StankStix Reviews – Legit Odor Eliminator That Works or Not?

StankStix is an odor-eliminating stick that uses all-natural ingredients and plant-based essential oils to remove unbearably foul odors from anywhere it is placed. The odor-eliminating StankStick is also the winner of the Today Show’s “Next Big Thing,” and a Shark Tank winner, StankStix, can be used to erase bacteria growth and odors from areas like laundry baskets, gym bags, kitchen cabinets, and more.

What is StankStix?

Everyone has to deal with unwanted odors around their home and personal space at times, and a deep clean may be necessary. Unfortunately, even with cleaning, some odors cling tightly to the surfaces and even the air, making it even harder to get rid of them. To erase the smells that always seem to linger and come back, there’s StankStix.

StankStix is currently patent-pending and made exclusively from natural and non-toxic ingredients that are easy on any home atmosphere. It eliminates the odors already in a space, but it also prevents new odors from forming. In addition, with the exclusive ingredients, bacteria that ordinarily cause odors won’t flourish, which is better for the overall atmosphere at home.

Odors can occur anywhere in the home, and that’s what StankStix is used to eliminate. Users can put the StankStix in their shoes and boots, but they are equally helpful for use in garbage cans, litter boxes, a kitchen cabinet, or in at-home gyms to keep them smelling fresh. Surprisingly, the effect of the StankStix can be extended to footwear, gym bags, and lunch boxes, which are three of the most common areas for bacteria to thrive after use.

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The most significant advantage for StankStix seems to be that it doesn’t actually just cover up the odor with something else. Instead, it can absorb and remove the cause of the odor without using any chemicals to do so. There are no strange aromas that make the original odors seem less severe; this product erases the smell that bacteria has been causing all along. Instead of floral or fruity scents, users experience the clean freshness that they need in their life.

With all of the different kinds of odor-reducing products on the market today, one of the biggest concerns amongst consumers is maintaining a safe home for children and pets. Unlike these remedies, there are no toxic ingredients, and EPA registered they are entirely made to work with both little ones and furry friends. There’s nothing dangerous that can be inhaled, and the StankStix even lasts for ten years. In addition, if the area becomes musty again, users can replace the inserts for a much lower cost than ordering an entirely new stick.

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How Does StankStix Help?

StankStix managed to create a product that eliminates terrible odors because it uses a “secret ingredient” – silver. Silver has been well-researched by the scientific community to eliminate bacteria, which is often responsible for the onset of disgusting smells.

The infusion of silver and essential oils works quickly to eliminate odors. Within 24 hours, the bacteria that causes the smell should be gone entirely and won’t return.

Purchasing StankStix

The only way to purchase StankStix is on the official website, as it is not currently sold in stores. However, consumers will have access to a few packages, including:

  • One StankStix for $29.99
  • Two StankStix for $44.99
  • Four StankStix for $89.97
  • Six StankStix for $119.96

Users also have the option to add the deodorizing insert bags to their order for $8.99. These bags help to eliminate odor as they absorb excess moisture where they are placed. The pleasant aroma is due to the plant-based essential oils included in the bags.

If these products don’t eliminate foul odors in the way they expected, they have up to 30 days to get a full refund on orders.

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Frequently Asked Questions About StankStix

How do consumers use StankStix?

The StankStix can be used in any particularly smelly space, like shoes, garbage cans, and gym bags. It takes about 24 hours to eliminate up to 99.9% of the bacteria that typically cause odors.

How long will one StankStix continue to eliminate odors?

One of these devices can eliminate the growth of malodorous bacteria for ten years. However, the inserts used should be replaced every three months to ensure that it performs the best.

What aroma can users expect on their belongings as they use StankStix?

While some products on the market offer an overwhelming scent to mask the foul odor, this remedy eliminates the offensive odors.

Will StankStix work if the equipment is already malodorous?

Yes. It doesn’t matter whether the aroma is pre-existing or new – the StankStix can work.

What shoes will the StankStix fit in?

The StankStix fits in adult and children’s tennis shoes. They will also work in work boots, skates, and other types of shoes.

Are any chemicals used in the StankStix?

None! This product is entirely free of chemicals. Even the essential oils are natural, non-synthetic, and made from plants.

What smells can be eliminated with StankStix?

Practically any kind of odor can be eliminated with StankStix. The product eliminates moisture and eradicates bacteria from clothing, coolers and lunch boxes, kitchen cabinets, shoes, and anywhere it is placed.

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The customer service team is available to answer or provide assistance for orders, returns, account issues via email at:

  • Order Support: support@giddyup.io
  • Product Support: TheTeam@glovestix.com
  • Product Returns: GloveStix LLC at 21861 Parsells Ridge Ct Ashburn Virginia US 20148


Consumers may already be familiar with StankStick because they’ve been featured on Shark Tank, where the creators secured a win. They’ve also been featured on the Today Show as the “Next Big Thing” winner.

StankStix provides users with an easy way to reduce the odors in their homes without introducing new smells, bacteria, or chemicals. The product is easy to place anywhere that foul odors exist, and the website offers replacement inserts at checkout. With the use of silver, consumers get the chance to have a fresh aroma around their home, office, or even their car once again.

To exclusively purchase the StankStix, visit the official website.

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