Nuubu Detox Patch Reviews: Scam or Legit Nuubu Cleansing Patches?

In a world where modern lifestyles seem to be the norm of every individual, threats are linked to the over-accumulation of toxins in our bodies. Poor eating habits, pollution, impure food sources, chemicals, and much more are among the threats causing toxic build-up in your body. As a result, you may have insomnia, constipation, muscle aches, body odor, and irritability, to mention a few.

Fortunately, scientists have developed a solution to eliminating all accumulated toxins in the body. It is none other than Nuubu Detox Patch, an all-natural, eco-friendly product produced from a traditional Japanese concept that dates back to its use in ancient times.

This Detox Patch is manufactured from naturally occurring herbs and plant extracts that have been tested and proved to contain detoxifying properties. Additionally, this product does not contain any harmful toxins or side effects, making it ideal for removing accumulating toxins from your body.

What Is a Nuubu Detox Patch?

This Detox Patch is an all-natural,100% eco-friendly cleansing foot patch that features the Japanese acupuncture technique, which originated from Asia and continues to be passed from one generation to another.

Using this Japanese traditional technique which states that the human body has 360 acupuncture points, 60 of them being in the feet, this Detox Patch targets the latter hence improving users’ health. Additionally, this product includes a combination of natural ingredients such as wood vinegar and vitamin C that work together naturally and effectively to remove metabolic waste, toxins, and harmful chemicals from your body.

Nuubu Detox Patch Ingredients

This detox patch is made with herbs and plant-based extracts that have been scientifically proven to remove toxins from your body. Additionally, these ingredients have been selected according to Japanese traditions. These ingredients include :

Vitamin C

This ingredient found in strawberries, pepper, broccoli, and many more contains powerful antioxidant properties that eliminate toxins in your body hence boosting your metabolic system. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system.

Bamboo Vinegar

Bamboo Vinegar improves your overall health by promoting digestion and initiating the production of beneficial microorganisms in the body. In addition, this ingredient enhances bowl and oral health as well as eliminating odors.


Tourmaline is a mineral containing detoxification abilities that improve the detoxification process and strengthen your liver and kidneys.

Loquat leaf

This ingredient contains antibacterial characteristics and absorbs unwanted odors, leaving a pleasant smell to the Nuubu cleansing foot patches.


Anion is a harmful ion powder that balances and maintains your bloodstream’s oxygen levels by restoring your body’s PH level.

Wood Vinegar

Wood vinegar is a dark liquid produced because of the distillation of wood and other plant materials. This ingredient also doubles as an effective pesticide, but it may reduce symptoms of acid reflux, heartburn, and indigestion [4].

Houttuynia Cordata Thunb

Also known as the fish leaf, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb contains antibacterial properties, eliminates users’ risk of obesity, removes accumulated toxins from the body, and features other excellent benefits.

How Do Nuubu Detox Patches Work?

Based on Japanese tradition, toxins from impure food sources, pollution, and many more sources accumulate in your feet. This is where Nuubu Detox patches come into play.

These Detox patches work by targeting the 60 acupuncture points in your feet to remove toxins from your body. Once applied to your feet, this product takes only a few hours to deliver benefits such as eliminating headaches, irritability, muscle aches, and any other symptoms associated with a toxic build-up in your body.

Additionally, this Detox patch indicates the removal of toxins from your body by turning its color to black if you have a lot of toxins in your system. If it doesn’t change its color from white after use, it means you have few or no toxins left in your body.

How to use Nuubu Detox Patch

This Detox foot patch is easy to use; all you have to do is follow these steps to enjoy the benefits this product has to offer. These steps include:

Step 1

Take a Detox patch from the box, and place it at the middle of the foot, ensuring the soft side of the Patch is in direct contact with the skin.

Step 2

Following step 1, apply the second Detox patch on your other foot or another part of your body.

Step 3

For better results, wear the patches for 6 to 8 hours, preferably at night.

Step 4

Remove the patches after the recommended duration, and then wash your feet.

What is the Recommended usage of Nuubu Detox Patches?

While each box of this product contains ten detox patches, there is no limited usage of this product, as users can use these patches to detoxify their bodies as many times as they wish. Nevertheless, the manufacturer of this Detox Patch states that users will likely experience impressive results after using this product twice.

It is recommended that you consult a doctor before using these detox patches if you have an allergy to any of this product’s ingredients. Additionally, this product does not diagnose, cure, prevent or treat any disease.

Benefits of using Nuubu Detox Patch

While this Patch uses a Japanese wellness tradition technique to detoxify users’ bodies, this foot patch is side-effect-free and features impressive benefits if used regularly. These benefits include:

  • It is 100% all-natural and eco-friendly
  • It reduces anxiety
  • It improves your skin giving it an anti-aging effect
  • It helps relieve stress
  • It effectively eliminates toxins from your body
  • This Detox patch boosts your immune system

Additional Pros of Nuubu Detox Patch

This product is an effective body detox formula that naturally eliminates toxins from your body without causing any side effects. Some of the advantages of using this product include :

  • It contains no additives
  • 30-day money-back guarantee if not satisfied with its results
  • It is affordable
  • It is simple to use

The Cons of Nuubu Detox Patch

Despite this Patch being environmentally friendly with no reported side effects, there are some drawbacks you should expect from this product. These drawbacks include :

  • This Detox Patch is only available online
  • It is limited in stock
  • User results may vary

How Much Does Nuubu Detox Patch Cost?

These Detox Patches can only be purchased via its official website, with the manufacturer offering a 70% discount on purchases made. Here is the pricing of the packages provided by the manufacturer. The offers include:

  • One box of Nuubu Detox Patches for CAD$22 each
  • Two boxes of Nuubu Detox Patches for CAD$21 each
  • Three boxes of Nuubu Detox Patches for CAD$19 each
  • Four boxes of Nuubu Detox Patches for CAD$17 each

The manufacturer offers several payment options, including PayPal, debit, and credit card, with a standard shipping fee of €4,95.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, this Nuubu Detox Patch is an inexpensive and effective approach to eliminating toxins from your body. Furthermore, this product is all-natural and uses ancient medicinal knowledge to improve your bodily and mental health.


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