Best Delta 8 Distillate ‒ Syringes/Bulk Oil Reviewed

Distillate is one of the strongest types of cannabis product you can buy, because it contains all of the compounds you want to use, extracted straight from the plant, without any extra ingredients or unnecessary processes. Although delta-8 products are a little different from other cannabis products, since delta-8 doesn’t naturally occur in very high amounts, delta-8 distillate is still extremely potent.

The popularity of delta-8 distillate has been slowly growing over the last year and a half, but it can still be an intimidating product to new cannabis users. The sheer number of delta-8 distillates available, combined with the number of possibilities granted by the versatility and potency of the product, leaves some people with decision paralysis. That’s why we decided to address both issues in this guide and review some of the best delta-8 distillates on the market, while also demystifying how distillate works.

Best Delta 8 Distillate Products

Delta-8 distillate really only comes in a few different forms, but it is sold by thousands of different companies. It can be hard to decide which brands you trust, and when there is no standardized regulation to help you out, that’s an important decision to make. Below are some of the best delta 8 brands you know you can rely on, along with our favorite delta-8 distillate products from them.

  1. Delta 8 Syringe by 3Chi – Top pick distillate
  2. Delta 8 Bulk Jar by 3Chi – Best value distillate
  3. Delta 8 Terpene Syringe by Snapdragon Hemp – Best terpene infused distillate

1. Delta 8 Syringe by 3Chi – Top pick distillate


3Chi has been a trailblazer in the delta-8 industry for pretty much as long as the industry has existed. They were the first company to create a THC product that was legal at the federal level in the United States – a feat they accomplished by discovering a process that allowed them to convert hemp-derived CBD into delta-8 THC. Many others have followed the same process since then, but unsurprisingly, 3Chi has remained the best at what they do. They are constantly expanding their reasonably-priced product lines, and they are still the top distributor of delta-8 products in the country.

The delta-8 distillate syringe by 3Chi contains one gram of delta-8 THC, in one milliliter of distillate. Syringes are easy to use and don’t require a huge investment, so buying one or two is a great way to test out delta-8 distillate if it’s a new type of product for you. You can really do anything you want with distillate, but a great beginner project is to bake a batch of delta-8 THC brownies. When using a distillate syringe for the first time, be sure to follow the dispensing directions; delta-8 distillate is extremely viscous at low temperatures, and you can break the glass syringe if you try to dispense it without getting it to more of a liquid state.

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2. Delta 8 Bulk Jar by 3Chi – Best value distillate


We know, we just introduced you to 3Chi a couple of paragraphs ago, but we’re already talking about them again because they really are the best in the business. They are, essentially, the creators of the hemp-derived delta-8 industry, and they figured out how to safely make and sell delta-8 products before anyone else. One very important part of this business, which 3Chi excels at, is third-party lab testing. This is essential to ensure product safety, since the FDA doesn’t regulate the safety of cannabis products. 3Chi tests every batch of every product and makes testing results easily accessible, both on individual product pages and on the Testing section of their site.

3Chi’s delta-8 distillate bulk jar is the best way to save on distillate, once you know you like it. They offer a 28g jar and a 100g jar, and both are a huge savings. The 28g jar is priced at $150, which is about $5.35/g, and the 100g jar is priced at $300, which is $3/g. Considering the fact that this is the highest-quality distillate you can buy, it’s a steal at these prices. Of course, we don’t recommend starting out with a jar if you’ve never used delta-8 distillate, but any long-term distillate user will save a ton by buying in bulk. Just like with syringes, the distillate in these jars is nearly solid, so take care not to break it or the jar when using it.

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3. Delta 8 Terpene Syringe by Snapdragon Hemp – Best terpene infused distillate


While many producers of delta-8 products don’t make anything else, the folks at Snapdragon Hemp are generalists, and they’ve been selling CBD and other hemp-derived products since 2016. Thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill and the development of processes that can create delta-8 from hemp, they’ve been able to add THC products to their brand. Snapdragon Hemp has come a long way since their start as a small community business, and there were times when they had to relocate due to changing local laws on CBD sale, but through it all they have remained committed to making safe hemp products accessible for anyone who wants them.

Snapdragon Hemp’s distillate syringe, like 3Chi’s, is 1mL in size and contains one gram of delta-8 THC. You can buy the syringe without added terpenes, but the real draw of this syringe is the option to customize it by getting it with the terpenes from one of four different cannabis strains: Hulk Haze, Abacus Diesel, Spec 7, or Space Grapes (while supplies last). Each terpene profile will change the smell, taste, and effects of the distillate. These syringes are a great way to make your own vape carts, as you can easily fill a one-gram cartridge with them, for a relatively low price. Try them out to find your favorite, or pick the terpenes from a strain you already know you love for a familiar experience.

