Best Bug Zappers: Useful Outdoor and Indoor Mosquito Killer Traps

No one can say they like bugs. Luckily, there are bug zappers out there. These can eliminate mosquitos and other types of insects, moths included. There are people who keep their bug zappers on patios or in their backyard. Others take these gadgets with them when out camping or going for a stroll. Seeing that summer is just around the corner, more and more bug zappers are available for sale everywhere. This presentation looks at the best of them, and only after serious deliberation.


The editorial team behind this article spent a lot of time discussing the pros and cons of every product. Rankings were made after rigorous testing. According to the analysis performed, this year’s top bug zappers are:


Black + Decker Bug Zapper

Black + Decker is one of the most reputable bug zapper brands on the market. It appears on all the tops made for bug zappers, and there’s a good reason why. This zapper protects both your home and yard from invaders. Besides, you can put it anywhere you want, and even hang it somewhere. No matter its locations, it always attracts bugs to zap them. Similar to the other zappers on this list, it works with UV light to attract the insects. These believe they are being offered free and easy food, but when getting closer, they’re zapped and killed. This non-toxic and very effective zapper is suitable for both outdoors and indoors. It offers good value for money, as it’s durable and made by a brand with good reputation. This is also why it’s the first on this list.

Price: $65 – More on Black + Decker Bug Zapper



This is another very popular choice. It was launched last year and gathered many positive reviews. The BUZZBGONE zapper is not like the high-end gadgets on this list, but it has a design that offers ease of use, compactness, and portability. It uses the same LED light to attract mosquitos. They fly into the light, looking for food. When they come across the coil, they are electrically zapped and die. BUZZBGONE runs on battery, has rotating fans, and features a collecting chamber in order to be easily cleaned. Moreover, it has an amazing price, this being the reason why it also offers very good value for money. In other words, this is another option you could go with.

Price: $40 – Learn What BUZZBGONE Can Do


Flowtron BK-40D

This electronic bug zapper is another device of its kind with many positive reviews left online. It sells impressively well at Amazon and other retailers on the Internet. From more than 13,000 customer reviews left on it, most are rated 4.5 stars, with 5 stars being the maximum score. Flowtron BK-40D might just what you need to keep your backyard clean from bugs. Different from other smaller zappers presented here, this one is rather sizeable, just because it needs to support its capabilities. It measures 17 inches in height, weighing about 5 pounds. Some might say it’s a hefty option when comparing it with other gadgets of its kind. It’s possible to buy attachments for it, like for example, an attractant cartridge for mosquitoes, a new bulb, and others. In spite of using a lot of power and being rather large, the Flowtron BK-40D is still worth the money because it doesn’t cost much at all.

Price: $68 – Here Are More Details on Flowtron BK-40D


Hemiua Bug Zapper

If the Flowtron BK-40D appeals to you and you’re thinking about spending even less money on your bug zapper, then choose Hemiua. This device might be a perfect choice for your needs. It has around 19,000 reviews on Amazon to support it, being rated at 4.6 stars out of 5. It’s 12 inches in height. It’s electric grid fence works at 4,200V and is surrounded by an ABS housing. The housing ensures pets or animals don’t get zapped by accident when touching the device. What’s also impressive about this bug zapper is its coverage. Hemiua claims their device covers as much as 1,500 sq ft. This means it’s ideal for larger homes or areas. You just need to put it somewhere in the center. After, you should enjoy your bug-free life. This zapper features a hook as well, so you can hang it from anywhere. Analyzing its price, it can be said it offers the best value for money on the current list. It’s true that Hemiua is not the most famous brand, but then again, it has a very good price for what it offers.

