Best CBD Cream for Pain Management: Top 10 Brands of 2022

There’s nothing more frustrating than experiencing chronic pain day-to-day. The first thing we resort to is prescription painkillers that don’t seem to help much. That leaves us with alternative solutions like cannabinoid products that appear to do wonders. For this reason, we’ve compiled a list of the ten best CBD creams for pain in 2022.

But what are CBD creams, and how do they help ease our pain? More importantly, what is the best way to use them? Below, we dive deeper into these questions to see why so many people opt for these products. But first, let’s take a look at the promised list of the best CBD creams for pain relief this year.

Top 10 Best CBD Creams for Pain in 2022

1. Royal CBD


As its name suggests, this Californian brand might as well be meant for royalty. Because the company’s goal is to develop products that are almost perfect, this team puts considerable effort into doing everything right. That’s why Royal CBD experts don’t joke about neither the quality nor the purity of their goods. Instead, what they make are premium products that’ll make us forget all about our pain.

Among its fair share of CBD pain-relievers, the company offers two types of topicals — a cream and a roll-on gel. Both products are made from organic hemp grown on Colorado farms using no solvents. They also contain other cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes to help us get the most of our CBD experience. What’s more, they are entirely free of THC.

Royal CBD’s cream is among the best CBD creams for pain, providing a warming sensation on our sore areas, and is listed as the top brand in many popular websites, such as CFAH, Herald Net, Seattle Weekly, and We Be High. One jar contains as much as 500 mg of CBD, together with other cannabinoids and cannabis aromatic oils. We can buy one bottle for $74 on sale or get a two or four-pack discount for one-time purchases. Alternatively, we can opt for a monthly deal to save more money in the long run.

On the other hand, Royal CBD’s gel cools a painful spot to ease the discomfort we’re feeling. It’s a mix of aloe vera and menthol enriched with 500 mg of CBD. The gel’s roll-on format makes its application convenient and its absorption fast. We can buy one bottle for $59 or save money on two or four bottle orders and monthly deals.

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2. Gold Bee


Gold Bee’s dream is to improve the condition of our planet and ourselves. Therefore, this company from California welcomes us into its sweet world of honey and CBD products. For the latter, these experts use locally grown organic hemp. Before making their goods available to the public, they test their potency and purity.

Due to their devotion to providing high-quality products, this brand became very popular in the cannabis community — earning recommendations from leading publications online such as Weed News, Juneau Empire, and DailyCBD.

For those of us looking to ease local pain, Gold Bee offers several CBD topicals. Its patches, pain freeze, and essential oil roll-ons combine the effects of CBD with natural ingredients. What sets Gold Bee’s topicals apart from other companies is their high CBD content. Its potent CBD topicals also get infused with melatonin and lidocaine that further help decrease our pain.

Unfortunately, the company’s website doesn’t feature its topical lineup at the moment. We might also have to wait for its CBD creams to become available. But we know for a fact that the experts at Gold Bee are as busy as bees developing their premium-grade topicals.

The company enhances the effects of its pain freeze rollers with menthol. The menthol cools our sore spots and speeds up the healing process. Gold Bee’s CBD patches are another alternative for pain relief, their soothing effects lasting up to 12 hours. The company’s essential oil roll-ons will also give us a calming sensation with their citrusy fragrances.

3. Medterra


Medterra is more than just pretty purple packaging and an informative website. The company does its best to bring only the purest, most affordable products into the ever-growing CBD realm. All of its products are non-GMO, third-party tested, and certified by the US Hemp Authority. Medterra sells CBD supplements, tinctures, capsules, and pet products, as well as topicals.

If we’re experiencing sore and stiff muscles and joints or local inflammation, this company offers us four topical solutions. For those of us who prefer gel texture, we can try out Medterra’s relief and recovery roll-on. But Medterra’s rubs are arguably some of the most affordable and best CBD creams for pain relief and recovery. They come in three different options:

  • pain relief cream
  • relief + recovery cream
  • CBD + manuka cream

The pain relief cream proudly carries the 2022 “Product of the Year” title, and for a reason. A 1000 mg bottle contains 99.6% CBD and relies on the revitalizing effects of menthol and arnica. Plus, its formula is also rich in nourishing ingredients such as aloe vera and jojoba oil. The cream is fairly cheap — what’s $54.99 for one of the best CBD creams for pain and recovery?

But opting for other Medterra’s CBD topicals would be equally reasonable. We can get an arnica and menthol cream for $29.99 or a manuka honey healing cream for $34.99. What’s more, we can get a 15% discount on Medterra’s website if we take a short CBD quiz.

4. CBDistillery


CBDistillery’s goal is to lead the CBD movement, making this cannabidiol easily accessible to those of us who need it. This brand from Colorado stands firmly against overpriced and unsatisfactory goods coming from the growing realm of CBD. For that reason, CBDistillery develops affordable premium-quality products that set the bar high. Apart from its fair share of topicals, the company offers CBD oils, gummies, softgels, and powders.

