The Menopausal Switch Reviews – Menopause Weight Loss Guide?

The Menopausal Switch is a program that helps women to gain control over their weight when their body struggles to maintain their current physique. Despite the changes in hormones, women who participate in this program have experienced immense success with slimming down.

What is the Menopausal Switch?

Reaching menopause is a bittersweet time for any woman. While it may be the end of her childbearing years, her changing hormones start ushering in a new stage of life. This momentous time is a milestone of new relaxation and retirement for many people, but it can also be difficult. This drastic change in hormones causes a massive loss in estrogen, collagen, and more. In fact, one of the most common issues that women face at this age is the sudden gaining of weight.

Simply put, the body is not as equipped to burn through the same amount of calories when menopause occurs. The amount of calories that the body requires slows down, but the hormones in the body continue to tell users, but they’re hungry. This difference leads to much fewer calories used, causing the user to gain weight fairly quickly. To make matters worse, women don’t often have the same amount of energy at this age that they used to, which is why it is so difficult to get to the gym to take it off.

The Menopausal Switch focuses on helping women to regain the body that they want. While this may seem like a lofty goal when so many changes occur in the body, understanding exactly why the body is gaining so much weight can provide some insight. The creator behind this program – Deborah Murtagh – suggests that hormones aren’t the reason for weight gain during menopause at all. Instead, she claims that the cause of all of this damage to the body is stress. With stress, the body naturally activates glucose, causing it to increase insulin and force unused glucose into fat stores.

Stress can happen in many different ways. Some people experience stress with the events around the world today, while others feel the overwhelming weight of bills and more. Stress can even be induced by eating junk food far too unsafe for the average person to eat. When menopause already rapidly turns food into carbohydrates and glucose, this stress makes users crave even more of the very food that they should avoid. This endless cycle seems overwhelming, but it is quite easy to stop with the right guidance.

Deborah’s advertisement for the program states that she is a “women’s transformational weight loss coach,” and she’s already helped over 40,000 women to achieve their goals. She has filled her website with success stories of women who have lost over 50 lbs. with their participation. Even women have lost over 70 lbs, showing that any kind of weight loss success is possible at any age.

The program, however, it’s not simply about the improvement in weight loss. According to the program’s creators, participating in the Menopausal Switch will help individuals delay the effects that this hormonal transition has on the body. Menopause can be an exceedingly difficult time for any woman, filled with hot flashes, wrinkles, and dryness that create incredible discomfort. With the ability to stave off these effects, users will likely find a much happier and healthier body.

Deborah has over two decades of experience in helping women to achieve their goals. At just 47 years old, she uses all of her methods to help her keep the weight off through perimenopause, a stage before the user enters the full impact of menopause.


How Does the Menopausal Switch Work?

While many people may think that the only way to lose weight is with the excessive obsession with counting calories or engaging in hours of exercise, the creator of the menopausal switch, Deborah, prides herself on avoiding it. To introduce the program, Deborah has created a free Menopausal Switch online presentation that encourages users to stop participating in exercise right now, choosing instead to make other changes that will release fat storage.

The main reason users are told to avoid exercise is the stress that it can cause. Stress is incredibly damaging to the body, leading women to accumulate more cortisol. Cortisol is a major trigger for the appetite, inherently meaning that excessive activity can actually cause the problem that most women use exercise to avoid. More cortisol also brings on massive issues with menopause, disrupting homeostasis.

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Homeostasis impacts the part of the brain that regulates everything. If this area of the brain is attacked with stress or other problem, then the pituitary gland can cause dysregulation in the ovaries, thyroid, and more. The balance is difficult to maintain, but it will impact the experience of women during menopause. For that reason, Deborah sheds light on the way that her diet will reduce inflammation in the brain to reverse insulin resistance. Without inflammation, the brain functions so that it should, and users don’t have to worry about the damage that could come.

The majority of this diet is centered around ketogenic meals, which requires the user to lower the number of carbohydrates in their routine. Instead, the body will turn to the stored fat as the resource for energy, which should only take a few weeks. As users eat the recommended meals, they will find that the recipes are nothing like the diet foods they are used to. Instead, they will enjoy foods rich in delicious flavors, making them feel like they aren’t on a diet at all. As they eat the recommended foods, they’ll see the distinct change in their own energy levels, supporting their overall vitality.

There are no supplements or schemes to make this program work. Everything is based on scientific evidence that other programs don’t consider. If the user follows the instructions, their body will constantly remain in a fat-burning mode that starts from the second that the user makes the changes in the guide.


Purchasing Access to the Menopausal Switch

The Menopausal Switch is only available to consumers as a digital product, which means that there is no wait time to receive a copy in the mail. Instead, once the user pays the $37 fee, they will receive their copy of the guide within minutes. They can start using the methods described right away, helping to alleviate their difficulty with their weight. Plus, the program is compatible with any mobile device or PC with Internet access.

Users also have a unique opportunity to purchase the Mindset Meditation Toolkit with their purchase at checkout. Typically, this program would cost $19.00. However, the total cost has been lowered to $9 to give users access to the audio that will help them regain control over their weight and mind.

If the user finds that this program does not help them in the way they anticipated, they have up to 30 days to request a refund for the purchase.


The Menopausal Switch supports users in their efforts to lose weight after this massive transition has begun. The program is relatively easy to follow, allowing users to take control without filling every single day with exercise or calorie counting. Furthermore, users that start a regimen with this program will see much greater ease in dealing with common symptoms of menopause like low energy levels, insomnia, and hot flashes. This program supports users in their journey towards overall wellness after age 50, but the offer is only available for a limited time.

To learn more about the program and how it works, visit the official program website to learn more.

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