Price: $46 – Click Here for Hemiua Bug Zapper


Dynatrap DT1050

After Flowtron BK-40D, the Dynatrap DT1050 is this list’s option that consumes the most power. It works both outdoors and indoors, but it costs a bit more, even if it covers more than ½ of an acre. It has a structure made from steel alloy, meaning it’s incredibly durable. Trapping insects every day, you can use it to destroy the insects in your surroundings. When having to clean this device, you just need to twist its trap. There’s no need to touch it for cleaning. What’s also great about it is the fact that it’s easy to use. It has very quiet fan traps that are also very easy to clean. What’s inconvenient about the Dynatrap DT1050 is that it has to be plugged to work. Thus, it doesn’t work on battery. On the other hand, different options have the same electrical requirements and don’t offer as much as this gadget does. In terms of what makes the Dynatrap DT1050 special, this is its top rank.

Price: $94 – Learn Everything About the Dynatrap DT1050


Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper

Anysun is, among the products on this list, the first solar-powered system. It recharges, meaning you can leave it outside for as long as you want. For as long as there’s sunny weather, this device will attract bugs in its surroundings and kill them. This special lantern attracts flies and all kinds of pests. It’s also very lightweight, meaning you can take it anywhere with you. Aside from all this, it lights in 3 different modes that can be brightened or dimmed. You can use it both at night and during the day. This device is the campers’ must-have. It weighs only 2 pounds and covers 538 sq ft. When it comes to its waterproof rating, this is IPX65.

Price: $40 – Here Is Anysun Solar Powered Bug Zapper in More Detail


Fuze Bug

This insect zapping device called Fuze Bug is perfect for the backyard or the patio. It functions passively, so you can use it anywhere on your property. It costs very little, but this doesn’t mean it can’t help with zapping all the nasty insects from around your home and in your yard. The value it offers is adjacent to the present list, including the top-ranked products. As its name says, Fuze Bug zaps insects with the help of its unique design. The coverage is 375 sq ft, whereas the time of protection it offers is 20 hours. It doesn’t matter if you want to protect your outdoors or take Fuze Bug with you on a trip, the insects in your surroundings will be zapped. Similar to many of the other zappers on this list, the ones offering basic protection, Fuze Bug’s LED light is purple. To activate this device, you only need to flip its switch. The lights will turn on, and the system’s electronic coils will attract the bugs to zap them. The working principle is the same, bugs are attracted and then killed via electric zapping. This unit also features an electric feature that is double-layered and makes it not only easy to clean, but it also provides protection against accidents.

Price: $40 – Discover More About Fuze Bug


Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer

While not the most attractive bug zapper available on the market, the Aspecteck Electronic Insect Killer is among the most effective device of its kind. It features electric coils, same as other of the instruments above and below on this list. Thus, it uses these coils to catch the insects and eliminate them. The Aspectek comes at a very good price. It doesn’t matter how many units you purchase, the manufacturer will also send you replacement bulbs. This bug zapper is a long-term investment. This device doesn’t use any chemicals to do its job. This is why it should sound like the most beneficial option for you.

Price: $41 – Here’s a Detailed Review on Aspectek Electronic Insect Killer



This unique insect zapper doesn’t use only light to attract its preys. It also has a sucking system that functions like a fan in reverse. When mosquitos are coming towards the light, the fan eventually sucks them in. However, they must be close to the fan. The fan’s winds practically bombard the insects. This system also doesn’t use any chemicals. It can be used anywhere, from the outdoors to the indoors. In spite of being smile in size, the Moskinator traps more mosquitoes than other devices of its kind, and only after one use. This means no more irritated and punctured skin.

Price: $73 – Moskinator Insect Zapper in More Detail Here



With a deserving name, the Mosquitron is the other device on this list that targets mosquitoes only. It works similarly with the Moskinator, meaning it combines a light system with a fan to attract mosquitoes and kill them. This device charges on USB. It’s very intelligent and at the same time, easy to clean. Moreover, it’s also compact, which means it takes little space, no matter where you might put it. This means Mosquitron can be taken anywhere with you, when traveling. At a very small price, it’s one of the most affordable unit in this category of devices, but this doesn’t compromise on its zapping abilities. The Moquitron comes at amazing discounts at the moment, depending on how many units you’re buying. Some of the prices are dropped even half.

