UpWellness Rest & Recharge Sleep Support Supplement Review: Is It Legit?

Plentiful sleep is crucial for overall wellbeing. However, multiple studies show that most Americans suffer from sleep deprivation. Consequently, numerous people are addicted to pills and stimulants to help them stay alert. In addition, countless others rely on sleeping pills to help them get enough rest. Unfortunately, stimulants and sedatives have serious side effects in the long term. Experts recommend transforming eating and lifestyle habits to get adequate sleep. However, it is difficult to break a routine.

Dietary supplements are natural and provide your body with nutrients to fix sleep issues. Still, only quality formulas are effective.

Upwellness is a US-based supplements manufacturing company with a reputation for making premium quality products. Rest and Recharge is a formula designed to help users get adequate sleep with zero side effects. How effective is it? Does it work? The review below provides you with all the information you require before purchasing Upwellness Rest & Recharge formula.

What is Rest & Recharge Supplement?

It is a formula that can help you fall into deep sleep effortlessly. Rest & Recharge ingredients are 100% natural and safe. In addition, Upwellness states it is an FDA- certified and GMP-verified facility that follows all the proper manufacturing protocols to ensure users get a safe and effective product. The natural blend of organic ingredients stimulates relaxation and calmness, enabling you to restful sleep.

People struggling with sleep issues such as the inability to fall asleep quickly will find Rest & Recharge very effective. It is an advanced formula designed to fight sleep deprivation from the root, thus allowing users to get peace of mind.

The formulator, Dr. Levitt, and his team of researchers claim they have spent hours studying the best ingredients that can help you fall asleep quickly. Rest & Recharge is available without a prescription, and the makers boldly state it cannot lead to addiction. However, Upwellness recommends you get a medical opinion before using any supplement.

How Does Rest & Recharge Work?

It is natural to want sleep support that addresses sleep issues from the root. The ingredients are in the correct dosage to repair, rejuvenate, and restore physical and mental health. Rest and Recharge alleviates stress and anxiety and regulates mood hormones, and restores circadian rhythms to help you fall asleep quickly. The capsules are easy to swallow and non-addictive.

In addition, the formula fights against inflammations and pain enabling you to get restful sleep. Equally, Rest & Recharge repair your sleep cycle and pattern, allowing you to get good sleep hours.

Sleeping pills can make you wake up feeling groggy and with low energy but, Rest & Recharge helps you to wake up feeling fully rested and energized. It enables users to fall asleep faster, increasing their resting hours. It also improves metabolism, thus allowing you to get adequate daytime energy to stay alert for extended periods.

Regular use prevents you from tossing and turning to bed while trying to fall asleep. Rest & Recharge prevents frequent episodes of waking up while sleeping. Instead, users report getting into deep and sound sleep of not less than eight hours.

Upwellness Rest & Recharge Ingredients

Dr. Levitt proudly states that Rest & Recharge is rich in adaptogenic ingredients to augment your sleep. Some of the key ingredients include:


Thanks to its herbal properties and plant extracts that have been in use for thousands of years. Numerous reports indicate that Ashwagandha can serve as a potent sleeping aid. Its compounds fight against stress and help you to fall asleep quickly. Equally, Ashwagandha enables you to stay asleep for extended periods so you can wake up feeling refreshed. In addition, it supports better moods by regulating dopamine, therefore relieving and stress and anxiety.


Numerous science reports indicate that GABA can relax and calm the brain. It stimulates the neurotransmitters to induce a parasympathetic response. It helps the brain to initiate high-quality sleep by managing anxiety and stress. Equally, GABA supports better blood flow in the brain, providing the cells with enough nutrients and oxygen.


It is a herbal tree with numerous medicinal properties. Magnolia is rich in antioxidants that fight inflammations and help you get better rest. Equally, it improves the Central Nervous System, helping you get more satisfactory sleep.


