Acorns Reviews: What are the Customers Saying? Know This First!

Acorns is an investment platform that allows users to sign up for subscription-based access to retirement, checking, and other accounts. The Acorns platform provides users with a comprehensive education on how these investments work while giving them an opportunity for a hands-off approach to financial stability.

What is Acorns?

Figuring out the best way to invest money can be challenging for consumers who have no experience. While older generations may have their retirement settled and ready for them, people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s face the reality that their future needs financial stability. With the launch of many online platforms for investments, consumers want to find the best option for their current needs but finding the best place to start is overwhelming. Luckily, Acorns simplifies the process.

The whole point of working with Acorns is to make investments easy. Users won’t have to figure out how to properly organize hundreds of dollars or set aside hours a day to make the trades they need. They don’t even need that much to start because the immense appeal of Acorns is that anyone can start trading with $5.

By purchasing an Acorns subscription, users won’t have to cover a minimum dollar amount, and there are no individuals with the company who make a commission for assisting the customer. All of their money will come back to them, creating a financial portfolio that brings success.

With Acorns, consumers have five investment portfolios that manage the risk to the user’s investment by optimizing their returns. The Acorns company even offers a checking account to keep all of these financial decisions in one place. Though there are many investment platforms today, the low fee associated with these accounts allows users to access a few bonus features, like Acorns Earn or Acorns Later.

To make the process more accessible, users can download the app.

Consumers who sign up for the Acorns services can:

  • Automatically invest their spare change from various charges.
  • Access ATMs with no fee.
  • Invest in multiple options at a low cost.
  • Invest without having to be directly involved in the investment process.
  • Access financial information that will educate users about the investment industry.

Along with the financial benefits that consumers can reap, Acorns is dedicated to fighting climate change by planting oak trees. They have partnered with One Tree Planted, helping them plant over 723,000 oak trees across the country since 2019.

Acorns Investment Services

Acorns is a full-service investment platform, which means that consumers who sign up with this program will have access to a checking account, retirement account, and investment account.


Anyone who signs up with Acorns can get their checking account controlled by the app with all of their other accounts. The service allows users to keep up with these accounts and receive a debit card made from metal with a matte green hue. The signature is engraved directly onto the card. Like a regular checking account, users have FDIC coverage for up to $250,000, and they can sign up for direct deposits.


With Acorns Earn, users can accumulate more money towards their accounts. The company has a relationship with over 350 different brands, and they’ll automatically get cashback whenever they purchase with a card that they’ve connected to their Acorns account.

Users can also take advantage of this feature by adding an extension to their Chrome browser, activating the offer whenever they shop with one of their participating retailers. To maximize earnings, consumers can also search for a job on this part of the platform.


The main reason that many people come to Acorns is to sign up for an investment account. When users get started with an investment account, they can cancel at any time if the investments do not work for them. So far, over 9 million people have invested with Acorns, helping them establish their trading.

The investment account allows users to sign up for a Round-Ups program, which takes the spare change from everyday transactions and deposits it into the investment account. This feature is optional, but opting in will invest the funds directly into the ETF portfolios offered by Acorn. Users also use Recurring Investments with these accounts, automatically withdrawing $5 daily, weekly, or monthly to contribute to the account.

Though the Acorns website requires you to set up the account, users can connect it with other payment apps to contribute their spare change, including PayPal.

Investing for Kids

While children cannot participate in the stock market or trading, parents who choose the Acorns Family subscription will have access to Acorns Early, an investment account for children. Setting up this account takes about three minutes, and users can create a savings account for their children that will give them significant returns when cashed out once they are older.

The account is a UTMA/UGMA account, which means it can be used for anything towards the child. This is much different from a 529 account, which only lets the parent use the invested money towards education.


Acorns Later is the retirement account offered as part of the Acorns investment service. It allows users to automatically contribute funds towards an IRA, selecting the right account with a few quick questions. Users can set up automatic deposits; this account is included in the $3/month subscription. The potential accounts that users could sign up for have a Roth IRA, traditional IRA, or SEP-IRA.


Even with all of the opportunities users have to invest their funds automatically, Acorns wants consumers to understand exactly what they do with their money. The Acorns website serves as an ultimate resource for members, showing them their financial portfolio and what it can do for consumers.

Once users sign up, they will learn about the different ETFs that could ultimately catapult them into profits. They can learn about the basics of investing, though most of the work is done for them without any other necessary actions.


Pricing for Acorns Services

Users can sign up for two different subscription tiers to determine the best plan for their needs. The cost is relatively minor for either one, starting at $3 per month for the Acorns Personal account. For $2 more, customers can have an investment account with an unlimited number of kids with Acorns Family. Both options allow users to access a “financial wellness system,” which gives them advice, a debit card, investments, retirement, and checking accounts.

While customers with the Acorns Personal subscription will have access to an investment account, retirement account, and checking account, Acorns Family Members will also be able to access Early. Early is an investment account for children, allowing users to save with flexibility for their child’s future needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Acorns

Q. How do Acorns work?

A. The whole Acorns platform starts with a single decision for new investors – do they want a personal or family plan. Users can automatically invest spare change with their subscription services and choose recurring investments for ETFs. Acorns create a diversified portfolio for the user, while the retirement account lets users set up recurring contributions to reach their goals.

Q. What is considered spare change?

A. Spare change is the remaining money after a transaction rounds up to the dollar. For example, if the investor spends $14.29 at a gas station, they will automatically deposit 71 cents in their Acorns account if they opt-in to this service.

Q. What do individuals need to get started?

A. To create an Acorns subscription account, users will need to provide their email address, log in for their bank account, physical address, social security number, and other profile information. Users might have to submit a copy of their government-issued ID to verify their identity.

Q. Are Acorns customers guaranteed a profit on their investments?

A. Unfortunately, no. The creators of this platform do everything to offer gains for these investments, but the results are ultimately up to the stock market.

Q. What is an ETF?

A. An ETF is an Exchange Traded Fund. They are stocks or bonds.

Q. Who is eligible to sign up for an Acorns account?

A. Any resident of the United States who is over age 18 and has a social security number can sign up. However, if a parent signs up for their child, there is no age minimum.

Q. Is a minimum investment required for new account holders?

A. No. However, the user has to have some funds available in their account to start investing. They can opt-in to Round-Ups, or they can make one-time investments. Consumers can also register for recurring investments for a fee.

Q. Are joint accounts available?

A. Currently, Acorns doesn’t allow customers to sign up for a joint investment account because the current products are made for personal investments. They only account for one social security number in each account. However, users can sign up with a joint checking account.

Q. What stores of value are eligible for investments?

A. Users can invest in cash or cryptocurrency.

To answer any other questions, communicate with customer service over the Acorns Support Chat option on the official website.


Acorns provide consumers of all ages with the support they need to improve their investments. The Acorns platform takes the guesswork out of investing, allowing users to sit back and watch their profits roll in. Users can opt-in to let Acorns take their spare change and invest it in a diverse financial portfolio. However, anyone can cancel if they don’t feel that the account meets their needs, pulling their funding and redepositing it into their external reserves.

The Acorns platform allows users to invest in their own and their children’s futures without being restricted to education-related spending.


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