Alpesh Patel GVI Investor Review (Manward Press Stock Advisory)

Alpesh Patel has launched a new marketing campaign for GVI Investor.

According to Alpesh, investors could beat the market by 580% by taking advantage of a new investment opportunity.

By subscribing to GVI Investor today, customers get access to a range of bonuses, including investment guides explaining how you can maximize ROI.

Is Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor worth the price? Should you subscribe to GVI Investor? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor and how it works.

What is GVI Investor?

GVI Investor is a new investment analysis newsletter led by Alpesh Patel.

Each month, subscribers receive new investment recommendations, market analysis, news breakdowns, and more from Alpesh Patel and his team.

Alpesh claims to have grown his portfolio from 100,000 in year 1 to over $4,000,000 by year 16. Now, the UK-based financial analyst aims to teach others how to make similar returns.

Here’s how Alpesh explains his motivation for launching the newsletter:

“I couldn’t be prouder to have shown folks in the U.K. how to turn $100,000 into more than $1 MILLION over 10 years… and $4 million over 16 years….But now… I could not be more excited to give hard working folks like you in the U.S. that same exact chance for the first time, starting today.”

Alpesh’s goal is to outperform the markets by 580%. To help you achieve that goal, Alpesh recommends stocks that he believes will rise by triple digit percentage points within the next year. Some of Alpesh’s recent recommendations have included Highland Gold (up 150%), Impax Asset Management (up 186%), and Viacom (up 712%).

By subscribing to GVI Investor today, you get a package of bonus reports highlighting new investment opportunities.

How Can You Beat the Market by 580%?

As part of a new marketing campaign, Alpesh Patel and the GVI Investor team claim to be teaching investors how to beat the market by 580%.

Alpesh and his team don’t just want to earn total returns of 580%; they want to beat the market by 580%. That’s something even the world’s best hedge funds cannot do.

To teach people how to beat the market by 580%, Alpesh is inviting 450 people to subscribe to GVI Investor. Alpesh believes these 450 investors will earn similar returns on their investments by following his advice:

“His passion is to help everyday men and women get ahead. And with that in mind, there is one important mission he still wants to complete: To show 450 everyday investors how to transform their wealth today… even if they’re starting with just a modest amount.”

The GVI Investor sales page is filled with some of Alpesh’s best earning claims. Alpesh has picked multiple winning stocks over the past decade. In fact, he’s been investing since he was 12 years old, consistently picking winning stocks and earning strong returns on investment.

Alpesh claims to have identified “one simple strategy with virtually unlimited power.” Instead of keeping that strategy to himself, Alpesh wants to share it with GVI Investor subscribers.

How Does GVI Investing Work?

Alpesh bases his investment recommendations on GVI investing principles:

  • G: Growth
  • V: Value
  • I: Income

For most investors, these three approaches are totally different.

Some investors buy growth stocks, for example. Others look for value stocks. Some look for income stocks that pay a dividend.

Alpesh, however, claims to have combined all three investment strategies into one, allowing him to beat the markets by 580% or more:

“Growth-Value-Income is the basis of my GVI system. And I’ve created proprietary formulas that go into targeting the best-ranked stocks based on their growth, value and income metrics.”

Alpesh claims his system consistently delivers triple-digit percentage returns within 12 months. The system identifies winning stocks. You buy the stocks. Then, you earn huge returns. Alpesh claims to have earned 123% returns on Robert Walters and 122% returns on DTZ Holdings in under 12 months, for example.


First, Alpesh looks at growth stocks to determine their value. Alpesh uses the following factors to identify growth stocks:

His system looks for companies that are experiencing better than 10% revenue growth for multiple quarters in a row

He looks for companies that have consistently beaten expectations in earnings releases

He likes to see profits growing

These three requirements knock out 50% of available stocks from 9,000 potential candidates. If the stock is priced too high, then these factors are already priced in, so he moves onto undervalued stocks. That’s where his next point, value, comes into play.


Anyone can pick high-performing stocks that have grown in the last year. The real trick is to identify the stocks that are undervalued. That’s where Alpesh considers value.

