Alpha Profit Code Review (Joel Litman) What to Know About First

Joel Litman and the team at Hidden Alpha just launched a new marketing campaign discussing his Alpha Profit Code investing system.

Developed by Joel Litman, the Alpha Profit Code system has identified five stocks that could fuel one of the greatest wealth transfers in history.

What is the Alpha Profit Code? Should you sign up for Hidden Alpha today? Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about Alpha Profit Code, Hidden Alpha, and Joel Litman today in our review.

What is Hidden Alpha?

Hidden Alpha is a financial publishing service created by Altimetry and Joel Litman.

Priced at $49 for your first year, Hidden Alpha discusses stock recommendations, market analysis, and more.

Each month, subscribers receive a new issue of Hidden Alpha with stock recommendations, investment advice, and market news and analysis, among other information.

The newsletter is led by Joel Litman, who uses his experience as a forensic accountant to spot winners where most people aren’t looking.

Joel uses something called his ‘Alpha Profit Code’ to identify winning stocks. This system aims to spot winning stocks that the rest of the market has ignored.

By subscribing to Hidden Alpha today through the Alpha Profit Code sales page, you get a bundle of bonus reports, including The Data King’s Billion-Dollar Bet and One Stock to Rule the $657 Billion Healthtech Industry, among other bonus reports.


How Does the Alpha Profit Code Work?

You can find plenty of investment gurus online who claim to have discovered a proprietary way to spot winning stocks. Most of these proprietary systems don’t work. So what makes Joel Litman’s Alpha Profit Code different?

Joel Litman claims his Alpha Profit Code just uncovered one of the greatest wealth transfers in modern history. That wealth transfer is part of a $12 trillion trend.

By subscribing to Hidden Alpha today, you can learn more about how Alpha Profit Code works – and how ordinary investors like you can play the $12 trillion trend.

Eight of the 10 richest money managers in the world use Joel Litman’s research, including the Alpha Profit Code, to guide their portfolios. Joel also claims that hedge funds pay him $100,000 per month for this data.

Today, by subscribing to Hidden Alpha, ordinary investors can access the Alpha Profit Code as part of their subscription, discovering winning stocks before the rest of the market finds out.

About Joel Litman

Joel Litman is a financial publisher and the editor of Hidden Alpha. Unlike most financial gurus, however, Joel has a background in forensic accounting – not finance. That means he takes a different approach to markets.

Joel analyzes stocks through a different lens than other investment advisors. He also has a team of 100+ accounting analysts in Boston, Chicago, Hong Kong, and the Philippines. That team analyzes 25,000+ publicly-traded stocks every week.

Because of these advantages, Joel claims to have “a massive edge over Wall Street when it comes to identifying massive stock market trends before they happen.”

And now, Joel claims his system has spotted a special trend that could generate huge profits for investors.

What is the $12 Trillion Wealth Transfer Trend?

Joel hints about a $12 trillion wealth transfer trend currently taking place.

Here’s how Joel describes his discovery of the trend:

“I call it the Alpha Profit Code…After running 25,000+ stocks through it recently, I uncovered a massive trend that’s currently underway…It’s not everyday that a $12 trillion industry gets turned on its head.”

As part of his analysis, Joel has identified five specific stocks that could deliver massive profits to investors because of the “tsunami of cash” that will be unleashed on this industry over the coming months:

“…my Alpha Profit Code has identified five stocks that have the potential to be massive winners thanks to the tsunami of cash that’s about to be unleashed.”

Joel shares the names and ticker symbols of the stocks in his Alpha Profit Code presentation.

How Much Money Can You Make with the Alpha Profit Code?

The Alpha Profit Code and Hidden Alpha website is filled with claims of investors earning massive returns by following Joel’s advice.

Joel claims to take a scientific approach to markets that goes against mainstream advice. Because of this unique approach, he’s able to enjoy uniquely powerful gains.

Instead of keeping his proprietary trading systems to himself, Joel wants to share those systems with the world, helping other investors generate huge returns.

