ThePhotoStick OMNI Reviews – Is It Worth Spending the Money?

Powerful memories can transport us well into our past to cherish experiences. Matter-of-factly, they are often conversation starters/ice breakers and can get the room filled with an array of emotions. Unfortunately, our brain doesn’t always store memories in our long-term storage, which implies that some may fade with time. That said, society has long been grateful for the existence of photos and videos, as they can awaken a memory trusted to have been lost with time, but what happens when even the latter sources are lost?

One individual who was aggravated by his inability to retrace his pictures decided he had to do something to prevent it from happening again. Founder Mark Oman is responsible for the ultimate memory protector device, ThePhotoStick® OMNI. The purpose of this review is to elaborate on ThePhotoStick® OMNI and how having it on hand can promote convenience and time-efficiency, all while protecting memories that signify our experiences on Earth. Let’s start by covering the fundamentals:

What is ThePhotoStick® OMNI?

ThePhotoStick® OMNI is a powerful USB-like device that has been designed to search instinctively, sort, and safely back up photos, videos, and other files. This is an ideal device to have on hand for those accustomed to saving photos onto your mobile devices and/or computers, only to find that more storage room needs purchasing. Forget having to choose between memories, as ThePhotoStick® OMNI is not only a safe means of storage, but it also ensures that every memory is available in the order that individuals remember them. Taking everything into account, more time should be spent on the most pronounced features that give ThePhotoStick® OMNI a competitive edge.

What features does ThePhotoStick® OMNI carry?

At first glance, individuals are likely to think, “Okay, it’s a USB, so it has to be a safe physical storage.” While this is true, it only paints part of a larger picture. As our editorial team looked closely into ThePhotoStick® OMNI, we familiarized ourselves with the following:

Finds ALL Photos and Videos

ThePhotoStick® OMNI has been designed to search every possible file and folder to ensure that neither a picture nor a video is unaccounted for. This is likely to give everyone who relishes such mediums as memory elicitors great relief.

Time Efficient

Having to scroll through a laptop to sort photos and videos can finally be put behind us, as this respective device has the potential to sort and backup thousands of files in record time. Imagine what can be done with the hours that are saved as a result!

Incredible Storage

The goal would be to store as many files as possible with any device, yet there’s always a limit on this. Luckily, ThePhotoStick® OMNI can hold up to 120,000 photos and videos. Of course, individuals will have to factor in file size and medium, varying the suggested estimates.

Recurring Backups

To some extent, this is a given but should be elaborated upon for people who might be doubtful of ThePhotoStick® OMNI. Backups take place instantly; therefore, not only are old memories safe and sound but so are the more recent ones.

Other equally important features include its ease of use, its compatibility with most Windows, Apple, Android, and Google devices, among others, and convenience that cannot be matched.

How much does ThePhotoStick® OMNI cost?

ThePhotoStick® OMNI varies according to the storage capacities selected. Here are the currently available options to choose from (in Canadian dollars):

  • 32GB ThePhotoStick® OMNI (15,000 photos and videos): $77.26
  • 64GB ThePhotoStick® OMNI (30,000 photos and videos): $103.02
  • 128GB ThePhotoStick® OMNI (60,000 photos and videos): $128.78
  • 256GB ThePhotoStick® OMNI (120,000 photos and videos): $193.17

At checkout, an additional 40% may be deducted from prices. It is important to note that it is unclear how long this offer may last. Hence interested parties should decide quickly regarding their purchases. Moreover, the above prices do not reflect shipping and handling fees, which will only be generated after entering one’s respective addresses.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

How to get started with ThePhotoStick® OMNI?

Individuals will have to plug ThePhotoStick® OMNI into the USB slot on the computer, phone, or tablet to get started. Then, a pop-up that reads “ThePhotoStick® OMNI GO” will show up to which “GO” must be selected. We have now reached the point at which all photos and videos are being backed up and safely stored within minutes-time.

What range of compatibility does ThePhotoStick® OMNI have?