Alpesh claims most investors use price to earning ratio (P/E ratio) to calculate value. However, Alpesh claims this is a mistake:

“…most value investors use P/E. But they do it the wrong way. They believe that great “value” means having the lowest P/E possible. So they look at all the available stocks. And they’ll find one with some tiny P/E ratio like 3 or 4. And they’ll think, “Wow, what an incredible value! This stock has no place to go but up!””

Instead, Alpesh claims the lowest P/E stocks trade cheaply for a reason. When a stock has a P/E of 3 or 4 it means nobody wants to buy that stock. The stock isn’t growing.

That’s why Alpesh picks stocks with high P/E ratios. He recommends aiming between a 30 and 60 for value. He assigns a Growth/Value score to each stock from 1 to 10.


Some of Alpesh’s recommended stocks pay a dividend or allow investors to earn an income in other ways. Although it’s not the most important metric for Alpesh’s stock recommendations, he considers income when recommending stocks to his followers.

3 New GVI Investment Opportunities

We’ve learned about Alpesh’s GVI investing strategy. So what stocks does that strategy recommend buying? What are the best GVI investing opportunities available today?


Alpesh has identified three new GVI opportunities. By subscribing to GVI Investor today, you can learn complete details about each of the three opportunities.

Here’s a basic overview of the opportunities and how they work:

Opportunity #1: Homebuilding Company

Alpesh claims to have spotted an opportunity in the homebuilding space. The homebuilding space is booming. Demand is high and mortgage prices are low. Alpesh claims his recommended stock recently completed a big acquisition in March, beat its earnings estimates by nearly 40%, and increased its profits 107% from the previous year.

The homebuilding company also has a good CROCI index, which is:

CROCI: Cash Return on Capital Invested

CROCI is a special tool used by some of the world’s wealthiest investors. Alpesh uses the system to identify winning stocks. The homebuilding company has a CROCI of 123%.

Plus, with a P/E ratio of 31, the stock is right in the sweet spot that Alpesh likes to target.

For all of these reasons, Alpesh believes the homebuilding company will rise in value over the coming months, and he recommends buying shares of the company today to maximize returns.

Opportunity #2: Software Company

Alpesh’s second recommended company is a San Jose-based computer software company. That company is focusing on remote computer security. With record numbers of people working from home, the company is doing important work today.

The software company just beat its earning estimate by 55%, beating its earning estimates for the eight straight quarters. Earnings are projected to keep rising. Plus, its CROCI is 180%, which is better than what Alpesh hopes to see.

Alpesh claims the stock reminds him of a stock that went up 177% over the last year. He believes the software company will deliver similar returns to investment to investors who buy today.

Opportunity #3: Computer Services Company

Alpesh’s third recommended company is a New York City-based computer services company. The company focuses on digital music, video, photography, and editing tools.

The company just acquired three major AI platforms to secure future profitability. Plus, the company is enjoying explosive profitability with strong revenue growth. It has a P/E ratio of 38 and a CROCI of 225%, making it a winning pick for Alpesh.

By subscribing to Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor today, you can discover the names and ticker symbols of each of these three recommended stocks.

GVI Investor Pricing

GVI Investor is priced at $1,900 for 1 year or $2,900 for 2 years. Here’s how pricing breaks down:

  • 1 Year Subscription: $1,900
  • 2 Year Subscription: $2,900

What’s Included with GVI Investor?

As part of a new introductory promotion, Alpesh Patel is bundling several bonus reports and services with all purchases of GVI Investor.

Here’s what you get when you subscribe to GVI Investor today:

Monthly Subscription to GVI Investor: Each month, Alpesh Patel emails investors with stock recommendations, financial analysis, and market news and updates.

Bonus Report #1: The Rapidly Expanding Homebuilder with a 22.3 CROCI: Alpesh has identified a new investment opportunity involving a rapidly growing homebuilding company. That company has good fundamental numbers. Alpesh sees similarities to BTS Group, which hit 84% gains in six months.

Bonus Report #2: Uber’s Go-To Software Company with a 28 CROCI: Alpesh has identified another investment opportunity related to a software company in San Jose. That company is hitting record highs for revenues and sales, and they’re stretching into the European food delivery market with a new deal with Takeaway.com. In this report, Alpesh discloses the name, ticker symbol, and justification for buying the stock.