Experts have proven that glycine can fight inflammations and support better cognitive health. It is a form of amino acid that combines with NMDA receptors to induce sleep. Equally, glycine is rich in compounds that reduce stress and manage erratic moods.


5-HTP supports the production of melatonin, which helps you increase sleep duration and sleep quality. Numerous research shows that 5-HTP can be made into serotonin. Consequently, it is an active ingredient in most antidepressants. High serotonin levels can help fight against migraines, therefore, allowing you to sleep well.

Equally, it can induce sleep and manage pain. 5-HTP can also fight against obesity as it gives users a general satiety feeling, consequently reducing overeating. Moreover, it inhibits stress-related overindulgence, further supporting weight loss.


Upwellness formulator claims that it can ease stress, anxiety, and insomnia. Theanine can relax the brain without causing drowsiness. In one case study, researchers proved that Theanine could decrease the symptoms of schizophrenia. Besides, it can increase focus and attention, enabling you to stay alert for extended periods.

Magnesium Glycinate

It is rich in compounds that can relieve stress and support quality sleep. In addition, it improves blood flow, therefore, ensuring all cells get enough oxygenation for better quality sleep. Equally, it heightens your immunity and fights against inflammations that cause poor-quality sleep.


It is the critical ingredient in sleeping aids. Although it is produced naturally by the pineal gland, its levels can diminish with time. Melatonin actively deals with anxiety and stress, therefore, allowing you to get adequate rest.


Upwellness Rest & Recharge Dosage and Side Effects

Each Upwellness Rest & Recharge bottle contains 30 pills. The manufacturer recommends you consume two capsules daily to fight insomnia and other sleep issues from the root. However, Upwellness warns that Rest & Recharge is a sleep aid supplement that uses all-natural ingredients and will take a few days to build up in the system to begin restoring sleep, but it does not offer instant results.

Upwellness says that Rest & Recharge is unlikely to cause users any side effects. Instead, consumers should consume the dietary formula for more than three months to maximize benefits. Still, Rest & Recharge states that it is the most effective treatment for sleep deprivation.

Consumers allergic to any ingredient in this dietary formula should refrain from taking it. In addition, pregnant and breastfeeding women should use Rest and Recharge only after consulting a doctor.

Upwellness Rest and Recharge Features and Benefits

  • It works for both women and men
  • It is available without consent from a doctor.
  • It improves sleep quality and duration.
  • It lowers cortisol levels and increases serotonin production.
  • It improves metabolism and raises daytime energy levels allowing you to stay focused and alert.

Rest & Recharge Pricing

Some unofficial sites claim to sell Rest & Recharge on behalf of Upwellness Company. However, the makers strongly warn against buying Rest and Recharge except on the official website. The company offers two options for purchasing and a 60-day money-back guarantee. Prices are as follows:

  • Buy One Bottle: $0 + Shipping Costs $12.95 / One Time Purchase
  • Buy One Bottle Get Two Free: $27.00 + Free Shipping / One Time Purchase

After filling in the purchase forms, Upwellness starts processing your orders immediately. Upwellness states that it takes less than seven business days to have your orders shipped in the USA. However, international orders may take more than 15 days, depending on customs and distance.

Contact Upwellness

Consumers with questions can contact the company Upwellness for Rest & Recharge by sending an email or phone at;

  • Email: info@upwellness.com
  • Phone: (800) 876-2196
  • Returns: UpWellness LLC C/O Gulfshore Logistics 14550 62nd St N – Unit 3 Clearwater, FL 33760
  • Refunds / Cancel Subscriptions Phone and Email: 800-876-2196 / refunds@upwellness.com

Final Word

Rest & Recharge is a physician-formulated blend of sleep-improving ingredients. Regular use of Rest & Recharge helps you fall asleep quickly and enhances the delta wave activity to stay asleep for extended periods. Equally, Upwellness claims it can regulate nighttime cortisol levels and restore the circadian rhythm.