2022 Telomere Summit Review – Telomere Biology & Therapy Event

Discover How Telomere Length Influences the Human Body Via the “2022 Telomere Summit”

Telomeres are defined as “distinctive structures found at the ends of our chromosomes [consisting] of the same short DNA sequence repeated over and over again [1].” Why are we bothered by a topic that is seldom discussed with the public? It turns out that as we age, there is a particular enzyme shortage that prevents cells from multiplying, while restricting expansion of the telomere sequence. So, long story short, its absence is poised to result in aging cells, and everybody knows what that means: an aging body. Unquestionably, aging is an inevitable stage, yet there’s always something said about it, right?

Well, healthcare professions who are hoping to reverse the absence, but have yet to employ telomere therapy might find comfort in Dr. Summits’ first-ever summit of the year called “the 2022 Telomere Summit.” Questions regarding the five W’s will be covered during this summit, which is also open to the public. As the saying goes, the mind that opens to a new idea never returns to its original size! The purpose of this review is to shed light on the 2022 Telomere Summit and its impact on the mind, body, and one’s way of thinking.

What is the 2022 Telomere Summit?

Hosted by Dr. Joseph M. Raffaele, M.D., the 2022 Telomere Summit is a seven-day virtual summit through which health experts intend to educate attendees of all professions on telomere therapy and its influence on the human body. The team at DrSummits strongly believes that “When you understand telomere biology and incorporate therapy into your practice, you can have a MASSIVE impact on your patients’ longevity and health.” But of course, understanding is the first step, it’s the choice to incorporate telomerase activators into one’s practice that unleashes an array of benefits. How might a health professional arrive at such a decision? Let’s take a closer look at the humbling experience at hand.

What is there to learn through the 2022 Telomere Summit?

The intended purpose of the 2022 Telomere Summit is to bring together some of the most successful doctors, naturopaths, and anti-aging practitioners who’ve incorporated telomerase activators into their practice. This is an opportunity to get a sense of the effects of such a therapy. Particularly, attendees will come to learn:

  • About diagnosing critically short telomeres
  • Means of dosing for a wide range of patient conditions
  • How to communicate the effects of telomerase activators to younger patients
  • How to combine telomerase activators with appropriate supplementations, lifestyle tweaks and many more

How has the 2022 Telomere Summit been structured?

The 2022 Telomere Summit has been structured into seven days, where each day brings together similar topics. On average, roughly four to five experts will share their experiences, while concentrating on what did and didn’t work for them. Below is a quick breakdown on how each day is expected to go:

Day 1: History, Breakthroughs, and Intro to Telomere Therapy

The first day will kickstart with William Andrews, PhD, who plans to review the milestones of telomere biology over 30 years, with emphasis placed on its role in degenerative diseases, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, and aging. On the topic of aging, he also hopes to uncover why lengthening telomeres is deemed a cure. From there we have Gordan Lauc, PhD, whose goal is to shed light on glycobiology and IgG glycans (along with its association with aging), the meaning of inflamm-aging and how to employ it.

Following suit, William Pawluk, MD, MSc, wants listeners to understand the physiology of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy (PEMF), its effect on stem cells and telomerase activity and why he recommends its uses in a clinical practice. As for Chris Shade, his angle on telomere therapy focuses more on detoxification. Precisely, he wants everyone to see how detoxification might impact telomeres, and why telomere attrition is a cry for help. Consequently, he will be diving into what the perfect detox program might entail.

To end the day, we have Robby Besner, PSc.D, who is an advocate of harnessing the sun’s infrared energy for natural anti-aging and life extension. He will start by expounding into the basics of photobiomodulation (PBM) in medicine and eventually make his way to its effect on cellular metabolism and putting what he’s taught in a clinical setting.

Day 2: Connecting the Dots, Telomere Therapy & Cardiovascular Health

The second day comprises yet another set of five fresh faces. Marc C. Houston, MD, MS, FACP, ABAARM will be delving into everything hypertension, starting with its physiology and lifestyle treatment options right down to nutritional, supplement, and drug therapies. On the other hand, we have Ron Rothenberg, MD, who will spend some time on telomerase activation as a way to “connecting the dots.” Simply put, this time slot is where attendees will learn about the effects of telomerase on mitochondria, its influence on telomere length, and how to get non-canonical activities to work in one’s favor.

Dayan Goodenowe, PhD is next on our list, and he plans to use his time to speak on plasmalogens, and their presence among Alzheimer’s and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, he wants to see whether healthcare professionals have identified any relationship between genetics and telomeres, optimizing telomere length, and its effect on the immune system.

Seeing things from the anti-aging POV is Kent Holtorf, MD. His hopes to bring clarity on the synergy between different immunomodulatory therapies (including peptides and TA-65), how lifestyle choices and environmental factors induce telomere shortening, and finally, steps to reversing the influencers of the aforesaid shortening problem.