Bonus Report #3: The “Explosively Profitable” Computer Services Company With a 32.5 CROCI: In this report, Alpesh explains why you should invest in a New York City-based computer services company. The company focuses on online media, and they just acquired three major AI platforms. Alpesh believes the deal will solidify the stock’s position as the leading stock in the industry. He claims the stock is similar to Perion Network, which delivered 257% gains in six months.

The GVI Investor Handbook: This report explains Alpesh’s growth, value, income (GVI) investing strategy. While most investors focus on growth or value or income stocks, Alpesh claims to focus on all three investing strategies for maximum returns on investment. This handbook explains how Alpesh’s investment strategy works – regardless of how much experience you have in markets.

Access to GVI Investor Model Portfolio: Alpesh is building a portfolio of 15 to 20 of his recommended stocks over the next 12 months. These stocks will form the GVI Investor model portfolio. Subscribers receive access to this model portfolio at all times, making it easy to see which stocks to buy and at what price.

Entry to European Vacation Giveaway: By subscribing to GVI Investor today, you are automatically enrolled in a European vacation giveaway. You receive a chance to win an 8-day, 7-night first-class European vacation for you and a guest valued at $15,000.

GVI Investor Refund Policy

GVI Investor is backed by a 365-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This is not a cash refund. You receive credit to the Manward Press online store. You can put the money towards other Manward Press subscription services.

As far as we can tell, there are no cash refunds on any GVI Investor subscription purchases.

How Much Money Can You Make with GVI Investor?

The GVI Investor program page is filled with dazzling claims about Alpesh’s previous stock picks and investment earnings.

The goal of GVI Investor is simple: to outperform markets by 580%. Alpesh reiterates this claim multiple times across the GVI Investor sales page.

Alpesh claims he started his investment journey 16 years ago with just $100,000. Today, he has grown that initial investment into $4 million, delivering 40x returns over 16 years.

In fact, Alpesh claims he only had “some small losses” in that time period. The stocks he picked were “a bunch of big winners.” He invested early into Square, Microsoft, TechTarget, Amazon, Globant, PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard.

One of Alpesh’s biggest winning stock recommendations was Viacom, which delivered 700% returns in under a year.

About Alpesh Patel

Alpesh Patel has three decades of experience working as a dealmaker for the United Kingdom government. He uses that experience to fuel his investment recommendations, picking stocks he believes will beat markets by 580%.

You can learn more about Alpesh at his LinkedIn page here.

At Alpesh’s LinkedIn page, he describes himself as “one of the world’s leading authorities in investing globally and entrepreneurship.” He is also a CEO, best-selling author, and well-known online trader in the United Kingdom.

Alpesh is also an FCA-regulated fund manager in private equity / hedge fund. He’s the co-founder of the UK chapter of the world’s largest entrepreneur mentoring organization (tiE.org). He’s also a barrier, a founder of an investing software company, and a TV presenter on Bloomberg TV, CNBC, and Sky News.

With GVI Investor and the partnership with Manward Press, Alpesh aims to bring his successful investing track record to the United States.

About Manward Press

Alpesh Patel has partnered with Andy Snyder and Manward Press to bring his financial analysis newsletter to the United States.

Manward Press is a Baltimore-based financial publishing company offering four main financial newsletters, including the Manward Letter, Alpha Money Flow, Venture Fortunes, and GVI Investor.

You can contact Manward Press via the following:

  • Email Form:https://manwardpress.com/contact/
  • Phone (North America): 1-800-682-5210
  • Phone (International): 1-443-353-4263
  • Mailing Address: 14 West Mount Vernon Place, Baltimore, MD 21201

Final Word

Alpesh Patel is bringing his award-winning financial analysis newsletter to America. By subscribing to Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor today, investors could purportedly earn returns of 580% or higher.

When you subscribe, you get a bundle of bonus books. You can discover stock recommendations based on Alpesh’s GVI investing system. You can also discover specific ticker symbols for companies Alpesh recommends buying today.

To learn more about Alpesh Patel’s GVI Investor or to subscribe today, visit the official website.

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