Best Credit Repair Companies – Review the Top Services of 2022

Your credit score is a fundamental part of your life as an individual or an organization. It is the measure of your creditworthiness, and the value ranges from 300 and 850. Anything above 700 is a good credit score as most consumers fall between 600 and 750. Credit score or creditworthiness significantly affects numerous financial transactions like auto loans, car insurance, credit cards, mortgages, and more. Persons with low creditworthiness will have to pay more for these transactions every year. In addition, it helps lenders decide whether to extend or deny you credit.

Maintaining a high credit score is quite important, and that is why many companies offer credit repair services. These credit repair companies represent you by working with credit agencies on your behalf. Companies that provide good credit repair services can help alleviate your creditworthiness blemishes, improving your score by hundreds. Different credit companies are out there, and selecting an appropriate one can be a problem. Some of them are full of lip services and do not have the required qualities to be a good credit repair company. Good credit repair companies have excellent records, established systems, good relationships with credit bureaus, and transparency.

While some companies have the required qualities and will genuinely solve your credit blemishes, people often ask: Which credit repair company should I select? Where can I get the best credit repair company? These questions are asked when people do not know which company to approach to increase their credit score. That is why we have written such a well-documented article for you.

Before we get straight to the core of the article, let us begin with the basics.

What is a Credit Repair Company?

If you believe that you are having issues with your credit score and need it to be analyzed professionally, you should approach a credit repair agency or company that will provide you with a variety of services that will help you fix the score.

A number of credit repair companies offer similar services. From a reputable credit repair service, you can expect to gather your credit reports, get them analyzed and most credit repair companies also offer the service of challenging the dispute that is present in your credit report.

The credit repair business is a blooming one that has helped out many people. Many credit reporting agencies offer their services of credit reporting for free.

Credit reporting agencies generally charge for other services such as monitoring and most credit repair companies do take a monthly fee for comprehensive packages.

To make sure that you are availing of the services of a reputable credit repair agency, look for BBB recognition.

What is the Credit Repair Organizations Act?

The Credit Repair Organizations Act has been put forth to regulate the activities of any credit repair company and make sure that they do not scam their customers in any manner.

The Credit Repair Organizations Act is designed to protect consumer rights and prevent a credit repair agency from unnecessary exaggeration and false claims to improve their credit repair business. Without the regulation of this act, most credit repair companies would flaunt their business across the credit repair industry.

Given the highly competitive nature of the credit repair industry, most credit repair companies would advertise false data and make false promises to stand out from other credit repair agencies. Even with this act in place, it is very difficult to find credit repair agencies that are reputable and reliable.

To find a reputable credit repair service, you will have to browse through several credit repair agencies across the credit repair industry. This is why we have taken the effort to do so and help you out.

Now that the article is finally picking thrust and you have the basic knowledge about credit, here is a quick overview of the best credit repair companies listed in this detailed article:

