Autumn DNA Kit Review: Personalized Vitamin Supplements That Work?

Have you decided it’s finally time to put yourself before anything and anyone else? Not sure how to approach wellness and the possibility of choosing vitamins and supplements? The majority of us tend to rely on existing findings to avoid illnesses in the future. In doing so, a vitamin or two might be an attractive addition to buy. However, the question that many fail to ask themselves is, “Is the recommendation appropriate for me?”.

Understanding that there are differences in every human body, the Autumn team launched a service through which individuals can finally familiarize themselves with their bodies and act on potential gaps that need to be filled. This is where it is best to introduce the Autumn DNA Kit. The following review will provide a comprehensive analysis of the ins and outs of Autumn DNA and the ways it may contribute to one’s betterment.

What is the Autumn DNA Kit?

The Autumn DNA Kit is an at-home saliva collection kit that determines what vitamins and supplements individuals need to be based on their DNA. In addition to returning one’s DNA to the makers. The duo is trusted to reveal potential deficiencies, vitamin levels, and absorption rates that the makers will report.

Our editorial team sees this service as an innovative one, given that most consumers tend to decide on a dietary supplement based either on present symptoms, a third person’s experiences, or by guesstimating. With the Autumn DNA Kit, scientific analysis is conducted by an expert medical team and a world-class lab. Furthermore, this team invests time in studying the impact of food on genetic so that each person is equipped with the most precise blend conceivable. Taking everything into account, let’s proceed to the scientific mechanism of the Autumn DNA Kit.

How does the Autumn DNA Kit work?

The entirety of the Autumn DNA Kit is built from the ground up, starting with a concept called nutrigenomics. Nutrigenomics is described as a study whereby the effects of food and food constituents on gene expressions are assessed. As explained earlier, our DNA might provide partial insight into the specific nutrients required. To ensure that the story is captured accurately, the makers avow that their system tests 500 actionable single nucleotide polymorphisms that have supposedly been proven to impact nutrient needs and absorption.

Once the makers have successfully acquired knowledge of an individual’s nutrient composition, they will proceed with a curated selection of personalized vitamins using high-quality ingredients. Subscribing to the Autumn DNA Kit has been highly encouraged. The purchase includes everything from collecting and mailing out the DNA right down to receiving mini packs filled with the correct number of different vitamins (and concentrations) per serving. The next course of action is to assess the contents of the Autumn DNA Kit.

How to get started with Autumn DNA

Before getting started with Autumn DNA, we need to mention that the entirety of this system involves four steps. This journey starts by subscribing to Autumn DNA and awaiting the kit. Once received, a personalized lifestyle quiz must be completed, and the DNA kit returned. Should individuals prefer an alternative to the kit, they can also directly upload their respective DNA results (if available) through Ancestry or 23andMe. The Autumn team then takes care of the rest, who will need at least four days to analyze the data. Finally, recommendations will be made, and the exact vitamins blend will be delivered straight to one’s doorsteps.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

What features does the Autumn DNA kit have?

When writing, the Autumn DNA kit is deemed vegan, hypoallergenic, third-party tested, cGMP certified, CLIA certified, PCI- and HIPAA-compliant, non-GMO, and only uses natural colors. Additionally, each kit embodies:

  • Scientific methodologies that aim to limit errors
  • A personalized solution derived from analyzing over 415 billion vitamin combinations
  • Premium formulations created by Autumn’s team of experts
  • A comprehensive Autumn report that delves into our body’s needs

What are single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs), and why are they important?

According to Medline Plus, single nucleotide polymorphisms (or SNPs) are the most common genetic variation among people. Each SNP represents a difference in a single DNA block called a nucleotide. As for its significance, researchers have since discovered that studying SNPs might help to predict responses to certain drugs, reactions to toxins, and the development of disease, among others [1]. Another source described SNP as a “powerful tool for investigating the role of nutrition in human health and disease,” adding that it has been considered in “clinical, metabolic, and epidemiologic studies” to arrive at a clear definition for optimal diets [2].

What does the Autumn DNA Kit include?

There are seven things found inside each Autumn DNA Kit such as:

  • One step-by-step instructions manual
  • One tube container
  • One specimen bag
  • One tube cap
  • One funnel lid plus saliva collection tube
  • One barcode that needs to be attached
  • One pre-paid postage.

What are Ancestry.com and 23AndMe?

Ancestry.com is a source for family history information, whereas 23AndM3 is a genetics company dedicated to helping individuals understand their DNA by offering a thorough DNA analysis. The two have joined forces since 2008, and back then, Senior Director of Research at 23AndMe, Dr. Joanna Mountain, said:

“23Andme and Ancestry.com share the goal of empowering people and families through the sharing of Ancestry and genetic information. By partnering with [them], we welcome users of the Ancestry.com DNA service into our community to help them further understand their origins [3].”

How does Autumn DNA determine nutrient needs?

The team at Autumn performs a thorough DNA analysis to determine nutrient needs.

Does Autumn DNA have a medical advisory board?

Yes, Autumn DNA has both medical advisory and scientific advisory boards. Some of the involved members include Dr. Linden Leadbetter, Geneticist and Physician, Dr. Nicole DeYonge BSc.H, MBS, ND, Dr. Raphael Mourad, Geneticist, Anna Kantzavelos, PA-C Pharmacy Director, Physician Assistant, Dr. Tony Kantzavelos, PharmD Pharmacist, Carolyn Browns, MS, RD, Nutritionist, Dietician, and Dr. Phil Carson, Pharmacist. To learn more about these experts’ positive impact on Autumn DNA, click here.

