Ulla Smart Hydration Reminder Reviews – Does It Really Work?

Ulla is a smart bottle attachment that helps you stay hydrated.

75% of people don’t drink their recommended amount of water per day. Ulla aims to change that using timed drinking reminders.

How does Ulla work? Can Ulla really help you drink more water? Find out everything you need to know about Ulla today.

What is Ulla?

Ulla is a smart device for your water bottle. The device helps you drink more water throughout the day. You get timed drinking reminders to stay at peak hydration, helping you feel healthier immediately.

Ulla is sold online through GetUlla.io, which partnered with the original inventor. The original inventor has sold over 280,000 Ulla units in 160+ countries. Today, anyone can buy Ulla easily online through GetUlla.io, where each unit is priced at around $28.

Nearly 75% of people don’t get their recommended daily amount of water. There’s a good chance you’re dehydrated right now. Ulla aims to fix that problem with smart hydration reminders.

If you haven’t taken a drink in 30 to 40 minutes, then Ulla will start flashing. The device will flash for 60 seconds – or until you take a drink. Ulla detects your drinking habits using smart sensors, including a motion sensor and an accelerometer, similar to the sensors on your smartphone.

Ulla works with any type of glass, bottle, or cup. You can attach it to a plastic reusable water bottle and take it to work. Or, you can keep it on your cup throughout the day.

Ulla sends you smart alerts throughout the day reminding you to drink. By following Ulla’s alerts, you can drink your daily recommended amount of water, helping you stay healthy and hydrated all day long.


How Does Ulla Work?

Ulla is a smart device that fits onto virtually any water vessel, including cups, bottles, glasses, and more. You can use Ulla at home, on the beach, while traveling, at work, or anywhere else you need to stay hydrated.

Throughout the day, Ulla sends you timed drinking reminders to keep you at peak hydration. It’s an easy, effective, and affordable way to remind yourself to stay hydrated.


Ulla uses high-tech motion and tilt sensors to track how much you drink throughout the day. Based on this data, Ulla will send you a notification if you’re not drinking enough water. The device automatically reminds you when it’s time to hydrate, using tilt sensors to verify that you’re drinking the water in the bottle, glass, or cup.

The goal of Ulla is to help anyone feel healthier immediately. You can enjoy all of the health benefits associated with drinking more water. Studies have shown that people who are hydrated tend to be a healthier weight. They tend to have clearer skin, fewer headaches, increased productivity, and better energy throughout the day, among other benefits. Your body needs water to function, and Ulla aims to tell you exactly how much water to drink throughout the day to stay healthy.

To use Ulla for the first time, just wrap the device around your bottle, cup, or glass. Ulla comes with a band that can fit any size of vessel. As long as it’s roughly a cylindrical shape, your drinking vessel should work with Ulla. The device stays on while you drink, monitoring your drinking habits using tilt sensors.

Ulla only reminds you to drink when you’ve forgotten to take a sip. After it’s been 30 to 40 minutes since your last drink, Ulla will start blinking for one minute to remind you.

The makers of Ulla claim their device is more than just a blinking light: it’s a pocket sized smart device that turns any water bottle into your own automated hydration coach. It’s also equipped with smart sensors and other technology, including a 3-axis high precision accelerometer, ambient sensor, and microcontroller, among other tools.


Ulla Features & Benefits

Ulla delivers all of the following features and benefits:

Feel Healthier Immediately: Drinking water is associated with health benefits. People who drink water and stay hydrated are more likely to have clearer skin, fewer headaches, healthy weight loss, increased productivity, and clean energy, among other benefits. If you struggle to drink enough water throughout the day, then Ulla aims to be the right solution for you.

Smart Alerts to Remind You When to Drink: Ulla doesn’t connect to your smartphone or tablet. It doesn’t have wireless functionality. Instead, it simply lights up to notify you when it’s time to drink. Ulla sends smart alerts throughout the day to remind you when to drink. If you’re thirsty, you’re probably already dehydrated. Ulla aims to get ahead of your dehydration with smart alerts.

Tracks Drinking Habits: Ulla has sensors on-board to detect tilt and motion – similar to the accelerometers and other sensors in your phone and other smart devices. These high-tech sensors track your drinking habits, automatically reminding you when it’s time to hydrate. Reminders stop after you drink.

Fits Any Bottle, Mug, Glass, or Cup: Ulla works with all types of drinking vessels, including bottles, mugs, glasses, and cups. You could buy a $100 smart water bottle that tells you when to drink. Or, you can add Ulla to water bottles you already own. Ulla claims to be the only hydration reminder that allows you to easily switch between bottles, glasses, and cups in seconds. You can also use one Ulla across multiple members of your family. Just switch Ulla from one bottle to another as needed.