According to Joel and the Hidden Alpha team, here are some of the gains the Alpha Profit Code system has delivered in recent years:

The Alpha Profit Code told Joel to buy Square (SQ) in 2016; the stock soared 816% over the next two years

The Alpha Profit Code system told Joel to buy RingCentral (RNG) in 2016 as well, and that stock delivered 1,560% gains, turning investments of $2,000 into more than $33,000

Joel’s Alpha Profit Code system issued a ‘buy’ signal for Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) in 2015 when shares were down around 96%; that stock has delivered 2,247% gains to date

Joel claims his average gain since the inception of his Alpha Profit Code system is around 35%; although he’s careful to explain that he also picks losing stocks, Joel seems confident investors could earn huge returns by following his investment recommendations

Joel claims two of his new recommended stocks could double within the next 12 months, based on his analysis

Joel claims he did not recommend these stocks to ordinary investors or subscribers. Instead, he recommended them specifically to his hedge fund and mutual fund clients.

Technology is Causing the Death of Traditional Healthcare

Joel believes the traditional healthcare space will face a revolution over the coming years. Joel claims new technologies are “on the verge of taking down the $12 trillion health care industry.”

Americans spend $420 million per hour on their health yet have worse outcomes than anyone in the developed world. In fact, Joel claims Americans spend $420 million per hour on their health.

Fortunately, tech innovations are here to help: tech innovations are helping people live longer – and maintain quality health into their later years.

We’ve already seen technology disrupt the healthcare space in multiple ways with systems like:

  • Smartwatches like the Apple Watch track sleep patterns, heart rate, and oxygen levels
  • AI-based services match users with clinical trials for cancer treatment
  • Gadgets like Flo clear up allergies without the use of medication
  • Kits like Omron take your vitals at home and send them directly to your doctor
  • Stickers can track your sleeping positions
  • Emergency appliances like Nobi lamps call emergency services if you fall

The list goes on. However, Joel believes the biggest technologies are still to come. And that’s why he has identified five specific stocks that he believes will rise as traditional healthcare falls over the coming years and decades.

5 Stocks That Will Rise as Traditional Healthcare Falls

Joel and his Alpha Profit Code system have identified five stocks that he believes will rise over the coming years and decades.

The stocks include:

Alpha Profit Code Stock #1: CVS Health

CVS Health (CVS) has nearly 10,000 retail stores across the United States. You might think of CVS as a place to buy shampoo and toothpaste. Behind the scenes, however, CVS has positioned itself to be one of the biggest healthcare data companies in the world within the next few years.

In fact, Joel claims CVS “is one the verge of disrupting the entire industry.” Whenever you fill a prescription at CVS, CVS tracks that data. This allows them to prompt you for a refill, call your doctor when a prescription lapses, and keep track of how often you buy new medications.

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Even if you don’t pick up your medications at CVS, CVS tracks your medication usage through their prescription delivery service, Caremark. Plus, CVS just bought Aetna, the third largest provider of health insurance, which means CVS has extensive health data for millions of patients. CVS also has access to your Medicare records (through Silverscript).

Joel believes CVS shares will double within the next 12 months because:

  • CVS will benefit from the red hot health care data trend
  • CVS “is crash-proof,” according to Joel
  • CVS could help make your retirement 5 times better

For all of these reasons, Joel claims he “wouldn’t be surprised if CVS shares doubled within the next 12 months.”

Alpha Profit Code Stock #2: An Electronic Medical Record Company

Joel discloses the name of his first recommended stock (CVS) upfront. To discover the names of the other stocks, however, you’ll need to subscribe to Hidden Alpha and get access to his report.

In The Data King’s Billion-Dollar Bet, Joel describes how his second recommended company recently made a $1 billion bet on health care data. That company has been providing electronic medical records for the past decade, and 3 million healthcare providers use their systems each day. In total, the company has data on nearly 250 million patients worldwide.

Joel describes the company has “an absolute moonshot” and claims the company “could double within the next six to 12 months.” In fact, Joel claims the company “has already started rewarding investors handsomely,” although there’s still time to get in.

Alpha Profit Code Stock #3: An Advanced Healthcare Analytics Company

The first two companies on the list track healthcare data. The third company analyzes that data and makes it useful.

Joel’s third recommended healthcare company combines the collected data and applies advanced analytics to optimize that data. That means patients enjoy a more streamlined care process.

Right now, the company manages 498 million records, and they just signed a $925 million deal with two other companies to boost technology to the next level.

Joel describes full details about his third recommended company in his report, One Stock to Rule the $657 Billion Healthtech Industry.

Alpha Profit Code Stock #4: Personalized Healthcare Service Provider

All of this data analyzes leads to a good outcome for clients: more personalized healthcare services. Healthcare providers will know more about you than ever before, and they’ll know how to customize your treatment based on your unique needs.