Price: $89 – Explore Mosquitron Here



Using a very bright light that attracts insects to kill them, the MosQiller takes action through the atmosphere, just like all the other devices presented here. What’s also special about it is that it’s incredibly silent. You could even put it in your library, it won’t bother you one tiny bit. However, it’s not the most appealing when it comes to design. It’s practical because you can easily clean it. Small in size, the MosQiller is perfect for any home, not to mention you can also take it out camping. People in your family and your pets can be around it as well. The light damages only insects that fly. Not the most affordable, this device’s price drops when you order more than unit. Therefore, if you want to install more of them for your use, you can do it by ordering in bulk.

Price: $79 – See What MosQiller Has to Offer Here


1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern

A 180-lumen camping device that uses LED lights, the 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern attracts mosquitoes without any problem. It’s the most compact unit presented here, which means it works perfectly in smaller spaces or in your backyard. According to its manufacturer, it can last you for a lifetime if you take good care of it. It’s only natural to understand why, seeing it features a battery functioning on 2,000 mAh, meaning it lasts for up to 20 hours when in use. The price of the 1TAC should also be appreciated. This device is among the most affordable in its category. You can also buy more of these systems and put them around your home or yard. The UV light this zapping instrument uses is real, not LED in Purple or Blue.

Price: $30 – Discover 1TAC Zapper Mosquito Zapper Lantern


MoskiX Band

The uniqueness of MoskiX Band can’t be equaled. This device is sold via the Internet by Hyperstech, an eCommerce company. Its uniqueness stands in the fact that it’s a smartwatch that gets you rid of mosquitos on the go, while you are wearing it at your hand. For example, if you are looking to get rid of insects when running or taking a walk, or whatever you might be doing, the go with MoskiX. You can take it with you when out camping and spending some time in the open air. While expensive, this bracelet is one of the most effective zappers on the present list. In fact, it’s not at all a zapper. It repels insects, doesn’t eliminate them. You can use for the entire summer, without any problem.

Price: $89 – Learn More About MoskiX Band

Ranking System

All bug zappers out there claim to destroy bugs. But not all of them live to what they promise. Most don’t cover large areas. Others are not durable. This list contains only tested devices. These have been tested both outdoors and indoors. Here are the factors that helped with ranking the top Bug Zappers:

Bug Attraction

There are zappers that use only LED lights to attract insects, meaning they’re not so efficient. Those of them with UV lights can’t be captured by the naked eye. The zappers here have been tested for effectiveness in southeastern US. The products on this list have been thoroughly tested.


Some of the bug zappers available on the market aren’t strong or large enough to cover wider areas, whereas others cover 2,000 sq ft. Coverage is very important. Small areas can be covered by higher-powered units and attract more insects.

Easy to Clean

Who wants to spend a lot of time cleaning electric coils? There are zappers that come with brushes to make cleaning the coils an easy task. Others are apart from coils to begin with, as they trap and dry the mosquitoes in a windy tunnel, to eliminate them. This presentation doesn’t make any bias, but the zappers that are easier to clean have been taken into consideration more.


While there are bug zappers lasting a couple or more hours after every charge, meaning they’re suitable for outdoor use, some have batteries that can last you for as long as 20 hours. As seen above, others use electrical outlets or solar power. The ones on this list are ranked more according to power and battery life.


Most bug zappers using electricity have some very smart safety features. This means it’s next to impossible to get zapped when around them. Some have dual-layer grids, whereas others prevent the coil from zapping those who are touching it. Bugs get electrocuted only when interacting with the coils’ second layer. Some other bug zappers features shut-off systems with tip-over so that they don’t injure the user.


While most zappers are being used outdoors, like in the backyard, some people take them camping. This is why durability matters a lot. Some of these devices are stainless steel, while others have plastic bodies and bulbs that can’t resist in time. This list features the zappers with the most durable parts.


It can be uncomfortable to use some insect zappers in dark areas. For example, those that don’t have UV light but only LEDs. These can cause damage to your vision if you use them at night. Besides, they’re not the best for creating a pleasant ambiance. Discretion is very important when it comes to choosing the best bug zappers. Opt for something that protects your eyes. This isn’t the ranking factor to be taken into consideration first, but it matters.