Sky Blue Credit
  • Sky Blue Credit is one of the best credit repair companies that offers free credit score analysis as well as free consultation about anything related to credit repair such as credit monitoring, removing negative information, and disputing inaccuracies with credit bureaus.
  • Sky Blue Credit also provides debt validation letters to debt collectors and unlimited dispute letters to credit bureaus.
  • Credit Saint
  • Credit Saint offers amazingly low credit repair packages while thoroughly reviewing your credit reports to provide you with the best credit remodel package.
  • Being one of the best credit repair companies, Credit Saint offers credit monitoring from the major credit bureaus, and regularly updates credit reports, while also increasing desist intervention.
  • With a free credit score analysis and amazing credit counseling, Credit Saint has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating consistently for over 10 years.
  • Lexington Law
  • Lexington Law Credit Repair service provides a free credit reports consultation while also striving to include fair credit reporting act into your documentation.
  • Providing credit reports from the major credit bureaus, Lexington Law offers free credit score analysis to let you know where you stand.
  • With numerous positive credit repair reviews, Lexington Law is easily one of the best credit repair companies on our list providing accurate credit monitoring from credit bureaus while having three credit repair options.
  • CreditRepair
  • CreditRepair as the name suggests is a credit repair company, and ideally the best credit repair service with stellar credit repair reviews.
  • With three credit repair options and service packages to choose from, CreditRepair provides for some of the most affordable credit restoration services.
  • All of this makes CreditRepair one of the best credit repair companies in the credit repair industry for anyone looking who is hunting for a credit repair company with low setup fee as well as monthly fees.
  • TransUnion
  • TransUnion credit monitoring is one of the best in the credit repair industry, making it one of the best credit repair companies in the market and on this list.
  • As one of the major credit reporting agencies, TransUnion credit monitoring also strives to provide assistance in disputing errors in your report.
  • TransUnion is certainly one of the best and most reputed credit reporting agencies on our list.
  • Credit Sesame
  • With credit monitoring from reputable credit bureaus and accurate credit score analysis, Credit Sesame is one of the best credit repair companies providing the best of credit restoration services.
  • Credit Sesame may have a perky name, but the business they do is ‘very serious’.
  • With both credit repair packages as well as credit remodel packages, Credit Sesame basically provides you with myriad credit repair options to choose from.
  • Credit Karma
  • Credit Karma was established in 2007, and it has made quite a name for itself over the last decade.
  • Offering free credit reports as well as credit score analysis from credit bureau, Credit Karma has an amazing credit repair software as an additional feature and service.
  • Offering identity theft protection tools, free credit counseling, and affordable credit repair options, Credit Karma is a legitimate credit repair company and easily one of the best credit repair companies with low monthly fee and setup fee.
  • The Credit Watcher
  • The Credit Watcher watches upon your credit report while providing accurate credit monitoring.
  • Working to repair your credit, The Credit Watcher allows you to pull your credit from three credit bureaus and makes an individual credit expert vet your credit report to understand what the company can do to remodel or repair your credit. This makes The Credit Watcher one of the best credit repair companies in the market.
  • Credit Monkey
  • Credit Monkey, one of the best credit repair companies in the league, can help skyrocket your credit with their team of credit repairing experts.
  • A number of credit repair companies work by charging you a hefty setup fee; not Credit Monkey. With different credit repair options and prices, you can choose exactly what you want to eliminate from your damaged credit history.
  • MyFICO
  • MyFICO provides you a lot more than what average credit repair services or credit repair software has to offer.
  • Being one of the best credit repair companies, one on one consultation with a MyFico expert can help you understand where you are lacking behind with your credit score.
  • Besides, MyFico also allows you to send unlimited dispute letters to credit bureaus, while also offering to send debt validation letters to debt collectors.
  • FreeScore360
  • Apart from providing free credit counseling, the company also has flat rate credit repair packages and a low monthly fee starting from just $29.95 per month.
  • FreeScore360 will also provide you with free credit reports that are collected by the major credit bureaus. The company has raving credit repair reviews all over the internet, too.
  • The Credit People
  • Providing accurate credit reports, credit counseling, and regular credit score analysis, the credit repair packages for The Credit People are extremely affordable no matter what service packages you are opting for.
  • As a reputable credit repair company, The Credit People provides debt validation letters to debt collectors on your behalf while also providing free consultation.
  • With 15 years of experience, The Credit People is one of the best credit repair companies in the credit repair industry.
  • Leap Credit
  • Although it is not one of the best credit repair companies in the credit repair industry, Leap Credit is a decent option for anyone looking to repair their credit on a budget.
  • Many other credit repair companies charge a hefty setup fee and monthly fee, however, Leap Credit brings free consultation as well as affordable credit repair options.
  • The Best Credit Repair Companies of 2022

    After testing, observing, evaluating several companies based on some criteria, we came up with a list and rankings of the best credit repair companies for the year 2022. We also made it an obligation to explicitly explain each credit score repair company’s characteristics and qualities. We hope to help you have a clear overview of who they are.

    Sky Blue Credit

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $79.00
    Monthly Fees $79.00
    Money Back Guarantee 90-day money back guarantee
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings A+

    This is one of the most reputable credit score repair companies with a proven track record over the years. It is also one of the longest-serving companies in the credit repair industry.

    It was established in 1989. As usual, you have to pay to enjoy their services; however, you can sign up to access a free six-day trial. Sky Blue Credit charges $79 per month.

    It offers you a rare and guaranteed 90-day money-back policy that lets you get a refund if you are not satisfied with its services.

    This credit repair company stands out because it is well structured and addresses issues with outstanding professionalism, and digs deep into the province law for each matter. Sky Blue Credit maintains an excellent quick dispute resolution record (30 days or lesser).

    Unlike other credit repair companies across the globe, Sky Blue Credit pays cognizance. It addresses some uncommon factors that have the potential to affect your credit score. This credit repair company has a 4.27 out of 5 BBB rating based on customer review. Another beneficial thing about Sky Blue Credit is that the enrollment can be done entirely online.

    It is perhaps the best credit repair company on our list. Scouring through credit repair agencies is not an easy task. Sky Blue Credit is one of the few credit repair agencies that tick the box by being reliable and offering reputable credit repair services.

    It has established itself as an organization offering genuine credit repair services by providing a 90-day money-back guarantee. Sky Blue Credit monthly fees are lower compared to other credit repair companies, and the setup fee is nominal as well.

    Sky Blue Credit is easily the best credit repair company to get your credit history issues sorted and improve the health of your credit reports through strict credit monitoring which is one of their best credit repair services, among many others.

    Credit Saint

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $99.99
    Monthly Fees Starts from $79.00
    Money Back Guarantee 90-day money back guarantee
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings A+

    Founded in 2004, Credit Saint is a legitimate credit repair company based in Oakland, New Jersey. This company helps you clean up your credit history and increase your credit score. Credit Saint claims to be at the top in challenging inaccuracies in credit data and incomplete information. The company offers you a free consultation service upfront and a guaranteed 90-day money policy if you are not satisfied.

