Best CBD Oil For Dogs

CBD oil use in dogs is still new to most pet owners. Most of them would not be sure if it will have the same benefits as it does for humans or it will be different. Also, there are only a few studies on the effects of CBD on dogs. So, reviews will often be good to help dog owners to consider buying the best CBD oil for dogs.

When looking for CBD oil, you may get options such as broad-spectrum CBD, full-spectrum CBD, and CBD isolates. We shall look at them separately to see how they can be individually good for the pet.

In this guide, we also look at the top brands that make the best CBD products for dogs. We will also give you more information on how best to start using CBD for your pet. If you are ready for such, continue reading the guide.

Best CBD Oil for Dogs: Top 5 Brands of 2021

  1. Honest Paws – Best CBD Oil for Mobility
  2. Royal CBD – Editor’s Choice
  3. CBDfx – Best Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil
  4. Endoca – Best for Organic CBD oil
  5. American Shaman – Best Fast-Acting CBD Oil

1. Honest Paws



  • It is gluten-free
  • Safe full spectrum cbd oil
  • No contaminants


  • Some complaints on the CBD content being lower than advertised

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Are you interested in full-spectrum CBD oil for dogs? If that is what you need, this is the product you should buy today. Since it is Honest Paws CBD oil, there is so much reputation riding on this product. So, the brand had to ensure it was the best before it hit the market. Anyone who knows Honest Paws will often give it a positive review.

Other than the CBD oil products, there are also the Honest Paws dog treats. They are fully organic, free from GMOs, corn, and other possible contaminants to make them good among the competition. Of course, there is a lab report to confirm this on the website.

The brand lists the best dosage someone should follow when administering CBD oil. You have the dosage categorized based on the weight of the pet. So, the next time you are unsure how much CBD oil the pet needs, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

There is still a 30-day money-back guarantee. You can take it as a time where you would try the product on your pet. If it is not what you expected, you can get a refund on the purchase. Besides, you also enjoy 20% off, read the coupon description carefully to understand how the Honest Paws discount code works.

You can get additional dog treats CBD products from the brand too in addition to the CBD oil.

2. Royal CBD



  • It is gluten-free
  • The CBD oil is lab-tested
  • It uses natural ingredients


  • Just one flavor

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Among the best CBD oils for dogs, there is this one. This is a full-spectrum CBD pet oil with a bacon flavor. Since it is full-spectrum, the dog owners will love the terpenes and many other cannabinoids the CBD oil will have in it.

It will have some THC too, as part of its compounds. However, the THC is less than 0.3%. This would not be a big deal even for pet owners. The amount of THC in this best CBD oil for dogs is negligible to make more pet owners feel it is safe for their pets.

Having three potency options is a good sign that you can pick the CBD products that will be ideal for a condition you are trying to relieve. Keep checking the official website as there might be the introduction of more potency options with time.

The brand claims to offer gluten-free CBD products. So, no more worries about possible allergy triggers. It is still lab-tested to see if there are any contaminants. Of course, you find the lab report on the website to see if it is good for your dog or not. The natural ingredients claim should definitely make anyone feel it is worth buying.

3. CBDfx



  • Impressive broad-spectrum CBD oil
  • Has a natural bacon flavor
  • It is organic and non-GMO


  • A few complaints on the return policy

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The brand makes the highest quality CBD oil in the industry. It uses organic hemp oil to make it better, ensuring better safety and more cannabinoids for the dog. That is why we had to include it among the CBD oils for dogs.

The brand offers high-quality CBD products for pets that are also classified better. You will find CBD oil tinctures for small breeds, medium breeds, large breeds, and more. Each of these categorizations would have different potency. The larger the breed, having a stronger potency the better.

This is also for those who want a broad-spectrum CBD oil for their dog that is also from organically-grown hemp plants. Broad-spectrum CBD means that it does not have THC. It is definitely a good assurance for those who do not want THC in their pet’s CBD oil.

