Best Delta-8 Brands – Compare Top Delta-8 Companies for 2021

More popular than ever, Delta-8 products are sweeping the United States because of their availability and legality in most states. Yes, they are federally legal; they are not, however, legal in many States. Even so, there are tons of options available online for people interested in the new compound derived from hemp.

If you have not heard yet, Delta-8 works like THC but is Federally legal. Let me emphasize that it is still illegal in many states. I want to make sure you get all that. Now that you understand its legality, in essence, let us cover the substance’s desirability. It is made from Hemp, which makes it likely to stay legal indefinitely. It also means there are a multitude of health benefits from ingesting the substance.

It is no surprise, marijuana and hemp-related products are everywhere and growing in popularity. Whether CBD, THC, or CBG, the cannabis plant and related plant products containing various cannabinoids can be seen everywhere. Since Delta-8 is legal on a nationwide scale, many companies are capitalizing on the trend.

Some companies can be trusted, and other companies cannot be trusted. This list should help you decide which hemp websites to purchase from and which to stay away from. As for Delta-8, it is not a newly discovered substance. You have likely ingested it before. However, it has only been recently that scientists have determined the substance holds psychoactive properties.

The high from Delta-8 has only come to light following careful breeding practices that isolate Delta-8 into high enough concentrations to get you high. Typically, Delta-8 is converted in small amounts, then used for CBD products that contain trace amounts of the substance, essentially not enough to get you high.

With the growing popularity of Delta-8 and the increasing availability of the product online, we have cultivated a list of what we consider to be the best sources for Delta-8 related products online to date.

Top Delta-8 THC Brands Guide 2021

Each company on the list is considered a top-tier organization because they offer high-quality Delta-8 THC at affordable prices. Their standards of practice exceed when placed against other companies not found on the list. Lastly, they are not poor-quality products looking to make a quick buck on the new wave of popularity surrounding Delta-8 THC products. Below are what we consider to be the best sources for Delta-8 products available online.

Delta 8 Pro


Developed with one goal in mind, to provide people with high-end Delta-8 products, has made this company one of the most successful around. They carry everything you can imagine, and more, waxes, shatters, edible, moon rocks, rollies, flowers, oils, tinctures, lotions, potions, salves, and magic pixie dust can be purchased at Delta 8 Pro. The Colorado-based company has an excellent reputation amongst its customers and offers products to any USA if they live in a state where Delta-8 is legal. They easily have one of the largest selections of THC related products anywhere, as far as we can tell.



We placed Vybba at the top of the list because of the unique product they supply. We did not want to see you miss out on the opportunity to try it out. The premier product available via Vybba is a psychoactive strip, the dissolving sublingual kind. Think of breath strips, only the kind that tastes like candy and gets you high, and you have Vybba’s top product in a nutshell. Each of the euphoria-producing packs contains one, three, or six of the Delta-8/CBD strips for your enjoyment and are priced accordingly.



You can get anything your heart desires from Caliva. They carry cartridges, edibles, vape equipment, straight flower, you name it. Based out of central California, Caliva carries some truly unique strains and flavors. Have you ever heard of hemp water? How about the kind with Delta-8 THC That gets you high? We had not either until Caliva came into our awareness. The bubbly drinks are low in calories, easy on the stomach, and contain a respectable amount of Delta-8 THC, mixed with a smaller hint (within the legal limit) of Delta-9 THC. Considering its liquid, one drink is enough to produce intense psychoactive effects on your brain. Our favorite flavors are watermelon, basil, and yum.



Flashy marketing and professionally packaged hemp supplies make Budpop one of the best-looking companies around. Whoever did their branding did a great job, as their products are some of the most excellent looking on the list. Their products are not just flashy by any means; the Delta-8 you get within them is premium quality. We would not place any company on the list just because it looks nice in a box. After all, you can cover a turd in sugar, but it still tastes like you know what. Delta-8 is professional as they come, and they prove it with scientifically backed tests on each of their strains and specific products. Plus, they have some of the best reviews of any company on the list, which is one reason we placed them here, to begin with.