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Delta-8 Distillate FAQ

How do you use delta-8 distillate?

Delta-8 distillate comes in an extremely viscous, nearly solid form, because it hardens quickly at lower temperatures. This means that in order to use it, you have to heat it up and get it to act more like a liquid. You can use a hot water bath or a hair dryer on syringes to gently heat the product without shocking it or cracking the glass container. For a more detailed description of the dispensing process, you can refer to 3Chi’s syringe dispensing directions. They do an excellent job of explaining how to use distillate syringes (and of course, we’d expect no less from the original delta-8 brand).

What can you do with delta-8 distillate?

Once it’s in a liquid form, you can use delta-8 distillate in a number of ways. It can be dabbed, vaped, added to edibles, or even eaten directly. Some people prefer to combine it with MCT oil to make it easier to work with, which is fine when using it to make edibles. However, you shouldn’t add MCT to distillate you want to dab or vape, as MCT is a dietary supplement and NOT intended for inhalation.

If you want to thin out distillate for vaping or dabbing, you should use cannabis-derived terpenes instead. A ratio of about 1-part terpenes to 19 parts distillate is good for both consistency and vaping experience. And if making your own feels too difficult, you can always buy a Delta 8 disposable vape which comes with everything you need.

Can you smoke Delta 8 distillate?

Due to the consistency, it’s not best to smoke by itself. The best way to do this would be to dab it instead of traditional smoking. If you’re not ready for dabbing, then we recommend buying Delta 8 flower first to see how you like it. Now you’re probably wondering, what the heck is Delta 8 flower? Delta 8 flower is a combination of CBD flower and Delta 8 distillate mixed together.

What’s the best delta-8 distillate according to Reddit?

Lots of people like to use Reddit to get a feel for general public opinion on certain matters, but unfortunately, the poor design of the search algorithm on Reddit makes it hard to find answers directly. We did a bit of Reddit sleuthing to find users’ favorite delta-8 distillate brand, to save you needless time and effort on it, and the best answer seems to be 3Chi. There are probably some Redditors who prefer other brands, but on the whole, 3Chi is the brand that comes up the most often and with the most positive comments. We also found a review of 3Chi that praised the company for their innovative practices and thorough testing procedures.

What is the best terped delta-8 distillate?

Terped delta-8 distillate (which is just another way of saying “delta-8 distillate infused with terpenes) offers a totally different experience from other distillates. The best one currently on the market, as far as we’re concerned, is the Snapdragon Hemp syringe. Their distillate is high-quality, and the terpene strains they add to it have awesome effects. They recommend putting their syringes in a hot water bath to make them easy to dispense, after which they can be used for just about anything. Our favorite way to use these syringes is to fill carts with them, for a vaping experience unlike any other.

Can you dab delta-8 distillate?

Absolutely! Delta-8 distillate is safe to dab, delivers strong effects, and even comes in syringes that make the dabbing process easier. Remember to heat up syringes before dispensing them, with a gentle method like a hot water bath or a low setting on a hair dryer, to turn the distillate liquid and avoid damaging the syringe. You can also use distillate jars for dabbing, just as easily; simply scoop some of the distillate out of the jar, and dab away! If you want to dilute the distillate a bit to make it easier to work with, use something that is also safe to dab, like cannabis-derived terpenes.

How much does a gram of delta-8 distillate cost?

This varies quite a bit, depending on the brand and the amount of distillate you purchase at once. A single gram of delta-8 can cost anywhere from $3-$30, as a general range. Don’t mistake a higher price for higher quality when it comes to this; 3Chi, the highest-quality delta-8 distillate on the market, can cost as little as $3/g depending on how much you order. Bulk orders, such as large jars and large quantities of syringes, are often sold at a lower price per gram, but it shouldn’t break the bank to test out lower quantities of distillate, even if the cost per gram is a bit higher.


Distillate is a great way to use delta-8 THC, because it’s a very concentrated product that can be used for just about anything. Whether you want natural syringes, terped syringes, or bulk jars, there is an option for you on our list above, so that you can order without wondering whether the product you’ve purchased is really safe. These brands and these distillate products are 100% trustworthy, and you can feel confident as you dab, vape, eat, or use them any other way you like. Be sure to read the brand’s recommendations on use and, in the case of syringes, dispensing, so that you avoid damaging the product or making the process harder for yourself.

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