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Jeff Brown and his team at The Near Future Report have launched a new campaign called The Private Money Revolution.


By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you get a bundle of bonus reports highlighting new investment opportunities, including cryptocurrencies and blockchain companies.

Should you subscribe to The Near Future Report today? How does The Private Money Revolution work? Would you please keep reading to discover everything you need to know about the financial analysis newsletter and its new campaign?

About The Near Future Report

The Near Future Report is an investment analysis newsletter published by Jeff Brown and his team at Brownstone Research.


Jeff Brown has three decades of experience working as a technology company executive in Silicon Valley. After leaving the industry, he’s worked as an angel investor. Today, he seeks to share his experience through The Near Future Report and other products from Brownstone Research. He educates other investors on some of the biggest trends in the tech space.

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you can discover Jeff’s best investment ideas linked to artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, 5G, and other trendy topics. Jeff aims to identify the technologies that will make headlines in “the near future.” By identifying and investing in those technologies today, investors could make significant returns.

The Near Future Report is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year after that.


What is The Private Money Revolution?

As part of a 2021 marketing campaign, Jeff Brown and the team at Brownstone Research have launched The Private Money Revolution.

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you get a bundle of reports discussing “private money” – a term Jeff uses to describe cryptocurrencies.

Jeff has released a video and text presentation as part of The Private Money Revolution report. Here’s how he introduces the report:

“An epic battle is taking shape: Big Tech vs. Big Government – and no matter who wins, investors could reap massive gains in 2021.”

According to Jeff, a significant-tech shakeup is underway. Governments have kept tight control of our cash for centuries. The government has printed money, told us how we could use that money, and adjusted interest rates on money to control inflation.

Thanks to cryptocurrencies, governments no longer have the same control of money. That’s why Jeff sees cryptocurrencies as “The Private Money Revolution.”

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies aren’t a secret. They’ve impressed investors for years. However, Jeff sees new potential in the field – especially as Facebook plans to launch its cryptocurrency.

Facebook may be the first of several tech giants to launch its cryptocurrency. Some tech giants might launch more than just a cryptocurrency: they might launch an entirely new financial system.

Here’s how Jeff Brown explains how the largest technology companies are exploring crypto and digital currencies:

“Mark Zuckerberg is planning to launch a new technology. A separate, competing financial system! And he’s not alone. As you’ll see, Amazon could be close on his heels. Google has made a major move… partnering with Coinbase to integrate crypto into its Google Wallet. And Apple may be getting in on the act, too.

Because of the actions of these tech companies, we may begin to see rapid, irreversible changes in our financial system soon. Apple, Facebook, Amazon, and Google are some of the world’s largest and most valuable companies. When they decide to support a project, it could have world-changing ramifications.

Here’s how Jeff explains what could happen next after tech companies launch their new digital currencies and financial system:

“If all goes as planned… It will trigger a massive change to money, as we know it…And forever alter how we spend… save… and invest – practically overnight.”

It’s not just big tech companies getting involved in crypto. Big financial companies are also exploring the field. Citigroup just launched a digital assets group to offer its clients immediate access to the industry, for example, and Goldman Sachs published a statement claiming “it will redefine the way we transact.”


All of these changes are facilitated by a single technology: blockchain. Bitcoin, digital currencies, and cryptocurrencies are built on blockchain. Jeff Brown believes blockchain investing is one of the best ways for investors to get involved in the space.

The Next Biggest Digital Currencies Will Come from Tech Companies

Jeff Brown believes big technology companies will take over the digital currency space soon. Some of the world’s most prominent tech CEOs are also some of the most influential people on the planet.

According to Forbes, for example, three of the top 10 most influential people in the world are tech leaders, including Jeff Bezos (#5), Bill Gates (#7), and Larry Page (#10). Mark Zuckerberg (#13), Tim Cook (#24), Elon Musk (#25), and Sergey Brin (#35) are other notable tech names on Forbes’ list of the world’s most influential people.


Jeff Brown also notes that stablecoins have outpaced the US Dollar and bitcoin in pairs trades globally. The size of the market has more than tripled since January 2021.

Big tech companies aren’t launching new cryptocurrencies to compete with bitcoin. Instead, they’re launching stablecoins: coins that are designed to keep their value.

