The Money Multiplier Review (Jeff Clark) Is It Legit or Not?

Jeff Clark and his team at Jeff Clark Trader have launched a new promotional campaign featuring the Money Multiplier Masterclass.

Jeff claims his Money Multiplier secret has allowed him to “never have to worry about money again.” Now, Jeff wants to share that trading strategy with the world.

Should you subscribe to Jeff Clark Trader? What is Jeff Clark’s Money Multiplier Masterclass? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Jeff Clark’s investment system.

What is Jeff Clark Trader?

Jeff Clark Trader is a financial newsletter published online every month. You pay an annual fee, then get monthly issues of Jeff Clark Trader in your email inbox.

Jeff Clark Trader focuses specifically on options trading. The goal is to teach subscribers how to master options trading the right way. Here’s how the team introduces the Jeff Clark Trader newsletter:

“Jeff Clark provides you with the last trading resource you’ll ever need. Discover how to reduce your risk and earn massive trading profits – all in a transparent, easy-to-grasp way.”

Each month, subscribers receive actionable recommendations, options trading plays, and other information about reducing their risk and earning massive trading profits.

As part of a 2021 promotion, Jeff Clark is bundling several bonus reports and a masterclass with all new subscriptions to Jeff Clark Trader. By subscribing to Jeff Clark Trader today, you get access to bonuses like Jeff Clark’s 3 Stock Retirement Blueprint, his Money Multiplier Masterclass, and guides on setting up options trading accounts, among other perks.

What is Jeff Clark’s Money Multiplier?

Jeff Clark claims that most people make investment returns the hard way. They get little gains over time, working hard to add to their retirement fund.

Jeff Clark, however, claims to use a “money multiplier” to maximize his returns. He claims his way of investing can lead to average gains of 582%, better than the average gains of the “hard way,” where investors gain just 3%.


Jeff’s “money multiplier” isn’t a big secret: Jeff uses options trading to maximize returns on winning stocks. Options let you multiply your returns many times over. If you’re good at options trading, then you can enjoy outsized returns by continuously investing in winning stocks.

Here’s how Jeff explains the moneymaking potential of his money multiplier trading strategy:

“We’re talking about trading the same companies… over the exact same time period… with a different approach….If you used the “Money Multiplier” instead of buying and holding these stocks like everyone else… you would’ve made an average gain of 582%…That’s 194x MORE money… over the same time! So instead of making a paltry $150… you could have had the chance to make $29,100!”

Some investors like the slow and steady approach to investing, getting low returns over a long period of time, and watching those gains compound. Jeff, however, believes options trading can deliver superior returns by multiplying winning trades.

Of course, options trading can also multiply your losses – and Jeff acknowledges this fact. However, Jeff claims his system can help control losses compared to the traditional approach:

“…investing involves risk, and past performance is no guarantee of future success. And I can’t promise you every trade you ever make will turn a profit….But what’s really remarkable is this… even so-called losers when investing the hard way can become winners when you use the “Money Multiplier.”

For all of these reasons, Jeff is confident his Money Multiplier strategy can help investors enjoy outsized returns compared to the usual buy-and-hold approach, adding “hundreds to thousands of dollars each month” to your retirement fund.


When you subscribe to Jeff Clark Trader today, you get access to the Money Multiplier Masterclass, which teaches you the key points of Jeff Clark’s trading strategy.

What is the ‘Hard Way’ of Making Money?

Throughout the Money Multiplier Masterclass website, Jeff advises against using the ‘hard way’ to make money. He claims most investors take the hard approach, leading to small investment returns over a long period of time. It’s a slow and steady approach that, according to Jeff, is the wrong approach for many investors to take.


The ‘hard way’ of making money involves buying and holding stocks. You buy stocks young, hold those stocks for decades, and build an investment portfolio that’s ready for your retirement.

However, Jeff claims investors are often left with “scraps” after years of following this approach:

“When it comes to life and investing, most people follow the wrong advice…go to school. Get a decent job. Work hard. Buy and hold stocks. And what are they left with? The scraps! Credit cards they never pay off…A house that feels more like shackles than savings…And retirement accounts that float up and down like a buoy on the ocean.”

Jeff claims this is all bad advice. When you build a huge investment portfolio, it’s subject to a crash. A single crash could wipe out your retirement savings, leaving you destitute.