    Signing up for Credit Saint services lets you select from the three different packages that let you enjoy the flexibility you seek and choose your desired plan. Credit Saint also allows you to track the progress of your activities with them through a credit monitoring account. This company offers quality and ideal credit score services, and it has an A+ Better Business Bureau rating.

    Credit Saint is the best credit repair company for those looking for credit repair agencies that can help you get a fresh start. Credit Saint offers legitimate credit repair services including credit monitoring, improving your credit score and scouring through your credit reports for better understanding.

    Credit Saint is the right credit repair company for you if you wish to challenge the credit history you have for inaccuracies. This factor distinguishes Credit Saint from other credit repair agencies and makes it the best credit repair company on our list.

    The monthly fees and set up fee are nominal. Credit Saint brings you some of the best credit repair services and offers a decent 90-day money-back guarantee period. Unlike other credit repair services, this company offers reputable credit repair services that are worth the cost.

    Lexington Law

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee Starts from $89.90
    Monthly Fees Starts from $89.95
    Money Back Guarantee N/A
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings C

    Lexington Law was established in 2004 to revolutionize the credit repair industry by offering ethical and active credit repair services to people. Lexington offers excellent expertise in improving your credit score. The company has the backing of a law firm with professional attorneys that help protect your credit right and make sure you have an accurate and fair credit report.

    This credit score company ensures that it offers a top-notch service by researching and reviewing your credit score and reports. This process helps the company to know the best approach to improve your creditworthiness. Lexington Law investigates and digs out negative items capable of denigrating your credit score, challenges it, and disputes each of them. Lexington works on your behalf by asking bureaus and creditors to remove negative items that cannot be verified.

    Lexington Law boasts of being a trusted leader in the credit repair industry with more than 15 years of experience. The company has managed to settle 221+ million challenges & disputes on behalf of its clients. In 2020 alone, it has successfully helped clients remove 7+ million negative items from their credit reports.

    Lexington Law has established quite a reputation as the best credit repair company in the area and has been around for quite a while compared to many new credit repair agencies that pop up now and then. They offer the best credit repair services when it comes to credit monitoring and brushing up your credit history to help improve the health of your credit reports.

    This company is best described as a credit repair agency that is adept at the credit repair process and helps you improve your score for sure.

    The reason why this is among the top credit report agencies and can even be considered the best credit repair company is because of the top services offered at low monthly fees and setup fee. All legitimate credit repair companies offer money-back guarantee, however Lexington Law is an exception.


    Product Overview
    Setup Fee Starts from $69.95
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $69.95
    Money Back Guarantee N/A
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings A+

    A place to access a free online credit evaluation service, CreditRepair was established in 2012, and the company has successfully handled over 19 million challenges and disputes. CreditRepair is one of the top credit repair companies on this list. It evaluates your credit report and score to know the best strategy to use. Like other top-rated credit repair companies on this list, CreditRepair will search for mistakes in your report and challenge them. The company then makes the bureaus and lenders remove them according to the law as long as it cannot be proven.

    This company lets you get free services like negative item reviews, credit scores, and summary and credit improvement plans. These services help you have more information about your score and reports. CreditRepair also offers you flexible pricing options. In addition, CreditRepair helps you monitor credit, addresses any other issues that may arise later to help you achieve your credit score goals.

    CreditRepair knows what they are doing when it comes to getting the credit repair process right. A number of credit repair companies offer services such as credit monitoring, credit history, credit reports, improving scores, etc. However, using the services of this company, you can get numerous free services as well. This is what makes them stand out from the competition.

    They provide a holistic range of services to improve the health of your credit score and work in a meticulous and step-by-step fashion to achieve this.

    Unlike it is with other legitimate credit repair companies, there is no money-back guarantee offered by this credit repair agency. This is the right credit repair company for someone looking for services at low monthly fees and setup fees.


    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $24.95
    Money Back Guarantee Varies
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings A+

    TransUnion is one of the three American consumer credit reporting agencies with national significance. It is rated alongside Experian and Equifax as the three major credit bureaus in the USA because of the different approaches these three companies use to report and calculate credit scores. Aside from credit repair, TransUnion offers some other credit protection services like mortgages and insurance. TransUnion helps you evaluate and monitor your credit score over time. TransUnion has its headquarters in Chicago and offers global services with offices in Brazil, the U.K., Canada, Hong Kong, South Africa, India, and Colombia.

    TransUnion allows you to subscribe to its services to access a wide range of tools. These tools include Credit Lock Plus and Credit Lock Plus that you can use to monitor and repair your trade score. Credit Lock Plus and Credit Lock Plus lets you protect your reports against compromise and recommends the right direction for your credit score, respectively. TransUnion’s monthly subscription for these services is $25.