Its topical lineup includes a wide range of products we won’t be able to find anywhere else. Starting from different kinds of creams and sticks to lip balms, this company seems to have a solution to our every problem. The experts at CBDistillery even offer age-defying skincare kits and body essentials sets. These are infused with 200-400 mg of CBD and are ideal for keeping our skin healthy.

As for its creams, CBDol is by far the most beloved as we can often see it out of stock. This salve contains 500 mg of CBD mixed with essential oils. Thanks to its non-greasy formula, it absorbs fast and is easy to apply. Plus, the balm is suitable for all kinds of pain, from post-workout spasms to after-work backaches.

We can also get its broad-spectrum CBD warming and cooling creams. They’re infused with 300 mg of CBD each and are famous for not containing any THC whatsoever. The company sells them individually and in a set, which is great if we don’t know what to get. Still, CBDistillery swears on its creams’ magical powers when they work together.

5. Hemp Bombs


Are we finally ready to declare war on our annoying pain? The guys at Hemp Bombs know how important it is to fight for your pain-free time. That’s why they offer premium hemp goods tested multiple times throughout the production. Apart from topicals, we can also try out their oils, edibles, capsules, and vape juices.

But if we’re experiencing any kind of local pain like muscle soreness or stiff joints, Hemp Bombs’ topicals will soothe it. Its ointments, sprays, lotions, and patches act locally to bring relief to our sore areas. The company also offers CBD topicals with a nourishing effect like beard products, tattoo ointments, or lip balms. The topicals’ localized effect can also spread to our entire bodies if we go for their CBD bath bombs.

If we’re looking for the best CBD creams for pain, Hemp Bombs’ pain freeze won’t let us down. Its extremely potent rub contains as much as 1000 mg of CBD mixed with cooling menthol. The product will quickly ease our post-workout soreness or muscle stiffness and is perfectly safe to use. Its only drawback is that it doesn’t combine CBD with the soothing effects of other cannabinoids.

The company’s pain freeze collection also offers a roll-on and two other kinds of CBD rubs. However, these rubs are less potent as they contain only 100 or 400 mg of CBD. The roll-on is infused with 200 mg of CBD and, much like its cousins, contains 4% menthol. So, if we only crave muscle relaxation instead of severe pain relief, Hemp Bombs’ less potent creams are a must-try.

6. Spruce CBD


With Spruce CBD products, what we get is unrivaled pain relief. These goods are unique as they come from a hemp strain dating from the War of 1892. All the company’s CBD goods are full-spectrum, containing natural cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids that create an entourage effect. So, Spruce CBD doesn’t water down the potency of its goods — quite the contrary.

This brand’s topical lineup includes three types of products: creams, salves, and lotions. They’re all 100% natural, low in THC, and contain no pesticides whatsoever. Before they become available, the company runs safety checks on them, which means we’re safe to use them. Spruce’s low-potency topicals can help us with slight discomfort, and its stronger salves and lotions can relieve more severe pain.

As for its topical cream, the company recommends it for treating targeted pain. It’s easy to use, and we can apply it to the affected area whenever we need to. Unfortunately, its potency isn’t very high — the cream is infused with 300 mg of CBD only. Its THC levels are low, too, but aren’t zero, which means we might test positive on a drug test.

Other, more potent Spruce topicals include a 1000-2000 mg salve and a 2000 mg lotion. The salve has a bit oilier texture than the cream and a mild, pleasant smell. Spruce’s CBD lotion contains shea butter, arnica, coconut, and some other natural ingredients. It is much costlier than the alternatives, so we might have to spare more money ($169) in advance.

7. CBDfx


The mission of CBDfx is a commitment to the quality of its products. For that reason, the company develops solvent and cruelty-free goods with verified potencies. If we still aren’t sure whether to try them out, this brand proves its trustworthiness by offering a 60-day guarantee. The company’s collection of CBD products includes gummy bears, oils, capsules, and vapes, to name but a few.

For its topical lineup, CBDfx seems to have tracked down only the best natural ingredients. Regardless of whether we’re after products that relieve skin irritation or pain, this company offers reliable CBD creams and sticks. We can also get bath bombs to soften and detoxify our skin and give us a relaxing sensation. Their collection of topicals also includes products designed for specific areas like face and feet CBD masks.

But among the best CBD creams for pain relief is CBDfx’s muscle & joint cream. It comes in three different potencies, ranging from 500 mg to 3000 mg of CBD per bottle. Each cream has a powerful cooling formula whose willow bark, caffeine, and menthol ingredients excel at addressing inflammatory processes. Also, the company’s lab-testing shows non-detectable amounts of THC in these products.

