PX7 Primal Flow Reviews – Does It Work or Cheap Ingredients?

PX7 Primal Flow is a prostate support supplement designed to reverse the effects of an enlarged prostate to restore male vitality and virility. According to the manufacturer, this product directly addresses the root cause of an enlarged prostate to help men improve their overall health and wellness.

Unfortunately, when a man suffers from an enlarged prostate, it pushes up against the bladder and creates the feeling that you have to go to the bathroom when you really do not. This can impact your sleep cycle and in turn can reduce your energy levels, cognition, and immune system.

If left untreated, an enlarged prostate can lead to urinary tract infections, stones in the bladder or kidneys, erectile dysfunction, and more. This is why it is important to treat this issue as soon as it is identified as the cause of your health issues.

Although surgical options and prescription medications exist, these solutions often come with severe complications. This is why natural solutions are often the preferred treatment option for an enlarged prostate. Out of all the natural solutions out there, none are as safe or effective as Primal Flow.

What is Primal Flow?

As previously mentioned, Primal Flow is an all-natural supplement formulated specifically to attack the direct cause of an enlarged prostate in men. By taking this supplement, men can shrink their prostate to a normal size to eliminate the numerous side effects associated with this common issue.

Unlike surgical options or prescription drugs, Primal Flow naturally enables you to restore healthy function. It is non-invasive and poses much fewer risks of adverse reactions because it uses no chemicals nor does it require you to go under the knife.

How does PX7 Primal Flow Work?

The main way Primal Flow works is by eliminating a hormone known as Dihydrotestosterone, or DHT. DHT is made from testosterone and when DHT levels become too high, it can cause an enlarged prostate, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss, and numerous other health issues.

DHT levels become too high when an enzyme is known as 5-alpha-reductase, or 5-AR becomes too active. If this enzyme doesn’t become held in check, it can cause numerous serious health effects such as permanent kidney damage, severe impotence, and long-term damage to your bladder.

This is why the primary mechanism behind Primal Flow is to inhibit the production of this enzyme and to block it from converting testosterone into DHT. This process can effectively reduce the size of your prostate and cause it to physically shrink until it is a healthy size and you no longer have to suffer the symptoms of an enlarged prostate.

Primal Flow also contains several anti-inflammatory compounds that further help to reduce swelling and any inflammation that may have developed as a result of your enlarged prostate. Over time, these anti-inflammatory compounds can help to prevent future swelling so that you don’t have to suffer from an enlarged prostate once more.

Ingredients in PX7 Primal Flow

Primal Flow was developed with the very best vitamins, minerals, and herbal extracts known to inhibit DHT and to promote healthy male sexual function. Although Primal Flow is very secretive about many of the ingredients found in its’ product, some of the ingredients have still been discovered.

Some of the ingredients found in PX7 Primal Flow include:

Mushroom blend

The mushroom blend consists of shiitake, maitake, and reishi mushrooms, which all hail from Japan. These mushrooms are known to support heart health, strengthen the immune system, and may have anti-cancer properties. They are also known to reduce inflammation, which is a common symptom of an enlarged prostate.

Cat’s Claw

Cat’s claw has a number of benefits including reducing inflammation, lower cholesterol levels, and lower blood pressure. It also contains beta-sitosterol, a plant compound known to inhibit the conversion of testosterone into DHT.

Stinging nettle

Stinging nettle is widely used to treat urinary problems in the early stages of BPH. Studies have found it is effective at reducing urinary flow, incomplete emptying of the bladder, and the constant urge to urinate. Some research suggests it can slow the growth of prostate cells, although it will not shrink the prostate by itself.


Broccoli is loaded with nutrients and contains several anti-inflammatory properties that may help reduce the swelling of the prostate. It also may have anti-cancer benefits, which is one of the long-term effects of untreated BPH.

Green tea extract

Green tea extract is primarily used for its’ powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant benefits. It also helps support healthy circulation to improve your ability to get an erection. Its’ anti-cancer benefits might also reduce the risk for developing prostate cancer as the result of an enlarged prostate.


Zinc is an important trace mineral that can improve testosterone production, improve sperm quality and motility, and reduce the risk of male motility. Zinc is also essential for prostate health because it plays a role in apoptosis and the Krebs cycle.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 is an important nutrient that is needed in virtually every part of your body. It functions as an antioxidant and helps you make and repair DNA. It also helps reduce cholesterol levels and may improve blood pressure as well.

Chinese Ginseng

Chinese ginseng has numerous clinically studied ingredients. It has potent anti-inflammatory benefits and is said to improve brain function and to improve blood flow.

Saw Palmetto

Saw palmetto is clinically proven to help your body block the 5-AR enzyme and to help physically shrink your prostate. Its’ effects are amplified when used with stinging nettle as well. In addition to supporting your prostate health, saw palmetto is clinically proven to enhance blood flow to help you obtain and maintain an erection.


Cayenne extract is another popular natural compound that has profound anti-inflammatory benefits. It also may improve sexual function by enhancing blood flow to your sexual organs, thus preventing erectile dysfunction.