Lastly, Marcela Young, MD will be sharing her seven years of experience in utilizing telomere therapy and why she credits it as one of the most critical elements in cellular health. Additionally, she will be deciphering differences between lifespan and health span, proactive and reactive medicines, and precision medicine and genetics.

Day 3: Telomere, Chronic Illnesses and Health Implications Erased

The third day embraces another series of thought-provoking information. Getting us back on track is Tom Dow, MD, who will be sharing his rationale for TA-65 in age-related macular degeneration (AMD) disorder, while revealing the voids in treatment options for AMD. To wrap things up, he will disclose results of his pilot study on the effect of TA-65 in early AMD.

Gordon Crozier, DO hopes to direct everyone’s attention towards telomere biology and how its application can rid one of environmental toxins and chronic inflammatory disorders. To make his case, the expert will be providing examples from his years of experience, and knowledge on delivering related treatments.

Viewing anti-aging and wellness from a lifestyle standpoint is Kien Vuu, MD, who plans to argue his stance on ancestral wisdom and lifestyle basics for utmost wellness, the facets of the BioEnergetic Model, seven lifestyle pillars that most people fail to reach, and advanced anti-aging technologies that he’s considered in his clinic (which supposedly do nothing if we don’t tap into our bioenergetic state first).

Another perspective on aging comes from Ryan Smith, who will walk everyone through the evolution of DNA methylation, and an array of algorithms (such as aging, immune deconvolution, and telomeres). Lastly, we have Amy Killen, MD, whose goal is to instill the idea that regenerative medicine and its application can be powerful in the context of skin, hair, and sexual rejuvenation. Treatment options may be revealed in the form of injections, shockwave therapy and VSELs among others.

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Day 4: Incorporation of Diets, Exercise and Telomere Therapy

Gowri Reddy Rocco, MD will resume the summit by laying out the steps to incorporating TA-65 into one’s practice. In so doing, she’ll also cover the ins and outs of fighting premature aging. From there, Joseph Cleaver, MD will unearth the role of telomeres in cell senescence, telomerase activation as a senolytic and its effect of mitochondrial DNA function.

Kara Fitzgerald, ND’s segment deals with the benefits of making appropriate diet and lifestyle changes, namely in terms of DNA methylation, gene expression, biological aging, and longevity. Another clinician perspective brought to the table comes from Tom Berenguer, MD, who avows that “it’s never too late to benefit from telomerase activation therapy.” As his arguments, he’s chosen to discuss on the subjective versus objective benefits of using TA-65, and the importance of measuring progress with TA-65.

Our host, Joseph M. Raffaele, MD finally plans to share his takes as well, but at the time of writing, his segment has been hidden!

Day 5: Understanding Aging from the Health & Research Standpoint

The fifth day into the 2022 Telomere Summit appears to include speakers who will dive even deeper into topics that have already been introduced. For instance, Bill Andrews, PhD, will share his insights on aging theories in the context of telomere biology along with what he reckons the future of gene therapy may hold. Alternatively, Ed Lee, MD, will highlight the role of senolytics in longevity medicine, while stressing the importance of Dasatinib/Quercetin for DNA methylation by reviewing preliminary results from an existing trial.

As for topics on mitochondrial health, meta-inflammation and their impact on aging, there’s no one better than James B. LaValle, R.Ph., C.C.N, M.T DHM, DHPh. N.D., to take over. Specifically, he plans to reveal to everyone how the whole-body metabolism depicts meta-inflammation and inflamm-aging, key countermeasures trusted to accelerate aging, and how novel aspects of diet, gut health and exercise can be good for our aging clock. Dr. Kelly Halderman will pick things up from here, with her segment on diet, fasting and supplements use in activating the autophagy and mTOR pathway.

Last but not least, we have Steven Gabriel, MD, whose primary goal is to provide his strategies as a clinician in treating the aging process, all while expanding on the seven pillars of health. This means more on telomeres (shortening versus lengthening), aging, and overall health.

Day 6: Diving Deep into Telomere Therapy and Supporting Therapeutic Benefits

The second to last day of this summit brings together an array of solutions for targeting aging coupled with their benefits. For starters, Paul Barattiero will share his support for hydrogen water by introducing the clinical evidence available on its effects on telomerase activity, telomere length and more. Then, Jason Sonners, DC, DIBAK, DCBCN, CCWP will spend a considerable amount of time on hyperbaric oxygen therapy within the realm of regenerative medicine (i.e., protocols, physiology, cellular health, cognitive function, and telomere length).

