Savage Grow Plus Reviews – Effective Ingredients?

Savage Grow is a penile enlargement formula by Mike Nolan, a renowned American scientist and researcher. The formula blends effective herbs used by an indigenous African tribe for male sexual health. It’s an affordable alternative to costly contraceptives, penis pumps, and surgical procedures commonly used to elongate penis length.

Savage Grow Plus Features and Ingredients

Savage Grow Plus is a penis elongation formula for men. It’s manufactured under stringent, precise, and sterile standards. The formula is made in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility. It’s based on a traditional African penis length elongation practice that has been around for centuries.

The team behind Savage Grow Plus says that the product is free from artificial flavors, toxins, additives, and drugs. It contains a good selection of natural ingredients, which have shown positive results in penile elongation.


Savage Grow Plus blends all-natural and non-GMO ingredients. The premium selection of ingredients is mixed in the right proportions to create easy-to-swallow and effective capsules.

Vitamin B3

Vitamin B3 enhances blood circulation within the penile area. It helps you achieve better erections that last long. Vitamin B3 also increases the production of nitric acid, suitable for speeding up blood circulation. It’s one of the most active ingredients responsible for treating prostate issues, premature ejaculation, and erectile dysfunction.

Vitamin E

Vitamin E aids the proper absorption of other nutrients. It improves the circulation of blood throughout your penile area and clears out the chemical-triggered blockage. It also helps you achieve and maintain firmer erections.

Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus Terrestris role in the Savage Grow Plus formula is to support the body and improve libido levels. It provides better sexual support for you to achieve better orgasms.


Hawthorn has shown positive results when used to detoxify the body and cure erectile dysfunction. It helps clean off all body toxicants, enabling you to stay erect longer.

Epimedium sagittatum

Also known as horny goat weed, epimedium sagittatum provides good sexual stimulation properties. It has shown promising results when used to enhance one’s sexual life. That’s because it enhances testosterone levels and repairs damages triggered by oxidative stress.

Damiana Leaf

The role of the damiana leaf in this supplement is to boost sexual stimulation. It is shown to increase the intensity and strength of orgasms. It does so by enhancing blood flow throughout the penile area.

Muira Puama

Muira Puama is obtained from potency wood, a plant found in African forests. It has been traditionally used to increase sperm count and sperm quality in men. Muira Puama supports great sexual stimulation abilities.


Catuaba is also an active ingredient in the Savage Grow plus supplement. Catuaba is good for enhancing male hormones and testosterone levels. It increases your sensitivity to sexual arousal, as well.

Saw Palmetto

Saw Palmetto is good for enhancing testosterone levels and libido. It does increase blood flow to your penile area, boosting erections and sexual performance.


Inosine is added to the Savage Grow Plus supplement to enhance the absorption and effectiveness of other ingredients. It does so by flushing out body toxins. It also increases your penis’s size.

Oat Straw

Oat straw has good body detoxification properties. It does improve blood flow throughout the penile area, strengthening and extending your erections.


Savage Grow Plus Benefits

Savage Grow Plus penile elongation formula addresses several male-sex-related problems. It offers several benefits, and outlined here are some of the benefits:

  • It may help grow the length of your penis
  • It can improve your stamina, energy, and strength
  • The formula helps men give stronger orgasms
  • It can enhance male libido and confidence
  • It can improve your sexual performance
  • The formula can reduce issues with sexual anxiety
  • The formula may help increase your desire for sex
  • The formula can also improve your sexual stimulation and sensation
  • It may help make your sperm count and quality better
  • It offers a safe solution for erectile dysfunction
  • It can help you ease depression and anxiety
  • It can improve your overall manhood health
  • It may help achieve better erections that last longer
  • It may help boost your testosterone levels will be increased

Savage Grow Plus Unique Qualities

Savage Grow Plus has a range of unique qualities that differentiate it from other male enhancement formulas. Listed here are the unique benefits that set this formula at the top of the chart:

  • It’s manufactured in the USA.
  • It’s made in facilities with FDA and GMP certification
  • It’s a formula based on authentic research
  • The formula is made following a time-tested African male sexual health ritual.
  • It contains no preservatives or chemicals, or toxins
  • It has simple dosing instructions
  • It comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee

Savage Grow Plus Cost and Dosage

The original price of Savage Grow Plus per bottle is $99. However, it’s currently being offered at a discount. You can select any of the packages below to unlock your discount:

  • Single bottle package: With this package, you’ll get one Savage Grow Plus bottle at $69. You’ll have to pay for the handling and shipping fee
  • Three bottles package: This package offers you three Savage Grow Plus bottles at $118. That means you’re getting each bottle for $59, which is $10 less compared to if you ordered the one-bottle package. The package comes with free handling and shipping, as well.
  • Six bottles package: This is the best package for everyone on a budget. You’re getting six Savage Grow Plus bottles for $196. That means you’re getting each bottle for $49, which would save you $20 per bottle. You’re also getting free handling and shipping.

Savage Grow Plus manufacturer terms it a safe and all-natural supplement for adult men struggling with erectile dysfunction, low libido, and poor performance in bed. Any male adult above 18 years can use the supplement. For customers that may have product questions or want to request a refund can do so by emailing the company at:

  • Email: support@savagegrowplus.com

The manufacturer also says that Savage Grow Plus can incorporate the pills into any diet with ease. You can take two capsules a day, so one bottle should take you a month to complete.


How Fast Does Savage Grow Plus Work?

Mike Nolan, the man behind Savage Grow Plus, says that the formula is safe and effective. He describes the Savage Grow Plus formula as high-quality and safe vegetative pills easily absorbed by our bodies to increase testosterone hormone production and boost libido levels. The formula has a quality selection of ingredients that have been shown to improve the performance of male sexual organs. Using this supplement will see you achieve better erections. Here are steps the Savage Grow Plus supplement take to show positive results:

1. Absorption of ingredients

As they flow throughout your blood after consumption and are incorporated into your bloodstream, the ingredients will unlock the male reproductive system, triggering the phallus’ cellular growth.

2. The initiation of the healing process

Once the ingredients have been assimilated into your bloodstream, the process of healing your erectile dysfunction issues will begin. That would see growth in the penile size. It would also lead to repair of damages on the penile tissues.

3. The growth of the penile

The third stage will involve the growth of the penile organ. The ingredients have been supplied throughout your system and most especially to your penile area. They will now start acting by helping your penile organ grow in size. The manufacturer says that users will achieve larger penile organs a few weeks after consuming these pills.

4. A Great Transformation

At the end of the dosage, you will feel more revitalized and energized. The creator says that this supplement doesn’t expose you to toxic elements and chemicals.

He further adds that they have used carefully selected and extensively researched all-natural ingredients that have shown promising results when used by men experiencing low libido, erectile dysfunction, and other similar male sex-related problems.

Who Can Use Savage Grow Plus?

Savage Grow Plus targets all men struggling with awful sex life. The manufacturer terms it the best supplement for all men who want to enjoy their sex life more. The formula has been used by several men previously, most of who recommended it as an effective and reliable solution.

Savage Grow Plus can help you get bigger penile organs. It can also help boost your vigor, energy, and vitality, ensuring you can cherish your sex life more. When you take this supplement, you will no longer feel embarrassed when you’re with your partner.

The supplement is recommended to every man who wants to upscale their game in bed. However, men taking medications for serious health conditions should consult with their doctors before committing to Savage Grow Plus.

Is Savage Grow Plus Safe?

The increase in the supply of unsafe male-enhancement supplements and drugs has made most customers skeptical of these products. It would actually take lots of time to convince some customers that a male enhancement supplement works, especially those who have fallen victim to fake advertisements.