Supplying customers with the best Delta-8 THC is the name of the game for EightySix. They promote only providing customers with the best quality products. And as the adage goes, you get what you pay for. This is true with EightySix, one of the internet’s premiere Delta-8 companies. You may pay more when you buy from them, but the product you get is top of the line. The company supplies some of the more popular strains inside their cartridges. Famous ones like Blue Dream, Do-Si-Do, Strawberries, Oranges, Kush, Cough, and more. Products from EightySix also come in a wide range of doses, with some as high as one thousand milligrams of Delta8 per apparatus.

NuLeaf Naturals


The company is different from other companies featured on the list in that NuLeaf Naturals sells one product. The product they sell is a Delta-8/Delta-0 containing Gel. Along with the two active ingredients, vegetable glycerin, cassava root, hemp seed oil, and water. They first became popular from selling CBD products and have now ventured into the Delta-8 area of the THC industry. Using naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids, they have developed a product with a synergy that guarantees to provide customers with the maximum health benefits available when using their products.

The Hemp Doctor


The primary product sold here at The Hemp Doctor is an upbeat, Sativa-ish cartridge. The cartridges for vaping are designed to give people energy and focus on getting through their day. And although each cartridge contains the legal limit of Delta-9 THC (0.3%), they are mainly focused on the Delta-8 chemical. A wide range of different strains is available through The Hemp Doctor, like the famous Pineapple Express and Bubba Kush. They have only recently started selling candies to expand their North Carolina-rooted THC company.

Delta Munchies

You can get more than snacks from Delta Munchies. They have nearly every type of product you can imagine for purchase from their website. Something not seen too commonly on the list is pre-rolled Delta-8 smokables. And as for the gummies, they come in a variety of shapes, flavors, and strains. There are many different popular products like AK-47, Peach Rings, and Super Sour Diesel bites. Delta Munchies easily has one of the more diverse selections of edibles on the market today.


Zero preservatives and all-natural ingredients make EMPE USA one of the best companies on the list. Unlike other companies on the list, there are no fillers in any CBD or Delta-8 products available from EMPE USA. The company is based out of Miami, Florida, and makes primarily Delta-8 foods and a full range of CBD products. EMPE USA has some of the best reviews on the list, likely because of the high-quality ingredients and delicious gummy flavors.

Botany Farms

Using mixes of Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC is something we see more and more commonly. And that is precisely how Botany Farms produces their gummies. Each gummy has precise doses of 2mg Delta-9 and 30mg Delta-8 THC to ensure customers receive maximum benefits from the products. The gummies available from Botany Farms are considered some of the strongest on the market and come in a mixed fruit bag to ensure everyone can try something they will love. The company will ship across the country, as long as you live in a state which considers their products legal.

Finest Labs

When purchasing Delta-8 products, you can count on 100% organic hemp being used as the primary source. Regardless of if you are looking for gummies, cartridges, tinctures, or oils, Finest Labs produces safe, organic versions for their customers. The packaging used is clean and friendly to look at, which makes sense considering the level of professional care put into each product Finest Labs makes. One difference you can count on when purchasing products from Finest Labs is that each product contains a small percentage of Delta-9 THC. The levels of Delta-9 are small enough to keep the products available from Finest Labs legal at a Federal Level.

Area 52

Named after the famous military base, although with a twist, Area 52 products are said to be out of this world. Products available from Area 52 have one unique focus not found elsewhere, longevity. While their products produce similar effects to other company’s Delta-8 products, Area52 claims their products last significantly longer. Taste is the other primary focus on Area52, and it is easily noticed when using their products as they contain no harsh or nasty aftertaste. They sell products primarily used for smoking, like vape pens and cartridges, although some tinctures are also available at Area52. The company is one of the most respected Delta8 companies online to date.