We can opt for their balm sticks for sore muscles and joints, too. They come in two potencies — a 750 mg and a 3000 mg option. These sticks contain wintergreen and black pepper essential oils that quickly soothe our pain. Unfortunately, CBDfx’s topicals can get a bit pricey unless we come across a discount.

8. Aspen Green


More than anything, Aspen Green cares about the purity and safety of its products. These experts use hemp grown on organic farms in Colorado that are certified by the USDA. They also have their products tested by third-party labs to ensure they’re free from toxins and contaminants. Apart from its collection of topicals, the company offers CBD oils.

Thanks to their purity, Aspen Green’s topicals are among the best CBD creams for pain relief. Aspen Green creams and body oils contain only natural ingredients, which makes them safe to use. Since they come in different potencies, we can opt for the right topical based on the severity of our condition. It’s also possible to return the product we aren’t satisfied with within 60 days and try something else instead.

The company recommends two topicals for pain management: a pain relief body balm and a muscle relief cooling cream. The body balm contains 1000 mg of CBD and is free from gluten and toxins. Its texture is oily, which makes it easy to spread across the affected area. Similarly, the cooling cream’s purity is top-notch, and its potency is just enough to keep the tension away.

Aspen Green’s other topical options include moisturizing creams and nourishing body oils. They contain lower amounts of CBD (500 mg), which might not be enough for treating more severe conditions. However, the company has one option suited for professionals only: the nourishing body oil (back bar professional size). It comes with 3000 mg of CBD and costs a bit more than its alternatives ($265).

9. Joy Organics


Joy Organics started as a family business but is now on the rise, thanks to its owners’ devotion and care. To develop premium products, these experts use organic hemp grown on USDA-certified farms in America. They extract oil only from hemp buds, leaving the stems, seeds, leaves, and stalks aside. As we can see in their lab results, they remove THC from the oil through the chromatography process.

Besides topicals, the company offers various CBD goods, including energy drinks, gummies, and pet products. Its topical collection products have the purest ingredients that don’t harm our health after our skin absorbs them. This lineup includes CBD bath bombs, salves, creams, and sticks. So, what makes Joy Organics’ topicals some of the best CBD creams for pain out there?

As we’ve already said, it comes down to Joy Organics’ high-quality production processes and its organic practices. The company’s CBD salve contains 500 mg of this cannabinoid, which might be just enough to ease our local pain. But apart from revitalizing our joints and muscles, this formula can also nourish our dry skin. Since it contains zero THC, we won’t have to worry about any possible side effects.

Another solution for pain relief would be Joy Organics’ CBD cream. Unfortunately, it is unscented, so we won’t feel like we’re in a spa. Also, the cream is even less potent, infused with only 250 mg of CBD. So, a bit higher pricing for low-potency products is probably this company’s biggest drawback.

10. Receptra Naturals


Like some of its competitors, Receptra Naturals uses organic hemp from Colorado to develop its CBD products. Their third-party tested products can bring us either relaxation or pain relief based on our specific needs. Receptra Naturals offers oils, gummies, and pet products infused with CBD. But because the company was launched as a shop for athletes, its bestsellers come from the topical lineup.

It includes sticks, oils, and some of the best CBD creams for pain that athletes could imagine. This company’s topicals contain camphor and arnica and just the right amount of CBD to relieve post-workout soreness. All of the company’s balms except for one have 400 mg of CBD, but we can get a more potent pain relief stick. Alternatively, we can choose Receptra Naturals’ body oil with 200 mg of CBD if we’re only looking for some relaxation.

After an 800 mg balm, this brand’s CBD stick is the most potent, packed with 640 mg of CBD per bottle. Its natural formula speeds up the healing process, all the while smelling like jasmine. Unlike balms recommended after yoga, fitness, or skiing/boarding, the stick doesn’t have a specific purpose. So, even if we aren’t into sports, we can still try out its healing powers.

However, Receptra Naturals’ topicals seem a bit costlier than its competitors’ products. Given their less potent formulas, even buying an 800 mg balm for $71.99 can seem a bit expensive. Still, that’s a small price to pay for our well-being. After our muscles have gotten the relaxation they deserve, chances are we will forget all about this price.

What Are CBD Creams?

To answer this question, let’s first see what CBD topicals are. Unlike other products coming from Cannabis sativa strains, topicals have a localized effect. In other words, we don’t ingest them as we do with edibles, nor do we smoke them like vapes. Instead, we rub them on a specific area of our bodies that causes us pain or discomfort.

CBD creams, in particular, are cousins to other CBD topicals such as oils, lotions, salves, patches, balms, or roll-on sticks. They’re infused with the analgesic called CBD and often consist of water and oil to the greatest extent. However, they can also include other minor cannabinoids, cannabis or other terpenes, or some ingredients like vitamins. Some people use CBD products to soothe local pain, stop inflammation, or relax stiff muscles or joints, which are the functions of CBD.

