Sigma Surges Review (Dr. Kent Moors) Rogue Investing Trader

Sigma Trader is a subscription service that provides users with recommendations on how users can invest in the tech industry and see major profits. The program requires a subscription, providing the user with monthly updates and bonus materials that can improve their financial portfolio.

What is Sigma Trader?

The understanding stock market is only one part of the investments text consumers need to make to overhaul the way their future goes. There are many self-proclaimed experts in the finance world, but Dr. Kent Moors is launching his own opportunity that has been 10 years in the making. With $1.5 million already invested, Kent is now going to show the public his trading secrets that has a 93% accuracy when it comes to doubling his money in a matter of two weeks.

Kent has already predicted many surges that have made massive returns, including an ETF that saw a 42% gain within 42 days and an investment in Envision Solar International that saw a gain of 123% in a matter of one month. While these are hardly the only times that Kent has had significant success, consumers are now getting the opportunity to learn about the Sigma System, which has allowed him to see a massive profit.

The system has been well-used by Kent, leading to 129 winners (out of 139 trades) within a span of just four months. His record has led him to become a featured commentator in the media over 2,600 times. In fact, some investors may have already seen him on ABC, Fox Business, NBC, and other broadcasting networks. He has even held multiple public and private presentations, and his workshops have been featured in 47 different countries. His notoriety in the finance world is highly deserved, and it has led to millions of dollars in profit for the individuals that follow his path.

His most recent development is in terms of a technology that he has already used to single out three different stocks they could see gains in the triple digits within a matter of a day. He even has picked one out. They could see an 1100% gain, is it all can be credited to his mathematical system. He even has a customized computer worth $40,000 that constantly runs his algorithm at all hours of the day to make sure that it works for any possible investment.

The Sigma System is highly meticulous, and it can automatically pick up the possible surges in the industry each week. Typically, the searches end up reaping at least 100% in gains every two weeks. Kent explains that there is only the need to invest in a couple hundred dollars’ worth of stock to make a difference in a portfolio quickly. In fact, the three companies that he recommends only require that amount.

Kent calls the system a hybrid technology, and he has built it. Do you have a complete comprehension of factors that can influence stock, including the government policy, political influence, and similar markets? With the new “matrix of equities,” the system further narrows down the options, though it is not uncommon for the numbers to change often as new companies are added, or older companies are dropped off.

By signing up for Sigma Trader’s service, consumers will get a new buy alert every week, though they need to act quickly. Some weeks, they may see more than one trade that they can participate in, along with the recommendations made with the bonus content included.

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Additional Content

Every part of the Sigma Trader membership is essential to improving the subscriber’s financial situation. The first part of the system they will receive is Dr. Moors’ Goal: Getting You Started Quickly. The complete manual shows users of a complete explanation of how the Sigma system works and how he created the aforementioned $40,000 computer to keep it running.

Subscribers will also receive a copy of The 10X Code: A Quick Start Guide to Options. In The 10X Code, users will have a full explanation of the trading strategies that Kent has used and how he secures massive gains on the investments that he puts in.

As part of the membership, investors receive Weekly Market Updates, keeping them updated with the latest change is occurring in the market. They will understand how those changes impact the model portfolio, ensuring that members always have a line of communication open with Kent.

Part of the commitment allows users to get encrypted website access, which will provide them with login details for a website that they can instantly access. They will be able to view reports that are only available to members and the model portfolio for Sigma Trader, recent and current trade alerts, and other materials that are only available to members.

Getting Access to A Sigma Trader Membership

The only way to get access to all of this content is to sign up for a membership to Sigma Trader. The total cost will depend on the type of membership the users want to receive, choosing from:

Sigma Trader VIP membership: $3990

Sigma Trader 1-year membership: $1995

The main difference between these two memberships is the length of time that the user is signing up for. The one-year membership covers the annual fee, while the VIP membership provides a lifetime access with no additional costs.

With both memberships, users will receive a minimum of 48 trade recommendations each year, sent directly to them from Kent as he uses the Sigma System to determine which stocks have the best possible gains.

In the event that the member does not get the benefits that they thought they would receive, they can request a refund from the customer service team.

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Learning More

Though there is plenty of information online about this program, consumers may want to learn more, or they may want to change their current membership. To reach the customer service team for any of these changes or questions, call 308-880-8195.

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