Jeff claims all of the advice above, including the ‘buy and hold stocks’ approach, comes with similar downsides, including:

  • It requires you to sacrifice decades of your life
  • You need to ‘bet the house’ on the actions of a few ‘stuffed shirts’ on Wall Streets
  • You’re left hoping it all works out some days
  • You’re trusting other people and external factors with your nest egg

Jeff describes this approach as “nuts.” With his money multiplier strategy, he claims investors don’t need to wait decades to make money and enjoy life. Instead, you can make your money today, avoid the new normal of investing, and maximize potential returns.

How Much Money Can You Make with the Money Multiplier?

Instead of taking the long and slow approach to invest, Jeff recommends using his money multiplier to make more money in a shorter period of time.

The Jeff Clark Trader sales page is filled with double-digit, triple-digit, and even quadruple-digit percentage returns.

In fact, Jeff claims investors who invested $10,000 at the right time “would’ve more than quintupled your money in a matter of months” compared to the average gain of 3% earned by following the buy-and-hold advice of Wall Street.

Jeff claims his way, which involves options trading, has led to gains like:

  • 1,539% gains on SPY
  • 1,346% gains on DIS
  • 507% gains on AAPL
  • 942% gains on RCL
  • 363% gains on FB

Meanwhile, the hard way of investing led to poorer returns on the same stocks. Jeff claims investors who followed the hard way of investing would have earned -27% losses on SPY, -35% losses on DIS, -16% losses on AAPL, and -74% losses on RCL, among other losses.


With Jeff Clark Trader’s Money Multiplier Masterclass, you can discover how this Money Multiplier works – and why Jeff is confident it can deliver huge gains to investors in a short period of time.


Jeff Clark Trader’s Track Record

Many financial newsletters vaguely claim to deliver huge returns for investors. Investment gurus highlight their top recommendations while ignoring their worst recommendations, making it seem like they delivered better returns.

Jeff Clark works differently. Jeff and his team publish their track record of all closed positions. You can view the closed positions of Jeff Clark Trader’s recommended options trades. You can also view the closed positions for Delta Report, Delta Direct, and Breakout Alert, the three other main newsletters published by Jeff Clark.

Some of the trades are winners. Others have led to losses of 100%. The goal is to maximize wins and minimize losses, providing strong returns to investors over the long term.

Some of the recent positions closed by Jeff Clark Trader include short and long positions on VanEck Vectors Gold Miners ETF. One long position delivered 245.2% returns, opening at $0.84 and closing at $2.90.

Other notable closed positions from Jeff Clark Trader include a 100% gain on the Financial Select Sector Fund (via a long position rising from $1.60 to $3.20) and a 100% loss on the Technology Select Sector Fund, where a long position at $1.25 dropped to $0.00 between July and September 2020.

While some investment gurus refuse to share their losses and dazzle investors with their biggest gains, Jeff Clark and the team at Jeff Clark Trader publish their closed positions online, making it easy to see their track record of successes and failures.

What Will You Learn in the Money Multiplier Masterclass?

During the Money Multiplier Masterclass, Jeff Clark explains everything you need to know about getting started with options trading, maximizing the returns of options trading, and limiting your risk, among other topics.

Here are some of the topics covered during the Money Multiplier Masterclass:

  • The one trade you should never make, including the biggest mistake most amateur traders, make and how to avoid it
  • How to ride the bull and “makeup to double your money or more” off the greed of other people – all without owning a single stock (Jeff describes this system as one of the best income-producing strategies on the stock market)
  • How to turn losers into winners, making thousands of dollars in weeks even during a bear market
  • Why buying during a crash isn’t always the best way to get discounted stocks (in fact, Jeff describes it as the worst possible strategy); Jeff explains what you should do instead
  • The truth about what drives the markets, including why it has little to do with a company’s balance sheet
  • How to master the mental game of options trading, including 5 overlooked strategies to help you avoid taking catastrophic losses while keeping your head straight, regardless of what’s happening in the market

Jeff has already taught these strategies to hundreds of students at a university in California. Now, he’s sharing those same lessons with Jeff Clark Trader subscribers.

What’s Included with Jeff Clark Trader?

By subscribing to Jeff Clark Trader today, you get an annual subscription to the newsletter, regular updates, multiple bonus reports, and a video training masterclass.