Oat Straw

Much like saw palmetto, oat straw contains the powerful plat compound beta-sitosterol, which helps to inhibit the 5-AR enzyme. It is also said to boost male sexual performance and improve sleep.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is involved in hundreds of important bodily functions and remains one of the most powerful antioxidant compounds. It helps eliminate free radical damage and strengthens your immune system. It may help to reverse some of the damage to your reproductive organs as a result of prolonged inflammation in your prostate.

These are just some of the ingredients found in PX7 Primal Flow. All of the ingredients found in this natural supplement are clinically studied and proven to support prostate health, male sexual function, or male reproductive health.

If you’re someone suffering from an enlarged prostate, then Primal Flow PX7 can help you within weeks.

Benefits of PX7 Primal Flow

An enlarged prostate doesn’t have to impact your life any longer. By taking PX7 Primal Flow, you can effectively shrink your prostate and eliminate many of the symptoms associated with an enlarged prostate.

However, that’s not all Primal Flow can do for you. There are several other benefits associated with Primal Flow, such as:

Less urge to urinate

The feeling that you might need to urinate when you really don’t is an all too common experience for men suffering from an enlarged prostate. By shrinking your prostate, Primal Flow can reduce the frequency that you need to urinate and improve your flow when you do actually need to pee.

Eliminate erectile dysfunction

Primal Flow contains several ingredients known to support blood flow throughout your entire body. This may help to eliminate erectile dysfunction by enabling you to obtain and maintain an erection much more easily than you otherwise would.

Better sexual performance

Not only can Primal Flow eliminate erectile dysfunction, but it can also improve your overall sexual performance. Zinc is said to improve your testosterone levels, which is linked to better sexual performance. It also helps improve sperm volume and motility as well.

Better sleep & energy levels

One of the main effects of an enlarged prostate is that it can interfere with your sleep cycle because of the constant need to urinate at night while sleeping. PX7 Primal Flow reduces this urge to pee to help you sleep more soundly at night. This will leave you well-rested when you wake up and improve your energy levels throughout the entire day.

These are just a few of the known benefits associated with Primal Flow. By taking just two capsules of Primal Flow a day, you can never have to worry about an enlarged prostate ever again.

Potential Side Effects of PX7 Primal Flow

Before taking any supplement, it is important to know what the potential risks are and whether or not it is safe for you to take. After all, many supplements are known to have several side effects, sometimes serious side effects.

Thankfully, PX7 Primal Flow was formulated to not only be effective but also safe. This is why it has few side effects and those side effects are normally very minor. There have only been a few reports of minor headaches, nausea, and some slight indigestion while taking this product. In general, the symptoms have been minor and typically only last a few days.

Keep in mind, this is a prostate support supplement meant for otherwise healthy men over the age of 18. If you are under the age of 18 or are on prostate medications, then you should avoid taking this product as its’ ingredients could interfere with your health.

In general, Primal Flow is a very safe supplement that will not interfere with your health in any way. However, if you feel like you are still unsure whether or not Primal Flow is safe for you, then you should contact your doctor before purchasing the product. He or she should be able to tell you if this product is safe for you.

How long Does it Take to See Results?

Unfortunately, when it comes to an enlarged prostate, there is no miracle solution that can eliminate the problem overnight. Therefore, you should be aware that PX7 Primal Flow isn’t going to solve the issue in one day. It will take some time in order to work.

Most Primal Flow users start to see results within the first month of use, although it can take longer. The manufacturer makes the clear statement that results do vary from person to person.

They also recommend taking the product for around three months in total to truly reverse the effects of an enlarged prostate. However, they do say it may not take the full 3 months in order for you to see the results you desire.

In general, it is recommended you at least take the product a month or longer before you make a judgment on whether it is working. By then you should start to see improvements in your bladder control, not have the urge to pee as frequently, and may even feel less bloated and pain in your bladder.

How to Order PX7 Primal Flow

The only way to order Primal Flow is by ordering directly from the official website. There you’ll find several purchasing options to choose from:

  • One bottle: $69 + shipping
  • Three bottles: $177 – $59 per bottle
  • Six bottles: $294 – $49 per bottle

Every order of PX7 Primal Flow comes with a standard 60-day money-back guarantee. If for any reason you find yourself dissatisfied, aren’t seeing the results you expected, or are just unhappy, then you can contact the manufacturer directly to receive a full refund for your order – no questions asked. For more information, customer service can be contacted via:

  • Email: support@edelixir.com
  • Address: 37 Inverness Dr. East #100 Englewood Colorado 80112

PX7 Primal Flow Recap

Prostate health is one of the most overlooked aspects of a man’s health despite the fact it plays a vital role in the overall health of a man. If you’re suffering from an enlarged prostate, then you can rest easy knowing there’s finally a natural solution available for you.

Primal Flow has helped tens of thousands of men all over the world improve their prostate health, regain sexual function, and improve their overall health. If you’re tired of suffering from an enlarged prostate and want a safe, legitimate solution, then you need to order your bottles of Primal Flow today!


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