Temperature & Light Sensors: Ulla has more than just tilt sensors. Ulla also has light and temperature sensors. Ulla can detect the temperature of the drinking vessel, giving you a rough idea of the temperature of the water inside the vessel. The light sensor, meanwhile, helps Ulla track how much liquid is in the glass.

Long-Lasting Replaceable Battery: Each Ulla is outfitted with a long-lasting, replaceable battery. Each battery should last approximately six months before needing to be replaced.

How to Use Ulla

Ulla is easy for anyone to use on any drinking container.

Just wrap the Ulla band around your bottle and clip the narrow end of Ulla facing down.

That’s it. Ulla will begin tracking your drinking habits. If you haven’t taken a drink in 30 to 40 minutes, then Ulla will start blinking. As long as each drink registers on Ulla’s sensors, the device will stop blinking. If you take a drink regularly, then Ulla will never start flashing.

Ulla can work with a straw. As long as you tilt the vessel or bottle slightly when drinking from the straw, Ulla should recognize the movement and register it as a drink.

Ulla will not monitor drinking habits if you’re not in the room. If Ulla’s motion sensors do not detect movement in the room, then Ulla will automatically turn off after two hydration cycles to save battery.

Because Ulla detects motion, the device does not work at night. It cannot detect motion in the dark. If you don’t want the device to blink all night in your room while you sleep, then you’ll need to remove it from your room.

Ulla does not create any sounds during use. It’s exclusively a flashing light. The light automatically stops after 60 seconds, regardless of whether you took a drink.

How Long Does Ulla’s Battery Last?

Ulla has a long-lasting replaceable battery. Each battery should last for about half a year, according to the official website.

After half a year, you’ll need to carefully remove the battery cap from Ulla, replace the battery with a new one, then put the cap back on to reactivate Ulla.

Ulla Reviews: What Do Users Have to Say?

Ulla is well-rated on the official website at GetUlla.io. Many users claim Ulla changed their lives by forcing them to drink more water. If you struggle to drink water throughout the day and need a regular reminder, then Ulla may be the right device for you.

Here are some of the experiences from users, according to the official website:

  • One woman claims she went from drinking “zero” water per day to 50oz because of her Ulla
  • Other customers praised the customer service, claiming all experiences dealing with the company were positive
  • Some customers use Ulla to help achieve fitness goals; water is crucial for recovery, weight loss, and energy, and Ulla can help you stay energized and hydrated throughout the day
  • Many customers claim to have experienced the health benefits of water consumption after drinking Ulla; some feel more energetic, for example, while others claim they drink less coffee after using Ulla

Overall, Ulla has an average rating of 5 stars from the official website. Reviewers are generally happy with their Ulla experience, claiming that Ulla works as advertised to naturally encourage them to drink more water.

Although GetUlla.io is a new website, over 280,000 people around the world have purchased Ulla previously. You can find plenty of Ulla reviews online.

Ulla Pricing

Ulla is priced at around $28 per unit, with discounts available when ordering multiple units. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

You can choose from five different colors, including black, pink, blue, or green. You can mix and match different colors with a variety pack. Or, you can buy all Ulla units in one color.


Ulla Refund Policy

Ulla offers refunds within 30 days of delivery. If you are unsatisfied with Ulla for any reason, then you can request a refund within 30 days of receiving the product.

The company will deduct original shipping costs from your refund, and you will need to pay your own return shipping costs.

Contact support@giddyup.io to arrange a return.

About GetUlla.io

GetUlla.io is a third party website created by GiddyUp, an ecommerce firm dedicated to curating innovative products. GiddyUp partnered with the original inventors of Ulla to sell the product online.

When you buy through GetUlla.io, you’re buying Ulla directly through the original inventors. Because GiddyUp partnered directly with the inventors, a purchase through GetUlla.io is the same as purchasing directly from the company.

You can contact GiddyUp via the following:

Email: support@giddyup.io

Final Word

Ulla is a smart hydration tool that tracks your drinking habits throughout the day, periodically reminding you to drink more water. Ulla will flash if you haven’t taken a drink in 30 to 40 minutes.

If you struggle to drink your daily recommended amount of water, then Ulla could be a life-changing tool. Ulla uses motion sensors to detect and track your drinking habits. If Ulla determines you need to drink more water, then Ulla will start flashing.

To learn more about Ulla or to buy the product online today, visit GetUlla.io, where the device is priced at $28 per unit and backed by a 30 day refund policy.

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