As mentioned earlier, ThePhotoStick® OMNI is compatible with several operating systems. Nevertheless, versions need to be considered here as well. Specifically, all Windows 7 SP1 and newer devices, Apple OS 10.13 and newer, iOS and iPad OS 13 or newer, and Androids 6.0 and newer are applicable here.

Are there any file types that ThePhotoStick® OMNI cannot search, save?

ThePhotoStick® OMNI can scavenge through nearly all standard file types. Some examples include JPEG (i.e., .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .jiff), GIF (i.e., .gif), PNG (i.e., .png), BMP (i.e.,.bmp,. rle, .dib), TIFF (i.e., .tif, .tiff), ICO (.ico), Camera Raw, Photoshop, PCT File, MOV, MPEG4, AVI and WMV. For the specifics, click here.

What version of ThePhotoStick® OMNI is ideal for me?

It depends on storage needs. For instance, 128GB can hold up to 60,000 photos and videos, whereas the 256GB version has 120 000 photos and videos storage capacity.

What was the average photo file size considered in generating the number of photos and videos?

The estimated numbers above are based on an average photo file size of 2MB. The reason for this option supposedly rests in the fact that 2MB translates to roughly 8MP in. JPEG format. Evidently, files such as camera RAW files and movies are larger and will exceed the 8MP threshold. Hence, individuals need to be somewhat conservative on how many units can be saved if they are largely videos.

Is it necessary to download anything on a computer to use ThePhotoStick® OMNI?

No, ThePhotoStick® OMNI neither requires any installation nor does something need to be in place beforehand. The device itself comes with everything essential to get it right to work. For people who would prefer sorting photos and videos on their mobile devices, a free app is offered that smoothens the process.

Does ThePhotoStick® OMNI come with any warranties?

As far as our research suggests, there is a limited warranty that covers defects in materials and craft, but this is only applicable within the first 60 days of shipment. Thereafter, individuals will have to be extra careful in handling their respective units.

Has ThePhotoStick® OMNI been protected by a money-back guarantee?

Yes, according to the sales page, ThePhotoStick® OMNI has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. This appears to apply to products that have been tested for legitimacy. If after plugging ThePhotoStick® OMNI into any device, individuals see no evidence of searches, sorting, and/or backups, customer service can be contacted to initiate the refund processes. This is also an important step to receive the necessary RMA # and other instructions. Means of getting in touch with the support team are listed below:

  • Email: support@thephotostick.com. or returns@thephotostick.com.
  • Support Page: Click here.

Meet the ThePhotoStick® Team

The team at PrairieIT sees photos and videos as more than snapshots and movies; to them, they are priceless memories. Founder of PrairieIT Mark Oman decided to embark on this journey after having personally lost his own precious photos from a special family vacation. To prevent such a disaster from happening again, Mark got together with the rest of his time to develop their first Xtra-PC product. As explained by the team:

“Xtra-PC transforms old, unsupported PCs and laptops, allowing unused or compromised computers to be used again. We are committed to making old computers useful again and avoiding the unnecessary throwing away of hardware.”

After the success of Xtra-PC, the team got together once more to introduce yet another innovative device, which as we know it today as the lo and behold ThePhotoStick® series, meant to “find, download, protect your photo and video memories” on laptops, computers, and mobile devices. The OMNI version kicks things up a notch by being compatible with several other Windows/Apple/Android/Google devices.

Final Thoughts

Overall, ThePhotoStick® OMNI is a device that searches, sorts, and backs up photos and videos so that individuals do not have to worry about deleting or losing cherished memories. The innovation behind this device is incredible, and the execution is quite simple. The latter two factors alone make ThePhotoStick® OMNI a looked-for investment. There are no installations or additional apps needed, as a quick plug-and-click can go a long way.

To see that this approach saves what would feel like hours of searching, sorting, and backing up is another eccentric feature that should not be taken lightly. Sure, storage relies heavily on whether memories are in the form of photos or videos, but what counts here is that they are neither lost nor destroyed. As the saying goes, “it’s the little memories that will last a lifetime,” and at large, ThePhotoStick® OMNI can contribute to this. Due to this, the suggested prices seem reasonable. To learn more about the ThePhotoStick® OMNI, visit here! >>>


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