    You can also protect your ID with TransUnion’s ID theft insurance that guarantees optimum protection for your ID. TransUnion is rated above Equifax because the former includes personal information and employment data into their model.

    TransUnion credit monitoring and credit repair processes have been the highlights of this company’s success story for many years. The TransUnion credit monitoring process is rather simple and in tandem with their overall credit repair process.

    Among the different services provided by TransUnion include credit history, credit reports and credit monitoring. Numerous credit repair companies have tried to implement the unique TransUnion credit monitoring process into their business model owing to its excellent ratings.

    This is one of the most legitimate credit repair companies in the market. This is a credit report agency that is reliable and affordable. It brings you the services at very affordable monthly fees whereas numerous credit repair companies charge a hefty fee to better your credit.

    Credit Sesame

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $9.95. Also includes free services.
    Money Back Guarantee N/A
    Terms of Consultation Free
    BBB Ratings A+

    This company offers financial management services, assisting users with their monetary liabilities from the debit side of transactions. It is specialized in evaluating and monitoring your credit score and report and offers a recommendation.

    Credit Sesame allows you to manage and repair your credit anywhere with its android and iOS mobile applications, allowing you access to various tools. Unlike other credit score service providers on this list, Credit Sesame offers you free services.

    It lets you access your credit report for free. Credit Sesame combines the power of AI and machine learning with its credit expertise to offer users personalized advice and recommendations. You will need to pay Credit Sesame only when you make use of the guidance they proffer.

    Credit Sesame is known for many things including its comprehensive service packages and unique approach to the credit repair process. This is a credit repair agency that lets you access credit reports for free and only charges you when you wish to avail of their other services.

    It distinguishes itself from other credit repair companies by helping the users manage their finances in manners more than just credit control. Unlike other credit repair companies, it uses artificial intelligence to provide unique service packages making every approach to the customer a personalized one.

    Credit reports can be available for free and their other services are available at a low monthly fee and affordable set up fee.

    Credit Karma

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Free services
    Money Back Guarantee NA
    Terms of Consultation Free
    BBB Ratings A-

    Established in 2007, Credit Karma rates itself as one of the world’s best credit repair service providers. It is a multinational personal finance company. This company also has an application that lets you access their services anywhere and any time.

    Its application has seen over 100 million downloads. Credit Karma offers various credit repair services and other financial services like loans, mortgages, and credit cards.

    Credit Karma also offers free services like Credit Sesame. It lets you have a proper comprehension of your credit report and score for free. This finance company allows you to manage and monitor your credit report and score without facing any penalties for erroneous entries.

    The Credit Watcher

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $39.90
    Money Back Guarantee NA
    Terms of Consultation Free
    BBB Ratings NA

    TheCreditWatcher is a credit service provider that offers you the best monitoring and reporting services in the industry. Although TheCreditWatcher is not a full-service credit repair firm, it lets you have a comprehensive credit report. These reports can be used to track improvements in your credits and steer clear of erroneous entries. With TheCreditWatcher, you can monitor your credit effectively, get quality insight, and make better decisions.

    TheCreditWatcher works with two of the three major credit bureaus: TransUnion and Equifax, to offer you your credit free of charge. However, unlike Credit Karma and Credit Sesame, you would need to pay a monthly fee of $39.90 to avoid selling your information.

    Credit Monkey

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $99.00
    Money Back Guarantee 90-day money back guarantee
    Terms of Consultation Free
    BBB Ratings B

    This particular credit repair company has six different packages that help improve your credit in different ways. The price of the packages ranges from $99 to $499 per month. Credit Monkey focuses on investigating your credit report.

    It does this to eliminate and challenge erroneous entries like late payments, bankruptcies, charge-offs, and a range of other issues. These issues are often overlooked but have the capability of sinking your credit. Credit Monkey says more than 80% of reports contain erroneous entries.

    The packages of this company offer different services. The higher the package price, the more errors you can eliminate from your report.

    The most sophisticated package ($499 per month) provides you with the removal of unlimited negative items, public records, and inquiries. It also comes with a $10,000 credit line and five active credit cards. However, the basic plan lets you remove only five negative items.

    Credit Monkey offers you top-notch services that revolutionize and skyrocket your credit. Many credit repair companies work on the ‘choose at your own risk’ principle, however Credit Monkey being one of the top credit repair companies provides a 90-day money back guarantee.


    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $19.95
    Money Back Guarantee NA
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings A+

    With over 25 years of experience helping people with their credit matters, MyFICO claims its scores are the industry’s most frequently used credits.

    MyFICO is a subsidiary of the data analytics company FICO. The company lets you enjoy its credit services via three packages: Basic, Advanced, and Premier, which cost $19.95, $29.95, and $39.95, respectively, every month. While the Basic plan has 1-bureau (Experian) coverage and no identity monitoring, the Advanced package has complete 3-bureau coverage, identity coverage, and one update every quarter. The Premier subscription has full 3-bureau coverage, identity coverage, and updates every month.