By investing in these tech companies or adjacent companies today, investors could reap the benefits as these stablecoins roll out.

How Facebook’s Diem Stablecoin Will Work

Jeff Brown claims that Facebook is launching a dollar-pegged digital currency this year.

That stablecoin will purportedly be called Diem. Facebook plans to launch several variants of the coin, with each variant pegged to a different major global currency (like the US Dollar, the Euro, or the Chinese Yuan). Facebook also plans to launch a stablecoin that gets its value from a basket of the world of currencies.

To do that, Facebook has partnered with a California-based bank called Silvergate Bank. According to Jeff Brown, that bank is purportedly planning to issue Facebook’s dollar-pegged digital currency this year.

How does Jeff know all this? Jeff claims to have inside connections after working in Silicon Valley. These inside connections told him about Facebook’s Diem currency and its details:

“Ever since Facebook announced its Diem currency, the mainstream press has been largely silent…The only reason it popped on my radar is because of my high-level Silicon Valley connections…Connections I’ve forged over two decades of working with the nation’s top entrepreneurs and visionaries.

Jeff’s connections had alerted him to other advances before the mainstream media became aware. He was one of the first to cover gene-editing therapies and recommend top companies in the space. He recommended buying bitcoin in 2015 at $240. He was also one of the first to learn about self-driving cars back in 2011.

Other Tech Companies Are Launching Their Own Stablecoins

According to Jeff Brown, other tech companies are following in Facebook’s footsteps and launching their stablecoins.

Coinbase, one of the world’s biggest and best-known crypto exchanges, has partnered with Visa on its stablecoin called the USD Coin.

Apple, meanwhile, just posted a job listing for someone familiar with alternative payments technology and cryptocurrency. It’s possible Apple could be launching its own world-changing “Apple Coin” soon.

Amazon, meanwhile, is also reportedly preparing to launch a digital currency project, according to Yahoo Finance.

As these tech companies dive into the world of digital currencies, it presents a “once in a lifetime opportunity for investors,” according to Jeff Brown. Whether who wins this match, Big Tech or Big Government, investors can position themselves to come out ahead.

How Can You Profit from The Private Money Revolution?

In his presentation, Jeff explains how some of the world’s biggest tech companies are launching their cryptocurrencies. Then, he explains how you can profit from this revolution – which he believes will start within the next few weeks.

To learn how to profit from this revolution, you need a copy of How to Profit from The Private Money Revolution, Jeff’s exclusive report on how big tech companies plan to use blockchain and digital currencies in the coming years.

The comprehensive report features essential information investors need to know to profit from the upcoming revolution.

Jeff claims his investment recommendations are backed by rigorous vetting. He even claims to speak with the executive staff of many of the companies to bring investors the most up-to-date research:

“I’ve used my decades of experience to pick apart everything about these companies. I’ve pored through their balance sheets. I’ve met with the executive staff in many cases. I’ve visited suppliers and done my own research on future earnings.”

Based on this analysis, Jeff has recommended specific companies, projects, blockchain technologies, and digital currency projects. To discover these recommendations, you need to get a copy of How to Profit from The Private Money Revolution, which is available to anyone who subscribes to The Near Future Report today.

The World’s Safest and Most Trusted Crypto IRA Account

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you also get access to a bonus report discussing a safe and trusted crypto IRA account strategy.


Jeff describes the crypto IRA account as a perfectly legal investment tool approved by the IRS. It’s a real IRA with all of the tax advantages. However, instead of holding stocks and bonds, this IRA holds cryptocurrencies.

Jeff describes the crypto IRA as “the best way to grow your retirement nest egg.” He claims investors who take advantage of a crypto IRA today can “become substantially richer during this next big crypto boom.”


You don’t need to wire any money, set up a wallet, or remember complicated passwords with a crypto IRA. You don’t need technical knowledge at all. You don’t even need to own a computer. Instead, all you need to do is call a crypto IRA custodian to get started.

In his report, Jeff explains how to set up a crypto IRA with one phone call. He claims investors who had bought into a crypto IRA five years ago would have grown a $20,000 investment into $1.46 million of tax-free money today.

What’s Included with The Near Future Report?

By subscribing to The Near Future Report today, you get a bundle of bonus reports highlighting digital currency investment opportunities, crypto IRAs, blockchain technologies, and more.