Therefore, it’s only normal to wonder if Savage Grow Plus is safe. According to the manufacturer and the health specialists behind this product, it’s made of natural and safe ingredients. Actually, most of the ingredients were selected from a renowned male-enhancement ritual in Africa that has been in use for centuries.

The supplement does not contain any drugs, toxins, artificial flavors, or additives. The manufacturer has confirmed that Savage Grow Plus is made in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility, so all aspects of safety and quality are fully taken care of.

Can The Program Make My Penis Grow Bigger than Normal?

Savage Grow Plus doesn’t show similar results in all users. Some clients say that their penis grew bigger than average after taking the supplement. That may not be a serious health problem, but it’s highly recommended you talk with your doctor once you start noticing awkward feelings or extra-fast growth.

Don’t use the pills every day. Instead, use them regularly. You can skip a day to allow the pills’ ingredients already in your system to be fully absorbed. While taking male-enhancement pills, you should maintain a healthy lifestyle. Eat the right foods, reduce your alcohol consumption, and if possible, stop smoking.

Will Savage Grow Plus Really Help Me Grow My Penis?

According to reports from previous clients and the manufacturer’s test reports, Savage Grow Plus has the power to help you grow your penis’s size. The manufacturer says that the pills are created to handle any male sexual problem from the root. Yes, it will start by flushing out the toxins and chemicals in your body. It will then support proper blood flow to your penile system and improve the functions of your penile organs. Savage Grow Plus has no age limit provided you’re above 18 years.

With Savage Grow Plus, you won’t have to change your diet or workouts. As per the manufacturer, this supplement works well with any diet. You can take Savage Grow Plus pills with water or food, depending on your preferences. Expect to start seeing results several weeks after you start using the pills. The time it takes to see results would vary from one man to another, though.

Side Effects of Savage Grow Plus

Everyone should be wary about the safety of any drug or supplement is taken without a doctor’s prescription. There are several supplements in the store which claim to improve men’s sexual performance.

According to the supplement’s developers, the ingredients used have been studied carefully and are known to have no side effects. According to information from the website, the ingredients used have no side effects. No binders or preservatives have been added to the product.

The supplement ingredients are natural and safe to use. It is important to follow the recommended dosage and avoid consuming more than the required dosage.

Remember to always consult a doctor before starting any prescription. Ensure that you eat a balanced diet and engage in exercise to improve the supplement’s efficiency.

Precautions When Using Savage Grow Plus

Only adults above the age of 18 can take the supplement. People with known allergies should consult with a doctor to determine if it is safe to use Savage Grow Plus.

How to use Savage Grow Plus

The supplement comes in capsule form. The recommended dosage is two capsules every day with plenty of water. One capsule should be taken early in the morning while the other after bed. Keep your body hydrated throughout the day by taking plenty of water.

To improve the supplement absorption, you can use a glass of milk to swallow each of the capsules. For better results, take the recommended number of capsules each day. The results are not immediate. You need to be consistent and observe a high level of patience to get positive results.

Does it Work?

Savage Grow Plus works effectively. It is a simple manufactured drug that is free from complications. It improves the libido and testosterone level in male users. Continuous intake improves the performance of the sexual organs and increases sex drive in men.

Where to Purchase Savage Grow Plus

Men can now purchase the Savage Grow Plus supplement from its official online store. Place your order on the website, and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

  • 1 Bottle $69.00 Each
  • 2 Bottles $59.00 Each
  • 4 Bottles $49.00 Each

Purchasing from the official website also ensures that you save money and purchase a genuine product. The website also provides offers and discounts for purchases of more than six bottles. That is, the more you buy, the more you save per bottle.

The product has a 60-day money-back guarantee, which means you can request a refund if you do not see the desired results. Customers can contact the company by email at;

  • support@savagegrowplus.com
  • Product Returns: 37 Inverness Drive E Ste 100 Englewood, CO 80112

Final Word

Savage Grow Plus is an effective supplement to help men transform their lives and perform better in bedroom matters. Consistent use of the supplement gets rid of many negative sexual problems without any negative impact.


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