    MyFICO boasts of offering complete and all-in-one credit services. The company provides 24/7 identity restoration service, $1 million identity theft insurance, credit monitoring, credit reports, scores for mortgages, and auto loans. This credit repair service provider says no less than 90% of top lenders use its FICO scores metrics to calculate rates. With the provider, you can easily monitor and increase your credit.


    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees $29.95
    Money Back Guarantee NA
    Terms of Consultation Free Consultation
    BBB Ratings A

    ​​With FreeScore360, you can now easily monitor your credit accurately. FreeScore360 offers legit and accurate credit monitoring and credit improvement services for all three bureaus. FreeScore360 allows you to know and monitor your credit for free on a 7-day free trial package. If you are content with their services, you can join fully with a monthly subscription of $29.95, allowing you to have access to a wide range of credit services.

    The subscription lets you access the company’s ScoreSense system, which helps you monitor credit and alert you daily. You will also be connected with an interactive learning platform that lets you learn more about credits. The affordable price offered by this company enables you to spend less while improving your credit. FreeScore360 helps find errors in your report and fix them to improve your score. It has a rating of 4.4/5 stars from independent reviewer Consumer Advocate.

    The Credit People

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $19.00
    Monthly Fees Starts from $79/month
    Money Back Guarantee 60-day money back guarantee
    Terms of Consultation Free
    BBB Ratings C+

    The Credit People was established in 2001 to improve credit reports and credits through its expert team. With over 15 years of experience, The Credit People has eliminated 1.4+ million credit issues for customers. The Credit People let you have access to your credit report and score for free. However, you can enjoy its premium services starting with $19.

    According to The Credit People, its company has some outstanding proven track records. 81% of its users get approval for new credit, 71% get approvals for home loans, and 78% get approvals for auto loans after using its services. Also, the company claims that after using its services, average customers can improve their score by 53 to 80. The Credit People offers customized credit priorities, solves endless disputes, and is certified under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This credit service provider has been able to help customers remove 1.4 million credit issues over the years and increase customers’ credits by more than 53 thousand.

    The Credit People gives you your credits and all three credit reports. This move helps you to have accurate information about your credit and thus better chances of increasing your creditworthiness.

    Leap Credit

    Product Overview
    Setup Fee $0.00
    Monthly Fees Monthly fee starts from $75.00
    Money Back Guarantee NA
    Terms of Consultation Free
    BBB Ratings B

    Leap Credit was established in Atlanta in 2017 as a credit service provider to let people of all calibers have easy access to credit. In line with its goal, you can access the company without any hassle. The registration process is easy, quick, and fast, as well as the approval. Once you are at least 18 years old, a US citizen, and have an account and a proven source of income, you can have easy access to a loan through Leap Credit. After requesting a loan, the company transfers the money into your account within two working days. Notes, if you notice any fraudulent loan request connected to your identity, make a quick complaint so that the problem can be alleviated.

    Factors Considered for ranking the Best Credit Repair Companies.

    While there are numerous credit service providers out there today, not all of them are reputable. Knowing the appropriate credit repair company to select when you need one is quite essential. The reason for this is that all credit service providers claim to offer you quality and reliable services that will increase your credit. However, not all of them are accurate images of what they portray. We have written this article for you, for this reason, separating the wheat from the chaff. We have listed and ranked the credit service providers in this list based on the following criteria.

    Ability to Increase credit

    The main reason you need the service of a credit repair company is to increase your credit. Thus this should be the first criterion for rating a credit repair service provider. While ranking these companies on our list, we evaluated the number of points by which these companies can add to the credit of their users, on average. We ranked companies with a higher average point at the top and vice versa. A worthy credit repair service provider can increase credits by hundreds of points.

    Satisfaction Guarantee & Refund Policy

    These are factors used to rate companies in different sectors across the globe. While it may be hard for credit repair service providers to guarantee an increase in credit, refund policy helps assure customers their money is in safe hands. Reputable companies include refund policies in their terms and conditions. We have also used this as a criterion to rank companies on this list.


    As said earlier, some companies are overblown and not accurate versions of what they claim to be. Many credit service repairers make many promises which they cannot fulfill. Some vow to increase your credit by hundreds of points within a short while, meanwhile they cannot. In this list, we gave preference to companies that are transparent with their services.


    The duration of a company’s service is proportional to the company’s experience. Credit repair companies with a longer term of service tend to have more experience than the newer ones. For example, Lexington Law had been in the industry for over 20 years. The company is equipped with a wide range of experience. We prefer companies with more experience.

    Proven Track Record

    Records over the years are a good source of information about reputation. Companies with good and proven track records over the years are more reliable than others; hence we use this as a criterion for ranking and listing companies in this article.

