The Investing Masters Review: Teeka Tiwari Palm Beach Letter

Palm Beach Research Group has released a new episode of The Investing Masters. The latest episode features former hedge fund manager Teeka Tiwari.

Teeka claims his average investment recommendation is up 281% over the last five years, delivering huge returns for investors who followed his advice. In the latest episode of The Investing Masters, you can learn more about Teeka’s investment philosophy and how he works.

After the episode, viewers receive a promotional offer for Teeka’s Palm Beach Letter, a financial advisory newsletter featuring Teeka’s investment recommendations.

About The Investing Masters

The Investing Masters is a series of videos from Palm Beach Research Group. Teeka Tiwari appears in the first episode of the series. Teeka discusses his investment recommendations, his investing philosophy, and how much money investors could make by following his recommendations.

During the latest episode, Teeka sits down for an interview with co-hosts Bob Sellers and John Burke.

Teeka’s co-host, Bob Sellers, is a former CNBC and Fox anchor and an Emmy-winning journalist. He has 25 years of experience. He has previously interviewed business leaders like Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Marc Cuban. He has also interviewed investing legends like Peter Lynch and Jim Rogers.

John Burke, Teeka’s other co-host is a four-time Emmy winner. James Cameron selected John Burke to travel with him to the Titanic for a live documentary airing on the Discovery Channel. John’s show, Personal FX The Collectibles Show, also ran for 1,100 episodes.

Teeka, meanwhile, is a former Wall Street hedge fund manager. In recent years, Teeka has been best-known as the editor of The Palm Beach Letter and other newsletters from Palm Beach Research Group.

During the interview, Bob and John ask Teeka about his experience, his average returns on investment, and how investors could earn huge returns by following Teeka’s future recommendations.

Teeka frequently recommends stocks and other assets to investors. Over the last five years, Teeka claims his average investment recommendation has delivered returns of 281% for investors. In other words, investors who followed Teeka’s investment advice and put an equal amount of money into every asset recommended by Teeka would have earned 281% returns over the last five years.

Teeka has been a big advocate for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in recent years, and it seems likely that the 281% return is fuelled largely by bitcoin.

After watching Teeka’s interview on The Investing Masters, you can sign up for Teeka’s newsletter, The Palm Beach Letter, at a discounted rate.

About Teeka Tiwari

Teeka Tiwari is a financial publisher and former hedge fund manager. He grew up in the United Kingdom’s foster care system, then traveled to America at age 16 with $150 in his pocket. By age 20, he had become the youngest Vice President in Shearson Lehman’s history, one of the biggest brokerage firms on Wall Street at the time.

After leaving Shearson Lehman, Teeka ran a successful hedge fund. He claims the hedge fund was successful, but he was unsatisfied. He wanted to help ordinary people get rich – not wealthy people become wealthier.

Today, you can follow Teeka’s investment recommendations through multiple products from Palm Beach Research Group. Teeka is the editor of The Palm Beach Letter, the company’s flagship financial newsletter. In The Palm Beach Letter, you can discover Teeka’s latest investment recommendations.

Teeka claims his recommendations have delivered 281% returns, on average, for investors over the last five years. Teeka is confident his latest recommendations could deliver similarly impressive returns for investors.

What Will You Learn During The Investing Masters Episode with Teeka Tiwari?

Over the lengthy interview, Bob Sellers and John Burke ask Teeka about how he works, what makes him different from other investment gurus, and how he has tripled the returns of his followers over the last five years.

Here’s how Palm Beach Research Group introduces the interview:

“Over the last 5 years, Teeka Tiwari’s average investment recommendation is up 281%— That’s 112 times the average investor, according to J.P. Morgan. How does he do it? And, what’s next on his radar? We flew 3,300 miles to catch up with Tiwari and uncover the details on his next #1 investment…”

Some of the topics covered during Teeka Tiwari’s Investing Masters interview include:

  • How Teeka has delivered average returns of 281% to investors since 2016 through his investment recommendations
  • Why blockchain technology will be the biggest trend of the next decade
  • Teeka’s three recommended blockchain stocks to capitalize on the biggest trend of the next decade
  • How to use a 1170 account to maximize bitcoin gains
  • Blockchain ‘moonshots’ that could turn a $1,000 investment into a $1.5 million windfall
  • Other investment plays from Teeka Tiwari and his team at Palm Beach Research Group

After learning about all of these topics, viewers receive a special promotional offer for The Palm Beach Letter, including a discounted subscription rate and a bundle of free bonus reports.

How Much Money Can You Make with The Palm Beach Letter?

In the latest sales page, Teeka proudly proclaims that his average investment recommendation has delivered 281% returns for investors over the last five years. Teeka is confident his next investment recommendation could deliver even larger returns for investors.

To arrive at that 281% return figure, Teeka totaled 63 of his investment recommendations, the calculated the gains or losses of each recommendation between 2016 and 2021. After running the numbers, Teeka found his recommendations had delivered an average gain of 281%.


As mentioned above, Teeka has advocated for bitcoin since 2016, when bitcoin was available for under $1,000. Bitcoin has risen by thousands of percent since 2016, and it’s likely that bitcoin skews the average return heavily in Teeka’s favor.