Here’s what you get by subscribing to Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report today:

One Year Subscription to The Near Future Report

Each month, Jeff Brown and his team at Brownstone Research publish a new issue of The Near Future Report. Each issue features new investment recommendations and insights. Using his decades of experience as a tech executive and angel investor, Jeff discusses specific investment opportunities built on new, revolutionary technologies.


How to Profit from The Private Money Revolution

Jeff believes Amazon, Google, Facebook, Apple, and other big tech companies are planning to launch their stablecoins and other digital currencies soon. In this report, Jeff explains how you can profit from this so-called “private money revolution.” The report presents everything you need to know about the products these big tech companies are planning to launch – and how ordinary investors can take advantage.

Secrets of the Cryptocurrency IRA: How to Make a Tax-Free Fortune with Cryptocurrencies

If you invested $20,000 into a crypto IRA five years ago, then you would have over $1.46 million of tax-free money today. In this report, Jeff Brown explains everything you need to know about opening a crypto IRA. Jeff recommends opening a crypto IRA with a specific company that he has vetted. By mentioning Jeff Brown’s name when you open the IRA, you can purportedly enjoy “the best way to line up massive crypto gains” while taking advantage of a government-approved IRA.

The Perfect Crypto Portfolio to Multiply Your Retirement Funds by More Than 1,000%

In this report, Jeff explains how to build a crypto portfolio to maximize gains. By following the advice in this report, investors could purportedly gain more than 1,000% for their retirement.

My #1 Pure 5G Play

5G is here to stay. Some companies have already surged as 5G expands. However, Jeff continues to recommend his #1 5G play in this report. Jeff describes his recommended company as his “number one 5G stock for 2021.”

Members-Only Email Alerts

Subscribers to The Near Future Report get email alerts with buy and sell recommendations, stop losses, buy-up-to prices, and more. If Jeff spots a new investment opportunity, he’ll alert investors to the opportunity ASAP via email alerts.

Access to All Previous Reports

Subscribers get access to all previous reports created by Jeff Brown and his team. The archive includes popular reports like Investing in the Self-Driving Car Revolution: The Future Is Now, My #1 Gene Therapy Stock, and The Future of 5G Profits, among other popular reports.

Access to Model Portfolio

Jeff Brown keeps a model portfolio of the stocks he has recommended in The Near Future Report. Subscribers get access to this model portfolio. You can see exactly which stocks to buy, the entry price for those stocks, and more. If you want to make similar gains to The Near Future Report team, you can track the model portfolio.

Jeff claims people have paid him tens of thousands of dollars for this kind of advice. Now, he’s bundling all of this with new subscriptions of The Near Future Report.

The Near Future Report Pricing

The Near Future Report is priced at $49 for your first year, then $129 per year after that.

When you sign up for The Near Future Report today, you’ll pay $49. Then, one year later, you’ll be charged $129 for your second year. Brownstone Research will notify you by email before renewing your subscription.

The Near Future Report Refund Policy

A 60-day moneyback guarantee backs the Near Future Report.

If you are unhappy with the advice provided in The Near Future Report, or if you’re disappointed by the information contained within the reports, then you can request a complete refund within 60 days – and you can keep the reports.

About Brownstone Research

Brownstone Research is a financial publishing firm launched by Jeff Brown. The company publishes several financial analysis newsletters, including The Bleeding Edge, The Near Future Report, and Exponential Tech Investor.


Jeff Brown is a former Silicon Valley technology executive who works as an angel investor and financial publisher. Using his industry knowledge and industry connections, Jeff aims to share the latest technology investment opportunities with investors before going mainstream.

You can contact Brownstone Research via the following:

  • Email: memberservices@brownstoneresearch.com
  • Email Form: brownstoneresearch.com/contact-us/
  • Phone: 1-888-493-3156
  • Mailing Address: 55 NE 5th Avenue, Delray Beach, FL 33483

The Private Money Revolution Final Word

Brownstone Research has launched a new marketing campaign for The Near Future Report called The Private Money Revolution.

Jeff believes some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Amazon, Google, and Facebook, will launch world-changing digital currencies soon. Investors can take advantage today to reap substantial potential rewards in the future.

To learn more about The Private Money Revolution and Jeff Brown’s The Near Future Report, visit online today.

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