    Credit Estimation

    A credit repair company should have an average estimate of the number of points by which it can increase users’ credits. This factor gives users an insight into what to expect from them. For example, TheCreditPeople estimated that based on the average increase its customers have recorded in the past, it could increase users’ credit by around 53 to 187 points.

    Monitoring Service

    While some credit companies offer only repair services, others provide repair and monitoring services. Solving a customer’s credit problems and improving the score is undoubtedly the primary expectation. However, a monitoring service would assist the customer against issues that might reduce the credit afterward. This way, the credit of the customers is more protected against falling. We prefer companies that offer both repair and monitoring services to those that provide repair alone.

    Credit Repair Technique

    When a credit repair service provider goes beyond just checking and highlighting erroneous data in a credit report, this makes it stand out. It is believed that finding inaccurate data in a credit report could be achieved by anyone by just writing to the three major credit bureaus. Top-notch credit repair companies do more by challenging credit bureaus to remove items that cannot be proven in a credit report.

    Price and value

    The price you charge concerning the quality of service you offer determines the value of a company’s operation. While people always want to maximize their resource usage, we consider price and quality important factors to list and rank credit repair companies on this list.

    Platform, Interface, and Tools

    The user-friendliness of a credit repair company’s platform is a significant factor that determines how well and easily a customer will manage and monitor its credit and report. The same goes for the platform’s interface and tools on the company’s application or website. This criterion can be categorized under user experience. Credit repair companies with better user experience have a higher ranking than the others.

    What to Look for in the Top Credit Repair Services?

    When you opt for a credit repair company, it is ideal to understand what you should be looking for. When you know the metrics that you should factor into the process of choosing the right company for repairing your credit, it gets easier to identify which company or service you should go with.

    If you are unsure about where to begin and what to look for in a credit repair company, in order to make an informed investment decision, we are here to help.

    Below we have mentioned 6 most significant factors that you should consider while choosing the company that sits just about right with repairing your credit.


    If you are not well-versed in credit and the reports associated, you might not be able to understand what really caused the poor credit to begin with. This lack of knowledge is probably one of the reasons why you are reaching out to a credit repair company to begin with.

    Therefore, does it not make more sense to have a free consultation with the company or one of their executives to understand what is really going on with your credit before investing money into them?

    This is why most top credit repair companies offer consultation free of cost. This also gives you a better understanding of the expertise of the company as well as identify some of the negative aspects of your report. Consultation before engaging with the company on a full-time basis also helps you understand what it’s like to work with the company to repair your credit.

    All in all, the main motive of providing a consultation free of cost is to build a rapport with the executive providing the consultation, thus, helping you determine whether the company is worth investing your time and efforts into or not.

    Refund Policy

    The top credit repair companies always offer at least some sort of guarantee on your investment; the guarantee provided by the company is also an implication of the strong faith the company has in itself. When the service you purchased is backed by a solid guarantee that you shall be provided a refund (full or partial) if the product does not work out for you, you can put your mind at ease while working with the company to repair your credit.

    Typically, some of the top companies provide a 30 to 90 day refund policy. We tried including those companies that had at least the minimum refund policy; however for those companies that were not backed by a guarantee, we only included those companies that have a strong brand reputation and stellar credit repair reviews.

    Price per Month

    Imagine having to pay fortunes to repair your credit and burning a hole through your pocket while you are looking to get a loan. Aren’t both of these things highly contradictory? It makes no sense to take the plunge and invest into a company that charges ceiling-high prices to repair your credit. Even the most premium of credit repairing services cost about $149.00 on a monthly basis while providing you a plethora of additional benefits.

    If you come across a company that charges way-too-high prices and provides literal ‘peanuts’ for the price, it is best recommended to steer clear, since such a company is only trying to churn out big chunks of money out of your pocket.

    Speed of Results

    Repairing credit is not an overnight process. It takes time and effort, besides strategic decision-making to remodel or repair your credit, so if you come across any company that claims to provide you with instantaneous results, you best understand that it is nothing but a scam.

    Why? Because companies start by finding errors in your report and then contact the appropriate agencies, disputing the errors. The agencies may not accept these disputes right away, thus, the whole process can be prolonged to a few weeks to a few months.

    Ideally, you should start to see a bump in your score within four to six months. Thus, it is ideal to opt for a company that assures to show such results in a similarly stipulated amount of time.

    Credit Repair App to Monitor Progress

    Credit fraud can happen to the best of us. Having a credit repair software or app that lets you spot a problem or a fraud is extremely utilitarian. Good and reputable companies dealing in credit repair mostly provide you with a free credit repairing app that can help you track your progress, history, and discrepancies, all at one place.

    Additional Services

    If you are paying premium prices for a ‘premium’ company, you should also have access to additional services that are indispensable and important when it comes to improving your credit. Look for companies that provide complementary services such as identity theft insurance, score tracking, cease-and-desist letters to debtors, debt validation letters, as well as recommendation letters, etc.

    Depending on your credit situation, you may or may not need these services. However, it is of utmost importance to find what services you are getting with the plan you are opting for.