How long will it take to get a personalized report from Autumn DNA?

It will take four days for the team to analyze the provided details. Once ready, individuals can access the report online. Precisely, an account must first be created through which the information can be navigated.

What will be summarized in the Autumn DNA report?

The Autumn DNA report summarizes vitamin, mineral, herb, and supplement needs. Through this resource, individuals will have the opportunity to learn general information on supplementation, specific health impact categories, possible food sources, and nutritional facts. Concerning DNA, more details on how each person was tested will be provided. Regarding the lifestyle quiz, it, to some extent, provides insight into why there might have been a deficiency. Finally, all results found inside will be backed by existing findings and recommendations.

What vitamins and minerals might the Autumn DNA report recommend?

From the available list online, Autumn’s pool of vitamins and minerals comprise of Ashwagandha, Autumn Multivitamin, B-Complex, Calcium, Choline, CoQ10, Curcumin Blend, Digestive Enzymes, Folate, Garlic Extract, Ginger Blend, Ginseng, Iron, L-Carnitine, L-Glutamine, Magnesium, Marine Collagen + Vit C, Melatonin, Milk Thistle, Mushroom Brain Support, Mushroom Immune Blend, NAC, Omega-3, Probiotic, Resveratrol Blend, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, and Zinc.

How does the Autumn DNA subscription work?

Individuals are guaranteed a separate morning and night pack with vitamins and minerals enough to last months by subscribing to Autumn DNA. The first shipment will be sent after the DNA results and lifestyle quiz has been received. Then, the first 30-day supply refill will be billed and shipped 25 days later to ensure no delays. The team avows that the subscription plan is flexible, meaning it can be modified, delayed, or canceled as one wishes. To learn more about the subscription plan, customer service can be reached at:

  • Email: support@tryautumn.com
  • Phone: 1 (866) 728 8866
  • Mailing Address: Autumn DNA, 3960 West Point Loma Blvd, Suite H #5099, San Diego, California, 92110

What if my lifestyle habits change?

Given that lifestyle habits are constantly changing, individuals can go back to the Autumn website and retake the lifestyle quiz so that the following shipment will automatically reflect any changes.

How is Autumn DNA superior to its competition?

Going with Autumn is allegedly superior because the company has over 30 supplements available, analyzes 500 SNPs, promotes time- and cost-efficiency, keeps DNA information inside the U.S., provides a free DNA test, and of course, has a subscription plan in place. The latter facets are much better than those offered by leading brands (i.e., fewer supplements, minimal SNP analysis, wait time of three to five weeks, DNA is likely sent abroad, DNA tests are charged, and limited supplies).

How much does the Autumn DNA kit cost?

People who subscribe to Autumn DNA today will get their respective kits free of charge. That said, the cost for a personalized monthly supply is $79.99 (billed monthly). At checkout, individuals can choose between the DNA collection kit or uploading DNA results onto Ancestry or 23AndMe. Bear in mind that the Autumn team neither accepts returns nor provides refunds for any purchases.

Meet the Autumn Team

The Autumn team is on a mission to help eliminate and prevent guesswork and poor advice while protecting consumers against low-quality vitamins and supplements. They believe that despite the inability to choose our bodies, we sure can optimize and work with what we have.

Why is this team named after a season? It turns out that it was intentional. Truthfully, the team sees it as “a time of change,” which symbolizes healthy habits and lifestyle improvements. Through Autumn, individuals can anticipate reclaiming their bodies and health. Here’s what Autumn wants everyone to know about their efforts:

“Science is the foundation of everything we do. Our team comprises diverse medical and scientific boards, including best-in-their-field geneticists, nutritionists, dieticians, physicians, naturopaths, pharmacists, and functional medicine practitioners […]. We have partnered to produce accurate, cost-effective, and speedy results for all our customers. With cutting-edge technology and a diligent approach, your DNA testing is in good hands.”

Final Verdict

Overall, Autumn DNA is a subscription service through which individuals can identify the specifics about their nutritional needs while filling in the voids with the mini packs provided by the Autumn team. Through the combination of DNA analysis and lifestyle quizzes, individuals will discover the essentials for optimal wellness. The key takeaway is that all the guesswork has been eliminated, guaranteeing maximum healing and health. In reviewing the entirety of Autumn DNA, our editorial team was beyond assured.

How so? This system has been established on science is a big sigh of relief. Additional incentives include the medical and scientific advisory board, the ability to retake the lifestyle quiz (should changes arise), the flexibility of the subscription plan, and most of all, learning about one’s respective body right down to the finest of details. Such transparency is likely to motivate individuals to take appropriate paths, which everyone should yearn for! How can anyone neglect some of the incentives that would otherwise cost money elsewhere?

Finally, the Autumn team is also giving back to the community ever since they partnered up with Vitamin Angels in their fight against global malnutrition. We foresee the single downside is the shipment time, namely, returning the DNA kit. Still, fortunately, this is just a one-time step, permitting recurring orders to be delivered promptly. Following everything discussed, our editorial team sees value in investing in Autumn. To find out more on how to get started with Autumn DNA, visit here>>>.

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