reset.

What is The Great Reset?


For those out of the loop, the Great Reset is a conspiracy theory that originated during the June 2020 meeting of the International Monetary Fund.

In June 2020, economists from around the world met to discuss new development strategies. This was a high-level discussion – not a concrete chat about specific principles to implement.


One of the themes of the June 2020 meeting was a “Great Reset.” Economists argued that we could use the coronavirus pandemic as a chance to “reset” certain parts of the economy.


The IMF published full details of the discussion here. It’s a theory about how the world could change its development principles to advance society forward. Instead of destroying our planet and fostering inequality, we could take action today for a better future.

The IMF’s Great Reset plan was based on three principles:

Green Growth: The IMF suggested governments implement public incentives that support low-carbon and climate-resilient growth. Over the last few centuries, we have developed industries with little regard for economic sustainability. Today, we see the consequences of those actions. The IMF discussed job-rich recovery initiatives like planting mangroves, restoring land, reforesting areas, and insulating buildings. These initiatives are green and lead to real job growth.

Smarter Growth: The IMF also discussed the need for smarter growth. The IMF acknowledged that the digital economy was the big winner of the coronavirus pandemic. However, the IMF cautioned about letting the digital divide widen. As a solution, the IMF proposed investments that shrink the digital divide, ensuring the benefits of the digital economy are shared equally.

Fairer Growth: The IMF’s third and final principle of the Great Reset was fairer growth. The pandemic deepened inequality around the world. The rich got richer, and the poor got poorer. Some of society’s most vulnerable individuals became worse off during the pandemic. As a solution, the IMF recommended “investing in people” by giving them access to opportunities and education while expanding social programs.

That’s it. That’s the Great Reset plan, direct from the IMF.


However, Jeff claims all of this is a front. He claims the IMF and other global elites are secretly plotting to steal Americans’ retirement funds – all in the guise of environmentalism and equality.


Jeff Believes the Great Reset Has Already Begun

Jeff’s goal is to lead you into taking action. To do that, Jeff convinces you that the Great Reset mentioned above is already here.

As proof, Jeff mentions all of the following reasons why the Great Reset is here and ready to start stealing your retirement fund:

According to Jeff, two of the largest and most beloved companies in America have already begun to roll out the first phase of the Great Reset to 205 million Americans.

The Great Reset has been in the works since 2015, but Jeff claims the circumstances haven’t been “just right” until today.

Jeff believes global elites will take this opportunity “to seize control over the American way of life,” using the pandemic as an excuse to implement widespread social change in the United States.

Some businesses stopped accepting cash during the coronavirus pandemic due to fears about the virus; Jeff claims this is “just a trial run for a bigger move” and that the global elites will soon implement a cashless society through digital currencies, ultimately leading to “a ban on cash.”

The money supply has exploded, with the Federal Reserve printing trillions of dollars to contribute to pandemic relief.

The sales page provides other information about Jeff’s views on the Great Reset.

What is Jeff’s $23 Trillion Opportunity?

By following Jeff’s investment advice, you can do more than protect your retirement profile from the Great Reset: you can profit from the Great Reset.


Jeff claims there’s a hidden $23 trillion opportunity for investors. The entire global financial industry is worth around $23 trillion. The pandemic – and the upcoming Great Reset – have changed this industry forever.

Here’s how Jeff explains the opportunity:

“Now, as we know, COVID-19 has irreversibly changed the world. Zoom video conference meetings have replaced the boardroom…Nearly every retailer and grocer now offers curbside, contactless pickup…And newly-remote workers are fleeing crowded cities for more space in the suburbs, small towns, and the countryside.”

However, Jeff claims big financial firms are falling behind these changes. Some of America’s biggest banks aren’t keeping up with fintech innovation. That means they’ll inevitably fall behind the competition, creating a serious turnover in the $23 trillion global financial space.


This change will accelerate “in the weeks ahead” because global elites are planning to launch Central Bank Digital Currencies. Jeff claims these currencies will signal the end to the banking system as we know it:

“Major changes are happening in the world right now that usually take years… sometimes even decades, to occur. And in the weeks ahead, global central banks are set to issue Central Bank Digital Currencies directly to citizens…And that means MASSIVE changes ahead in the 23 trillion dollar world of big finance.”

According to Jeff, these changes will be particularly problematic for specific banks, including some of the well-known names where you store your money today:

“You see, many of the “‘old-guard” firms you’ve heard of… where you probably even keep your money, like…Bank of America, Chase, Citi, [and] Wells Fargo are being “left behind” and are — in large part — being replaced by a new type of technology firm called FinTech. (Short for financial technology).”

