RelaxUltima Reviews – Is Relax Ultima Neck Relaxing Massager Legit?

Are you presently suffering from neck pain? Not sure how you let it get this far? The neck is rarely given any thought to, but when an issue arises, rectifying it becomes problematic. The simple fact that our neck connects to a series of different body parts and internal connections should be instilled in each person’s mind. Not only does it become unbearable in the target area, but pinched nerves can extend well throughout the arms and upper back. Who can forget the impact that discomfort can have on one’s sleep quantity and quality?

Fortunately, one team on a mission to introduce comfort to the body came up with a device that can tend to all neck issues (with some restrictions applied of course). Want in on this potentially life-transforming device? The purpose of this review is to shed light on RelaxUltima.

What is RelaxUltima™?

RelaxUltima™ is a neck massager that has been designed to deliver deep soothing heated massages. This noise-free, lightweight, and comfortable device is trusted to support people who would prefer to achieve pain relief without taking any pills. Seeing how neck pain is so restrictive in terms of one’s ability to complete tasks throughout the day, having a device like RelaxUltima™ on hand can potentially give people their quality of life back. Before diving any further into matters, it is vital that we unravel the RelaxUltima™ mechanism.

How does RelaxUltima™ work?

RelaxUltima™ is founded not only on technology, but also design. The latter cannot be stressed enough because a device could easily work on advanced technology, but becomes meaningless, when its usability falls short. Fortunately, this isn’t the case with RelaxUltima™. As explained by the creators, TENS Technology has been integrated. This gentle electrical simulation can go deep below the skin for effective relief.

In addition, the included 107 degrees Fahrenheit Function is reckoned to improve blood circulation and, consequently, might dissolve pain and stiffness. Tracing back to the significance of design, an ergonomics design that snuggles comfortably around the neck has been introduced. In fact, taking this route led the team to develop a one-size-fits-all, flexible U-shaped device that is likely to put other solutions to shame.

For an optimal experience, RelaxUltima™ includes three modes and 15 intensity levels. To be more specific, individuals can choose between “Tapping”, “Shiatsu” and “Acupuncture Therapy”. As for intensity levels, they can be adjusted using the “+” or “-“ symbols. Ideally, the more excruciating the pain is, the higher the intensity should be for deep relaxation and stress reduction.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How should RelaxUltima™ be used?

RelaxUltima™ can get deep into one’s neck pain in three simple steps. First, individuals are asked to comfortably wrap RelaxUltima™ around their necks. Then, the main switch should be held onto for three seconds to turn the device on. Using the remote, individuals should turn on the heat feature and choose between the different modes and intensity levels. There’s a total of 45 different combinations of the two, and we encourage individuals to test each one until the right pair helps to alleviate existing pain.

What does each RelaxUltima™ order include?

Each RelaxUltima™ order comes with a packing box, an instruction manual, a charging cable, the RelaxUltima™ neck massager and a remote control.

Does RelaxUltima™ require batteries?

No, RelaxUltima™ does not require batteries. This is why the USB charging wire in included with each purchase. For best uses, the device should be charged until the red blinking light becomes solid, indicating a complete charge.

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How suitable is RelaxUltima™ for people with sensitive skin?

RelaxUltima™ is deemed completely suitable for people with sensitive skin. In fact, optimal comfort may be experienced at a lower intensity setting and mode.

Is it appropriate to wear RelaxUltima™ while participating in activities?

RelaxUltima™ can be worn at home (i.e., watching TV, resting/reclining on chair, reading a book, etc.) or at work (i.e., working on a computer), however, the team insists everyone to use it appropriately. In other words, wearing it while driving, operating heavy machinery, using medical devices, intense exercise or playing sports is highly frowned upon.

Who should not be using RelaxUltima™?

People who have a pacemaker or any other implanted medical device, an artificial heart, lungs, or other life-saving electric devices or metal implants should not use RelaxUltima™. For safety reasons, RelaxUltima™ should not be placed near electronic medical devices, gas, explosives, or other highly flammable material and/or near or around the heart.

How often should RelaxUltima™ be used?

Each RelaxUltima™ session lasts 15 minutes. Once completed, the device will turn off automatically. Regarding uses, one session at a time is recommended, i.e., it is best to take breaks before commencing a new session.

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What is the RelaxUltima™ Commitment?

The RelaxUltima™ Commitment is an additional protective measure. Each purchase will be supported by a one-year warranty and a 30-day money-back guarantee. For more on the finer details pertaining to coverage and returns, consider the following ways of getting in touch with the customer service team:

Email: support@relaxultima.com.

Phone: (215) 595-2208

Company Address: 610 Old York Rd, Suite 400, Jenkintown, PA 19046

How much does RelaxUltima™ cost?

Currently, RelaxUltima™ is offered as a single or multiple units depending on the number of people in a household. Regardless, bulk purchases tend to come with the desired benefit of reduced prices. To be more specific:

  • 1 RelaxUltima™ unit: $79.97 each
  • 2 RelaxUltima™ units: $63.99 each
  • 3 RelaxUltima™ units: $55.99 each

Bear in mind that the listed prices are all before possible taxes and shipping and handling fees. Speaking of shipping, all products will be delivered within two to five business days. That said, some delay should be anticipated due to COVID and other probable concerns.

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Final Verdict

Ultimately, individuals can perceive RelaxUltima™ as a wearable massage chair for the neck. What initially captivated us about this device is its ability to promote comfort throughout the pain-relieving process. Instead of having people swap out hot bags and reposition due to heat, this device can be worn while performing light tasks. In addition, the team behind this solution went above and beyond regarding transparency, listing the dos and don’ts while ensuring that people with a pre-existing medical condition are warned in advance. While we are uncertain as to what its lifespan is at the time of writing, the fact that it is rechargeable suggests long-term uses. In keeping with everything that has been revealed thus far, our team is generally satisfied with the support that RelaxUltima™ is likely to deliver. To find out more about RelaxUltima™, click here>>>.

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