Named after moons in the company like Europa and Phobos, MoonWlkr jumped in the Delta8 ring because they noticed the high demands for products on the market. Gummies and vape cartridges are their focus. Complete Vape kits are available, as are single cartridges. Gummies come in multiple varieties, including small and large packages as well as different flavors. MoonWlkr fully discloses information on lab test results and which terpenes and cannabinoids their products contain.


Selling mainly Delta-8 products, the company is an offshoot of the already popular JustCBD. Based out of Florida, the Fort Lauderdale Company holds office in the UK. They have a wide range of Delta-8 products, with several popular strains available like Skittles and Strawberry Cough. You can see results from tests conducted on their products on the company website. JustDelta8 products contain high levels of the substance, and ingredients are gathered from reputable sources.


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, the company has everything you can imagine related to Delta-8 THC, CBD, and CBG. Products sourced via ATLRx are some of the strongest on the market, with extremely high doses of whichever compound you are looking for in them. They sell products unique to them, not sold by other manufacturers on the list. The most popular product they sell is the Delta-8 THC diamonds; like THCA, they are designed to induce a euphoric state of relaxation. Products available at ATLRx have scientific testing results to prove they are as strong as the company claims.


First launched as a THC and CBD products company, VidaOPTIMA is now one of the leading organizations for high-quality produced Delta-8 items. The fact they have been around for a long time has likely led to their massive range of different products. VidaOPTIMA has more products on its website than almost any other company on the list. Whether you want straight flowers or are looking for gummies and other food-related products, they likely have what you are looking for. They have exceptional quality CBD products, cartridges containing strains not found on other websites as well. Unlike many companies on the list, their products are sourced from Colorado, Oregon, and Kentucky. They do, however, manufacture their products in California-based production facilities.

Boston Hempire

Not just a clever name, Boston Hempire is reputed to be one of the best Delta-8 and THC providers in the country. Cartridges, vape pens, waxes, and dabs are available on the company website. Other products include wedding cake (strain) flavored chocolates and Northern Lights (strain) produced gummies. Tinctures, oils, and salves are also available through Boston Hempire. The company is famous for the high concentration of THC and/or Delta-8 found in each of its related products. Most of their products also contain elements of CBD as well, making Boston Hempire one of the most successful companies in the industry online.

Pure Kana

Pura Kana is one of the more popular websites online. Not a huge variety of products related to Delta-8. A small list of options is surpassed by the trustworthiness of the company and the quality of the products. Massive concentrations of Delta-8 in each product. Two products are gummies and tinctures. They contain CBG as well as Delta-8. Prices are more than fair, with formulas backed by science. Highly respected company in the space, easily one of the best, making them a company with a lot of repeat customers


As the next company on the list, 3Chi offers Delta-8 and THC-related products. They also carry one of the largest inventories on the market and are considered a top dog in the industry. Depending on what you are looking for, you can likely find it at 3Chi. They have smoking products for ingesting THC and Delta-8 containing gummies. Some of the more unique products available at 3Chi are the combination gummies or vape cartridges. Since they have multiple strains, they produce the entourage effect, growing in popularity daily. Using various strains in one product, 3Chi covers the bases with different terpenes and cannabinoids in a single product. You can count on them sticking around for a considerable amount of time.

Bearly Legal Hemp Co.

Unlike many companies on the list, Bearly Legal Hemp mainly offers products ingested by smoking. Everything from full vape tanks to single-use cartridges can be found on the Bearly Legal website. They do offer not only Delta-8 products but also offer several THC-related products as well. Other than vaping, and smoking-related products, you can also find tinctures and oils. They have some of the more popular strains on the market available. Some popular flavors at Bearly Legal are Girl Scout Cookies and Blue Dream. They offer a wide range of quality products to help meet the needs of any customer type.