Jeff claims Square is a good example of a fintech firm. Square has grown enormously in recent years. The company has implemented cutting-edge financial technologies that deliver great benefits to customers, including cheaper transaction fees for small businesses.


By investing in the right fintech companies today, investors can purportedly profit from the Great Reset over the next five years:

“I’m convinced FinTech will be the biggest bull market of the next five years. And it’s clear, professional investors agree. Over the last three years, Wall Street has invested nearly 300 billion dollars in FinTech.”

Jeff claims private investors have poured into fintech companies like Ant Group, Stripe, Adyen, and Klarna. These are some of the biggest names in the fintech space – but they’re private.

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you can discover Jeff’s #1 recommended fintech investment for 2021. Investors could purportedly earn huge returns over the coming years as fintech enters a bull market by investing in this company today.

What’s Included with The Near Future Report?

If you subscribe to The Near Future Report today, for $49, you get a bundle of reports and guides you can use to navigate the Great Reset, protect your wealth, and earn returns throughout the upcoming crisis. Jeff claims all of the disastrous things mentioned above will take place within “weeks.” The sooner you take action, the sooner you can protect yourself, your family, and your investment portfolio.



Jeff calls it the “Great Reset Protection Plan.” It’s a bundle of reports included with all subscriptions to The Near Future Report.

Here’s what you get with each new subscription to The Near Future Report:

One Year Membership to The Near Future Report: Each month, subscribers receive one new issue of The Near Future Report featuring news, reviews, and analysis. Jeff recommends specific stocks investors should buy today. He discusses trends to monitor. He and his team also travel the United States looking at specific investment opportunities, sharing the best opportunities with subscribers.


My #1 Fintech Play for the Great Reset: How to Triple Your Money as Cash Goes Digital: Jeff Brown believes central banks are preparing to announce national digital currencies within “weeks.” By following Jeff’s advice in this guide, investors can purportedly triple their money. Jeff recommends making one fintech play to safeguard your assets and ensure big returns as the economy goes digital.


Elected by Blockchain: The Private Company Revolutionizing the Way Americans Vote: Blockchain-based governance could be the way of the future. It’s secure, transparent, and not controlled by a single entity. In this report, Jeff describes how one private company is revolutionizing the way Americans vote. This company could change the future of American elections by validating votes with blockchain.

The New Economy: 5 Stocks That Will Soar in the Post-COVID World: As the world exits the COVID-19 pandemic, certain stocks are expected to grow, while others will falter. In this report, Jeff recommends the specific stocks to buy and sell to prepare for a post-COVID world.

Toxic Tech: 5 Tech Darlings to Dump Right Now: Some of the most popular tech companies will be worthless in the future. In this report, Jeff recommends selling certain popular tech companies to protect your portfolio.


The Top Biotech Buyout Candidate: The 2,200% Secret: In this report, Jeff recommends investing in one biotech company that could soar 2,200% after a buyout. Jeff claims it could soar 2,200% because a similar biotech stock rose 2,200% after its buyout.


The Great Reset Profit Blueprint: Jeff claims that your life and future are in jeopardy because of the Great Reset. In this blueprint, Jeff gives you a step-by-step guide to navigating the Great Reset. He explains how to protect yourself, your family, and your investment portfolio as the crisis occurs over the coming weeks and months. It’s essentially a brief overview of the reports listed above.

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Who is Jeff Brown?

Jeff Brown is an angel investor and investment analyst best-known for being an editor at Brownstone Research. Jeff publishes multiple free and paid newsletters through Brownstone Research, including The Near Future Report.


Before becoming an investment analyst and angel investor, Jeff spent 25 years as an executive for technology companies. Today, Jeff uses that experience to recommend the best tech investments and spot the next big trends.

About Brownstone Research

Brownstone Research is a financial publishing company led by Jeff Brown and his team of analysts.

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Final Word

The Near Future Report has launched a new marketing campaign discussing the “Great Reset” and how it will lead to “the controlled demolition of America.”

Jeff’s goal is to lead investors into taking action. He claims global elites are planning to destroy the American economy in the coming weeks in disguise of environmentalism and equality. By following Jeff’s investment advice today, you can protect yourself, your family, and your wealth during the upcoming crisis.

To learn more about The Near Future Report and Jeff Brown’s thoughts on America’s controlled demolition, visit the official BrownstoneResearch.com sales page today.

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