    BBB Rating

    Always look for a company that has a good to decent Better Business Bureau profile. Understanding the BBB rating of the company can also help you determine whether the company is worth investing into or not.

    However, it is not a deal-maker or deal-breaker. Even if a company does not have an A+ BBB rating, it can still be a good option to repair your credit, given that it has strong and positive customer reviews and reputation.

    Advantages of Repairing Your credit

    As said at the start of this article, your credit or creditworthiness is an excellent determinant of your financial health. A high credit makes loans, investments, and mortgages easier for you. Your credit also can determine how much you save on vehicle and home insurance and your chances of getting a job. In brief, a high (good) credit affects your life positively.

    Below are some of the advantages of repairing your credit, especially when it is low.

    Cheaper Auto Insurance

    If you have a bad credit, you will pay more for auto insurance. Insurance companies in the United States consider your credit when calculating premiums. On average, Americans with low credits pay more than $2,100 auto insurance fees per year, while those with high scores pay around $1,400 per year. By default, this means that people with a low credit will pay around $700 more for insurance every year.

    Job Opportunities

    Companies often consider your credit before employing you. This is because workers with a low credit are expensive to hire in terms of insurance costs. Hence, by employing persons with high credits, companies can save thousands of dollars every year.

    Better Credit Cards and Greater Limits

    Improving your credit can help you increase your chances of unlocking new credit cards and get higher limits. People with low credits find it hard to get new credit cards because they have a bad reputation of paying back.

    Mortgage Rates and Approval

    Credit records and scores also affect your mortgage approval and rate. A low credit makes getting a mortgage more difficult. Usually, a mortgage is difficult to get, but a low credit will make the situation worse. However, even when you manage to get one with a low credit, the rate will be very high compared to people with a high credit. Hence, improving your credit will save you a thousand times in the mortgage industry.

    Marriage Preference

    Most Americans prefer to marry people with low debt (high credit). If your credit or creditworthiness is terrible, you may not be able to wed the person you desire. Even if you are not transparent about it, some people request their partner’s credit report before getting into a relationship. Improving your credit can make you have a better marital life.

    Effortless Approval When Renting a Home

    If you have a bad credit, it would be necessary for you to repair it to get a safe and affordable place to rent easily. Your low credit scares away many landlords and property management companies. They prefer to give their property to persons with a high credit. Hence, you must repair your credit if you have a low one.

    Security Deposit on Utilities

    If you improve your credit to good ones, you will not need to pay a security deposit on utilities. Utility companies require you to pay a security deposit that may range between $100 and $300 to cover possible late payments.

    Negotiating Power

    Your credit also has an influence on your negotiation power in the market. With a low credit, you have no choice but to take the rate offered by the lender because you have low negotiation power. This reason makes it difficult to find a lender to give you a loan. This factor ultimately affects every financial decision you make. Thus, if you repair your negotiation power, you will enjoy a better economic life.


    A high credit gives you more confidence as a person. As an adult with a good credit, you are seen in society as a more responsible person. Improving your credit will make people respect you better.

    Homeowners Insurance Premiums

    If you increase your credit by repairing it, you will pay less for insurance as a homeowner. You may pay double the standard insurance fee if your credit is low as a homeowner. This happens because insurers believe that you can commit insurance fraud because of your bad credit.

    What is the Better Business Bureau? How is it related to Credit Repair Companies?

    Better Business Bureau, in this context, is a non-governmental agency that identifies legitimate credit repair companies from others and protects consumers from credit repair scams.

    The Better Business Bureau can be trusted because it is reliable and unbiased. Any rating that has been provided by this organization is a sign of reliability and ultimate credibility.

    Many credit repair companies have obtained ratings from Better Business Bureau and these ratings go anywhere between A+ (for the most reputable credit repair company) to F.

    It is easy to identify legitimate credit repair companies using the rating that is provided by the organization. It does not endorse or support any brand in particular.

    Watch out for the Better Business Bureau logo when you review reputable credit repair companies. Many credit repair companies can be identified as legitimate credit repair companies if they proudly display the ratings near their name and on their website.

    Many credit repair companies display the logo as clearly as they can as it helps the user to identify that they are reputable credit repair companies that won’t land them in any credit repair scams.

    If you are looking for credit repair software that can be trusted, watch out for the Better Business Bureau on the official website of the credit repair software and you will have a clear idea of whether it is the right choice for you.

    Credit Repair Companies FAQ

    Many matters are confusing people about credit repair companies because people lack adequate knowledge about this industry. We have enumerated some frequently asked questions and provided answers to them.

    Q: What is the meaning of credit?

    A: Credit means collecting money, gadgets, or goods with an agreement to pay in the nearest future based on some terms and conditions – added interest.

    Q: What is the meaning of a credit score?

