NuCalm Reviews: Obvious Hoax or Legit Sleep Stress System?

Neuroscience is gaining popularity as more people seek help with stress and anxiety management. The pace of progress in neuroscience research has been extraordinary over the last 25 years, with advances in understanding and technology. We might expect this to lead to better understanding and treatment of mental health issues, but in general, this has not been the case. Our standard treatment approaches have barely changed in decades and continue to fail many people experiencing mental distress.

Mental health issues impose a massive social and economic burden. While standard treatments work well for some, they fail for many, causing people to suffer longer than necessary. There are currently no reliable methods available in standard mental health practice that can predict which treatment will work for which individual, even with a small degree of accuracy. Furthermore, the large number of people for whom treatments fail serves to remind that developing better interventions remains a top priority.

However, one neuroscience therapy known as “NuCalm” appears to solve this stress problem. NuCalm has been clinically proven to relax the brain and body in minutes without drugs naturally. This patented technology targets the brain circuitry responsible for activating the stress response in the limbic system, hypothalamus, and brainstem. NuCalm bills itself as a stress and sleep technology backed by neuroscience.

What is NuCalm?

NuCalm bills itself as tension and sleep innovation backed by neuroscience. NuCalm is the “world’s first patented neuroscience innovation medically proven to solve stress and improve sleep quality without drugs,” according to the company’s website. Dr. G. Blake Holloway, the inventor, spent eight years researching and developing his invention on an international basis of knowledge that combines traditional, ancient, and modern approaches to life and medicine. It combines a neuro acoustic software app that can be used in 20- to 120-minute increments, an eye mask, and the previously mentioned processing discs. In practice, it entails listening to ambient, cinematic noises with your eyes closed sticker stuck to your inner arm.

Each component is designed to activate the body’s parasympathetic nervous system, which aids in recovery and relaxation. The disc is designed to release gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), a neurotransmitter that inhibits cortisol and adrenaline. NuCalm inhibits your body’s stress response with this and the app, allowing stress to take its toll on both the mental and physical levels. NuCalm scientifically sequences four relaxation therapies to mimic your body’s natural process of ‘winding down’ and preparing for sleep. You’ll feel the same way you do when you’re about to fall asleep.

How does NuCalm work?

NuCalm targets the body’s inhibitory system, the GABAergic system, in particular. This device is bio-mimetic in that it resets the naturally occurring negative feedback loop of the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal (HPA) axis, which is expected to turn off and stop releasing cortisol from the adrenal glands after a stressful event. Individuals in this state are physically unable to respond to stimuli.

Users will begin to feel relief from the ‘fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system response within minutes of application, and their hormonal stress agent (cortisol) levels will begin to decrease as the HPA axis is prevented.” NuCalm inhibits the production of stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol, putting the body into a parasympathetic state, also known as the rest and repair mode of the mind and body.

The body achieves better sleep, a more robust immune system, lower blood pressure, and more stability, reducing stress levels. In addition, NuCalm use can alter the neuroendocrine psych regulation of the immune system on a regular basis, improving immunosuppressive status. People in such a state are physically unable to respond to anxiety while using NuCalm!

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NuCalm Usage Guide:

Step 1: Start the NuCalm Biosignal Processing Disc: The NuCalm disc is placed on the Pericardium 6 pressure point inside the left wrist. The disc disrupts the body’s adrenaline response, sending signals that activate the brain’s natural relaxation system.

Step 2: Open NuCalm App: The neuro acoustic software in the mobile app is used to deliver specific frequencies that slow brain wave function to levels required for optimal relaxation and recovery.

Step 3: Get ready to see the NuCalm magic: Connect your headphones or earbuds, pull down the NuCalm mask, and sit back, relax, and enjoy the journey to begin your NuCalm session on the app.

Why should I use NuCalm?

1. Self-care: If we do not manage stress effectively, it can deplete our energy reserves, making it difficult to enjoy work, play, and relationships. To be able to control how we react to stressful situations, we need effective self-care strategies such as better sleep, relaxation, a healthy diet, and exercise. NuCalm functions as a self-care strategy by promoting deep relaxation and decreasing stress levels.

2. Friends and Family: We all experience stress, but we do not do so alone. Those closest to us are also affected. Instead of taking our stress out on our friends and family, we can manage it properly by using NuCalm.

3. Human Connection: Contact with other people can be problematic for stressed people because they are unable to process information accurately and are not open to new experiences. On the contrary, being stress-free ensures that one is emotionally available and properly connects with others. Because its results leave you stress-free, NuCalm aids in the formation of effective human connections.

4. Healing: Inflammation, proliferation, and maturation are the three stages of the healing process that overlap. Stress has been shown to postpone pressure by decreasing the release of key compounds that initiate the healing process. It also makes one susceptible to infection and makes it difficult to sleep, and without enough sleep, healing does not occur properly. NuCalm helps the healing process by removing stress and ensuring the body’s healthy response to injury.

5. Performance: NuCalm clears your mind, allowing you to start from scratch and thus improve player performance. It does not provide a one-time solution, but rather establishes a pattern that can improve performance and recovery over time by keeping players strong, focused, and resilient at all times.

6. Sleep: A night of good sleep improves our learning and memory abilities because the brain commits new information to memory while we sleep. Sleep disorders have been linked to chronic diseases such as hypertension and irregular heartbeats. NuCalm provides the body with the nutrients it needs to sleep and grooms the neural sleep pathways, keeping us free of sleep-related complications.


NuCalm has proven to be an extremely effective relaxation mechanism. Its main advantages are as follows:

  • Anxiety management and depression reduction
  • Addiction risk is reduced, and circadian rhythms are regulated.
  • Capability to prime for other types of therapy
  • Chronic inflammation reduction and management
  • Sleep quality and dream activity have both improved.
  • Increased mental focus and cellular maintenance
  • Balance of the autonomic nervous system
  • Alternative to sleeping pills with no side effects
  • To improve diaphragmatic breathing, the brain-heart-lung connection is activated.
  • Enhanced emotional state with digestion is stimulated and improved

As can be seen, it has the potential to be the ultimate ‘biohack’! More importantly, there hasn’t been a single reported adverse event in over a million NuCalm sessions worldwide. Most people will experience positive side effects such as increased energy, better sleep quality, and overall stress reduction.


The only place to find it on the internet is on the official website.

This item is not currently available on Amazon or eBay.

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It can only accommodate one person.

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Where to buy NuCalm:

If you want to buy NuCalm, go to the official product website here. An annual subscription costs $599.90, while a monthly subscription costs $59.99. The annual subscription is the best option for users who intend to use NuCalm for a more extended period because it saves you the equivalent of two months’ subscription. NuCalm Neuroacoustic software, a premium eye mask, and 20 Biosignal discs are included in the subscription. The discs are delivered every month, and the subscription includes a money-back guarantee.

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NuCalm is a completely natural stress-reduction technology. NuCalm works to completely quiet your mind, allowing your body and mind to enter a state of deep relaxation. It’s incredible and must be experienced to comprehend fully. NuCalm targets the body’s inhibitory system, the GABAergic system. NuCalm is made up of three distinct steps that work in tandem to slow brain waves to the frequency of the first stages of sleep and promote parasympathetic nervous system dominance. As the HPA axis is inhibited, you will begin to feel relief from the ‘fight-or-flight sympathetic nervous system response. In addition, your stress hormone (cortisol) levels will start to decline within moments of application. NuCalm is FDA-approved and has been shown to be effective in clinical studies.

With the number of NuCalm customer testimonials and the NuCalm money-back guarantee, there’s no reason not to make this investment in your health and well-being.

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