How can anyone neglect Angie Ates and her talk on incorporating S.A.N.E approach to longevity medicine? Her goal is to unravel the four pillars for an effective treatment, to redefine stress and the widely discussed, “mind-body relationship” and how engaging indigenous tools is likely to yield some of the most authentic results. Bringing us case studies on genetics versus actionable genomics is Kashif Khan, who will be sharing six areas of genetic variations and how to grasp their interactions.

There must be a cancer expert in the house, right? Yes, it is none other than Mark Rosenberg, MD, and he insists that there has been a paradigm shift in cancer therapy. What used to be central in assessing cancer has taken the back seat now that experts see the value in emphasizing metastasis. Along the way, he will explain the essentials from circulating tumor cells, and biological pathways to clinical strategies.

Day 7: Applying Everything We’ve Learned About Telomere

We’ve officially arrived at the end of the schedule with only three experts left to exchange experiences. Sanjeev Goel, MD intends to discuss matters pertaining to telomeres as a biomarker of aging, distinguishing between cell senescence and aging, and wants to bring to light unanswered questions in Telomere science.

Another practical standpoint comes from Matt Cook, MD who will investigate the application of telomere biology, while going into greater detail on peptides that might mitigate oxidative stress, epitalon as a treatment for telomere attrition, and chronic infections linked to lyme/mycotoxins and inflammation. Finally, we have Jeffrey R. Bray, MBA, MAED, SHRM-SCP who will provide a brief history into pharmacy compounding in the U.S., the changes that the country has implemented in the past few years, and what the future entails.

When will the 2022 Telomere Summit commence?

The 2022 Telomere Summit is set to commence and end on Wednesday, January 19, 2022, and January 26, 2022, respectively. On each day of the seven-day summit, attendees will get limited free access to all presentations as they are aired.

How much does it cost to attend the 2022 Telomere Summit?

The 2022 Telomere Summit is free to attend, however, should one fail to make it to one of the seven days, the presentations cannot be accessed unless a package is purchased. For complete virtual access to all interviews with transcripts, audio files, and exclusive bonuses, individuals must invest $97. In addition to the aforesaid resources, a price of $147 will also include a USB flash drive for physical storage.

Regarding special bonuses (value of over $1500) offered at no extra charge, they comprise of:

  • Cellular Aging & Your Health: A patient flipbook on everything telomere and aging
  • The Science of Telomerase Activation: A physician’s brochure on TA-65 and more
  • Thrive State by Kien Vuu, MD: A longevity blueprint for peak performance
  • How to Thrive to 105 by Kien Vuu, MD: Controlling health through science
  • Magnetic Field Therapy for Pain by Dr. Pawluk: An eBook on PEMFs for pain relief
  • Thyroid 101 byKent Holtorf, MD: The must-have guide on everything thyroid function
  • Glycan Age Test of Biological Age: 40% discount to all Telomere Summit attendees

If the content provided does not justify the listed prices, individuals can request a full purchase price refund thanks to the established 60-day risk-free money-back guarantee. For more information on the specifics, customer service can be contacted at +1 (619) 374 9931. Lastly, attendees can earn up to 33 CME credits, which can be used towards the above listed purchases.

Meet Your Host, Dr. Joseph M. Raffaele, MD

Dr. Joseph M. Raffaele, MD is board certified in internal medicine, serves as a member of the Endocrine Society, and is a diplomat of the American Board of Anti-Aging Medicine. In 1997, he co-founded PhysioAge Medical Group, as a way to practice age-management while equally valuing personalized hormone optimization. Ten years later he co-founded PhysioAge Systems, i.e., a web-based biomarker data collection and reporting system, which remains an asset across the globe.

His interest in clinical telomere biology flourished in 2009 and since then, he was part of three studies (with publications) that investigated the effects of oral telomerase activators on normal aging adults. Furthermore, his knowledge has been sought-for, leading him to lecture nationally and internationally. In 2015, he founded Raffaele Medical Group, a platform through which the expert continues to bring awareness on telomere biology, hormone optimization, and biomarkers of aging. To learn more about Dr. Joseph M. Raffaele, MD, visit here.

Final Verdict

For some time, the DrSummits team has been organizing virtual summits as an informative guidance for the general public. To switch things up for the new year, they’ve brought together health experts to launch a summit that services other practicing health experts. The idea of employing telomere therapy is undoubtedly overlooked by patients, but this shouldn’t be the case for practitioners. Deemed a fairly unused treatment option, over 30 speakers have come together to make their case.

As a result, we have been reassured that no two days will be alike, providing a well-defined picture of the application of telomere and other related therapies for healthy age management. What drew us closer to some of the strategies listed by the key speakers is that most of them plan to delve into matters from the scientific standpoint and outcomes obtained through clinical application. To think that the latter is just the beginning of an enriching journey is certain to onboard both experts and patients. For more information on how to secure a seat to the 2022 Telomere Summit, visit here>>>.

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