Joel’s fourth recommended company will provide personalized medicine. They’re developing technology that can predict the future: based on a person’s DNA, you can determine their likelihood of developing a disease or illness.

The company just earned $1 billion in a single quarter this year, driven by the demand for gene sequencing technology. Even with this success, the company is still growing. The company could also change the future of cancer treatment by making a cancer test widely available, preventing 100,000 cancer-related deaths each year.

Joel describes full details of the company in his report The Future of Medicine and the End of Cancer.

Alpha Profit Code Stock #5: Hospital Company

Joel’s fifth and final recommended stock is a company that runs hospitals across the United States. The company has 185 hospitals and 2,000+ care sites across the country. Each year, they treat 32 million patients.

Joel believes the company will improve patient care on a massive scale over the coming years. He describes the company’s goals in a report called The Great Hospital Shakeup. The report describes everything you need to know about the hospital company and their unique services, including why they could change the future of healthcare in the United States.

What’s Included with Hidden Alpha?

By subscribing to Hidden Alpha today, you get a bundle of bonus reports and eBooks, including eBooks discussing the five healthcare disrupting stocks mentioned above.


Your subscription to Hidden Alpha includes all of the following:

Monthly Issues of Hidden Alpha: Each month, subscribers receive a new report with a brand new way to profit. Joel recommends stocks and analyzes markets based on his Alpha Profit Code system. His unique experience as a forensic accountant allows him to see markets in a way that others do not, allowing Joel to deliver average returns of 35%.

Research Report #1: The Data King’s Billion-Dollar Bet: This report discusses how one company has made a billion-dollar bet on healthcare data analysis. Joel reveals the name and ticker symbol of this company, claiming they could double in value over the next six to 12 months.

Research Report #2: One Stock to Rule the $657 Billion Healthtech Industry: This report features a stock that could dominate the $657 billion healthtech industry by analyzing the mountains of patient data we’re creating. Joel reveals the name and ticker symbol of the stock in this report.

Research Report #3: The Future of Medicine and the End of Cancer: In this report, Joel reveals the name and ticker symbol of a stock that is changing the way we predict health outcomes for patients. By analyzing data (like patient DNA), the company can predict cancer outbreaks before they occur.

Research Report #4: The Great Hospital Shakeup: Over the next decade, some hospital companies in the United States will fall while others will grow. Joel has identified one hospital company that runs 180+ hospitals across the United States already. Joel believes the company will continue to grow over the coming years.

Bonus: The Alpha Profit Code Quick-Start Guide: In this guide, Joel goes into more detail about how his Alpha Profit Code system works, including the unique algorithm it uses to identify winning stocks – and why some of Joel’s clients pay $100,000 per month to access the system.

Hidden Alpha Pricing

Hidden Alpha is priced at $49 for your first year, then $199 thereafter.

As part of a special promotion, Joel has reduced the cost of the subscription by 75%. If you sign up for Hidden Alpha today, you get a subscription for just $49.

Hidden Alpha Refund Policy

Hidden Alpha is backed by a 60 day moneyback guarantee. You can request a complete refund within 60 days.

If you’re unhappy with Hidden Alpha for any reason, or if you did not like any of the stock recommendations provided by Joel and his team, then you are entitled to a complete refund within 60 days with no questions asked.


About Altimetry

Hidden Alpha is published by Altimetry, a financial publishing company.

You can contact Altimetry via the following:

Phone: 1-800-701-9346

Email: info@altimetry.com

In addition to Hidden Alpha, Altimetry publishes subscription-based financial services like High Alpha, Microcap Confidential, and The Altimeter.

Key members of the Altimetry team include Joel Litman (Chief Investment Strategist), Rob Spivey (Director of Research), Paolo Gutierrez (Chief Information Officer), and Sam Latter (Editor in Chief).

Final Word

Altimetry has launched a new marketing campaign for Hidden Alpha featuring Joel Litman’s Alpha Profit Code.

Joel’s Alpha Profit Code system has identified five stocks that will disrupt the $12 trillion healthcare industry over the coming decade. By investing in these stocks today, investors could double their money in a short period of time, according to Joel.

To learn more about Joel Litman’s Hidden Alpha and his Alpha Profit Code investing system, visit online today at Altimetry.com.

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