Value for Money

Your budget doesn’t have to weight that much. You can find zappers at many different prices. Those on this list are suitable for any packet, costing either less or being high-end. It doesn’t matter their price, they all offer value.

Who Are Insect Zappers For?

Any person can use bug zappers to protect him or herself from insects. Some people use these devices to enjoy the outdoors when having a drink on their porch, at their pool, or when camping. Bug zappers can kill any kind of insect. But if you want to know the categories of people who benefit the most from zappers, these are:

  • Hikers and outdoors enthusiasts
  • Families and people who want to spend more time outside
  • Those from areas where bugs are a big problem
  • Also those living next to bodies of water
  • People worried about catching diseases from bugs
  • Any person who doesn’t want to use chemical-based insect-killing solutions

Modern technology of present days offers cheaper and simpler solutions to traditional bug-killing options. Invest in a zapper that has fans, UV lights, and other high-quality features. Don’t invest too much money in a device that has features you don’t actually need. For $40 only, you can remain protected from bugs for as long as you want.


How Does a Bug Zapper Work?

Here are the 2 systems that make bug zappers work:

  • Systems that use UV, blue, or purple light to attract the bugs
  • Systems that are fan or wind-based and eliminate insects

The first category tricks the bugs into thinking the UV light is their food source. When the UV spectrum is seen by insects, it gets associated with warm-blooded creatures. This is when the bugs want to fly into the light, thinking they can get their easy meal. But they soon end up buzzed because they have hit the system’s electric coils and ended up sucked by the device’s fan system. Some users put bait into the zappers to increase effectiveness. For example, octenol is a substance that smells like human sweat and attracts mosquitos. Padding your zapper with octenol around the safe areas, you can attract more mosquitoes into it.

Zappers using fans or wind to kill insects have suction-generating fans that draw the bugs inside their container whenever the small creatures are around. These generate a too powerful sucking wind, and the bugs can no longer escape, remaining trapped in the device’s container, where they die and dry out. It’s less hassle to use such types of systems, which can be just as powerful as the ones mentioned above.

Most of the time, the zappers that consume a lot of energy are coil-based.

The Science Behind Bug Zappers

Most manufacturers of bug zappers don’t invest their money into verifying how their products work. However, they do have a lot of scientific background for the technologies they develop. This study from 2017 looked at how LED light attracts bugs to kill them. And when the lights were pulsating, the energy used was reduced 26-40%. And mosquitos were more attracted to lights that pulsated. In fact, 250% more of them were killed, as opposed to when using LEDs that weren’t pulsating.

There’s also this study from 2019, in which UV light was shown to be very effective at trapping and killing mosquitos, in Thailand. Scientists put UV light to work for an entire month, discovering it is more effective than any other bug-trapping and killing method. The average number of mosquitoes trapped was 41 per night. According to this research, UV light is the most effective at trapping and eliminating insects, as well as non-invasive.

In case you were wondering why zappers for bugs are more effective during specific periods of the day, find you that this recent survey revealed that mosquitos, depending on their night- or day-biting habits, respond differently to the light and colors present during different times of the day. For example, some are attracted by the light and colors of the day at a specific time, whereas others are repelled. This is very valuable information for the industry of bug zappers and repellants.

Technically, UV light is a radiation or light type. According to this study from 2016, UV light is entire safe for humans. This research looked at animals and humans that were exposed to a lot of UV light (specifically Black UV light) for long time. No correlation between UV light and any negative impact on health has been identified. Keep in mind that mosquitoes aren’t only annoying, but they can also cause death. The diseases they spread are killing thousands of people every year. Just like the CDC explains, there are many viruses and illnesses, such as malaria, dengue, the Zika virus, Chikungunya virus, and the West Nile virus, that are all caused by mosquitoes. If you happen to live in South America, southern US, or any other humid place for that matter, then you are at increased risk of developing diseases brought on by mosquitoes.