How Do the Best CBD Creams for Pain Help Us?

We’re already aware that CBD creams help with pain relief, much like other CBD products. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more people resort to CBD products instead of prescription medications.

But how does this work? How do CBD creams make us feel better, and do they have a long-term effect?

Naturally, a common factor to all CBD products is this healing cannabinoid for pain, says LA Weekly. It works together with our endocannabinoid system that further regulates our physiological system. Scientists believe that CBD prevents endocannabinoids from breaking down by inhibiting the enzyme called FAAH. CBD also affects our levels of dopamine, the primary hormone responsible for our (good) mood.

But we can best explain the anti-inflammatory effects of CBD based on its interaction with adenosine. Namely, CBD delays the reuptake of this neurotransmitter, boosting its levels in our brains. And why is adenosine so important? Mainly because it reduces inflammation and promotes sleep and calmness.

What Are the Benefits of the Best CBD Creams for Pain?


One way we can benefit from using CBD creams is that they might help with our arthritis. According to the NCCDPHP, nearly 54 million Americans (or 23% of adults in the US) suffer from this illness. Because of their condition, those people’s activities might be limited. More importantly, people with arthritis often experience severe chronic pain that even the prescribed drugs can’t soothe.

So, how does CBD help with arthritis? Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects, CBD has become beloved by arthritis patients. Many of them report feeling better after using CBD, but the FDA is yet to study why this happens. Still, there seems to be a reasonable explanation as to why arthritis patients resort to CBD creams more often than some other CBD-infused products.

As we’ve already said, CBD creams act locally. Since arthritis affects joints and tissues around them, we can treat only the affected areas. Based on our level of pain, we can opt for different-potency creams to treat distinct body parts. Another good thing about using CBD creams is that they’d cause only localized side effects, should an allergic reaction happen.

The same goes for chronic pain like backache as well as other types of local soreness. For instance, if we’re into sports or hitting the gym, we might be familiar with frequent injuries. Sprained joints and stiff muscles might be an everyday occurrence. Naturally, taking prescription medications for pain relief every day is out of the question.

Therefore, we need to resort to over-the-counter options. Creams infused with CBD can soothe our pain equally well. They’re easy to apply, and we can choose how much cream we want and where we want it. More importantly, since such inflammatory processes are localized, local analgesics make the best treatment option.

How to Use the Best CBD Creams for Pain

As we’ve seen, CBD creams have their fair share of possible uses. They help with inflammatory processes, chronic and local pain, and even nerve pain. CBD creams can also help decrease the effects of rashes, eczema, or acne on our skin. Because CBD can quickly heal our wounds, its topical application makes the most sense.

But what is the best way to use CBD creams and other topicals? All we need to do is apply the cream to the skin above our sore area. The skin will quickly absorb it, delivering its nutrients directly to our stiff muscles or sprained joints. As we’ve already mentioned, CBD will instantly react with local receptors and soothe our pain.

Unlike other CBD products such as edibles or vapes, creams don’t release this cannabinoid into our bloodstream. Therefore, measuring how much CBD our skin has absorbed might prove difficult or even impossible. So, when it comes to the application of CBD creams, we shouldn’t overdo it. Instead, it would be better to start by applying a lower dose of the cream to our sore areas.

Especially if we’re new to using CBD creams, we should opt for lower-potency topicals in the beginning. If such weaker creams don’t relieve our pain, we can slowly increase the potency of the creams we buy. Also, we should always look for the specific instructions provided by the manufacturer. It sometimes happens that certain CBD creams contain those products to which we might be allergic.

Are All the Best CBD Creams for Pain Legal?

There’s often a question mark over the legality of CBD products. In general, possessing CBD creams is federally legal, meaning that we should be free to use them in all 50 states. However, we can see that’s not always the case in practice. So, what seems to be the problem?

While it’s federally legal to use hemp CBD creams that contain less than 0.3% THC, some states beg to differ. In Wisconsin, for example, the state law isn’t that clear, so we might need to have a certificate. Some states also impose other rules and accept only those products approved by the FDA.

Final Thoughts on the Best CBD Creams for Pain Relief in 2022

Constant pain in our muscles and joints might be keeping us up at night and decreasing our daytime productivity. When prescription drugs fail us, resorting to over-the-counter options might be our only hope. Luckily, the realm of CBD can lend us a helping hand in such situations. Among many kinds of CBD products in the US, topicals seem to be bestsellers for local pain.

Hopefully, this article provides a comprehensive list of the most beloved brands on the market. What makes these ten topicals the best CBD creams for pain is their potency, purity, and unmatched overall composition. They all get through all sorts of tests and are federally legal. Still, before we decide to use them, we should carefully consider the “How to” section from above.

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