    A: A credit score is a rating that shows your reputation as a money lender. It is also referred to as creditworthiness. The number ranges from 300 to 850. Your score is determined by your previous debt: how you paid it, how long it took you to pay altogether, and the amount of credit you have.

    Q: What is a decent credit score?

    A: While most people have a credit score between 600 and 700, experts consider that anything above 650 is a good credit score.

    Q: What can make my credit score drop?

    A: Several factors are capable of affecting your credit score. These include bankruptcies, high balances on credit cards, negative or erroneous credit report items, and late bills payment.

    Q: How long can negative things stay on my credit report?

    A: Depending on the bureau and the item, your credit report can have an item on it for up to 7 to10 years. Items like bankruptcies can be very detrimental to your credit score, and it could last for around ten years in your report.

    Q: Why do I have three different credit scores?

    A: Since there are three major bureaus, you can have one credit score for each bureau. Each bureau tracks and monitors your credit performance differently.

    Q: What is the lowest and best possible credit score one can have?

    A: While credit score ranges from 300 to 850, the lowest or worst credit score you can have is 300, and the best you can have is 850.

    Q: Who is responsible for tracking my credit score?

    A: The three major credit bureaus are responsible for tracking your credit performance. These three bureaus include Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

    Q: How can people check my credit score?

    A: When an individual or an entity wants to check your credit score, they contact and ask any of the three credit bureaus for your credit report.

    Q: What is a credit bureau?

    A: The private company responsible for tracking every person’s creditworthiness is a credit bureau. Credit bureau companies track and monitor your total credit usage, missing payments, and some other essential factors.

    A credit bureau collects your credit report over time and provides it to debt collectors or potential creditors when they reach out to the specific credit bureau to collect information about the person borrowing the credit.

    Q: The difference between a credit report and a credit score?

    A: A credit report is a list that shows your credit items like bankruptcies, missing bills, among some other things capable of reducing your credit score. Credit scores have three-digit numbers that range from 300 to 850. It shows your creditworthiness or rating as a lender.

    Q: What is a FICO score?

    A: After aggregating your crediting score from the three main bureaus, the private company FICO creates your three-digit number, known as the FICO score, based on your score from the three bureaus. It is believed that 90% of significant lenders rely on FICO to assess your risk.

    Q: How does FICO calculate your FICO score?

    A: Five criteria are used to calculate the FICO score, and these include the amount payable (30%), new credit (10%), credit mix (10%), payment history (35%), and credit history length (15%)

    Q: How can I repair my bad credit score?

    A: One of the best ways to repair or increase your credit score is to find and eliminate erroneous entries from your credit record. At least one error is recognized in almost all credit reports, and such errors can reduce your score. Removing those errors will help increase your score.

    Q: How does a credit repair company work?

    A: Credit repair companies are dedicated to helping you with credit services like increasing your credit score. Credit repair service providers dig deep into your report, find erroneous data, and remove the entries from your credit report. Some credit repair companies additionally challenge entries on your credit report and ask bureaus to prove or remove the entries if not provable.

    Q: Are credit repair services legal?

    A: People often question the legality or legitimacy of credit repair services. Yes, credit repair services are legal. However, it is vital to make sure you sort the services of a well-established provider when you need a credit repair service. A company’s reputation and track record are also important.

    Q: How much does credit repair cost?

    A: You can get a credit repair for as low as $0, and some companies charge thousands of dollars. The rate charged depends on the company, their level of professionalism, and the quality of what they want to offer you, among other factors.

    Q: How long does it take to repair my credit?

    A: Depending on your credit situation, it may take up to a few weeks to a year to repair your credits. Also, the quality of service and the level of professionalism the credit service provider is offering could define the duration required to improve your credit.

    Q: Which information is on my credit report?

    A: Credit report contains information such as account name and other profile information, credit limits, credit history, tradelines, public records, your credit, credit inquiry, and collection, among others

    Q: What is the least credit I should have to buy a home?

    A: As said earlier, the best minimum credit you should have is 650; the same applies to buying a house. However, 620 is the minimum approval for home loan approval.

    Q: What is the least credit I should have to buy a car?

    A: Getting a car loan can be easier than getting a house loan in the US. You should have a minimum of 550 credit or above to secure a car loan.

    Q: Can I get a free credit report?

    A: Generically, the law allows you to get a free credit report from each of the three main credit bureaus every year. To get a free credit report from these providers, you can visit annualcreditreport.com or call 1-877-322-8228.

    Q: Can student loans affect credit?

    A: Yes, student loans can affect your credit. If you pay back in time, your credit will not be negatively affected.

    The Best Credit Repair Companies of 2022 Final Verdict

    Many people have erroneous entries in their credit reports, which negatively affects their credit score. Credit scores can impact your life in different ways, like getting a car or house loan, job, insurance, and mortgage, amongst other things. It is essential to maintain a good credit score.

    Repairing your credit score with just a meager cost would go a long way to improve the quality of life you live. Approach a good credit repair service provider today, and your life will change for the better.

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