How about the flavor? There is the natural bacon flavor as the main flavor. Since dogs love the bacon flavor, it should easily work for your pet then. Most people would mix it in their pet’s food to ease administration. Make sure to use the CBDfx coupon where possible even to save more on your purchases.

4. Endoca



  • The products are lab-tested
  • Fast customer support
  • Offers worldwide delivery


  • Limited potency choices

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Going through the ingredient list of this pet CBD oil, you will find out why it is among the best CBD oils. Well, the product is generally organic, vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free. These are all words you want to see when buying hemp oil for your dog.

Looking at the potency, many people find it a good choice. It is neither too strong nor too weak. Such an average potency may offer several health benefits to your dog without necessarily overwhelming it. You are advised to add it to the pet’s food or you can put a few drops under its tongue for effective use.

Another reason to consider this non-GMO hemp extract CBD oil is that it is lab tested. So if you are unsure if it is a safe product, you can always check it from the lab report to understand more.

Having dedicated customer care will help a pet owner to learn more about CBD oil before buying. Even when you have more questions about the additional CBD products, such as dog treats, the support team will help you out.

5. American Shaman



  • Beef and cheese flavors
  • Both THC and THC-free oils are available
  • Good potency for several conditions


  • No lab report is listed

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American Shaman is known for some high-quality CBD products humans love. However, the brand also has other options, including the dog CBD oil tincture. This type of organic CBD has received several positive reviews from pet owners making it to our top list of CBD oils for dogs.

The CBD oil is available in either beef and cheese flavors. Well, it is hard to go wrong with such flavors. The dog would mostly find it a treat when using such flavors. In addition to the flavor, the potency is also good. It is an average potency that would be ideal for joint health, chronic pain, among other benefits.

It is interesting how you can get CBD oil with THC and one without THC. So, you can get both broad-spectrum and full-spectrum CBD oils from the company. So, which one makes you feel comfortable? If you do not like your pet getting even small amounts of THC, there is the choice of no THC too.

There is the use of MCT oil from coconut oil to improve its bioavailability. Because of this, CBD oil will get to the bloodstream faster. There is also a dosage chart on how best to use the product when buying CBD oil. This is good information, especially for those who have not used it before.

Criteria for Choosing CBD Oil for Dogs

The CBD industry has many players, with some being good at what they do while others not so good. For when buying CBD oil, it should always be from a top brand. However, how would you tell it is a top brand? Here are the criteria to use when seeking CBD oil for dogs.

Hemp Farm

Where the company gets its hemp plants is vital. Anyone would be comfortable if the company states that it uses high-quality hemp plants in its production of organic CBD oil. Check to see if the brand has listed its source. You can do more research to see if the hemp farm uses sustainable farming practices.

CBD Extraction

The method that the manufacturer uses is always vital. The method would determine if the CBD oil would have more terpenes, cannabinoids, or even its safety. Most people would prefer if the brand used the CO2 extraction method since it does not leave solvents in the CBD oil.


The ingredients or components of any CBD oil is crucial. If the ingredients are safe, then you can use CBD oil for your dog. Also, if the ingredients are listed, you can do your own research to see if it is safe for the dog or not. A company that does not disclose the components is often hiding something.

Laboratory Testing

Lab testing in third-party labs is always a good sign of transparency. You may notice that many companies nowadays will always have third-party lab reports posted on their websites. This is crucial to ensure that a buyer can read and understand the safety and purity of a product before buying.


The reputation of a company is paramount. It helps you see if the company is good or not. As for this guide, we have taken the time to understand a company’s reputation before including it on the list. So, you would buy from a brand knowing we did our research well.

The customer reviews can also help you understand more about the company’s reputation too. Always look at them before buying CBD oil.

Customer Service

How does the support team respond to your queries? You can often tell a lot about a company just from interacting with the customer service team. If the team does not take care of your needs well, you should then expect the worst when buying the product. You should never compromise on customer service.

