3 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Grow Your Followers

Spotify is undoubtedly one of the hottest audio streaming platforms right now. The recent statistical report released by Spotify itself has shown that they currently have 365 million active users each month. That is a growth of more than a hundred million users in the past couple of years.

Aside from music, there might be another aspect at work that can explain its sudden expansion. According to Buffer, that’s because today’s hottest brands are treating it as a social media platform. In fact, experts predict that it might just be the first successful music-based social media network.

This is not the time to get left out. Whether you’re an artist or a podcaster, you will find that there are significant benefits in growing your Spotify plays and followers. Fortunately, there is a faster method aside from growing it organically.

We’ll share with you the best social media marketing companies to buy Spotify plays and followers from. Aside from that, we’ll answer some of the most frequently asked questions by our readers to further help you make a smarter social media marketing decision.

3 Best Sites to Buy Spotify Plays and Buy Spotify Followers From


We have been working with Stormlikes.net for our social media campaigns for a while now. Thus, we have come to trust them and even consider them our favorite agencies.

We really are fortunate that they have expanded their services to Spotify. They have two Spotify-related services. These are plays and followers.

Features and Benefits

Those who want to buy Spotify plays from them have three packages to choose from, ranging from 1000 to 5000 plays. Meanwhile, those who want to buy Spotify followers have three packages to choose from, only this time they range from 100 to 500 followers.

  • Guaranteed Instant Delivery

One of the reasons we enjoy working with Stormlikes.net is their fast fulfillment. They start delivering your purchased engagement the moment you settle your payment with them.

  • Different Delivery Methods

The company presents you with a choice to either receive your engagement gradually or instantly. A gradual pace of delivery simulates organic growth that can support your channel’s credibility. On the other hand, instant delivery will be ideal if you’re like us and need significant boosts fast.

  • Account Safety

Finally, Stormlikes.net guarantees your privacy and cybersecurity by not requiring any password. All you need to do is provide them with the link to your profile or track to deliver their promised engagement.

Buy Spotify Plays from Stormlikes.net

Social Viral

We recognize that artists have specific digital marketing needs that only streaming and music-focused marketing experts can provide. This is the guarantee you can get from Social-Viral.com, a social media marketing company with engagement services specifically designed for artists, musicians, and related content creators.

They have four Spotify-related engagement services. These are Tryout Pack with 500 Spotify plays, Spotify Plays Fast Delivery, Premium Spotify Plays, and Spotify Followers.

Features and Benefits

Those who want to buy Spotify followers have 11 product options to choose from, ranging from 100 to 100,000 followers. Meanwhile, those who want to buy Spotify plays must first choose whether they want fast delivery or premium plays. What sets premium apart is the option to choose the target country where your plays are going to come from.

  • Exclusive Targeted Country-Based Plays

Social Viral currently offers seven geographical regions to choose from: international targetting (worldwide), United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, Germany, and Italy.

  • Expertise

What truly sets this social media marketing agency apart from others is its nine-year experience building fan bases for music-focused streaming platforms. It certainly knows how to attract and encourage new and loyal listeners better than generic paid engagement providers.

  • Diversity of Products

They cover a wide variety of platforms that artists need to grow their reputation online. These include iTunes, Shazam, YouTube, and even Instagram.

Buy Spotify Plays from Social-viral.com

Artist Push

Finally, we simply can’t make a lineup of music-focused social media marketing companies without mentioning Artist Push. Coincidentally, they are also ArtistBooster’s toughest rivals in providing specialized social media music promotion.

They have everything you’ll ever need to grow your reputation on Spotify. Aside from followers and plays, they also offer saves, playlist likes, add tracks, and more.

  • Affordable Bundles

We especially like their engagement bundles. For instance, they have a package that includes 250 followers and 1000 plays for a single purchase.

Feel free to explore all of their plans. We’re not going to be surprised if they have one that perfectly suits your needs and preferences.

  • Monthly Listeners

Spotify’s algorithm rewards consistent activity over an extended period. Hence, while bulk listens can provide a significant boost, this one-time bonus still won’t be as powerful as reliable, regular plays.

This is the disadvantage that Artist Push’s monthly listener’s packages seek to address. They allow you to buy users who guarantee monthly listening.

  • 360-Degree Online Promotion

Artist Push has structured its services to cover the three major aspects of an artist’s online promotion. These are music streaming that will ensure your tracks get heard, social promotion that seeks to promote your tracks and channels, and finally, a personal promotion that seeks to promote you as an artist.

Buy Spotify Plays and Followers FAQs

1. How Do You Buy Real Plays on Spotify?

It is actually very easy to buy plays on Spotify. The secret lies in choosing the right company to work with.

There are a lot of dubious organizations posing as “legit agencies” that don’t deliver the quality of plays they have promised. Some of them use fake, inactive profiles, while others use bots and other illegal technologies. Once you have found a reputable company to work with, such as the ones we have featured above, you can then move on to choose the service and package that best suits your budget and needs.

The next step is providing the link to the account or track that you want to boost. You can then pay for your services and wait for your engagement to get delivered.

2. Is It Illegal to Buy Spotify Plays?

Buying Spotify plays is not explicitly indicated in Spotify’s terms of services. Hence, it is not illegal to do so. However, this doesn’t mean that you can use bots and fake profiles.

Spotify is constantly cracking down on these scam accounts and penalizing tracks and profiles that use them. That’s why we highly recommend only buying real plays that come from active accounts managed by actual people.

3. How Can I Reach 1M Streams?

There are various methods that you can do to get more streams on Spotify. Here are just some of them:

  • Improve the Quality of Your Music

Given how accessible better equipment and music software are, creativity and a unique sound are simply not enough to attract online listeners anymore. It is crucial to make your music at least as good as everything out there. Plus points if you can make it sound even better.

  • Release Consistently

Here’s another unfortunate fact: a one-time hit can rarely ensure success with all the tunes that listeners can constantly discover out there. Instead, it is ideal to be more diligent in putting new material out regularly. Not only will this reward loyal listeners with something to look forward to regularly, but it will also encourage new listeners to keep coming back.

  • Use Playlists to Your Advantage

Playlists play a crucial role in the platform in helping accounts grow online renown. There are different ways to utilize this feature to your advantage.

First, you can submit your tracks to get included on Spotify’s curated playlists. You can also collaborate with independent playlist curators. Finally, you can make your own playlists for your listeners to enjoy.

  • Invest in Spotify Ads

Finally, you can get more online attention by getting Spotify ads. You can create your own audio advertisements with the help of Spotify Ad Studio. The platform will then distribute it directly to your target audience to play, particularly those with free subscriptions.

  1. Which is better Spotify or Soundcloud for music?

This is an interesting and controversial topic so far. You can find the exact answer in a comparison between Spotify and Soundcloud.

Get Your Tracks Heard By Buying Spotify Plays and Followers

Indeed, it is a great time to be an artist. There are more ways to get quality music out there than ever before.

Current technologies have also given listeners the chance to discover more artists and track a lot easier than just a decade ago. However, this also means that you have more competition to deal with.

Fortunately, there are ways to give your music a fighting chance. For instance, you can buy plays on Spotify to grow your online reputation as an artist and build your loyal fan base. You can also buy Spotify followers and other types of paid engagement. Also, feel free to try out the tips provided above to supplement your social media efforts further.

In the end, what’s most important is to keep making quality music for your listeners to enjoy genuinely. With this kind of mindset, we do not doubt that you have as good a chance as any other artist out there to immortalize your name in the halls of music legends.

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