In April 2016, Teeka published a report describing bitcoin as “the new super currency.” Back then, bitcoin was trading for $428 a coin. Teeka continued to recommend bitcoin as it surged with growth. He even recommended bitcoin throughout 2018 and 2019 during the “crypto winter” as bitcoin dipped to its most recent lows. Today, with bitcoin in an all-time high range, Teeka is reaping the results of his bitcoin recommendations.

Teeka claims his 281% returns beat some of the world’s most legendary investors. Warren Buffett (through Berkshire Hathaway), purportedly earned just 11% returns during that same time period. Ray Dalio, who manages Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund, gained 11.2% during the same timeframe. Teeka claims he beat all of these.

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, investors could purportedly earn similar returns on investments. Teeka recommends new stocks and other investment vehicles every month. By following his recommendations, subscribers could earn similar returns over the next five years.

Teeka’s Investment Philosophy

Teeka has previously recommended bitcoin, Tesla, and other major assets. Tesla and bitcoin have been two of the best-performing investment recommendations in recent years.

Teeka chooses assets like this on purpose. During his interview on The Investing Masters, Teeka explains his motivation for choosing assets like bitcoin and Tesla:

“One of my biggest secrets to the outlandish performance I’ve been able to show is that by taking small, smart positions in the significant trend of the decade…”

Teeka noticed that electric cars and blockchain could be two of the biggest trends of the decade, so he invested in Tesla and bitcoin. He describes it as like investing in Microsoft in the 1980s and riding the software trend:

“…if you can put your money in a group of companies at the forefront of this new trend…It can produce massive gains.Like investing in Microsoft in the 80s and riding the software trend…”

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, you can discover Teeka’s next big trend. Teeka believes he has identified an opportunity that could provide similar returns to Tesla and bitcoin – and he wants to share that opportunity with subscribers.

Teeka’s Next Big Trend

By subscribing to The Palm Beach Letter today, you can discover Teeka’s next big trend. Teeka claims this trend will be bigger than 5G, AI, and clean energy. He claims the trend touches every industry in the world:

“….this trend touches every industry in the world. 5G doesn’t touch every industry in the world…AI doesn’t touch every industry in the world…Clean energy doesn’t touch every industry in the world…That’s the difference…That’s why I believe it will be far, far bigger.”

Teeka initially describes the technology as “Genesis,” then later reveals Genesis as his codename for blockchain.

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies are not the same. Although bitcoin created the first blockchain, and bitcoin is built upon a blockchain, new technologies have taken blockchain to new heights. As blockchain technology improves, it has the power to revolutionize global banking, money transfers, and every industry in the world.

Cisco, for example, projects blockchain technology to become a $30 trillion market by 2030, making it 25 times bigger than bitcoin.

Over the interview, Teeka explains various reasons why investing in blockchain technology today could put you at the forefront of the trend of the decade. Some of the reasons Teeka is confident in the power of blockchain include:

JP Morgan used to hate anything crypto-related, but now the company has made its own blockchain; JP Morgan is investing $65 million alongside UBS and Mastercard in a new project

Blockchain-based credit cards could make old credit cards obsolete by eliminating fraud

Life insurance company Mass Mutual has invested $100 million into blockchain; they’re a 200-year old company that has recognized the value of blockchain

For all of these reasons, Teeka believes the time to invest in blockchain technology is now, claiming that a small investment today could turn into a significant fortune in the future:

“You have to say the “take off” is happening. You’d be blind to ignore that. That’s why, to me, John…It’s crystal clear. The time to get involved is NOW. Because, as blockchain takes off, even a small stake could turn into a significant nest egg.”

Teeka recommends three specific blockchain stocks that he believes will deliver huge returns for investors. These blockchain stocks “should be in everyone’s portfolios,” according to Teeka.

Teeka’s Top 3 Blockchain Stocks

It’s no secret that blockchain technology can change the world. However, you still need to consider where, how, and why to invest in blockchain technology. Some blockchain technology companies could turn into the next Microsoft or Amazon, while other companies will fail.

To guide investors, Teeka is bundling a report on his top three blockchain stocks. That report is available with all new subscriptions to The Palm Beach Letter.

In the report, Teeka lists three specific stocks he believes will fuel blockchain technology over the next decade. Teeka claims these stocks should return a minimum of 800% returns to investors. When asked by an interviewer how much money investors could make, Teeka answers:

“Anywhere from 8 times your money to 15 times your money.”

We can’t spoil the three specific stocks upfront. However, we can disclose the information Teeka provide about each stock.

Stock #1: Blockchain Exchange: Teeka’s first recommended blockchain stock is a blockchain exchange. The exchange is 50 times smaller than Coinbase, but it’s planning to go public soon. Microsoft has already invested in the company through its venture capital arm. Chase, Chipotle, JetBlue, and American Express have also partnered to launch the new exchange. Teeka claims he has found a way to take a position in the exchange now before it goes public – without having to wait for the IPO. The exchange is accredited by a parent company that is already public. Teeka recommends investing in the parent company to earn huge potential returns as the exchange launches.