Here’s what you get with your new subscription to Jeff Clark Trader:


One Year Subscription to Jeff Clark Trader (12 Issues)

Around the fourth Monday of every month, Jeff Clark sends a new trading opportunity to his subscribers. New subscribers also receive their first set of fast money and trade recommendations immediately.


Quick Start Guide

Jeff Clark’s quick start guide includes two eBooks explaining how to get started with options trading. You can discover how to open an options account and start trading options for the first time. The information is designed for beginner investors with no options trading experience.

Frequent Updates on Trade Positions

Subscribers also receive frequent updates from Jeff about his trade positions, including the specific times he recommends selling to maximize gains. Investors also receive bonus trade recommendations between newsletters. If Jeff spots a new trading opportunity, he may share that opportunity with investors immediately instead of waiting for the fourth Monday.

Special Report: The 3-Stock Retirement Blueprint

This report explains how to implement Jeff Clark’s investment philosophy by buying three specific stocks for your retirement. Jeff explains why he chose each stock, how to trade each stock, and how to combine all of these stocks to generate the money you need to live your retirement dreams.

Video Training Series: Money Multiplier Masterclass

Subscribers get access to Jeff Clark’s Money Multiplier Masterclass, where he explains everything you need to know about trading options immediately. Jeff claims people have paid thousands for this level of education, and subscribers get it at no additional cost.

Bonus Report: My ‘Leave Your Wallet At Home’ Strategy: Selling Uncovered Puts

In this report, Jeff explains how you can get paid to trade upfront. By doing this strategy right, you can use it over and over again to generate hundreds of dollars in cash.


Access to the Jeff Clark Trader Research Library

Subscribers get access to the Jeff Clark Trader research library, which includes access to all past reports written over the years. You also get access to any future reports that Jeff releases.

Jeff claims the total value of all of these tools is around $1,000. However, he’s giving everything above away as part of the cost of a new Jeff Clark Trader subscription.

Jeff Clark Trader Pricing

Jeff Clark Trader is priced at $19 for your first year, then $99 per year thereafter.

After subscribing to Jeff Clark Trader for $19 today, you are automatically enrolled in the annual subscription program. Jeff Clark Trader will continue to charge your credit card $99 per year until you cancel. You can cancel your subscription at any time, and the company sends you an email before each charge.

Jeff Clark Trader Refund Policy

Jeff Clark Trader is backed by a 60-day moneyback guarantee.

If you’re unhappy with the Money Multiplier Masterclass, Jeff Clark’s trading recommendations, or any other aspect of the Jeff Clark Trader program, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days of signing up for your subscription.

About Jeff Clark

Jeff Clark is the editor of multiple investment advisors, including Delta Report and Jeff Clark Trader. For over 15 years, he also served as editor for two newsletters from Stansberry Research, including The Short Report and Pro Trader.


Jeff started publishing financial newsletters after retiring from his independent, San Francisco-based brokerage firm at age 42. Jeff claims his firm’s clients included “around 100 of California’s wealthiest individuals.”

Jeff also previously developed the curricula for an international Masters of Business Administration (MBA) program and launched an investor education firm.

Since 2005, Jeff’s trading recommendations have helped investors make triple-digit gains over 50 times and double-digit gains more than 160 times, according to the official Jeff Clark website.

Jeff Clark lives in northern California with his family.

You can contact the Jeff Clark Trader customer service team via the following:

  • Email: memberservices@jeffclarktrader.com
  • Phone: 1-800-752-0820
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

The Money Multiplier Final Word

Jeff Clark Trader is a financial subscription service led by Jeff Clark, a successful options trader. With Jeff Clark Trader, Jeff shares his investment recommendations and strategies with subscribers, explaining how to maximize returns while minimizing risk.

Jeff Clark Trader has a level of transparency we don’t see with other investment services. Jeff Clark publishes his closed positions for all newsletters upfront, making it easy for subscribers to see historic gains and losses. Jeff also discloses all pricing and billing information upfront, and subscribers receive an email before being charged.

To learn more about Jeff Clark, Jeff Clark Trader, and the Money Multiplier Masterclass, visit online today. New subscriptions come with a bundle of bonus reports and are priced at just $19 for your first year ($99 per year thereafter).

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