Sugar Balance Reviews: Is It Legit? (What They’ll Never Tell You)

Almost a third of all Americans have type II diabetes during their lives. It’s a silent disease but a severe one. It may even lead to death if left untreated.

There’s a new natural supplement called Sugar Balance. It promises to use researched ingredients to treat the root cause of diabetes and allow you to be healthy again in just a few days after you start to use it.

This does sound too good to be true. What this supplement promises almost seems unbelievable, but it can be a gamechanger if it works. So, today we’ll investigate the efficiency of Sugar Balance.

What Is Sugar Balance?

Sugar Balance is a dietary supplement that uses a blend of several herbs and other natural ingredients to help you cope with blood sugar levels. As the name implies, it promises to lower blood sugars and increase your overall health if you use it consistently.

It was created by a man called David Pearson. He’s an epidemiologist with almost three decades of experience and claims to have discovered a secret formula that will balance your sugars. It’s entirely made of herbs and roots that have been used for centuries. This formula was tested for two years before the product was released and placed on the market.

According to the website, once you begin to use Sugar Balance, you can eat anything you want, stop feeling the pain of diabetes, stop worrying about diabetes getting worse, and “wasting money” on medications.

How Sugar Balance Works

Sugar Balances works by acting directly on your sugar levels. Instead of focusing on the pancreas as most medications do, it tries to correct how much sugar you currently carry in your blood using other methods that help you to alleviate and fix this problem.

For instance, Pearson defends that fatty liver syndrome has a strong relationship with diabetes. However, most doctors don’t look for a reason for this. According to his studies, by solving this problem, you can affect your health tremendously and normalize insulin levels in the body.

All of the herbs used by the company have numerous studies conducted, and their efficiency as antioxidants and in diminishing blood sugars and inflammation is documented and well-known. Therefore, this supplement could help alleviate the problems in the short term and even avoid secondary issues caused by diabetes.

To get Sugar Balance to work in full effect, you need to take three capsules every day. You should ingest the first one during the morning, the second one around noon, and the last one at night. By using it for a few weeks, you may already begin to feel the difference.

Sugar Balance Main Ingredients

Sugar Balance uses a combination of proven plant ingredients to get desired effects:

  • Astragalus Root: Can improve the symptoms caused by diabetes and protect the liver from cellular dysfunction or other similar diseases.
  • Balloon Flower Root: According to recent studies, this root extract can be used to decrease triacylglycerol storage in the liver, making your liver much healthier than before and improving insulin production.
  • Eleuthero Root: This famous root from folk medicine boosts your metabolism, helping in the digestion process, and has excellent antioxidant potential.
  • Lycium Berry: It has been used in China for treating diabetes for centuries. It reduces blood glucose and can also be used as part of the diet treatment that aims to reduce fat in the liver.
  • Licorice Root: This extract has been studied for its health benefits, discovering it significantly helps lower blood sugars long term.
  • Milk Thistle Seed: This can help decrease the bloodstream sugar and remove fat deposits from the body.
  • Shepherd’s Purse Stem: This herb is perfect for your health, and it’ll make your metabolism, health, and cell regeneration get better.
  • Schizandra Fruit: The main perk of this fruit extract is to improve the body’s glucose tolerance, working as a very effective anti-diabetic product.
  • Solomon’s Seal Root: Several studies show how this plant can be very efficient in reducing glucose levels, so it helps to add more power to the formula.
  • White Mulberry Leaf: This is yet another mighty anti-diabetic leaf. It can affect glucose levels during fasting, for example, reducing them considerably.
  • Wild Yam Root: Like many other ingredients of this list, the root helps diminish the effects of diabetes type II in the body.

The capsules are also fully vegan, made only of hypromellose and water. They do not contain any toxins or chemically-made ingredients. Everything is vegan and natural.

Sugar Balance Benefits vs. Side Effects


  • Diminishes the sugar levels in your blood
  • It helps you to lose weight.
  • Aids in digestion after eating.
  • Improves your sleep and mood
  • Enhances your eyesight
  • It dramatically reduces the chance of inflammations and infections.

Side effects

  • This product is natural, and it doesn’t have significant side effects. However, be sure to use the correct dosage.
  • Also, you should check the ingredients carefully to avoid suffering from any allergies to its components.

Can Sugar Balance Truly Balance Your Sugars?

The short answer is: it can help. The long one is that it also depends on you. As you can see from our review, there’s consistent evidence that the ingredients used in Sugar Balance work to diminish the blood sugars. There’s at least one serious study related to each element.

Will they work as well as the marketing claims, though? The government does not approve of Sugar Balance as a treatment for diabetes. It’s a dietary supplement. So, we can’t confirm that the supplement can cure diabetes. However, there’s solid evidence proving that it can and will help maintain blood sugar levels.

If you have diabetes, you should consult with your doctor about taking Sugar Balance and if it could be beneficial in diminishing blood sugars. As always, a good diet, physical exercise, medication, and Sugar Balance can improve your overall health.

Sugar Balance Pricing

You can purchase Sugar Balance right now on the official website. The prices are as follows:

  • One bottle: $69 + Small shipping fee
  • Three bottles: $149 + free shipping
  • Six bottles: $199 + free shipping

As you can see, the more bottles you buy, the lower the final price will be. So, if you already know the product or know people who may want it, you can get the best price for buying in bulk. Each bottle comes with 90 servings, lasting for a whole month.

When you order the product, you also receive a free ebook, The Truth About Diabetes. Typically, it’s being sold for $47. However, you can get it for yourself by purchasing a single bottle of Sugar Balance. The book contains several recipes that can help you reduce fatty liver syndrome, and it gives you hints and tips about how to cope with diabetes.

Another perk is that this product comes with an incredible guarantee. You can give any bottles back and get all your money back minus shipping fees if you dislike it. Unlike most offerings, this guarantee lasts for six months (180 days).

About Sugar Balance

Natures Formulas manufacture this product. According to the producer, the factories are approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and follow Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). The company is based in Illinois.

You can call the company at 1-866-460-6008 or send an email to support@getsugarbalance.com if you wish to get in touch.

Sugar Balance Verdict

Sugar Balance is a new dietary supplement that promises to help balance blood sugar levels. While it’s not 100% effective in curing the disease, our analysis determined that its ingredients are well researched and proven in studies to help with glucose levels. It uses several herbs, extracts, and roots that focus on diminishing the fat in the liver and the sugars in the blood. If you use it as recommended, it’s sure to have a positive effect on you.

It’s usable by any adult who wants to diminish the problems caused by diabetes, and it can even be used by people who want to prevent it without any actual harm. However, pregnant women and children should avoid it, as it has not been tested on them. When using Sugar Balance, also remember to get the help of a doctor if you have diabetes.


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