Stock #2: The Next Visa: Teeka recommends buying a payments company that has invested heavily into blockchain technology. It’s not Mastercard, PayPal, or Visa. Instead, it was the first company to add blockchain to its payment system. Teeka claims this company “could be ‘the next Visa’”, which is why it’s one of his three recommended stocks.

Stock #3: The Cisco of Blockchain: Teeka’s third and final recommended blockchain stock is a Cisco-like company that builds the technology behind blockchain. Teeka claims this company has positioned itself brilliantly by scooping up billions of dollars in revenue linked to blockchain. The company supplies the key hardware needed to power the blockchain boom. Subaru and other major corporations have already signed up to use this company’s blockchain hardware. Teeka claims Tesla could be next.

By investing in Teeka’s three recommended blockchain companies today, investors can purportedly earn 800% to 1,500% returns over the next few years.

What’s Included with The Palm Beach Letter?

After viewing The Investing Masters episode with Teeka Tiwari, investors can buy The Palm Beach Letter at a discounted rate. All new subscriptions to The Palm Beach Letter also come with a series of bonus reports.


Here’s what you get with each new subscription to The Palm Beach Letter:

One Year Membership to The Palm Beach Letter: Teeka Tiwari claims subscribers to The Palm Beach Letter would have earned 281% returns, on average, by following all investment recommendations over the past five years. The Palm Beach Letter is a monthly email newsletter featuring investment recommendations, stock picks, and market analysis. You get 12 monthly issues of The Palm Beach Letter, with a minimum of one recommendation per issue.

Access to Model Portfolio: Subscribers to The Palm Beach Letter also get access to Teeka’s model portfolio, including the stocks currently held and recommended by the team at The Palm Beach Letter. By buying these stocks today, you can purportedly earn similar returns to the team.

24/7 Access to Members-Only Area: Subscribers also get 24/7 access to a members-only area. That area features past reports from the team, access to the model portfolio, and other information.


Report #1: The Investment of the Decade: Three Must-Own Stocks that Will Power Blockchain’s $30 Trillion Revolution: Teeka believes blockchain will be the trend of the next decade. By investing in Teeka’s three recommended blockchain technology companies today, investors can purportedly earn returns of 800% to 1,500% over the coming years.


Report #2: Blockchain ‘Moonshots’: Three Chances to Turn $1,000 Into $1.5 Million: In this report, Teeka recommends high-risk, high-reward blockchain technology companies. These companies could fail in the near future – or they could skyrocket in value. By investing $1,000 into these companies today, you could turn your investment into $1.5 million.


Report #3: The Bitcoin Boost: How to Make Up to $47,600 More Using the ‘1170’ Account: Teeka claims using a 1170 account is a smarter way to play bitcoin. It can purportedly help bitcoin investors make up to $47,600 more in the long run. In this report, Teeka explains how the investment strategy works.


Report #4: The #1 Way to Play NFTs: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have surged in popularity in recent months. People want to own collectible tokens secured by blockchain technology. In this report, Teeka explains his recommended strategy for earning a slice of the surging NFT market.

Teeka’s Master Training Videos: Teeka claims he spent over $100,000 developing these training videos. Now, they’re available to subscribers of The Palm Beach Letter for free.

Surprise Gift from Teeka: In your welcome email for The Palm Beach Letter, you receive a special surprise gift from Teeka. Teeka claims this gift is “indispensable for anyone trying to invest in today’s market.”

The Palm Beach Letter Pricing

The Palm Beach Letter is priced at $49 for your first year through the recent promotional offer.

After your first year is over, you’ll automatically be subscribed at $129 per year. Your credit card will continue to be charged $129 per year until you cancel.

The Palm Beach Letter Refund Policy

The Palm Beach Letter is backed by a 60 day refund policy. If you’re unsatisfied with Teeka’s investment advice, or if you dislike the information included in the reports, then you are entitled to a complete refund of your subscription within 60 days.


About Palm Beach Research Group

Palm Beach Research Group is a financial publishing company based in Delray Beach, Florida. The company offers several free and paid financial newsletters online, including Palm Beach Daily, The Palm Beach Letter, Palm Beach Confidential, and more.

In addition to Teeka Tiwari, Palm Beach Research Group is led by Nilus Mattive, William Mikula, Anthony Planas, Grant Wasylik, Greg Wilson, and other investment experts.

You can contact Palm Beach Research Group via the following:

Phone: 1-888-501-2598

Email: memberservices@palmbeachgroup.com

Email Form: https://www.palmbeachgroup.com/contact-us/

Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

Final Word

Palm Beach Research Group has released a new episode of The Investing Masters featuring Teeka Tiwari. In the episode, Teeka sits down for an interview to discuss his investment philosophy.

After viewing the episode, viewers have a chance to buy Teeka’s flagship newsletter, The Palm Beach Letter, at a discounted rate of $49 per year. The subscription also includes several bonus reports and is backed by a 60 day refund policy.

To learn more about The Palm Beach Letter and Teeka’s recommended investment plays over the next decade, watch The Investing Masters with Teeka Tiwari today.

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