Octomoves Flow Ropes Review – Does It Work?

Octomoves has released a new line of flow ropes that can help you to turn exercise into play at any time of the day. If you’re about to start exercising after the end of the pandemic, but you still feel stiff and weak after months of laziness, this can be the perfect type of exercise to get started.

What Are Octomoves’ Flow Ropes?

Flow ropes are a new kind of rope, made especially for exercising by Octomoves. If you are trying to get in shape quickly, but you don’t really love exercising, these ropes can help you to get in the mood. They are very easy to use, burn many calories, and won’t make you feel as if you are doing any hard work at all.

You should know that these so-called flow ropes are more than “just ropes”. They are made using natural materials that improve their durability and enhance their air drag resistance. So, they will really feel good while using and will last for a long time.

Pros and Cons

Let’s check out the main advantages and disadvantages of Flow Ropes before moving forward:


  • It’s an exercise that really does not feel like an exercise.
  • Very easy to use and learn the basic exercises.
  • Can help you to build muscles really fast.
  • You will lose weight after using it for a while if you do it many times per week.
  • Aids in loosening up your stiff muscles.
  • Are made with very resistant material.
  • Do not stress your body if it’s untrained.
  • Will diminish your stress levels.
  • Excellent for people whose injuries prevent them from normal exercises.


  • Can only be bought at the Octomoves official stores.
  • Apparently, not many options in color.

How It Works

The Octomoves Flow Ropes can be used in several kinds of physical activities. They can be performed in any environment, like beaches, gyms, or parks. Most people use these ropes to exercise in a way that they won’t put a very heavy load on their bodies, and will relieve the weight from their joints, which often causes injuries.

In short, it gets you to exercise and can burn several calories without all of the drawbacks that most common exercises can have. The main perk is that people often describe the process of using Octomoves flow ropes as actually fun, instead of boring or exhausting. That’s a huge perk of this product if your body is still not used to heavy action.

Also, as you don’t need to carry heavy equipment around, you can simply travel and store these flow ropes safely, which will allow you to use them anytime. This way, you can unwind, diminish your stress levels, and gain muscle even during long trips.

How To Pick the Perfect Flow Rope?

As soon as you decide to purchase this product, you’ll have a first decision: which kind of rope to pick. There are different models of flow ropes. The lightest ones will be around 0.66 lbs and are pretty good for light exercises, but there are also models with 0.99 lbs or even 1.1 lbs, which is the heaviest type of rope.

The heavy models are better for people who want to burn calories and build muscle, while the light ones are excellent to have fun or just to get in shape or unwind with quick and easy exercises.

Available Models and Official Pricing

These are the main models available on the website (with price in USD):

  • Phoenix: Red rope with 1.1 lbs, and 0.5” thick: $80.
  • Black Swan: Black rope with 1.1 lbs, and 0.5” thick: $80.
  • Flowzilla: Gray rope with 0.99 lbs, and 0.50” thick: $80.
  • Funky Zen: Green rope with 0.66 lbs, and 0.40” thick: $70.

At the moment, you can purchase anything on the official website using credit cards (AmEx, Visa, MasterCard), Apple Pay, or PayPal. Payments can be made in EUR, USD, and AUD, and shipping is 100% free for the United States and Europe.

There’s also a refund policy that lasts for 30 days. It works for any product bought in the Octomoves store, except perishables goods. To use it, you need to return the product in the same condition and it must still be in the original packaging.

Octomoves Flow Ropes: The Verdict

Octomoves Flow Ropes are an excellent and addictive way to exercise. They are light, can help you to build muscle, and will essentially make your life easier, especially if your body is not used to heavy lifting. This product is made with a very durable material that uses nautical material, so it’ll last for a long time, too.

You can buy most of the flow ropes models for $70 or $80 on octomoves.com. You will surely not regret that choice.


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