Customer Experience

It would only be good to buy from a company that has the best customer experience. Look at the reviews and feedback left by previous clients. If someone finds the product useful and safe, then expect a good review. Sometimes you can avoid bad company by reading the reviews alone.

Research on CBD and Pets

There are quite a number of claims about how CBD oil may help your dog and other pets. However, how many of them are true? Here is where you need to rely on the studies done on how CBD affects dogs. Sometimes we draw conclusions based on studies done in humans and see how it may fit dogs too. Let us see how CBD may help dog health problems below.

How Does CBD Oil Help Your Dogs

CBD may have several benefits for your pet to enjoy. The most mentioned is that CBD can help with arthritis. There is even a study to show this. What is important is that you have to be consistent with giving the pet the recommended CBD oil dosage for dogs with arthritis for weeks to see the benefits.

Sometimes we have to take the studies done in humans too into consideration. For that case, there is a 2020 publication that shows how CBD oil may help to offer antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Considering that 60% of dogs often experience mobility issues as they age, it is good to consider CBD oil for such symptoms.

CBD may also help reduce the dog’s anxiety. CBD is well known for its calming effects. As such, the pet may be barking excessively, but the use of CBD can help in taming such anxiety symptoms. You may notice some of the brands even adding camomile oil to introduce more calming effects.

The Difference Between CBD And Medical Marijuana

The biggest difference between these two would be the amount of CBD and THC percentages in both. As it is, CBD oil will have more CBD content than THC. Most CBD products you buy right now would have less than 0.3% THC. This is a requirement by law that manufacturers have to keep the THC low. This is also because CBD will be from hemp plants which are generally low in THC.

As for medical marijuana, it will have more THC content than CBD oil. This is because it comes from a cannabis plant which is known for having more THC content that can also get you high. As much as medical marijuana would not have as much THC as recreational marijuana, it would still be more than what CBD oil from hemp plants offers.

How to Use CBD for Dogs

Let us say you have just got CBD for dogs, and you have no idea how to use it. There will be many methods to consider using. We discuss more of them below.

Methods for Administering CBD Oil to a Dog

CBD oil can be administered by directly depositing the CBD oil drops in the dog’s mouth or mixing it with its favorite good.

If you have to put the CBD oil directly into the dog’s mouth directly, it is advisable to add the drops under the tongue. If the dog warms up to this method, it is advisable to stick with it. Always be gentle while trying to open the dog’s mouth.

Of course, if the dog does not like it in the mouth, mixing it in the food is an option. Introduce the CBD oil in the food gradually. Increase the dose once the pet is acclimated to the CBD taste.

CBD Dosage For Dogs

Like in humans, you should always consider the CBD dosage if you want it to work as expected. Most experts recommend that for dogs and cats, start with a CBD dosage of 1 to 2 mg for every 10 pounds of body weight of your pet.

Since most brands understand that not many people know how to use CBD for pets, they would have a serving size chart. All you have to do is follow the chart and monitor the effects of CBD. You may have to increase the dosage after a while to improve the potential benefits depending on the use.

Side Effects of CBD oil in Dogs

As much as CBD may offer several health benefits, there might be possible side effects too. Here are some your dog may experience;

  • Dry mouth
  • Drowsiness
  • Lowered blood pressure

If you want to minimize these side effects, it is best to stick to the proper dosage. Most of them happen when you give too much CBD to your pet.

CBD Oil for Dogs: Key Takeaways

The best CBD oil for dogs is one that will be safe for your pet, have a good flavor, and offer several health benefits to your pet. You will often come across different brands, which can be confusing at times. Not to worry, because we have listed the top brands above. You will now have an easier time buying CBD products for dogs.

Are you still unsure about using CBD for dogs? We suggest that you talk to your veterinarian to see if it would be safe to use CBD. This is even more important when the dog is on other medications.

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