Diamond CBD

Like other companies on the list, Diamond CBD also offers many Delta-8 products. Whether you are searching for CBD oils or food-related products like different candies, you can likely find what you are looking for on the company website. Considered one of the best Delta-8 sources online, they are primarily famous for their gummies. Another popular product line is their Delta-8 lollipops, which also come in a wide range of flavors, potency, and strains. Everything from Banana Kush to old favorites like Sour Diesel is available through Delta.

Blue Moon Hemp

Blue Moon Hemp is another company offering top-of-the-line hemp products. Their most popular product is their specialized Delta-8 gummies. Gummies come in a variety of flavors and potencies. You can get their gummies in either 10mg or 25mg. Gummies are pretty much the focus of Blue Moon. Their gummies are rated as some of the best on the market to date.

Delta Effex

A vast list of available full spectrum Delta-8 products is available from Delta Effex. Everything from gummies to oils and cartridges is available. The highs from their products vary depending on the product. Like the difference between Sativa and Indica strains, Delta 8 products offer either a lovely relaxing high or a more upbeat high when you need to get things done. Products are top of the line, designed for the needs of the individual.

Premium Jane

Multiple products are offered on the company website. Premium Jane only uses the best-sourced Delta-8 from premium organic hemp plants. They process in the best way possible, only using formulas proven to be effective. High standards of operation at Premium Jane adhere to the strictest agricultural regulations. Loyal customers receive a multitude of perks to keep them coming back. Products include gummies, and oil, both with considerably high doses of Delta-8 and CBD in them.

Top Delta-8 THC Brand Requirements

Scientific Lab Results

Only companies who can produce current, validated test results from certified third parties were allowed on the list. Certified third parties are considered labs that are backed by federal law.

Hemp Source

Companies that only used all-natural hemp from quality sources were put on the list. This includes nutrients used, feeding supplements, the labor force employed, and other good practices followed. Any company that does not adhere to protective measures for the local ecosystem or that used unverifiable hemp was not allowed on the list.

Processing Method

Methods for extraction, curing, packaging and anything in between had to be kosher. We mean they were done cleanly and did not use any harsh chemicals that could potentially leave harmful residue.


A company had to stand out from the dozens, if not hundreds of others online. This includes packaging, professionalism, customer service, advertising, and of course, product. Companies that exemplified quality were placed on the list.

Reputation of Maker

Any company with poor customer reviews or bad standings with the BBB was not allowed on the list. Companies already established with a solid history of delivering as promised were immediately considered for placement on the list.

Dosage Types

Offering a variety of doses is a must as people are all different. Any company that catered to all types of users was appreciated for consideration on this list. Some of the companies appreciated were placed, others were not. Regardless, count that any company on here has doses available for all levels of tolerance and use.

Actual Benefits

Only companies who provided medical benefits to customers were allowed. That means companies who were obviously in it strictly for the money were not placed. This industry is where the focus is healing, not harming, and we considered that very strongly.

Delta-8 THC FAQ Section

Q: What Does Delta-8 THC Do?

A: Delta-8 is like THC in that it produces strong psychoactive effects when consumed in concentrated doses. It also acts like CBD, providing the body with a multitude of healing properties. It can help you sleep better, improve appetite, and positively affect anxiety, PTSD, depression, and more.

Q: What Makes Delta-8 Different Than Delta-9?

A: Delta-9 is the standard of THC, or at least it has been for decades. It is also a scheduled drug with the DEA making it federally illegal. Delta-8, on the other hand, is federally legal, only illegal in specific states, and therefore can be grown, purchased, shipped, and possessed.

Q: How Long Does Delta-8 THC Last?

A: Delta-8 is like Delta-9 in many ways, including how long the effects last. It depends on how much is consumed and in what medium. More concentrated doses tend to produce a more substantial, longer-lasting effect than smaller doses.

Q: Is Delta-8 THC Legal?

A: Yes and no, federally, Delta-8 is legal, whereas Delta-9 is not legal. State to state, however, Delta-8 is either legal or illegal. It is up to you to make sure Delta-8 is legal in your State before purchasing or possessing it. Still, we have included a list of the states Delta-8 is illegal in at the time of this writing below. Please make sure to check again for your own sake, as we may or may not have updated the legality of Delta-8 at the time you are reading this.