And there’s much more research on UV light attracting and eliminating flies, mosquitos, and other types of bugs.

Bug Zappers FAQs

Here are the FAQs for bug zappers:

What are bug zappers?

Bug zappers are devices that work on electricity (for example, those using electric coils). They zap flies, mosquitoes, and all sorts of other insects. Fan-based and other insect-killing systems are all considered by many people to be bug zappers.

How does a bug zapper work?

Many bag zappers work by using electric coils and UV light, or a combination. The UV light plays the role of attracting mosquitoes. The role of electric coils is to kill them. Naturally attracted to this type of light, mosquitoes see it as a food source. But the coils zap them.

How can you clean bug zappers?

There are bug zappers that clean themselves, as the bugs fall in the collecting tray at the device’s bottom end. Some bug zappers have a brush for cleaning their coils after each use. Others have special containers that are easy to remove bugs from them.

Why bug zappers and not sprays or repellents?

Repellants used against bugs only force these creatures away from your surroundings. This is not at all wrong if you want to solve your insect problem. Besides, if you decide on sprays, don’t forget these contain pesticides and chemicals. These can indeed solve your problems with the bugs, but many people prefer to not use chemicals that much. While repellants, as their name says, repel bugs, bug zappers eliminate them completely. In other words, they’re complementary to repellents or sprays.

What’s the area that a bug zapper cover?

A zapper that works just fine and has been properly designed, such as the ones covering the top of this list, can cover ½ of an acre. Others manage to cover only 1,500 sq ft. If you choose a smaller model, then go use it in smaller spaces, such as in your room, bedroom, and so on.

What bug zapper should I choose?

As mentioned above, the best bug zapper you could choose is included in the list above. Black + Decker, for instance, is backed by many positive reviews that say it eliminates all bugs and other harmful insects.

Why are mosquitoes attracted to light?

Mosquitoes are going into the UV lights because they see it as their food. Even the human body emits UV light, not to mention mosquitoes associate it with their food. Bug zappers use this type of light to attract all sorts of unwanted insects and kill them. Some of them come with additional elements, such as those in which you can put octenol, whereas others are only used for luring.

Can bug zappers bother pets?

Bug zappers claimed to be 100% safe when it comes to them being used around animals and children. As a matter of fact, there are many people who opt for them instead of sprays, pesticides, or other sort of solutions. Pets have absolutely no problem with the scent that a bug zapper doesn’t spread after eliminating insects.

Are 2,000 – 5,000V bug zappers dangerous?

Many 2,000 – 5,000V bug zappers that are high-end use this kind of powered electric grids for zapping bugs. While this sounds indeed scary because the voltage at low current is high, when your body contacts the grid, the electric shock generated is that of the one an electric fence’s battery generates. Such shock couldn’t harm you. More than this, bug zappers feature safety cages that have dual-layer designs so that you don’t touch their electrical grid.

How to get more mosquitoes with my bug zapper?

As mentioned, octenol can be added to any bug zapper to attract more mosquitoes. This substance’s smell is like human sweat. Insects fly into it, after which they enter the device’s electric coils. If you line your bug zapper with pads soaked in octenol, then you increase the effectiveness of your device by much and increase its effectiveness.

Can I use my zapper to attract more flies?

In case flies happen to be your problem, then go for putting food in your zapper. Try anything, from sugar to honey, even mincemeat or cat food. This food will attract the flies, especially if it has a rotten and pungent smell. And the more food there is in your zapper, the more flies will come to it.


Good bug zappers have the necessary features to transform your backyard or home. They use lights, fans, and electric coils to keep your surroundings free from insects and safe. They can get you rid of mosquitoes in only a few minutes, not to mention they provide protection for hours after. Of course, not all of them are created equal. As said, some employ LED lights and can’t attract insects in the most efficient manner, whereas others employ wavelengths that have been backed by scientific studies, testing the different radiation levels. Some have fans, others have electric coils.

Have a look over the 2021 best list of bug zappers above to see how you can remain protected against bugs when the temperature is hot and humid.

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