Q: What States are Delta-8 Illegal in?

A: Currently, it is illegal in 17 states. The states are Alaska, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Kentucky, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Utah, Vermont, and Washington. (Please check for legality in your state to ensure your legal safety and freedom)

Q: Does Science Back Delta-8?

A: Yes and no, like many other substances globally, some people support Delta-8 and those who refute it. Even so, there are countless test results by credible scientific institutions and organizations that can validate many of the said benefits of ingesting Delta-8.

Q: Who Should Take Delta-8 THC?

A: Delta-8 can be used for many different purposes. Only adults over the age of 18 can purchase the substance. It primarily benefits those people with specific medical, or mental illnesses, like depression, PTSD, cancer, arthritis, and many others. Please consult a medical professional before any treatment with Delta-8. It is not meant to be used in place of any professional medical treatment and has not been proven to cure any significant physical ailments.

Q: Will Delta-8 THC Show Up on a Drug Screen?

A: Yes, Delta-8 is THC; if you ingest it, it will show up on a drug screen.

Q: What Brands Offer the Best Delta-8 THC?

A: Any brand or company you see on this list is considered safe and delivers the best service at reasonable prices. They also carry what we believe to be the best quality providers of Delta-8 online as well.

Q: How Do You Take Delta-8 THC?

A: There are several ways to ingest Delta-8. Smoke it, eat it, or drink it. It comes in flowers, pills, tinctures, edibles, and a wide range of other delivery systems.

Q: Should I Drive After Taking Delta-8 THC?

A: Like Delta-9, Delta-8 produces strong psychoactive effects. You should not drive or operate heavy machinery after ingesting Delta-8.

Q: Will the DEA Fully Legalize Delta-8 THC?

A: It is already federally legal; it is uncertain whether it will be tolerated on a state-to-state level.

Q: What Kind of Trouble Can I Get in Because of Delta-8 THC?

A: Federally none; however, Delta-8 can get you into a lot of trouble if you are caught with it in the wrong state. Please check for yourself to see if possession, distribution, manufacturing, or solicitation of Delta-8 is illegal in a specific State and, if so, to determine any legal repercussions you could face for any violation.

Q: How Much Delta-8 THC Do I Need?

A: It depends on your tolerance, weight, and metabolism. It is always better to start with light doses, then increase the dosage as needed. You can always do more, but once you do, you cannot undo it until the effect wears off on its own.

Q: Where Can I Buy Delta-8 THC?

A: You can purchase Delta-8 from any distributor on this list if it is legal in your state. We are in no way responsible for any purchase you make, as it is your responsibility to determine if it is legal in your State.

Top Delta-8 THC Brands of 2021 Conclusion

Delta-8 is a newly popular strain of THC, now legal in more than half of the USA. It carries with it a multitude of health benefits and can help many people in need. Any company you see on this list is a viable source for Delta-8 products and should be trusted. Please feel free to research further if you desire, and once again, please make sure Delta-8 is legal for you to purchase before doing so. We release ourselves from any legal responsibility for any purchase you make through this website. This is strictly a list of our opinions after careful research – the decision to purchase and use Delta-8 is up to you and you, alone. Please consult a medical doctor before starting any treatment or using any new substance.

Affiliate Disclosure:

The links contained in this product review may result in a small commission if you opt to purchase the product recommended at no additional cost to you. This goes towards supporting our research and editorial team and please know we only recommend high quality products.


Please understand that any advice or guidelines revealed here are not even remotely a substitute for sound medical advice from a licensed healthcare provider. Make sure to consult with a professional physician before making any purchasing decision if you use medications or have concerns following the review details shared above. Individual results may vary as the statements made regarding these products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The efficacy of these products has not been confirmed by FDA-approved research. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.